Did Kim Kardashian & Kanye West name their fourth child Bear West?

met gala 2019 NY

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their fourth child last week, either on Thursday or Friday. It hasn’t seemed real to me because she really hasn’t talked about her second son that much so far. I would hope that she and Ye are just nesting with the baby and taking it easy. I’ve been checking her social media every day to see if there’s any kind of announcement about the name, but instead Kim is just posting sh-t about her makeup line and her law studies and stuff. But her handful of posts about the baby have led to some theories…

Yes, Kim keeps using the teddy bear emoji in reference to anything about Baby Boy Kardashian-West. Which led some people to wonder… did she name this kid Bear West? Teddy West? Cub West? It makes some kind of sense when you think about it – Kanye is from Chicago, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, and… something something to do with teddy bears, I don’t know. It could be that #4 has a bear-themed name. You know who named their sons Bear? Kate Winslet. Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole. So… it’s actually a celebrity thing.

met gala 2019 NY

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  1. Lurker says:

    I don’t mind it, I actually like it.

  2. Seraphina says:

    Teddy I like. Theodore I really like, but I’m also pretty traditional. Maybe she named him Emoji West and that’s why she’s using the emoji. And he will go by the name Ji. I know, bad joke for early AM readers.

  3. Melly says:

    It’s a dumb name, so it checks out. No name would surprise me with them.

  4. Who ARE these people? says:

    Bear west on the Interstate and then head due south.

    • Caroline says:

      At the next junction, Bear West and continue North West towards Chicago. Couldn’t sledge hammer Saint in their unfortunately!

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Ha ha! Towards Chicago then turn south toward Saint Louis. (OK, St.)

    • Elizabeth1992 says:

      LOL. Parents do such dumb things with names. My first name is Elizabeth and I discovered many years ago that my middle name (Elise) is a nickname for Elizabeth. So my parents get NO points for creativity as they basically named me Elizabeth Elizabeth.

  5. samipup says:

    She wears the ugliest clothes……………………………….

    • Lightpurple says:

      The rear view of that white dress reminds me of a Project Runway episode when Michael Kors described something as “she’s pooping fabric!”

    • Shannon says:

      I saw a meme where that dress was framed to look like a butthole, and now I can’t unsee it lol

  6. Honeybadger says:

    My grandnephew is named Behr. It grows on you, and it’s a good name for the right child.

  7. FHMom says:

    At this point, it’s the comedic value of the name that interests us, right?

  8. HK9 says:

    Of course they did. Anything for attention. If it’s one thing I know about KK, she’s not going to do anything ‘ordinary’.

  9. barbwire says:

    hahahahahahahaha…bear west! starboard ho! heeheehee

  10. Ictoan says:

    Kodiak West

  11. Ripley says:

    I have one friend and one cousin who both named their sons Bear. One is short for Barret after her dad, but always planned on calling him Bear. Emoji shrug.

    • LadyT says:

      Bear is a fun nickname. Thank goodness he has Barrett to fall back on as a grown man. Bear is for a teammate, not a professional identity.

    • Kate says:

      I agree Bear just sounds like an adorable name for a kid but I can’t picture having a boss named Bear. Like, what if he’s not cute as an adult? Or he has no facial hair? Then he just looks like a d-bag with an over-cute name. Granted, Kim and Kanye will probably produce a very cute human and he probably isn’t going to be some manager at a mortgage lending company so he’ll be able to pull it off as some kind of artist or free spirit. Hopefully.

  12. Snowflake says:

    I would have a fit if my husband tried to wear what Kanye is wearing to the Met Gala. It irritates me seeing women putting all this effort in to look good and the man looks like he’s just rolled out of bed.

  13. anp says:

    It’s all about getting PR. Nothing worst than those two.

  14. Abby says:

    I like Bear, and Theodore/Teddy.

  15. broodytrudy says:

    Oh i like Bear. Like super talented Bear McCreary. I’m not sure it fits with the other three, but it’s probably the most normal of them.

  16. Lorelei says:

    I’m pretty sure Alicia Silverstone’s son is also named Bear.

  17. MoreSalt says:

    A CBD themed baby shower? That’s…unique.

    • Anastasia says:

      What does CBD stand for, anyway? I was wondering what a CBD shower is.

      • olive says:

        cannabidiol, the non-THC part of weed. it doesn’t get you high, but there are calming body effects.

      • MoreSalt says:

        It’s a cool idea, judging by how they described it, with meditation and various skin/body products, just not what I’d expect for a baby shower. A bridal shower, sure. I am an herbal enthusiast and still scratch my head at thinking anything cannabis related would be a great theme for something kid related.

  18. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Kanye is from the SOUTHSIDE of Chicago. He would never name his kid after the Cubs lol. Cubs fans are generally northsiders and suburbanites. But I can see them naming him Bear. Which I think is actually pretty cute.

  19. Case says:

    Bear is nearing a “common” unique name, lol. Too common for them, I suspect.

  20. TyrantDestroyed says:

    My guess is Teddy West.

  21. ME says:

    She’s waiting for a more slow news cycle to reveal the name…this family does it all the time. I don’t think it’s “Bear” because there are already celebs who used that for their own kids…unless they use the Armenian word for Bear…

  22. Eliza says:

    She wants all emoji baby names:

    North ⬆️ Saint 😇 Chi 😊 Bear 🐻.

  23. Jen says:

    My money is on Paddington.

  24. MangoAngelesque says:

    Ruxpin. Gotta be Ruxpin.

  25. CairinaCat says:


  26. Arb says:

    Maybe they named him Edward lol

  27. I'm With The Band says:

    Bear West. I’m pretty sure that the google maps voice assistant had a say in this name…

  28. MangoAngelesque says:


    They. Named. Him. Psalm.

    Psalm West.

    Those kids are SO lucky they’ll never have to work a day in their lives, because can you imagine a normie trying to get taken seriously as a professional with the monikers they saddle them with??