K-Fed in new romance with Colin Farrell’s sex tape ex

K-Fed is out getting his groove on without attracting undue attention like his trainwreck ex, Britney. Last week there were stories in The Enquirer and Star that he had a cocaine-fueled party in Scottsdale, Arizona complete with random sex with various women. Also unlike Britney, K-Fed was careful not to let people take any pictures.

Now K-Fed may be settling down with one wild woman. He is said to be dating Nicole Narain, the former Playboy Playmate who starred in a sex tape with Colin Farrell and was most likely paid a nice sum not to release it. Nicole and K-Fed were seen out looking intimate at a couple of nightclubs, and she went home with him for a night that hopefully remains undocumented.

Nicole previously dated actor Colin Farrell, and a sex tape she reportedly made with the handsome actor has been circulating on the Internet.

At club Opera, Nicole and Kevin put on their own show – kissing on the dance floor.

K-Fed had to leave early, but just two nights later he arranged to meet the beauty at another L.A. club, Area.

“They sat on the couch…” revealed a source… “She kissed him a few times.”

Later, says the insider, Nicole spent the night at Kevin’s house.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, October 1, 2007]

It could have just been a one night thing, but maybe these two will last and K-Fed will have someone else besides Shar and Britney’s mom to help out with the kids once he inevitably gets primary custody. At that point I see a reality show in the works. He was said to be shopping one around, and if he’s got the boys the E! Network will be all over that.

Meanwhile Britney is still driving around and running into stuff despite reports that she was cited for driving without a license. She was seen driving with one headlight out and a visible dent in the right side of her yesterday, and that wasn’t related to her parking lot fender bender last month. She also drove the wrong way down a one way street with her kids in the back and had to be told by paparazzi to turn around.

Compared to Britney, this new woman K-Fed is dating seems like a smart entrepreneur if all she was doing was trying to release a sex tape with Farrell. Britney supposedly got with Farrell too, back when she was in her “virgin” phase. I wonder if Farrell and K-fed have similar qualities that make the same women attracted to them. Back before Britney’s downfall I would have picked Farrell over K-Fed any day, but now I can sort of see Fedex’s creepy appeal.

K-Fed is shown in the header image at the Financially Hung Black Card Launch Party on 9/14/07. Nicole Narain is shown at the 2003 Vibe Awards. Thanks to PRPhotos.

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