Duchess Kate took some special portraits of Prince Louis for his first birthday

People's 'Ones To Watch' event - Arrivals

Happy first birthday to Prince Louis of Cambridge! We haven’t seen much of him, especially compared to how much we saw of Prince George and Charlotte in their first year. But that’s part of it too – people always focus on the first boy and first girl, so Lou is like the bonus child who gets forgotten sometimes. Anyway, I think Lou looks like a blend of Charlotte and George, really. His little face reminds me of Charlotte, but the little blonde combover reminds me of George. And I swear, all of the Cambridge kids look like total pistols – it’s like all three of them have ten times the personality as their parents.

Anyway, as per usual, Kate marked the occasion of one of her kid’s birthdays by taking photos of them and posting them on the Kensington Palace social media. The photos were taken on the grounds of Anmer Hall, probably during the month-long pre-Easter holiday she enjoyed. She taken photos for Charlotte and George as well, and she really does like to photograph her kids. I think it makes so much sense for her to do it too – she obviously doesn’t want to haul in a professional photographer every time they’re marking some occasion, so she just does the photos herself.

In previous photos of Louis (with the family), he looked like a grumpy little bruiser, but a source tells People Mag, “He really is the most cheerful, smiley little boy – he’s always so happy and content.” He really does look happy and joyful in these pics. Mummy let him roll around in the grass! His puppy sweater is from Trotters, and his red sweater (and ensemble) is from Amaia.

Lord, I hope Meghan doesn’t give birth to Polo Baby today. The tabloids would accuse Meghan of “stealing” Prince Lou’s birthday.

People's 'Ones To Watch' event - Arrivals

People's 'Ones To Watch' event - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    He is cute – looks like her brother James.

    Also, Char is the star of that family. The boys ain’t got nothing on her.

  2. minx says:

    What a doll…those cheeks.

  3. Kittycat says:

    Hapoy Birthday to Prince Louis!

    The Sussexes left a lovely comment under the Cambridges Instagram post.

    • aquarius64 says:

      They did? Gracious of the Sussexes given the circumstances.

      • Kittycat says:

        Regardless Prince Louis is their nephew.

        So any drama between the adults shouldn’t apply to him.

      • Hepburntracy says:

        Personally I think it was rather odd they’d choose to leave a comment under the kp post rather than create their own post on the Sussex Instagram account similar to what Buckingham palace & Clarence House have done. This gesture seems rather feeble & impersonal like sending a text.

      • Oh No says:

        If the Sussex clan had posted a photo, they would have been accused of doing it for likes. A comment is safer

      • Lunde says:

        Let’s face it – a lot of the stories doing the rounds at the moment are just made up. There was a lovely photo (posted on the DM site on Sunday) of Harry having a joke with Kate with her laughing while they were waiting for the Queen. But it was carefully edited out of the Monday “rift” articles.

        The tabloids are definitely trying to stir up trouble – but that is what they do.

      • Lise says:

        Yes Lunde I watched the video of that interaction- H leaned forward to talk specifically to K and she laughed with him (while W just stood stone faced next to her). Regardless of the relationship between H & W and K & M, H & K used to seem like they really enjoyed each other’s company. In-law relationships are so hard!

      • R says:

        @ Lunde and @Lise

        I saw that video too and it is beyond clear that Harry and Kate are extremely close and he leaned over to talk to her so he must not think any of the Megan bashing is coming from her. Because he went out of his way to talk to her but not William.

        Also I know it goes against the popular narrative around here that Kate is evil but there has been zero evidence that there is anything but a friendly kind relationship between Meghan and Kate. If they are together they are seen talking and laughing and Kate always goes out of her way to talk to her.

        The issue is with William and Harry- again I know it isn’t as fun as the sexist Kate vs Meghan narrative but it seems insanely obvious that Kate, Meghan and Harry all like each other and get along. Also seems like they are all having issues with William but Kate can’t show it as publicly.

      • Becks1 says:

        @R, that is something that many of us here have been saying for months, that the rift is between the brothers, and not Meghan and Kate or Kate and Harry.

