Adrien Brody’s ex Elsa Pataky still loved up with Olivier Martinez

And they said it wouldn’t last! Well, I said it wouldn’t last. Back in May, we reported that Adrien Brody’s Spanish girlfriend Elsa Pataky unceremoniously dumped him and headed off to be lovers with Olivier Martinez not two days later. International scandal! At the time, I gave it two months before Olivier tried (and succeeded) in seducing Elsa’s mother, because, hey, that just seems to be the kind of guy Olivier is.

I was wrong! Elsa and Olivier are still going strong. They were photographed together recently, going on some kind of “date” in Paris. That’s what the photo agency claims, but I spy Olivier’s mangy dog in a couple of these pics, so the “date” wasn’t that romantic. Most likely they were just going for a post-coital dog-walking.

I kind of hate Elsa for breaking up with Adrien “I Bought A Castle For My Lady” Brody. That being said, I would probably enjoy her life a lot. To leave Adrien for Olivier? That’s a pretty sweet choice. And I love her clothes. I want those jeans and that purse so, so badly. The dog doesn’t look too impressed with the ensemble though, does he?

Other than that, all three people in this love triangle don’t seem to have a lot going on. Olivier and Elsa are apparently too busy shagging all over Parisian dog parks to actually have any films coming out. I did find out something interesting about Adrien though – he recently singed on for a voice role in The Fantastic Mr. Fox. It’s an animated film based on Ronald Dahl’s book. Adrien will be joining George Clooney, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Meryl Streep in the voice work. Adrien might be working out his grief in the soundproof room… or maybe he just sits around his castle crying. Sigh. Adrien, call me!

Elsa Pataky and Olivier Martinez are shown out in Paris on 7/10/09. Credit:

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  1. Fiestarter says:

    I don’t know, but he is kinda strange looking, then again I have never thought he was that hot to begin with. He looked good in maybe two scenes in Unfaithful.

  2. kai says:

    this whole castle thing was embarassing. I’m glad they split, she strikes me as an opportunist.

  3. maritza says:

    They make a beautiful couple, let’s see how long they last.

  4. Ally says:

    Her outfit would be tacky anywhere in the year 2009. In Paris it’s 10 times the tacky. Olivier should go back to Kylie and stop slumming with C-list airheads.

  5. Michelle says:

    Ugh, I do not think he is aging well at all! And jeez, the dog isn’t mangy.
    And btw Kaiser, it’s Roald Dahl, not Ronald. 🙂

  6. nelly says:

    I still think olivier is hot. In fact, He’s very hot. My dream is to see him someday with Diane Lane (in real life).

  7. Iggles says:

    Wow! After reading that Lainey post I feel so sad for Adrien. His heart must have been shattered. Sounds like he worshiped her. Now I have another reason to dislike Oliver. He dated Kylie and treated her like dirt.

  8. Macy G says:

    I am glad he dumped that cold female Kylie she is a control freak which is why she is still unmarried.They all leave her.
    Not sure about this Elsa though.The dog is a “bitch” by the way, not a male dog.They were photographed a few days ago leaving France by plane-no idea where to.Olivier M could do with working before he goes on pension.His career just flatlined when he got tied up with Kylie and has never recovered.He is short and looking older than his 43.He looks as if he is balding too.

  9. Jane says:

    Elsa if you dumped Adrien for this creepy Olivier,let me send you a pair of eyeglasses. What’s wrong with you girl,this guy’s old looking and not at all good looking. These photos sure don’t look the way Elsa looked with Adrien. Adrien and Elsa were always holding hands and kissing up a storm. This guy Martinez looks like he is her older brother. You are crazy Elsa,go back to Adrien Pronto! *lol*

  10. Gita says:

    If this Elsa Pataky dumped Adrien for this jerk she is a fool,this Olivier Martinez is Ugly. Another thing what goes around comes around,she will get dumped by Martinez too. She deserves it for doing this to Adrien Brody who said he loved her so much in that magazine interview he gave. Awful woman,that Elsa.

  11. Giz says:

    Brody probably dumped someone the same way too.

  12. Maria says:

    Olivier Martinez is ugly,I can’t believe Elsa Pataky is involved with this guy. He looks so old next to her. He is probably just a friend.

  13. Caro says:

    If Elsa is really romantically involved, she’s dummer than I think. Olivier is a number one player. He dumped Kylie Minoque for Sarai Givaty, that didnt last for long, then went on en moved with Goya Toledo and now Elsa Pataky?? Olivier was 10 years ago, a good looking actor with plenty change to make it in the film industrie, but now he is getting more famous for playing women like toys. Kylie shoud be lucky that she is now with Andres Velencoso Segura. As for Elsa she will be dumped to by Olivier. Adrien will gett over this and will be happy too. Time heals all wounds.

  14. Fan says:

    I think Adrien ought to start looking for someone who has something going inside and not just a young pretty face. He’s in his thirties for goodness sake. Stop offering castles until you can really see what’s behind the moat!

  15. Mina says:

    Olivier Martinez = ugly
    Elsa Pataky = ugly (only difference is she had loads of cosmetic surgery to change that)

    Elsa is a fool, but at least she’s making way for someone better to be with Adrien, if of course he can see past the appearance. He said Elsa has a beautiful soul. Really? That’s very beautiful to just dump you like that huh?

  16. bella says:

    I just can’t believe it! She must be stupid! I feel so sorry for Adrien, he didn’t deserve something like this! And she doesn’t deserve him! I hope he won’t forgive her no matter how much sorry she would be… Adrien, good luck with someone else!

  17. IMHO, Adrien Brody’s the most beautiful man on earth! In interviews, he comes off as intelligent & a bit intellectual-making him exceptionally attractive to smart, successful 30-somethings. Hopefully he’ll find someone who truly deserves his heart. (I just wish it could be me! LOL:-)