Bill Hader got trolled by a ghost cat in his hotel room


Bill Hader is promoting the second season of his very successful show, Barry, about a hitman who decided he wants to become an actor. The show earned both Hader and his co-star, Henry Winkler, Emmys for their roles. I tried the show but have yet to get into it, but both Hader and Winkler are people I want good things to happen to so I couldn’t be happier for their success. Plus, the more the show goes on, the more interviews we get. Hader stopped by Ellen DeGeneres’ show and talked about the night he stayed with a ghost cat in a hotel in Ohio. And you all know how much I like a good ghost story!

The ghost cat part:

I just heard from my producer that you have a ghost story

Oh, yeah, I have a ghost story. I was in a hotel in Ohio. And I was asleep and I heard a crash and it felt like when a cat or something darts across the room and knocks something over. So I heard a crash and I got up and I put my feet down and I could feel something at my feet. And I was like, what? And I turned on the light and it was dirt. So a plant had been knocked over. And I was like, well that’s weird. And I looked around, I thought something was in the room. And then I went into the bathroom and I looked in the sink and I could see my reflection, like, really vividly in the sink. And what it was, it was filled to the brim with water, filled to the brim. And when I went like this, all the water went and fell down. So I just stayed up all night and watched Sports Center.

Hader said he thought it was a cat because it knocked over the plant and because cats love to play with faucets. He went on to tell Ellen that when he checked out, he mentioned the nocturnal mischief to the hotel clerk who simply said, “Oh yeah, that room’s haunted.” The only thing I don’t understand is Hader said the guy should have told him there was a haunted room up front and he would have chosen the non-haunted room – why?! Ghosts make everything more interesting. I have haunted hotel tour books I consult whenever we travel. I even put ‘live-able ghost’ on our wish list for the next house we move into.

Following Ghost Cat, Ellen reached in a jar called A Bowl of Interesting Questions and asked Hader a bunch of random stuff. Side note, keeping a Bowl of Interesting Questions is not a bad idea for dinner parties, I might try to make that a thing. Anyway, Hader is so entertaining that even though the questions were meh, Hader makes them charming. When Ellen asked him who makes him laugh the hardest, he said Martin Short. That reminded me of their Royal Family Doctor skit on SNL. I would love to see them in a film together. I hope Short appears on Barry, he would be so good next to Hader and Winkler. Maybe it would get him another Emmy.




Photo credit: WENN Photos and YouTube

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  1. Darla says:

    I guess the question must have been who makes him LAUGH the hardest, but the way you have it here, well, it’s a lot more interesting. lol

    • Ponytail says:

      Just coming (ahem!) here to say the same thing ! “When Ellen asked him who makes him the hardest, he said Martin Short” – am looking at Martin Short in a whole new light…

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed, the sentence kinda works both ways! I was laughing, too. I really like Hader, he’s great.

    • elimaeby says:

      LOL glad I’m not the only one who re-read that sentence eight times wondering if my coffee was taking a while to kick in this morning. Hahahaha

  2. K says:

    I ave recently begun finding Bill Hader to be very sexy.

    • Adrien says:

      K, I had a crush on him when I saw him on Trainwreck. He can play credible sports doctor. He’s my ugly crush.

    • Meg says:

      Yep-when the trailer for the 2nd season of the show came out that was my first response

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Hecate, if you’re ever staying in Boston, the Parker House Hotel is said to be haunted by numerous ghosts, including Charlotte Cushman, a 19th century actress, and there’s a mirror that was owned by Charles Dickens that supposedly does strange things when you say his name in front of it. The hotel itself is quite historic – Dickens lived there for a while, The Saturday Club (Thoreau, Emerson, Hawthorne, Longfellow) held its meetings there, JFK announced his presidential campaign and proposed to Jackie there and its chefs gave the world Parker House rolls and Boston cream pie. At various times, Emeril Lagasse, Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh worked in its restaurants.

    • Darla says:

      Dang, I have to stay there. I go to Boston from time to time. Thanks for the info

    • Zeroed says:

      I did a ton of weddings at the Omni Parker, it is supposed to be haunted, there’s also a garlic necklace behind a glass window in the basement. I would not however eat there-I had to pass thru the kitchens of every hotel in Boston and that one was one of the grossest.

  4. CharliePenn says:

    I had a ghost cat in an apartment once too! It was a lot less destructive lol. It faded over time once my husband and I resolved to stop giving it any attention. I hope the little feline soul is at rest now… or whatever happens I don’t know.

    He’s such a delight. I could listen to him talk and just laugh and laugh all day. Great guy, great actor.

    • Esmom says:

      That’s so fascinating, how did you know it was a cat? I ask because my old roommate was house sitting for a co-worker in a building that is known to be haunted and the sink kept filling up with water like Hecate described. But I don’t think she ever thought the ghost was anything but a human. It scared the bejeezus out of her.

      • CharliePenn says:

        I’ll try to say this without being too wordy… it’s a little hard to describe…

        In the apartment if you were facing the kitchen sink then the hall was through a door to your right. The hall ended at the front door of the apartment.
        I would be washing dishes and see out of the corner of my eye a dark cat run by that hall doorway. It was unquestionable, and a clear form of a cat running by. I would think it was my cat who I’ll call F. Several times I would see it and then wonder why F was just staying by the front door… I would go to look and he wouldn’t be there. He would be somewhere else. The ghost cat was always seen running to the door but never away. Always the same pace and movement. A residual haunting.