    • Abby says:

      Yes that was sweet! I made the mistake of reading some of the comments on the sussexes’ comment. Such racism and rudeness. Unreal. Backed away slowly.

  4. teehee says:

    I just want to know what lens was used. Would it be too off to guess a 35mm given the large surface focus?

    • Erinn says:

      Probably a 50mm? I’m no expert (just a low-level hobbyist) but a nifty fifty is often used for portraits.

      • so_annoyed says:

        What kind of 75mm lens? For a SLR or a medium format? My favorite lens is a 75mm for my Pentax 645n. It is fast for being so old.

        I teach film workshops all over the US and England, it is a lot of fun and you should absolutely get back into it! It is something you will never regret.

    • so_annoyed says:

      I am a professional and the first one looks like a 35. The bokeh comes from shooting with a low aperture vs what kind of lens you have. She should really hire a professional family photographer to mentor with to learn because it really does make a huge difference in the quality of the photographs. (Speaking from experience because I wish I had learn to photograph better when my older children were younger.)

      For reference I am a film photographer and shoot with camera and lenses that are way over 20 years old, it is all about knowing how to shoot vs the gear.

      • teehee says:

        Thanks both :)

      • Erinn says:

        Very intersting!

        My 75mm lens was actually given to me by my aunt who had moved away from film, and only keeps smaller digital cameras so it was no use to her. I was super pumped to have it because I really like getting wildlife shots, and it’s hard to sneak up on birds without it. I’m just happy they didn’t change the base connector shape from the film cameras. This is making me want to pick my camera up again – I’ve gotten lazy.

  5. aquarius64 says:

    Cute photo. The release was probably planned but thanks to Out of Africa gate (no I am not buying the spin) and the Cambridge drag for not having Meghan on the birthday greeting for the queen it looks like a distraction.

    • Elisabeth says:

      @aquarius64 – today is Louis’ first birthday. They’ve released pictures of all three children on their first birthdays. If its “spin” it was convenient of them to plan two years ago for a child to be born a year ago to distract from negative stories today.

      He’s a cute baby. Can’t we just appreciate that?

    • crogirl says:

      Why should Meghan be on the Cambridges’ card for the queen? I mean Kate isn’t on any of the pics the Sussexes posted.

      • curachel20 says:

        @crogirl exactly! I’m not sure why this became a thing for only the Cambridges. It’s just getting annoying at this point. I’d point out that their note to the Queen was absent of love and affection, unlike the Sussexes before complaining about the lack of Meghan.

      • crogirl says:

        Yes the Sussex greeting was warmer and more personal. I saw both cards and wasn’t even aware of Meghan/Kate absence until someone pointed it out.

      • aquarius64 says:

        And the Cambridges were beaten up for it.

    • ToMorrowIsTooLate says:

      Gosh, who needs papa Markle and the step sister when you have the Cambridges around scheming smear campaigns? 🙄 btw, Lou is ADORABLE!!

    • MM says:

      You do realize that today is Louis’ birthday, right?

    • Cerys says:

      I am not a fan of the Cambridges but I don’t think this is spin. It is Louis’ birthday and they have released pictures of George and Charlotte’s first birthdays in the past so it would have been strange if they didn’t this time.

      • Himmiefan says:

        I’m getting luke warm to cool on them really fast, but I have to say that they do make really cute kids.

    • minx says:

      Wait, what?

    • Beli says:

      Nah, this is a regular fixture.

      It’s a lucky coincidence that Lou’s birthday and photo release came at a time when the Cambridges could use some good press and a distraction from the Turnip story and whatever the hell Sunday’s story was, and they could be very happy about that, but it’s not deliberate spin.

  6. Jegede says:

    He looks like Charlotte.

    The shape of his head is George. His features are more his sister👶👶

    I’m shocked at some who’ve said he’s the double of George.
    When you actually look at their features at the same age, they look nothing alike.

