Jude Law hits female photographer in the face

Jude Law hits female photographer outside The Automat Bar in London, UK
Jude Law was having a good run. His run in Hamlet has gotten him some of the best reviews of his life. He’s taking the play to Broadway, where the accolades will probably continue. He’s single and mingling. He’s been photographed with several attractive women, and rumored to be in some kind of love triangle with Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio. In other words, Jude Law is back on top! Unfortunately, that’s just when something bad happens.

It happened last night. After his play, Jude went for a late-night dinner in London, hosted by The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. As Jude was exiting the restaurant, something happened. Jude either consciously attacked a female photographer, hitting her in the face, or Jude was blinded by the camera flashes, and a little drunk, and he put up his hand to get his bearings, and he accidentally hit this woman. Jude’s version is the one that has him accidentally hitting the woman, and apologizing for it at the time. The woman’s version has Jude as some kind of violent misogynist. The Daily Mail has some of the photos from the incident here, and here’s the rundown of events:

A female photographer is today considering pressing charges against Jude Law after he hit her while leaving a central London restaurant in the early hours of this morning. The actor appeared to strike the 28-year-old paparazzo as she took pictures of him leaving a celebrity dinner party at Automat in Dover Street, Mayfair.

Harsha Gopal claimed the attack was unprovoked, and added: ‘He hit me full on the face, it was a real stinger, it was very sore.’

Jude was at a dinner hosted by movie director Christopher Nolan, where other guests included Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay- Z and singer Michelle Williams. As he left the eatery at 1am he appeared to throw a hand towards Harsha’s face, leaving her reeling away in pain.

She was among a group of other photographers who had assembled outside to catch the A-list crowd on their way out.

She added: ‘It was really loud – there was a massive thud and my face is still stinging today. It was deliberate – you could see it in his face. Maybe he didn’t realise he was hitting a girl, but he could at least apologise.’

Jude Law’s lawyer Graham Shear today called the claims ‘nonsense’ and added: ‘Last night’s incident was an accident. Jude was blinded by the camera flashes when he left the restaurant, raised his hand to shield himself and inadvertently struck somebody standing very close. He apologised and left’

Harsha was resting up today and suffered no injuries, but is now considering whether to press charges against the 36-year-old.

Jude was arrested after allegedly assaulting a photographer near his Maida Vale home in 2007, although he denied the claims and the case was dropped.

[From The Daily Mail]

I tend to think Jude’s version of events is probably closer to reality. He had just come out of the restaurant, he probably was a little drunk, and then he gets blinded by the flashbulbs. In the photos from the incident, Jude looks a little out of it, he doesn’t look malicious. You can see that he seems surprised and annoyed that he made physical contact with one of the photographers – at least that’s how I’m reading it. Maybe it will all go away if Jude issues a sincere apology to this woman, and continues to stick by his story that it was all an accident.

Jude Law hits female photographer outside The Automat Bar in London, UK

Jude Law hits female photographer outside The Automat Bar in London, UK

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  1. nosensi says:

    wow worst pap ever – she was facing the wrong way!

  2. RobN says:

    You’re calling that look annoyed and surprised? Not really the adjectives I would have used. Also, she was within arms length; you can’t see somebody who is fifteen inches away from you? Not buying it.

  3. Pole says:

    I believe his side of the story. It’s more believable than hers anyway and I fail to see any pictures of him hitting her ‘full on the face’. Don’t flash him straight in the face and walk out right in front of him, then!

  4. Sauronsarmy says:

    I have never, and will never feel “sorry” for any paparazzi. I believe Jude.

  5. maritza says:

    If she was that close to him no wonder he pushed her away, who wants a camera that close to your face? Looks like she planned the whole thing just to sue him!

  6. Maddie says:

    Sorry but what do these pazzi think will happen when you flash your camera at them (who ever they are stalking at the time) I can see if it’s just one, but 10 to 15 bulbs going off in your face, who can see 3ft in front of you. He should have poked her eye out.

    I swear sometimes I think the pazzi set it up so they can later sue and settle out of court.
    As much as I can’t stand Jude Law, I say 2 thumbs up………

  7. Kaboom says:

    Occupational hazard, like getting wet shoes every now and then if you’re Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Kitchen, heat .. you get the idea.

