Tony Romo left Jessica Simpson in an IHOP parking lot in the middle of Texas


Want more evidence that Tony Romo is a douche? According to the National Enquirer, a few weeks before he and Jessica officially split, he totally left her at some random Texas IHOP. They were fighting in the car, and he pulled over in an IHOP parking lot, ordered her out, and drove off. Didn’t something similar happen in a horror film? Not The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but one of those types. Poor Jessica. Not only did she get thrown out of a car, but it was in an IHOP parking lot. That’s, like, symbolic of their relationship:

Tony Romo was looking for just the right moment to finally kick Jessica Simpson out of his life – and he found it an International House of Pancakes in the middle of Texas!

[During a three-hour car ride]… tensions between the two reached a boiling point.

“They’d argued a lot over the past several months. This time, Tony barely said a word,” said an insider.

“He suddenly pulled into the parking lot of an IHOP and growled ‘get out.’ Jess got out and slammed the door. Before she could say anything, Tony peeled off. She ended crying her eyes out for the next two hours while she waited for someone to come pick her up.”

“If she didn’t realize it before, she finally got the message that Tony had reached his limit.”

[Tony] had fet obligated for months to keep the floundering romance going because Jessica had given him a $100,000 speedboat for his birthday.

But the night before her birthday, Tony checked her cell phone a found secret text messages from John Mayer. She and Mayer had reconnected at a June birthday party for Pete Wentz.

Tony was upset, “but relieved that he’d finally found the reason to be rid of her,” said the source.

“Now he’s writing a check for $100,000 to cover the cost of the speedboat gift and washing his hands of the whole mess.”

[From National Enquirer, print edition, August 3 2009]

Are we now referring to Jessica as “the whole mess”? That would be both funny and apt. And what’s up with the IHOP? Can we get a shout-out to a Popeye’s or a Hardee’s? In any case, I tend to believe this story. No matter what, there are some guys who don’t see any harm in leaving a girl stranded in the middle of nowhere, and there are some guys who would never, ever do that.

The Enquirer has another theory about the breakup too – apparently, the straw that broke the camel’s back was this Ken and Barbie-themed birthday party. According to Mike Walker’s gossip column, Jessica was relentless about dressing up as her favorite dolls, and Tony was afraid to because his teammates would never let him live it down:

According to a source: “Jessica kept flitting around Tony, squealing like a little girl, saying, ‘It’ll be so much fun, honey. All my friends are coming, and we’ll all be dressed up like dolls. And you’ll be my Ken!’”

“Jess totally missed what any woman with half a brain could see – Tony was rolling his eyes like he desperately wanted a timeout. There was no way Tony was going to dress up like a Ken doll. He never would have lived it down. His teammates would have roasted him to death. But sadly, Jess just didn’t get it.”

[From National Enquirer, print edition, August 3 2009]

Ever get the feeling Jessica doesn’t get a lot of things? I don’t think she’s as dumb as people make her out to be, but just how clueless is she really? We all know she’s not really book smart, but does she really lack so much emotional intelligence too? To not even see that she’s too enthusiastic while her boyfriend is just phoning it in? Poor Jessica. Poor Barbie and Ken.

Jessica Simpson holds onto her $2,500 Alexander McQueen handbag as well as boyfriend, Tony Romo! LA

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  1. tooey says:

    To not be able to see that any man isn’t going to go along with a Barbie and Ken themed birthday party for pete’s sake! That’s way too girly for me and I’m a GIRL…

  2. BiggieShortie says:

    I doubt that she’s as “dumb” as she comes off, she seems more like an incurable selfish and childish type to me. Can’t see past her own nose. She just wants what she wants and doesn’t care about someone else’s feelings. And it bites her in the ass.
    But also, this guy sounds like a real “winner” to me anyway, so he was no real prize to begin with.

