Angelina Jolie’s in Jordan, staying with BFF Queen Noor

Yesterday, we reported that Angelina Jolie and her oldest kid Maddox were photographed at LAX, headed off for parts unknown. Actually, the rumor going around was that Jolie was taking her son to France. But now that’s shot down! Multiple sources are confirming that Angie and Maddox headed off to Jordan, so that she can attend the Arab Children’s Congress in Amman. According to one of In Touch Weekly’s sources, Angelina and Maddox will be staying with Her Majesty Queen Noor, and Jolie will be a guest of honor at the event:

Humanitarian and actress Angelina Jolie departed for Amman, Jordan, on July 20 with her eldest son, Maddox, to attend the 24th annual Arab Children’s Congress.

Angelina, who has been a supporter of the foundation for years and is a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, will be a guest of honor at the event.

An insider tells In Touch, “She will be staying with Her Majesty Queen Noor, who is a good friend of hers.” The event lasts until July 25.

[From In Touch Weekly]

This isn’t the first time Angelina has attended the Arab Children’s Congress – she was also in attendance in 2004, and I think she’s gone at least one other time. Throughout the years, Angelina has made several stops in Jordan, most recently in February of last year, when she was pregnant with the twins. At that time, she was traveling through Jordan to get to the refugee camps on the Jordanian-Iraqi border, and then she went on to make a USO trip in Baghdad.

I’m not sure if I buy that Angelina and Queen Noor are BFFs, but I’ll buy that they are probably friendly, and have a lot of respect for each other. Honestly, I thought Angelina knew Queen Rania a lot better – they’ve done events together over the years. They’re around the same age, they both have packs of kids, and they have similar charitable/humanitarian interests. Queen Rania is also pretty tight with Natalie Portman – they both work on international microfinancing projects.

UPDATE: I’m sorry about the earlier Queen Noor & Queen Rania confusion. I just had a brainfart. My bad.

Angelina Jolie is shown at LAX airport on 7/21/09 with Maddox. Credit:

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  1. Lola says:

    Dear Queen: HIDE THE KING!

  2. Jane Q. Doe says:

    The article mentioned Queen Noor as Angie’s buddy, not Rania.

  3. DeE says:

    Lola…….I would suggest that as well if it was confirmed that she and Brad split.

  4. Rosanna says:

    I doubt Queen Rania can be a friend to both. NP and AJ have *nothing* in common (thank God!).

  5. princess pee says:

    @ Rosanna – wtf? Queen Rania is probably friends with other lowly mortals, too. It’s allowed. Even if you are friends with the most beautiful and perfect saint of the entire universe, you could still be friends with someone normal, too. Or even a different, albeit less perfect, celebrity. What, did Natalie Portman kick your dog or something?

  6. daniel says:

    yeah,Rosanna. natalie portman is the real deal! she does allot of global humanitarian work without pimping out her private life, and she’s actually educated and knows what she talking about(unlike jolie). she’s also way prettier.

  7. Annie says:

    Or Rosanna is saying NP is better than AJ. Who knows, who the F cares.

    I think it’s pretty dope that both women are involved in humanitarian work and am damn jealous that AJ gets to be in Jordan right now! How amazing. 🙂

  8. Lala says:

    WTF?? people gimme a break!!!DON’T COMPARE NP WITH MANGELINA!!! Natalie is one of the most beautifull women ON THE PLANET!!! mangelina is……………………..a woman who made out with her BROTHER IN PUBLIC!!!

  9. Trillion says:

    I would love to have the travel and learning opportunities AJ has (not to mention her lips, eyes, nose, body and boyfriend…) Power to her. I admire Rania as well. So smart and altruistic.

  10. heather says:

    Noor and Rania are two different people. Noor is older and the widow of King Hussein. Rania is the reigning Queen.

  11. emma says:

    So is Angelina staying with Queen Rania or Queen Noor? They’re not the same person you know. Queen Noor is the widow of the late King Hussein and is American born. Queen Rania is the wife of King Abdullah II. Queen Noor is Queen Rania’s step-mother-in-law.

  12. karen says:

    She and Brad are still together.. Glad to disappoint the people waiting for the split..

    she is in Iraq.. her third trip.. How many other celebs have gone.. I appauld her and her efforts. She supports the UNHCR and the American Troops.. BRAVO Angie.. Bravo..

  13. just asking says:

    Is Natalie still screwing Sean Penn a married man with two kids?

  14. DD says:

    Actually Karen I have read of many celebrities visiting Iraq, either they’re not getting as much fawning coverage for it or it doesn’t register into the collective conscience of the brangeloons.