  8. Paty says:

    There’s no right to take pictures so close, there’s no right that they always have that company so close. in my opinion she has no reason.

  9. daniel says:


  10. kt says:

    paparazzi are parasites:
    i say get a life and find real work.

    if this woman presses charges and tries to sue, she’s just doing what she always does — feeding off the live prey she stalks for a living.

  11. Rob Redstone says:

    Is this dude crazy, she could have dropped that expensive camera! What a dope, plus YOU NEVER HIT A GIRL, if she was a dude he wouldn’t have done that! Plus she’s kind of cute.LOL

    TheRebRedstoneShow. com

  12. eml says:

    resting up and suffered no injuries? then what is she resting up from?
    and you can’t really see what is 15 inches away from you when its a flashing pap bulb.

  13. RobN says:

    I love the way you all hate the paps when you spend your time on a website that couldn’t exist without them. Where do you think all these pictures come from?

  14. Tazina says:

    She won’t win. She doesn’t look injured. This was obviously an accident.

  15. raven says:

    Paparazzis are lazy, dirty scumbags. Larry Birkhead was gay failed actor turned paparazzo.

  16. Toe says:

    True, maybe these websites would not exist without those pics, but that doesnt mean u have to be up their asses to take a pic. A pap could still take decent pictures 10 meters away.
    And what about those ‘sniper paps’ take take pics 100 meters away??

  17. Alecto says:

    There is a thing called personnal space. Police call it a reactionary gap. When a stranger gets up too close most people immediatly feel defnsive and uncomfortable. Many a person has gotten a beat down from invading someone’s personnal space. If she didn’t want to get hit she shouldn’t have been within hitting range.

  18. Ron says:

    I live in LA and the paparazzi are, generally speaking, horrible, invasive, evil, rotten, nasty pigs who would sell their childrens souls for a good shot. They get in your face they will push you and shove you in order to get the “angry” shot. It’s much like the rodeo, I don’t care if you are a woman in this arena, you have to expect to get banged up. You are blinded by flashbulbs and a little buzzed…get out of my way. I have personally watched them slide over the hoods of cars and stick a camera in a someones car window. This is an on the job hazard when you choose a career that requires you to be a pig. Team Jude.

  19. Caitlan says:

    There should be a limit on how many papparazzos are around. You don’t need that many people getting pictures of the same thing from different angles. It’s ridiculous.
    Jude should take that chick on a date if he feels bad about knocking her. ;)

  20. BeeCee says:

    Good for Jude!! I applaud you my good man! Stupid paparazzi

  21. RubyKaur says:

    Look how close she was even when turned around. Can you imagine where she has positioned before he pushed her? Sorry, but she deserves it. Next time she wont be so cocky!

  22. j. ferber says:

    You’d think all the bloggers on this site are celebrities themselves, constantly hounded by photographers and they’ve had enough, damn it! Umm, no, people, you have regular jobs and the only people taking your pictures are relatives at more or less painful family get-togethers. She’s making her living. He has no right to hit her, period. Hell, if I hit every annoying person I met, I’d be in court every day and NO ONE would say I had right on my side.

  23. Shay says:

    I don’t have sympathy for the paps man or woman.

  24. Caitlan says:

    If Jude intentionally hit her, I’d say she should take him to court. I honestly think it was an accident though.

  25. CiCi says:

    Kaboom, Exactly!

    Occupational Hazard … so the paps need to quit their whining.

  26. the original kate says:

    the paps are insane – look how close they are, they are almost touching him and probably blocking his view and his path. i think they are parasites and should be hit whenever possible.

  27. prissa says:

    I agree with J. It’s amazing to me how many ppl are defending Jude because of the woman’s PROFESSION??!! You gotta be kidding me right? That is such BS! Violence is violence and no one has the right to hit another person unless in self defense. And I’m sorry the expression on his face doesn’t look confused or out of it at all. In the one pic where he’s giving her the evil side eye he looks very angry. What a bunch of hypocrits!! BOO!