    • minx says:

      Honestly, I don’t think he looks like Charlotte, she looks more like the Windsor’s. I think he looks like Kate’s family.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        He’s so cute! I think this is the first baby that looks like Kate! He’ll probably end up his mama’s special darling (especially if he stays the baby). IMO, George looks like William, Charlotte looks like TQ, and Little Louis is like Kate and James.

        Say what you will about Kate and William, they make beautiful kids!

      • Chaine says:

        I agree, he looks like Kate’s mini-me except with blonde hair.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        Really? As soon as I saw his pic, I thought “Charlotte “. Char really looked like Kate’s side as an infant, and Louis definitely looks “Middleton” esp. around the eyes.

        K&W *really do* make adorable kids. Louis looks like a happy baby, and George and Char were just darling, (and so grown up!) at the horse trials! Boy, time flies!


    • Mel M says:

      He has Charlotte’s mouth and cheeks which are Williams and Kate’s eye’s.

    • Erinn says:

      I find he looks more like George looks now – rather than like George at the same age, if that makes sense.

      I do definitely see the Charlotte features as well – I think he’s a pretty decent blend of both parents and siblings.

      • Mel M says:

        Yeah I get that. It’s like when people think my youngest son is my husbands mini me. He may look like him right now but he looks nothing like my husband did at that age.

    • noway says:

      Okay I looked on the lainey link provided and to me he looks just like his brother, but to each his own. Just like all the gossip about the Cambridges versus the Sussexes. Who really knows, but go with what makes you happy drama- no drama, and time will tell the true story. I hope baby Sussex isn’t born today either, cause who wants your birthday the same as your cousin anyway. He’s very cute, and I like Kate’s pictures, and hope we get baby Sussex pictures too. I mean a few times a year really isn’t such a big deal and overly intrusive. I get they are kids, and you want to give them some privacy, but they are royal and it is really good to see these. Do we know what they call Louis? Does he have nickname yet?

    • jwoolman says:

      He doesn’t seem to have that Winston Churchill look that George had for a while around that age.

  7. Ariel says:

    I wonder if his hair is wild and they tamped it down for the pictures. It looks lacquered. He is awfully cute.

  8. Eliza says:

    He’s a cute toddler. Full of expression.

  9. Croatian says:

    I don’t know, Louis looks to me like a spittin image of Kate’s father?

  10. stormsmama says:

    they make beautiful babies

  11. Amy says:

    In that photo where he’s looking up to the left, he looks SO much like his mother in the first photo on this page, especially around the eyes!


  12. India says:

    100% Middleton

  13. LW says:

    He’s precious and looks so much like his mama!

  14. Molly says:

    Way to slide that trump visit announcement in between the Louis pictures and the polo baby, BRF. It doesn’t soften the blow, and they better not make Meghan go.

    • Becks1 says:

      Maternity leave!!

    • Molly says:

      Actually, if the whole Africa story debacle was just a setup for Meghan to be “unavailable” for this state visit, I forgive all parties. I’d want to be on another continent too.

  15. jules says:

    He’s a cutie. It is crazy that people think these photos are to distract from all the bad press, it’s his birthday and photos are always released. Sigh.

  16. Becks1 says:

    he is a cute baby, that’s for sure. I love his smile.

  17. Abs says:

    Adorable baby! These pics were posted yesterday by the Cambridge

  18. ERock says:

    Such a cutie pie!

    Highly doubt polo baby will arrive today. I truly think that Meghan has had the day Baby Sussex is entering the world planned since the little pink lines showed up on the stick. 100% think it is/was a planned C-Section.

    • Enn says:

      If Baby Sussex decides to come out, then it doesn’t matter what’s in the birth plan.

      I don’t think she’s scheduled a Caesarean anyway, but I know women who have and the babies had other ideas.

  19. Enn says:

    Little cutie!

  20. Maria says:

    What a cutie! Looks like Charlotte.

  21. Ellie says:

    He already has ridiculously good eyebrows for a 1 year old! (And is that a little monobrow there?)

    I think he looks like Kate as a baby but at this age we’ll still see George and Charlotte in him. Can’t wait to see who he resembles as he grows older! Atleast to me George is a mix of both W&K and Charlotte looks just like William.