        Sometimes it would happen even when I could see F clearly laying in the living room. It was an open galley kitchen so I could see the living room also.

        Also over time I realized F would never go in that hallway even if his toys rolled there. I would end up retrieving them. This didn’t happen anywhere else in the apartment.

        My husband also saw it. We also had a few strange human-seeming paranormal things there: my husband was grabbed on the shoulder from behind. He searched the whole apartment because it felt so real he couldn’t believe someone hadn’t been there.
        I heard clear coughing coming from the couch once. Scary. It was a man’s smokers cough. I also had a loud and clear knock on the bathroom door once when I was home alone.

        It was in an old apartment complex, brick and sturdy, from the 40s. If makes sense there would be random energies around. We ignored ghost cat until it faded away. A few times I had to stand at the sink with my eyes bugging out, not turning my head and pretending I HADNT just seen the cat run by clear as day again. It was crazy.

      • Esmom says:

        CharliePenn, thanks for sharing. Very eerie. I had a very similar experience in the house I lived in with my parents for about 8 years. I would see a figure hurrying around the corner. I only saw it in one spot, when I was sitting at the counter looking into the dining room/family room, which was an addition to the house. It’s like the figure dashed from the old part to the newer part really fast the disappeared. I would also hear footsteps upstairs all the time. So strange how these things occur.

      • Vanessa says:

        It’s a houseplant thing. Cats love to knock over, disrupt or eat houseplants. My cat lives with my parents and all houseplants have had to be banished to the only room of the house she doesn’t go in to. She has her own oat grass plants in several rooms but given the chance, she’d rather try to eat the African violets. Surely ghost cats would find plants irresistible too.

      • susiecue says:

        Thanks for sharing, CharliePenn! I love a good shiver in the morning.

    • Kaiser says:

      CharliePenn, your ghost cat story made me shiver!! YIKES

    • wildflower says:

      Oh my gosh, I had a ghost cat! I am so relieved to see someone else had one as I have never heard anyone else say this. Ours was a one time sighting. My son and I both saw it run by us in the hallway outside of the room we were in and disappear into a bedroom. We heard it meow first, which is why we both looked toward the hallway to begin with. We actually thought it was my mother’s cat as we had been visiting her and we both said her name. We chased the cat and never found it, but we still bring it up every so often because we both saw the freaking cat run by. We actually called my mom right afterwards and her cat was present and accounted for.

  5. Busybody says:

    Regarding ghost cats: you’d be surprised what a rat can do! Plants uprooted, cookies eaten, toys moved…losing my mind for weeks until I finally set a trap.

  6. Unbeweavable says:

    God, I love Bill. His sense of humor and laugh make him so sexy.

  7. JennyJenny says:

    I cannot even put into words how much I love Bill Hader!

    And I do miss Stephon from SNL ~

  8. FuefinaWG says:

    @Hecate: I believe it’s possible to have a ghost come visit you if you make your interest known. Not any specific ghost but a ghost looking for something. I’ve had at least 4 in my place. One was actually my mother who told me before she died that she had wish’d her mother had come to see her after she died. (My mom was pregnant and living in CA, while her mom was in KS.) I told my mom she could visit me and it scared the crap out of me when she did because I wan’t expecting her … and my dog so her first. He lifted his head very quickly, jumped off the couch barking, and then immediately stopped as soon as he hit the floor because she was gone. I have not seen her again.
    There was one I called “the blue lady.” I could see the lower portion of her legs and she appeared to be wearing an outfit from around 1910. I could see the boots, and the hem of the dress which was above her ankles, but then the top of her turned into swirly smoke-like energy. I saw her all the time in my dining room. After many years of this I finally told my brother about it expecting him to tell me I was crazy but the pessimist didn’t say anything. I finally asked if he believed me. When he said “yes” I asked him why? He said he’d seen her, too, numerous times. I asked where and he said in the same place I saw her.
    Another ghost liked to touch me while I showered. It would run it’s finger across my back or down my side. (I didn’t care for that one.)
    There were various other ghosts, all friendly. Nothing to be scared of but I finally asked them to leave after years of it and they did. I kind of miss them now. I think the reason I asked them to leave is because I was convinced there might be a portal in my place and I started to get scared that an evil one might show up.
    I live in a townhouse with no one above or below me. The land that it sits on was part of a large ranch dating back to the early 1800′s and sold for development in the 1950′s or 60′s.

  9. Brincalhona says:

    Surely you protect yourself from ghost cats with laser cats.

  10. Some chick says:

    More ghost stories, please!

    I have also had a ghost cat. After Mr Chick’s kitty passed, we both saw her numerous times around the place.

    FWIW the Thai people make Ghost Houses, which are beautiful little wooden houses especially for the ghosts. If you have a ghost in your house that you’d like to leave, you can put one of these ghost houses outside y our house and invite the ghost to move in there instead. Cost Plus has them, and I’ve seen them offered for sale various places around the internets. Or, you could make a little ghost house yourself!