    Oh and let’s say I don’t like those homeless ppl who beg on the street corners. So because they invade my personal space does that mean I can just open my car door and hit them? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that it’s okay to him someone because of what they do…

  28. Pole says:

    It’s violence if you accidently hit someone that walks right in front of you blinding you?

  29. the original kate says:

    A prissa: you said: “Oh and let’s say I don’t like those homeless ppl who beg on the street corners. So because they invade my personal space does that mean I can just open my car door and hit them? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that it’s okay to him someone because of what they do… ”

    no, of course that would not be ok. but if you were surrounded by 10 or more people, with cameras and flashbulbs, blocking yout path, crawling on your car, scaring your kids, etc. then i think you have a right to reclaim your personal space. and as someone else pointed out with today’s technology they don’t have to be 6 inches from you. they just do that to annoy and hopefully get a reaction shot, which is what i suspect happened with jude. i saw a video of britney spears coming out of a shop and getting into her car and i was appalled – at least 50 paps, crawling on her car, shoving their cameras into her car windows, she was trying to back her car out and leave and they surrounded her car, she couldn’t see & they wouldn’t move…that’s not the same as some old guy asking for a quarter.

  30. Nony says:

    If it was an accident, wouldn’t you expect something like…

    “OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY? I’m so sorry! Are you hurt?”

    In that photo he just looks really pissed off. And I can’t believe how many people think it’s okay to hit someone just because they are taking photos.

  31. Salina says:

    @ Prissa, Give me a break! A pap does not have a “profession”…PERIOD. These low life, pathetic excuses for human beings are way to lazy to get REAL jobs. Since your such an advocate of Paps, then you also must love tele-marketers and online scammers because they too have “PROFESSIONS”.

    Way to go Jude, Give ‘em one for me.

  32. Iggles says:

    He looks mad and like he was yelling in that photo. Doesn’t seem dazed and confused. What a jerk. I hope someone got a picture of the actual hit. Let the lies come to light..

  33. fizXgirl314 says:

    it doesn’t really look like an accident… he has a very threatening stance… not one that looks apologetic or confused in any way…

  34. Pole says:

    I doubt we will see any photos of ‘the actual hit’ because it did not happen. There are many pictures from this incident and she’s not hit in the face as she claims in ANY photo. He hit her in the back of the head just like he says so I believe his story. I don’t condone violence but I don’t know how incidents like this one can be avoided when the paps are right up in the faces of their victims.

    Looking at these photos it’s pretty obvious that she’s very close to him and the blow to her head could be more of a push he’s making to get her away from him:


  35. prissa says:

    I’m sorry everyone but I don’t agree. Like Nony (and a few others) said he has a very threatening posture and his face says it all. & like it or not being a pap is their JOB people. Because of them we have magazines like US Weekly, People, etc. Granted they don’t have to be pushy, mean, etc but think of all the stars that grin & bear it. There are only a few stars that consistently have problems with the paps Jude being one of them (Kanye, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, etc).

    He’s an a$$ and he’s wrong. Plain & simple.

  36. Pole says:

    I disagree Prissa. I think this pap is overstepping the limit and he’s simply trying to get her out of his way – where she shouldn’t have been in the first place. She brought this on plain and simple. Don’t walk right into people’s face if you can’t take the heat it might bring.

  37. Lisa says:

    If he really hit her in the face that pic would be splashed all over the place.

  38. N says:

    I see his palm on the back of her head, but nowhere near her face. He does have an angry/threatening expression, I’ll give it that much. However, I think this woman is blowing it out of proportion.

    I would be upset if somebody hit me, but if I was up in their face, taking pictures and blinding them with the flash, what am I asking for? It may be a paparazzo’s job, but to normal people, that’s just plain obnoxiousness. Woman or not, I think Jude is justified in his actions, no matter if they were intentional or accidental.
    Celebrities are people too. Nobody likes to have their personal space invaded. Celebrities put up with it on a daily basis, and I often wonder how they manage to keep their sanity.

  39. nita says:

    i think it would be ok to open your car door and hit a begging homeless guy. especially if there were like 15 of them. what? just saying…

  40. TinaWithPom says:

    He did NOT hit her in the face. He looks very angry. She looks like she really intruded into his private space, got really close to him and took several blinding photos of him up close. No wonder he looks mad. To me it looks like he then pushed her angrily out of the way… on the back of her head.

