Miranda Lambert’s rep shut down Star’s cover story about her marriage issues

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Basically, a week after Miranda Lambert announced that she had secretly married Brendan McLoughlin, I was already primed for more drama. I thought we would be getting weekly updates on all of the salad-tossing and mistress-having shenanigans from this union. We have not gotten any updates on them, really, other than they seem to be okay right now, in their first six months of marriage. Fingers crossed that some sh-t blows up this summer. For now, we’ll have to make due with Star’s latest cover, and how Star’s sources say that Miranda thinks this marriage was “the biggest mistake of her life.” Miranda’s rep has already shut it down:

One of the tabloids claims Miranda Lambert is divorcing husband Brendan McLoughlin after just 122 days of marriage. The story is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk it. The country star and the NYPD officer tied the knot in January after only three months of dating, and according to Star, the relationship is already over. A supposed source tells the magazine that Lambert is “moving out” of their $2 million apartment in New York City and telling friends that “marrying Brendan was the biggest mistake of her life.”

One of the major issues, says the alleged insider, is the long-distance nature of their relationship. Lambert still owns a home in Nashville, and the time apart has supposedly been taking a toll on their marriage. “Flying Brendan back and forth to Tennessee was tiring,” adds the questionable tipster, adding that the singer wanted them to settle in Nashville and have a baby. Considering that Lambert just spent $2 million on a penthouse apartment in New York City, this assertion doesn’t make much sense.

Still, the seemingly phony source further contends that Lambert’s pals are concerned she’ll lose her fortune in the “split,” adding, “Because of the way she rushed in to marrying Brendan, they’re scared she didn’t have him sign a prenup. They’re very fearful she didn’t take the necessary legal steps to protect her money.”

The anonymous “insider” goes on to say that Lambert’s ex-husband Blake Shelton somehow got wind of the “divorce” news and sent her a snide text saying, “Better luck next time!” The so-called “source” adds, “That was especially cruel, given that he’s been in a loving relationship with Gwen Stefani since right after he and Miranda went their separate ways.” As for Lambert, she “can’t seem to believe she’s just had one failed romance after another,” adds the seemingly fictitious source.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with Lambert’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that Star’s report is “completely made-up.” The singer’s rep, speak on Lambert’s behalf, further assures us, “Not one iota is true. They are happy and together!”

[From Gossip Cop]

The thing I don’t believe about the Star story is that Miranda wants Brendan to give up his New York life to move full-time to Nashville so they can have a baby. For some reason, I just don’t think that Miranda is all about that. I think she prioritizes her career and she nurtures her salad-tossing melodrama, and maybe she’s self-aware enough to know that motherhood isn’t for her? I could be wrong, of course. As for the rest of it… do you think Miranda really married him without a prenup? Nah. She’s dumb in love/lust but not THAT dumb. And the rest of it is just normal Miranda drama – she loves all that stuff.

Miranda Lambert and Brendan Mcloughlin are seen hauling luggage leaving their Manhattan apartment

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  1. Amaryis says:

    I just don’t see what the point was for her to marry this guy (or any guy).
    She has a successful career, loads of her own money, travels a ton, and doesn’t seem to like the long-term-relationship-monogamous type.

    • TIFFANY says:

      To beat Blake. To have the salad tossing event forgotten. To be dramaric.

      Basically just being Miranda.

    • Lady Keller says:

      She relishes in her “homewrecker” reputation. She landed someone’s baby daddy, and she’s so desirable that she got him to walk away from his new family all to be with her. I really think she has issues with other women and a large part of this marriage was just to triumph over some other woman she doesnt even know.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      what lady keller said.

      it validates her need to be desirable…as LK said, the MOST desirable, worth leaving your wife, gf and new baby for.

  2. Enn says:

    I’m more interested in the fact that Turnpike Troubadours split up, apparently due to alcohol abuse by Evan Felker. Was it worth it, Evan? You gave up your wife for Miranda and now your band is done.

    • Millenial says:

      Well, they are on “hiatus” but yeah, apparently he was showing up to shows drunk out of his mind and they were putting on terrible performances. And that was when he actually showed up. They had to cancel a bunch of shows, too.

      To be fair, he had drinking issues before Miranda. But I’m sure all the personal life drama exacerbated issues.

      At this point it’s just sad. I hope he goes to rehab and gets some much needed therapy.

    • olive says:

      Evan’s had drinking problems for a long time – fans were complaining after he showed up drunk to shows in January 2016, before he even met Miranda.

    • Lady Keller says:

      I hope somewhere Evan’s ex wife (Stacy?? I think) is living her best life and laughing about all this.

  3. Erinn says:

    I truly think both Blake and Miranda ran around on each other. And I think a lot of his animosity towards her is that she made him look like an idiot. You don’t cheat on your first wife with someone and just magically give up cheating (at least the vast majority of people won’t). I found him uncomfortably ‘close’ to some of the girls on the voice that he mentored. Maybe it’s just smoke, and no fire, but I really don’t think he’s an innocent party in this.

    And it makes it even weirder that he’s with Gwen. If he main issue in her marriage was that she was being cheated on – why move on to another cheater?

    That said, Miranda and her beau are trashy af. Everyone involved seems like a messy mess.

    • Millenial says:

      I absolutely believe Blake and Miranda both cheated on each other, which is why you never saw *too* much mud slinging, because they both had dirt they could leak. I think Blake was just better about being discreet/picking discreet women and Miranda “home-wrecked” a few too many times.

      • Andrea says:

        Poor Gwen. She has a thing for cheaters doesn’t she? I wonder why they aren’t married yet?

  4. minx says:

    I would bet she has a prenup.

  5. Patty says:

    With the exception of Miranda’s stepchild, all involved are grown ass folks. At this point I can’t even bring myself to care. Other than to say that Blake needs to STFU. He got with Miranda by cheating on his first wife and he cheated on Miranda while they were married – he needs to stop. Miranda has always been Miranda, if nothing else, she’s consistent.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Blake literally hasnt said a word about her since they officially divorced. So what exactly does he need to STFU about??

  6. lucy2 says:

    The divorce story isn’t true…yet.

  7. Still_Sarah says:

    “Fingers crossed that some sh-t blows up this summer”.

    And this statement, Kaiser, is why we all love you! Because you take us to that dark place in our hearts and say “Hey, b*tches! Sit down and get comfortable. I brought the wine!”

  8. Jb says:

    I have my popcorn ready for the upcoming drama because it’s gonna be goooooodt! Miranda is trashy trash that ever trashed and a dumpster fire waiting to happen…can’t wait!!!

  9. Lila says:

    I doubt she cares if he stays in NY. If anything, he has a better chance of getting up to drama over there. If he seems kept for too long, he’s veering into Evan-Felker-‘I’m bored’-dumping territory.

  10. bears says:

    She’s such a garbage human being that all I can do is laugh when bad things happen to her. People like her short circuit my empathy.

  11. Starkiller says:

    LMAO at how they keep throwing that “$2 million apartment” figure in there. $2 million does not get you anything to write home about in any part of NYC.

  12. PoochieSpice says:

    Miranda will milk this marriage until after her new album cycle and then she’ll dump this guy for material for her follow up divorce album. This is the woman who bought a ranch in middle of nowhere OK where she had no friends or family just to be near Blake and drive his ex out of town. Blake broke up with her several times and she still got him to marry her. It’s all part of her business plan.