  22. HeyThere! says:

    I think he is a great blend of his older siblings. He doesn’t look exactly like anyone to me.

  23. Nicegirl says:

    Darling child

  24. Other Renee says:

    I like how he’s wearing little pants instead of shorts like George was forced to wear for years.

  25. Andrea says:

    More deflection from the affair.

  26. amp122076 says:

    I don’t believe for a second Kate took these photos herself.

    • Lolly says:

      Give me a break.

    • Olive says:

      why? none of kate’s photographs are ever really great photos in terms of technical skill, and these are no different. i’m sure they are her photos – they look like the same kind of photos every mom with a DSLR takes of her kids nowadays. it’s not like they are trying to pass off highly impressive photos as kate’s.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, these are definitely Kate’s pictures. She takes fine pictures, about the same quality that I take. Nothing special, but he’s a cute kid and seems happy to be having his mom take his picture, so its all “fine” to me. Like someone said above, a little bit of photography training would make a huge difference with her pictures, but her photos are pretty typical of a mom with a good camera.

    • Bluthfan says:

      They aren’t very good so I can’t say I am surprised she took them.

      • Nic919 says:

        She always does the extreme focus in the foreground and super blurry background effect for all the kid photos, so it’s definitely her style. They are fine. It’s too bad they were going on about her alleged photography skills pre kids because she’s ok but nothing special.

  27. A says:

    Honestly, I think I must be really bad at figuring out who babies look like. All of the Cambridge kids resemble William to me, somehow. It’s not the features, more so the way they look at the camera I suppose.

    I don’t think Louis looks like either of his parents, or even his siblings. He looks just like himself. He’s got that trademark “youngest child” stamp all over him though. And I guess the media is getting in on the characterization too, because they’re already calling him a happy and easy going baby. <3

  28. sunny says:

    What an adorable baby! I love these pictures. Kate seems pretty good at photography. I generally like the pictures she takes.

  29. Citresse says:

    I think Louis will be the Prince Andrew of the Cambridges.

  30. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    What a cutie patootie!

    I’m not a fan of the lazy duo but come on, they do this for all their kids’ birthdays. Is the distraction and PR goodwill welcome? I’m sure it is. But releasing the birthday boy’s photos isn’t part of the media spin. At least, not intentionally.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, we can hate on them for a lot, but not for releasing pictures of their child on his first birthday. This is standard for them.

      I do hate on the people criticizing the Sussexes for releasing Earth Day pictures the day before Louis’s birthday, since apparently the Sussexes should have known these pictures were coming and should not have tried to overshadow Louis with nature pictures.

      I also hate on the people criticizing The SussexRoyal IG for wishing Louis a Happy Birthday “From both of us” since people think that was 1) a reminder from Meghan that she is still around and plans to be for a while, 2)an indication that there is no baby yet 3) incredibly informal for a royal IG account and 4) something something cant they say that in person?

      so see, the crazy goes deep on both sides, ha. But for these pictures….it was expected and the pics are cute.

  31. Alyse says:

    Smiling and covered in grass, love it!

  32. Snowflake says:

    He is a cutie. Is the style a bit different there vs. The US? To me, everyone’s clothes always look a bit old fashioned. Is it just me? Same with Kate’s clothes.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      That’s Kate’s thing. The Stepford wife in costume with the perfectly manicured family also in costume. She often dresses George in William’s old clothes and SWF’s Diana and it’s kind of creepy sometimes. You can see one of William’s old shirts underneath Louis’ red sweater. It’s usually worn with blue short pants, blue socks, and blue leather shoes.

  33. Dee says:

    Adorable Baby. He should be a Baby Model.

    Now the transition out of Turnip Toffs news has been a success. No more Duchess of Chumly. No more Mean Girl Mantra.

    All is babies, butterflies & Whining William. No more Cheating Scandal.

    Good Work KP.

  34. Rina says:

    Louis is adorable! :)

  35. PrincessK says:

    I thought he was was going to be a handsome sort of lad when he was first born.