    Do papparazzi get health insurance?

    I’m not a fan of Jude Law. At all. But I think there are definitely TWO sides to this story.

  41. prissa says:

    Oh and Salina I’m not a fan of telemarketers or on-line scammers. But you know what I do? I IGNORE them. Don’t answer the phone or just hang up and delete the online scams/spam emails. Very easy, calm, rational reaction. I don’t get upset unnecessairly because guess what?? It’s my CHOICE to be bothered or not. We control our selves and our emotions. I never believe the “someone else made me do it” song and dance because we always have a choice to react or not.

  42. Team Jude says:

    I think most people don’t get how scary it is to be hounded by photographers on this level, the photos don’t do justice to the situation.

    If you look at a video instead of photos, taken from a reasonable distance to show the interaction between the photogs & the celebrities, it is quite scary. I think I would have had a panic attack if it was me being surrounded and chased after like that.

    As for the papparazi just doing their jobs… it still baffles me how what they do is legal… I worked in childcare for a long time and remember that when we used to take the kids out to the park or on trips, tourists would occasionaly try to take a cute pic. And we would have to go block them & explain that we cannot allow them due to child protection policies. And yet here are these people waiting outside schools to snap pics of celebrity kids….

  43. Um.WoW says:

    @prissa You would have to open a car door to defend your personal space? how much personal space do you take up?

  44. Eloisa says:

    He had been very patience with photographers every nigth outside the theater, they are out of control. The ligths of the flashes are annoying and you can’t see anything. I think They are using her genre (female) to make him look bad, and that is disgusting. All my life I have been fighting with the fact that female aren’t diferentt to male at work, and people like her make us take a step back.

  45. fizXgirl314 says:

    could he have simply yelled at her to get out of the way instead of looking like he’s practicing his judo skills on a tiny woman?

  46. christina says:

    how can this lady say she was smacked in the face she wasn’t even facing him?? the pictures prove that.

  47. Nicole says:

    …the only thing Jude did wrong is not hit her harder. Damn paps, they should all be shot for invading peoples privacy and personal space. I do not in any way believe he did it intentially but I don’t know about you if someone was taking up that much of my personal space there would be a lot more people getting hurt!!

  48. Salina says:

    @ prissa, how can you ignore someone thats inches away from your face, blocking your every step. If that was happening to you I highly doubt you would acknowledge it as a so called “Profession”. You missed my point completly.

  49. Larissa says:

    well apparantely being a PAPARAZZI is NOT ILLEGAL, yes it´s a job and somebody has to do it so you hipocrates can amuse yourselves with sites like this!
    spare me all the BS! and have you people have ever heard of zooming?????
    theres was not like a million crowd over there… so it´s not like she was throwing her camera at his face so she could get a shot!
    these ppl have family, work crazy hours and barely have a life of their own, so don´t JUDGE! lol
    so yeah, he was drunk…so are most of the wife beaters out there! so decent of him…

  50. gloria says:

    looks to me like he surprised her from behind that’s kind of a cowardly way to attack anyone. Ya he’s a real man.

  51. hatsumomogirly says:

    Well, didnt we all agree more or less on the ‘obama checks out girls ass’ post that a pic can be misleading when taken from the wrong angle? It does look like Jude is attaking her. but isnt there a video of what really happend? I cant find it on other blogs or google, but I’m pretty sure someone had a video camera…..

  52. milkyflava says:

    The pics that Pole posted looks like he got her in the face. Look at the first then the second and check out her hair. He probably put his hand out to block the flashes and she was RIGHT there.

    Maybe her camera only takes good pictures from 18 inches away though. Looks like an accident, blow off one of those flashes into your face from that distance and see if you can see anything for a moment.

  53. mojo says:

    Paparazzi are worthless scums however, that is no excuse for ANYONE to hit them! there is no excuse for violence. just becasuse he has money to buy him self out of hot water, doesnt mean jude law should be excused from hitting someone, and especially aplauded! what lkind of morals do you ppl have?!

  54. mojo says:

    p.s LARISSA, i totally agree with you on the “wife beaters” comment!