  3. hatsumomogirly says:

    You know, from a Texan to you, it aint some great big expanse of sand and scropions and nothingness. If they were driving around in their ‘hood then he probably left her in the neighborhood IHOP and called her mom for a ride cause she couldn’t walk home in her stripper heels. Just sayin’, when I get frustrated with my beam of sunshine I just get out of the car with my cell and credit card and have a cup of coffee somewhere till I chill out and we can have an adult conversation.

  4. Bill Hicks is God says:

    There’s a song there in that title somewhere.

  5. hatsumomogirly says:

    Sadly, most people dont believe thats the best advice, to leave rather than stay can let things escalate. Maybe Jess aint as dumb as she seems……

  6. Fire says:

    I agree that was a super douchey move no matter where you are (Texas, California, BFE), but come on, Jess. How old are you? Ken and Barbie? NO man out there would willingly participate in that….oh, maybe her BBF Ken Paves….

    She didn’t “leave” hatsumomo, she got dropped off!

  7. Cuntastic says:

    I like IHOP.

  8. TaylorB says:

    Themed parties can be a very bad plan. Things can go very badly rather quickly if both people are not on the same page.

    Last year the hubby and I were invited to a ‘come as a rock star’ party, I was busy so he picked the costumes. I discovered he takes the term ‘rock star’ rather loosely as he picked out a Billy Ray Cyrus one for himself (mullet, mesh half tank, etc.) and a rather risqué Dolly Parton monstrosity, complete with a giant blonde wig and a cowboy hat for me…. Needless to say, we had a lengthy and fairly loud discussion about it at the end of the night whilst I was rummaging about the bodice of the FAR too short, hot pink and white pLeather dress for the two boxes full of wadded up Kleenex he insisted I stuff in there to make the getup more ‘realistic’.

  9. Lem says:


  10. annie says:

    Is that purse big enough?

  11. AlaskaJoey says:

    She couldn’t have gone in and drowned her sorrows in a Grand Slam? That’s what I would have done.

  12. El Predicto says:

    She is dumb as a box of rocks. CDAN had a blind reveal a while back that after months of seeing Tony, she still could not figure out how to work the elevator in his building. The doormen had to escort her and push the right buttons for her. Face it, she is fun for a while, and obviously great looking, but every man will tire of her clueless behavior over time.

  13. Annie says:

    ROFL @ Taylor

    Omg. Best. Image. Ever.

    Stranger: Anyone have a tissue?

    Taylor: *puts hand into shirt and pulls out a wad* Here. Knock yourself out.

  14. KRD says:

    At least he ordered her out instead of attacking her. I’m not sure I buy this either. Where were they going? Valley Ranch? There are people in an IHOP; why wasn’t this reported as soon as it happened? I think I’d notice if Jessica Simpson was kicked out a car by Tony Romo and then proceeded to cry for two hours at my IHOP.

  15. Ggirl says:

    Maybe Romo thought that Jess would enjoy a side of pancakes along with his rejection…

  16. Neelyo says:

    It was probably just a test to see if she could find her way home.

  17. the original kate says:

    taylorb – i went as dolly parton a few years back for halloween, too! as a girl with, um, -smallish- bosoms i kind of liked the feeling of the big mammaries for a night! as for jessica, oh dear – where to start? getting dumped in an IHOP kind of blows, but making your boyfriend attend a ken & barbie birthday is just mean. after the age of about 8 nobody should have a barbie anything.

  18. danielle says:

    Uh – I don’t care if it is a short walk home – a man orders me out of a car and leaves me ANYWHERE we’re done.

  19. TaylorB says:

    “She couldn’t have gone in and drowned her sorrows in a Grand Slam?”

    Alaska Joey,

    I think the Grand Slam is a Dennys thing, I am not sure if they have those south of the Mason Dixon line also known as the IHOP/Waffle House line.

  20. Obvious says:

    @original kate,

    i agree. out with barbie, it’s all about My Little Ponies (80-90s style only!)

  21. TaylorB says:

    Kate wrote: “i went as dolly parton a few years back for halloween, too! as a girl with, um, -smallish- bosoms i kind of liked the feeling of the big mammaries for a night!”

