“A new Alice in Wonderland trailer with Johnny Depp” afternoon links

Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland Trailer [I’m Not Obsessed]
– The Taco Bell Chihuahua Has Died [Dlisted]
Tori Spelling filled in on The Today Show. Well, the fourth hour anyway [Lainey Gossip]
M.I.A.’s Wild Outfit Inspires Son’s Onesie. Awww [PopEater]
Springsteen, U2 to Perform at Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame [MSN Wonderwall]
– Bride Kesha Nichols, Dumped By E-mail, Speaks Out: I Got A Check… I’m Good [Bossip]
– Life After College: Cue The Tears [College Candy]
– DEA Raids The Clinic Of Michael Jackson’s Doctor [Fafarazzi]
Eliza Dushku Attempts the Impossible: She Tries to Act. With Her Clothes On [Pajiba]
Lindsay Lohan might do “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” [Celebslam]
– Who wouldn’t want to smell like Amy Winehouse? [Websters is my Bitch]
Mariah Carey delays album release [In Case You Didn’t Know]
– Criminal Charges Possible In The Michael Jackson Funeral Fiasco [Crazy Days and Nights]
– Dating Someone With An Incurable STD [The Frisky]
Shia LaBeouf Shows His Face Around Town [PopSugar]
– Okay, while I defended Lisa Rinna in a bikini, I can’t defend her obvious bra-less nipping [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
Lake Bell Gets Naked for Scott Caan (nsfw) [Egotastic]
Kate Walsh flashes her panties [The Superficial]
Anna Paquin Wears Short Shorts [Hollywood Tuna]

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16 Responses to ““A new Alice in Wonderland trailer with Johnny Depp” afternoon links”

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  1. omondieu says:

    I hope that Alice in Wonderland will be as good as it looks.

  2. Gloaming says:

    It looks superb! I can’t wait.

  3. Hannah says:

    That life after college article is way to accurate. I’m a college graduate thankful i have my starbucks position…its pathetic.

  4. gg says:

    I simply cannot wait for this movie to arrive. I love Tim Burton.

  5. Sister Mary Francis says:

    As a promise to my court ordered anger management therapist I will have to pass on Mr. Burtons film as it contains that terrible Anne Hathecanteventypehername!

    LOL 😉

  6. orion70 says:

    I was hoping for a little darker, however Johnny Depp will make it worthwhile in any event.

  7. Ash says:

    Cant express how excited I am for this movie. Why the flip hasn’t Depp gotten an oscar yet is beyond me.

  8. Ned says:

    I can’t stand Anne Hathaway, she is so fake, horsey and pretentious.

    To be honest Depp has been disappointing lately and I don’t feel like wasting my time/ money on someone who thinks showing up and looking full of yourself would be enough to carry a film.

  9. BeeCee says:

    ….I think I just drooled a little bit….

    I DON’T WANT TO WAIT UNTIL 2010! I want to see it freaking now!

  10. Jenna says:

    I wish the trailer was a bit longer. Or it showed something more. I’m about 50/50 with this. I do intend on seeing it but I can’t decide if it’s going to be good or not based on this trailer.

  11. Zooni says:

    Is it too much to ask to see a contemporary Johnny Depp, sans full make-up, in ‘normal clothes’ for once on the big screen? I like the guy but far too much of his career has been spent in a make-up artist’s chair. He makes brave choices but lately that’s all he’s been making. Any chance of playing a regular – albeit gorgeous -average joe Johnny?

  12. Aleksa says:

    Watch Chocolat, he didn´t wear make-up there. Or “Who loves Gilbert Grape?”. Gorgeous, and normal-looking.

  13. Aleksa says:

    What baffles me is the grown-up Alice…

  14. DeE says:

    @ Ash……I have been wondering the same. I mean hailing from 21 Jump street, not sure if he did earlier gigs, to this point, this man is versatile, talented, brings the public to the theaters and stays humble. What else dictates an Oscar…….not to mention so handsome. Wow wee!

  15. Kimberly says:

    i really don’t like the person who plays the grown up Alice wtf .

    and is it me or does the embed code not work ?

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