  55. milkyflava says:

    I don’t condone wife beating, I understand it. I know what turns Mr. Hand into Mr. Fist. ;)

    Miss ya’ Sam!!

  56. Ned says:

    All those illegals are out of control.

    These people are stalkers.
    Just like any one of use would be pissed had he had been stalked.

    If you are going to crowd around a person you might get hit when he tries to walk and break free.

  57. karen says:

    I agree Mojo! If the paprazzi is doing something illegal, take their pic. and report them. That’s what Reese did when a paparazzo got too close to her kids at Disneyland. The police then arrested the man. Jude obviously lost his cool and that’s NOT OK. Just look at his angry face! “Dazed and confused”–what a liar! Both parties should be arrested if they go there.

  58. Lalala says:

    Jude, it was purposefully done….just like your relationship with Sienna Miller. Own up, Boyfriend, or ur the skuz I think u r…

  59. Kevin says:

    He better settle out of court. His crappy acting would never convince a judge.

  60. sheryl says:

    Come on, it was an accident. Jude is not going to hit a pap in passing like that. I don’t even think he pushed her away. I think he lifted his arm and made contact with her, and the look on his face is from being startled at making contact. And how does anyone know that he didn’t say, oh excuse me, I’m sorry, like you would if you bump into someone on the street? Perhaps he didn’t know the woman was going to milk it. There is a video on The Sun site, but remarkably, it only shows Jude getting to the car after the alleged “hit”…hmmm…why is that, I wonder? Perhaps the paps don’t want anyone to see the situation as it actually was, because the video would give a better picture of what happened. Pictures, however, can be taken out of context. It also shows JayZ walking out to crazy flashbulbs, but he had bodyguards who were telling the paps to back up. Pretty sad that people have to be protected like that just leaving a restaurant. Paps justify their stalking by saying they’re “only doing their job.” Well, I say, what job? Who hired them? Who is monitoring their on-the-job behavior? Who is making sure that celebs and paps alike are in safe circumstances? With all the blinding flashbulbs going off, the paps scittering around like cockroaches, sometimes provoking, and the celeb trying to navigate all that while getting from point A to point B, how is there not potential for a mishap such as this? And I call foul on the pap for trying to milk it in this situation. Jude goes out night after night after his Hamlet performance to over 100 fans, signs their stuff, has pictures made with them, with paps flashbulbs going off. So this situation makes no sense. At this point, I’m almost of the mind to boycott celeb photos altogether because stuff like this just makes it bad. A pap can cry foul any old time and the next thing you know, the celebrity has “beat down” “savagely attacked” “hits women”…it’s not right.

  61. Here as in many cases, it’s all a question of fact. That’s what is so difficult in trial. While the law is mostly clear, what really happened is something to be investigated.

  62. sheryl says:

    I remember when Britney’s car was surrounded by paps and one of them whined because she ran over this foot…well hell, if you don’t know how to move away from the car when someone is obviously trying to back up, what do you expect? I’m sick of hearing about paps getting in their faces and then turning around and whining when it goes bad. Who is there to advocate for the celeb? Nobody. Average citizens wouldn’t stand for it, and celebs shouldn’t have to, either. It’s harassment. Red carpet is different, it’s a more controlled environment and safer with the amount of flashbulbs and the celebs knowing they have an unobstructed path. But on the street…I’ve always thought there’s potential for harm to come to someone. Jude is not a woman beater, he’s not savage, this was just an unfortunate situation. It’s not an earth-shattering event.
    I promise, this is not my dissertation. Just my thoughts on the situation…evidently every last ever-lovin’ one of ‘em. :)

  63. Kieran O'Neill says:

    This wasn’t a press conference where an actor’s on the job. She had no busines being a nuisance. It was his private time and his personal space she invaded. These paps aretold to ‘get in their faces’ fo rteh shot. Slap her again. Maybe she’ll learn.

  64. Truth Hurts says:

    Serves herself right for being a paparazi dog. I have no sympathy for any of them.

  65. lway says:

    @ Truth Hurts – i agree with you

    These celebs don’t have a private moment without the Paparazzi getting into their faces.

    Although we love the pictures, celebs are just normal people at the end of the day – id’ be annoyed too

    She should stand back next time and stop being such a drama queen.