    I agree, as a rather average busted gal myslef that part was kinda fun. But as a woman who has celebrated more than a handful of 29th birthdays, it was odd to have my chesticles pushed so high up, the last time mine breasts were that close to my face I was hanging upside down on a ride at SixFlags.

  22. AlaskaJoey says:

    @TaylorB – Whoops, you’re right! Getting my fast food joints mixed up over here. She still could’ve gotten herself a nice omelet or filled crepe. That takes the sting out of rejection.

    I really wonder where they were going that they were in the car for 3 hours.

  23. Ceila says:

    Tony Romo is lucky he is a sports figure because is not hot. AT ALL!

  24. TaylorB says:

    “She still could’ve gotten herself a nice omelet or filled crepe. That takes the sting out of rejection.”

    Yes it does my friend, yes it does. Nothing takes the sting out of rejection like fried foods, smothered in government cheese, onions, and a side of buttered toast with grape jelly.

    Damn! Now I want to go to Dennys.

  25. CeeJay says:

    Sorry, but if someone was ragging on me for THREE HOURS and I hardly got a word in edgewise, I’m afraid I’d be tempted to dump that person on the side of the road. I don’t think I’d even pull into the IHOP!

    That being said, I don’t think Romo will have to worry about many women pushing him for a commitment any time soon!

  26. DD says:

    CeeJay I agree, and she seems like the type when she’s comfortable in a relationship. But when someone is dying to end a relationship without being forthcoming, then you know any little thing will set them off. So I wonder which was at play here Jessica being annoying or Tony being a drama queen to further his agenda.

  27. MarlaAnn says:

    She seems like she is a lot of work…I don’t blame him for leaving her there, she could have been completely irrational. Obviously they want different things. She seems too needy and puts pressure on and he needs someone more easy going and not so high maintenance.

  28. Ana says:

    I totally believe that he wasn’t into the party. I would never try to get my husband to do that.
    At least it wasn’t the Waffle House. I can’t go in those places they are disgusting!
    I’ve been dumped on the side of the road once or twice (not by my husband) and let me say, that I totally deserved it.

  29. paranel says:

    That’s what I said right here on this site 2 months ago. The guy is a player. Besides who on earth would take a bimbo airhead like Simpson seriously for long? Men take girls like her only to bed and take off the next morning. Sad but true.

  30. dirty martini says:

    I for one am glad they are over. Maybe TOny and the COwboys can concentrate on some football come September?

  31. tasteT says:

    She seems too clingy and whiny!!

    Let her whine and complain to Joe Simpson, his check never stopped coming..

    its funny to me!

    sick of Jess

    ummm at her age, is there anything of substance that she is interested in or doing??

    still frolicking around in glitter and gloss..dang, take some acting lessons and get off of being boo’ed up and smothering a man..

  32. JustMe says:

    In my mind, I see JS meeting a nice dentist and settling down in a big house whilst spawning young ‘uns for her Papa to paw.

  33. Jodi says:

    Jessica Simpson and Ashlee both are clearly unhealthy people emotionally. They are no different than Michael Jackson with how psycho they are about their looks, constantly altering them and obsessing over their faces, bodies, etc. What Jessica needs to do is grow up, get a real life, and start acting like a mature adult instead of this pouty five year old trying to find her daddy.

  34. kim says:

    glad he dumped her ass

  35. lizzie says:

    No matter what broke them up we are all just assuming things, I mean really unless we are Tony or Jess none of us will ever really know the truth. What I do know is that being dumped for whatever reason sucks and it must suck 1000xs worst when the whole world gets to make fun of you for it and judges you. Based on that this girl must really have tough skin and be healthy enough to deal with millions of people being involved in her heartbreak. So at least for that she deserves some respect.

  36. fizXgirl314 says:

    this guy looks like a tub of lard… how is he an athelete? and the one thing i don’t buy about this story is the 2 hour stay in a parking lot… i highly doubt a girl who has millions couldn’t call a cab within seconds or something… *eyeroll*… not buying it…

  37. j. ferber says:

    KRD, Wow, what low standards: “At least he ordered her out instead of attacking her.” And if he did attack her, you’d probably say, “At least he attacked her instead of shooting her.” Props to Romo for not attacking Jessica Simpson! I’m with Danielle on this. A guy orders you out of a car, you order him out of your life. Period. Poor Jessica.

  38. hmm says:

    It’s kind of funny that the one guy who liked/loved her stupidity and vapidity was Nick and she kicked him to the curb for more money and more fame. Now she’s an even bigger joke than she was then.

  39. Kat says:

    I’m sorry, but leaving someone in a car park without any way of getting home because you’ve had a squabble is mean and petty and shitty. She’s better off without him if he plays games like this. And I’m saying this a someone who is very much *not* a JS fan.

  40. Lark3 says:

    This is the stupidest story I read all day. If you believe the National Enquirer, then you must believe everything you read on the internet.

  41. Anastasia says:

    Why in the world did she get out of the car? If she was really being horrible and he wanted to get away, he should have pulled into the parking lot and gotten out himself and told her to drive and that he’d call someone after he’d had some coffee at the IHOP.

    I wouldn’t have gotten out, no way.

  42. orion70 says:

    “At least he ordered her out instead of attacking her.” Ugh, I’m sorry, but if a man can not control his anger to the point that he has to kick his girlfriend out of a car, he’s not much of a man.

    There’s removing yourself from a situation to take a breather, and there’s dumping someone out of a car.

    That kind of talk ranks right up there with “I wouldn’t have hit you if you’d just kept quiet” or “you need to stop because otherwise I can’t be responsible for what i might do”.

    I have a friend who had a guy do this once, out on the highway no less. Just pulled over, and made her get out, and left her there. It took a while, but eventually she left him (there’s alot more to abuse than people think, at this point, people often think they deserve it, or buy into the well if I hadn’t ragged on him so much… )

    People can sometimes turn into disgusting, uncaring pigs towards the end of a relationship. As one of mine, thankfully in my past, was dwindling down, I began to get left to walk home from bar or events, in the middle of the night sometimes in rough areas, because he wanted to stick around and party. I got a lot of “you’re a big girl, take care of yourself” attitude (btw I am extremely independant).

    You just don’t do that to someone you’re with, I don’t care if it’s on the last day of your relationship.

  43. Cinderella says:

    I would have ordered one of their kid pancakes with the smiley face on it.

  44. Nebraska says:

    Oddly, I could see Jessica Simpson with Chris Brown.(after she has taken some martial arts courses and got her confidence back.) He has more spine than Romo because he admits his mistakes. They would have beautiful children.

  45. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Ladies, never carry a purse that weighs more than you.

  46. Trashaddict says:

    But doesn’t that whole scenario sound just like a country song? He was just giving her material!

  47. mojoman says:

    Dont believe this story one bit. On the other hand, what does she carry in her bag anyway? Ken Paves?

  48. Snoopchew says:

    At least he is writing her a check for the $100,000 speedboat. If the check clears the bank…that’s it. Finished! Now she goes back to scumbag Mayer and we have a new event to post about.
    IHOP or Denny’s??
    Denny’s rules!!

  49. lola says:

    There is no excuse for dumping someone off in a parking lot, it is not safe, I know my man would never do that because he would be too worried about my safety, and really IT is very imature behavior.
    Tony is an a$$wipe. And a sucky QB, and I am no Jessica fan, I think she is an idiot too.

  50. Jazz says:

    A friend of mine has a boyfriend who is always kicking her out of the car, the kids as well, and they have to walk home. She hasn’t left him yet.

  51. musicshopgirl says:

    NI stories usually are not true. Jess should have stuck with Nick since he was the only one who really appreciated her. She has only gone down hill since then and so has her career. Tony is so caught up in Hollywood, I don’t see how he has time for football – and it definitely shows in his performance. Whether this happened or not, he is truly a louse for dumping her the night before her birthday. The Barbie/Ken issue should have been settled long before then. If it did happen at a IHOP, she should have used that time to entertain the customers – might have been one of her largest crowds lately.