  66. Wow says:

    I don’t believe Jude’s version at all, but I don’t have sympathy for this papparazzi woman either. Those peole can get really agressive and I think it should just be common knowledge that they could get injured while agressively invading someone’s personal space. It comes with the job.

  67. Cheyenne says:

    She gets no sympathy from me at all. These papzs are all dirtbags. She got exactly what she deserved. Sorry it wasn’t any worse.

  68. kerry says:

    shock she trys to get a bit of fame out of it he hardly hit her he was shielding himself from the flashes

    that will teach her for getting in his way!

  69. crystal says:

    Both of them are idiots. I think it’s sad ppl siding with Jude. Because he’s a rich celeb hounded by the evil ‘razzi?
    Every celeb deals with what he goes through and they don’t hit the paparazzi. He should get over it, or call the police. There’s NO EXCUSE. And, you ppl are pathetic for supporting him. Celebs rule over common sense.

  70. j. ferber says:

    I love the euphemism for hitting another person: he was reclaiming his personal space. Or to put it another way: Jude Law is an asshole. I’m honestly puzzled by the “celebrity photographers are scum” argument and by the vehemence with which it is held. This is the scorn and derision you save for drug dealers and pedophiles, not some girl photographer in Hollywood snapping Jude Friggin’ Law. I have no idea why people hold such strong opinions on this matter. It’s not rational.

  71. gg says:

    I will never take the papps’ side. Jumping out all over people creating a reckless situation and flashing bulbs, so you can get paid a whopping amount for a crappy picture of an annoyed celeb, is bound to cause said celeb pushing them out of the way. It’s what they signed up for. Tough Titties said the kitties.

    ::sings:: … Instant Karma’s gonna get you …

  72. angie says:

    Paps are parasites. They need to get their asses out of the way or somebody is going to end up getting hurt. The reason for siding with Jude? IT WASN’T INTENTIONAL! DUH! A pap says she was hit in the face and so it must be true. Yeah, right, good one. She wants some money. End of story. You bleeding heart pap lovers can kiss my ass. Oh wait, you’re probably the paps yourselves, puking because nobody gives a shit about you and your low-life tactics.

  73. sheryl says:

    “Or to put it another way: Jude Law is an asshole.”
    Gee, J. Ferber, I have no idea why people hold such strong opinions on this matter. It’s not rational. What you mean is, you have no idea why people have strong opinions against paps. Well, get a clue, they suck most of the time. I believe Jude. Because *cough cough* a pap would never think of milking the situation for some cash, now would she? Oh no. Anyway, I don’t care WHAT YOU think about MY opinion on this matter. The whole things sucks and would have never happened if the cockroaches hadn’t been swarming him. Give people some space so they can at least get to their cars, and accidents won’t happen. I think paps should be charged with harassment with their swarming and talking smack to provoke a reaction for the money shot. Parasites is right.

  74. j. ferber says:

    Sheryl, you sure do have some strong feelings on this issue. I suggest you start a political action group to redress the wrongs perpetrated by paps in this country. Who cares about racism, sexism, homophobia, the economy, poverty, etc., when we have this pressing issue at hand?

  75. sheryl says:

    Oh, bite it, J.Ferber. Exactly why are YOU here, then? You have no leg to assume a sanctimonious position with me.

  76. j. ferber says:

    Sheryl, It’s not sanctimony; it’s irony. It’s a tone I take when someone is intemperate/rude. I won’t fan the flames anymore, though.

  77. hello! says:

    Team j. Ferber! Sorry, but they are both in the wrong. And, violence is not OK against ANYONE–even the paps! You people are seriously mental for supporting him. I guess wealth and celebrity always get a pass, eh? What wonderful values.

  78. Danny says:

    He was out of order. He put his hands on her and meant it. The paparazzi do sometimes over step the mark but Jude Law has been in the public eye for a while now and this reaction is just unacceptable. They are both wrong but Jude should know better !!!

    Violence is never attractive.

    She wasn’t attacking him either!!!

  79. Cindy says:

    It must really suck not to be able to take 2 steps without someone taking pictures!I Love You!!!

  80. Yes, I believe in Jude!