  52. musicshopgirl says:

    One more comment. While she was entertaining the crowd at IHOP, she could have passed them biscuits. I’m sure the percentage of caught biscuits would be greater than his caught passes. I’m not a JS fan, but her career had gone in the dumpster since Romo, but the Cowboys are right there in the dumpster with her. I say, Get Rid of Romo!

  53. Kris says:

    Romo has to focus on football right now & I’m sure he received a lot of comments on the Barbie party, which probably drove him nuts.

    Jessica is very beautiful and very creative. I hope Nick & her can become good friends & he helps her over this.

  54. t says:

    “Maybe Romo thought that Jess would enjoy a side of pancakes along with his rejection… ”

    Ggirl, this is the best comment here! I’m still laughing at it!!

  55. Lumenos Trainees says:

    Give it up Jess! Leave Tony alone for 2009 Superbowl Championship.How about ‘em Cowboys?

  56. Katina p says:

    Jessica is so full of s**&%, this is a man not a monkey. You do not know how to handle a man i guess you still into cartoons?????#$$

  57. Santi says:

    Jessica nothing else to do… get your act together woman.. this is real life no fantasy land.

  58. JaundiceMachine says:

    It’s probably the kindest thing he’s ever done for her in their relationship. I mean, belgian waffles ala mode? Country-fried loaded hash browns? The freakin’ Super Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity?!

    If IHOP served mimosas, it’d be the perfect place to hole down for a week or two after a breakup.

  59. AE says:

    Lumenos Trainees: In July it’s called the Uber Douche Bowl, and he’s winning that one by a mile. He’s just one story short for clenching the championship title. Hang in there because this guy and his inside sources seem to love the tabloids. Chances are real good that by this time next week they’ll once again put out another story blaming her for some other dumb ass thing he did. Regular season might be a bit shaky without his scapegoat.

  60. crtb says:

    Why does everyone think a Barbie and Ken party is dumb? Didn’t her sister have a Disney theme wedding? Or was it Alice in Wonderland? Didn’t they name their kid after a bear in a Disney cartoon? Now Barbie doesn’t sound so stupid anymore does it?

  61. Kalyshyr says:

    On the one hand, one can feel sorry for poor Jess being dumped at a restaurant, but on the other hand, let’s consider the signs, shall we?

    1) She and Tony were already having problems just a few short months ago–and somehow he was ‘persuaded’ (and I think Papa Joe had something to do with that) to stay with her.

    2) The reason she and Nick went their separate ways was that Nick was tired of Papa Joe’s inappropriate interference and manipulation into their marriage. Jess seemed to care more of what her father thought than her husband! So, Nick said “no more” and they got divorced.

    3) This whole “blond Bimbo” act. You know, Marilyn Monroe hated the fact that she was portrayed as one and fought like gangbusters to undo that image. So did Farrah Fawcett. And Madonna. I think that as they grew professionally and personally they wanted to be taken for who they really were–not what the world projected onto them. Jess ain’t at that point yet. She could have reinvented herself as a country singer and with real hard work, could have at last been taken seriously. Alas, that she did not take advantage of that opportunity.

    4) Finally, Papa Joe. Unless and UNTIL she cuts the strings from her admittedly-creepy father, she will NEVER have either professional or personal respect from the public or any potential romantic partner. He ENCOURAGES this infantile behavior–I mean what father would approve of his full-grown daughter to have a Barbie and Ken party? Besides, no man I know would agree to be a part of that and she was either too clueless or too emotionally immature to realize that.

    Three hours of ‘Barbie’ yakking/nagging over little or nothing of substance? I’d say it was better for him to have left her rather than him to be behind bars for her murder. I probably would have done the same (and I’m a woman myself).

    When will that girl ever learn?

  62. Shark says:

    What did her creepy father do for her?

  63. RaraAvis says:

    It was cruel of him. IHOP is really, really overpriced.

  64. Ned says:

    “what father would approve of his full-grown daughter to have a Barbie and Ken party”

    Jessica is a 29 years old woman, and she doesn’t need her father’s or boyfriend’s or your approval for any theme for her own birthday party.

    Nick was very jealous of her success and couldn’t handle it that his wife became more interesting to the public (and made more money) than he did.

    He had a lot of problems in coping with how he became a ‘has been’, like so many other former “boy bands” members.
    Jessica came to the point she felt she had to hide her professional success and offers, because he was so envious.

    The very same guy just dumped a woman who wanted to marry him, after years of living together becuase, again he takes (his professional frustrations) out on his woman and blames his women for his setbacks.

    Tony sounds like a really trashy kind of a guy, with possible serious anger management problems.

    To leave a women alone in a parking lot and to end a serious relationship that way speaks volumes of him.

    Marilyn Monroe didn’t fight, but rather made a career out of playing a sexy and silly blond.
    She was actually a very ambitious brunette who chose to sell that image.

    Sorry, but there’s a limit to number of BS anybody can write in one post.

  65. missjo says:

    Um the reason she finished with Nick is he used to like to go Chris Brown on her on occasion

    Though he was always smart enough to never do the face

  66. gailpcb says:

    Totally agree with no Barbie parties for anyone over the age of 12! I can’t imagine any grown man I know agreeing to such a thing, and a sports star? Come on!
    Does Jessica Simpson still have $100,000? Never would have guessed it.

  67. Ned says:

    missjo, are you serious?
    Is Nick a wife beater?


  68. lolo says:

    Although this makes an interesting story, I don’t buy it. Romo stopped and helped a stranded couple change a tire after a game last year. I hardly believe that he would dump her at an IHOP. She would definitely have garnered more than a little attention there. Not even plausible. NEXT!

  69. t says:

    I agree with lolo. Not only did Romo help those people (on his way home from a game in which he was injured), he paid a homeless guy’s way to the movies and sat next to him even though the homeless guy warned Romo that he was smelly from not bathing for days.

    Enduring a stranger’s B.O. and his own physical discomfort to aid a fellow human being might be a piece of cake compared to being trapped in a car for three hours with a whiny Jessica Simpson, but I am not buying this story.

    This is the Simpson camp trying to get sympathy for Jessica by smearing Romo, the same way they tried to get sympathy for her by smearing Nick (and every man she’s been with) when they trotted her out to announce that she had been “abused in a way”.

  70. Ana says:

    Didn’t Nick say that he was told his marriage was over? Sure he could be lying. But I believe that she thought she could do better. When they got married, he made the money (no pre-nup go figure) when they split up she made all the money. I believe Papa Joe was behind her every step of the way trying to get her rich.

  71. Bri says:

    I didn’t like Jessica much after she split with Nick, and got pretty stuck on herself! But, no-one deserves to be treated like trash you just toss out in a parking lot? And from personal experience. I doubt he was mean to her just ONCE! When I read about the “Breakup” before I thought he may have found her to high maintenance? Could be part of it but, I didn’t know about the ihop deal then! I had never even heard of him, until he broke up with her! I don’t think she’s dumb in most ways. But, I don’t have to know her to think she was dumb to want him back after that! As a girl, I would be embarassed to go back to someone who did that to me! Why did she stay with him this long being the Jackass everyone say’s he is? At her age,(29 not a kid by a long shot)she couldn’t have pictured him changing and a “happily ever after life” and babies with him? She’ll be 30 in a blink and still broken hearted over this. I hope she does find someone she loves as much and who loves her for her with her quirks and barbie doll way’s and she get’s the happily ever after she has dreamed of!

  72. Lauren says:

    It wasn’t Nick’s idea to end their marriage! He was devestated! And deeply in love with her. He never would have abused her or thrown her out of the Car in some parking lot! Her Dad messed her mind up so bad that she will never be able to have a healthy relationship unless she cuts ALL ties with That PIG! She could have had a wonderful life if she told him to BUTT out when she married Nick!
    What father would say of his OWN daughter “She was blessed with her Double D’s and she should share them with the world” YUCK! I wonder how many times that sicko accidentally HA! ON purpose got his OWN hands on those Double D’s?? He doesn’t want her with ANY other Man but HIM! And that pervert would sleep with her in a heartbeat if she would let him! (if he didn’t already when she was young) Probably had her believing as a Reverend or whatever he was, that before she could be with another man she had to be cleansed by her FATHER first! That is one Man that makes my skin crawl!!!!

  73. Shelby says:

    This is the Simpson camp trying to get sympathy for Jessica by smearing Romo, the same way they tried to get sympathy for her by smearing Nick (and every man she’s been with) when they trotted her out to announce that she had been “abused in a way”.
    Abused by NICK?? Not a chance!! That whole family is RUN by Daddy Dearest!! Jessica is pushing 30 and still can’t think for herself? I agree with who ever said she’ll never be able to have a healthy relationship becuase of her SICK DAD!

  74. rydangel says:

    at some point women just have to realize that you can’t force a man to stay in a relationship if he doesn’t want to be there.if all of her relationships are failing,at some point you have to look at yourself and ask why do all my men leave me? they can’t all be scumbags. jessica needs to take control of her life. she needs to keep her personal life personal. having her daddy manage her love relationship like he does her business career is guaranteed that she’ll never have a successful relationship. i don’t believe nick,john,or tony were abusive to her. they just got tired of the bs that is jessica. she let her insecurities get the best of her and it cost her, her man. that and wanting to be daddy’s little girl forever.

  75. ncsufb says:

    I see a fair amount of people are throwing Romo under the bus for leaving JS in a IHOP parking lot during a 3 hour road trip. I understand this but not all the facts were reported. During that 3 hour trip Jessica made Tony listen to all of her albums. That in itself is reason to kick her out of the car. She also forced him to listen to an Ashlee Simpson record and poor Mr. Romo couldn’t take that type of physical or mental abuse. (He is only a professional football player afterall.)
    Plus Jessica is a notorious car farter.

  76. Emily Spivak says:

    Hi Kaiser,

    I know this story is not about IHOP, but because IHOP was mentioned, I just wanted to let you and your readers know that IHOP is being asked to begin a phase-out period of battery cage eggs with an introduction of cage-free eggs. Many of their competitors have been able to do it (Burger King, Denny’s, Brueggers, Quizno’s, Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants, Ben and Jerry’s, Hardees, four-hundred universities (the list goes on)). So the question becomes, “why can’t IHOP?”

    Consumers are not requesting that much from them, honestly. These are just basic humane standards of care. Cage-free systems offer hens a higher level of animal welfare than do battery cage systems. Making these transitions over time are very reasonable steps in the humane direction.

    Unlike battery hens, cage-free hens are able to walk, spread their wings and lay their eggs in nests. It is also extremely practical to still produce the same amount of eggs as would be produced in battery cage systems. Most importantly to the American population, the sanitary conditions are greatly improved in a cage-free system. Alarms should be raised over the severe food safety concerns involved with IHOP’s egg production. In the video of IHOP’s primary supplier, Michael Foods, (, one can see dying and decomposed chickens laying on the eggs.

    Evidence shows there is more Salmonella risk in caged flocks compared to cage-free flocks. In fact, factory farming is considered the reason Salmonella emerged as such a major egg pathogen in the first place.

    According to the CDC, eggs now infect 50,000-110,000 Americans every year. Data shows that operations which cram thousands of hens into tiny cages are not surprisingly up to 20 times more likely than cage-free facilities to harbor Salmonella infection.

    Please call IHOP at 1-866-444-5144.

    Thank you for your time.
    -Emily J. Spivak

  77. B in D says:

    You know you’re the man when you can leave JESSICA SIMPSON at an IHOP! haha