Angelina Jolie took a two-day UNHCR trip to Colombia to see Venezuelan refugees

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At the very same time that Brad Pitt’s team were trying to make it sound like Angelina Jolie is still in love with Brad and that’s why SHE is holding up the divorce, Angelina was en route to Colombia for a UNHCR trip. Jolie has held a position with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees since 2001. She’s currently the special envoy for the UNHCR, and she’s been particularly focused on Venezuelan refugees lately. She was in Peru last fall to visit some refugee camps full of Venezuelan men, women and children, and she arrived in Colombia late last week to visit more camps, full of thousands of Venezuelan refugees.

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie on Saturday urged the international community to provide more support to three South American countries with the most migrants from crisis-hit Venezuela, saying 20,000 Venezuelan children are at risk of being without basic citizenship rights.

Jolie spoke in Colombia as a special envoy for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). She is on a two-day trip to meet Venezuelan migrants there and met with Colombian President Ivan Duque in Cartagena.

Four million Venezuelan refugees and migrants have fled economic and humanitarian crisis in their homeland. More than a million are living in Colombia, where the government and aid agencies have scrambled to provide housing, food and healthcare to an ever-growing influx of migrants arriving in already-poor and violent border regions. The parents of Venezuelan children born abroad often struggle to register their baby’s birth, either because they do not have access to an ever-shrinking number of Venezuelan consulates or because they do not have migration papers.

“The president and I spoke of the risk of statelessness for more than 20,000 Venezuelan children, his commitment to always helping children,” Academy Award-winner Jolie, 44, said at a press conference.

[From Reuters]

Four million Venezuelan refugees have fled the brutal dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, and they’ve fled wherever they could – Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and some have even made it to the US. It seriously doesn’t get better for them in Trump’s America either – the children are put into baby-sized cages and worse. This whole thing is a nightmare. I wonder if Angelina ever feels so hopeless with this work.

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  1. Sierra says:

    I can’t do what Angelina does. It takes immense strength to listen to the suffering of children & women and know deep down that you cannot do anything to ease their pain.

    I am glad Angelina just focuses on what it important and not care about the media attacks. Maybe that is why she is soaring and genuinely seems happy these days.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      I am glad Angelina just focuses on what it important and not care about the media attacks. Maybe that is why she is soaring and genuinely seems happy these days.
      I know right. I am super sure her comeback has sent so many naysayers to coma

      • Sierra says:

        I really won’t call it a comeback because I feel Angelina took a step back for her family.

        Now that everything seems to go well for her & the children, she has started to accept more roles.

        Disney loves Angelina and vice versa so she will always have a home there.

        I am just glad she is also doing some really dramatic acting roles on the side.

    • jj says:

      So True!!! I could not bear it, at least Angelina brings some comfort to their days.

  2. Clare says:

    It’s great that she can find time for her humanitarian work, amidst pining for her alcoholic and allegedly abusive ex husband.

    • Starkiller says:

      If you actually believe that she is still “pining”
      for that goof, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

      • JoJo says:

        I haven’t had my coffee yet (barely awake) but even I can tell “Clare” was being sarcastic.
        “Amidst pining”😂

      • Clare says:

        I was 100% being snarky.

        On what planet is Jolie pining for a man who apparently was violent towards his own kid, had admitted to problems with alcohol and other substances, and who she ghosted and dropped like a lead balloon? lol.

  3. ANDREA1 says:

    While her ex husband was busy trying to smear her she was busy doing good work. Go Angie you are doing great. The Venezuelan crisis is no joke and i wonder why there’s no much attention on it

    • Sidewithkids says:

      No one cares. It’s unfortunate but that’s the truth. Our society has turned a blind eye to the suffering of others, especially in other countries. I hope it turns around soon. Angie is great for still caring and doing this. Again, hopefully more people listen and get out there and help. Actually, after Angie’s visit, the president opened one border to get some aid there so she did indeed help. But again, no one talks about how much she helps, just lies and negativity. So sad and sick really. This woman is a godsend and I hope people will open their eyes and see it. I’m optimistic that they will. Again, the truth is just the truth and it will always see the light of the day.

  4. Sue Denim says:

    What a remarkable woman of substance she’s grown into, so inspiring…good role model too re living your life, honoring your highest calling…

  5. cee says:

    She is amazing and her ex is still a deadbeat. I am so proud of her and the work she does.

  6. Eve says:

    I sooooo don’t have the guts to do what she does (re: humanitarian work).

    Feel bad for sounding frivolous but I must say her skin looks a-maz-ing in that video.

  7. Naddie says:

    And some people wonder why so many wannabes couldn’t be like her. Amazing person.

  8. Felicia says:

    I know that I’m going to get slammed for this but… it’s jarring when the first thing that comes to mind is that the refugees appear to be better fed than the UN rep does.

    • Naddie says:

      No hate, it’s really jarring. Even my mom who doesn’t care about gossip pointed it out. Hope she overcomes anything that might be happening.

    • Mami says:

      It was hard to see past this.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      This is such a diminishing post.
      She is there as a humanitarian envoy. It is quite wrong to discuss her frame. It feels against the ethos of celebitchy
      Additionally, we would never say this about a larger woman

      • Felicia says:

        I think it’s a valid observation when you consider that the goal of these photos is to “bring awareness” in order to increase donations. We’ve been told for months that people can’t buy food, that the supermarket shelves are empty, that the humanitarian situation is catastrophic. And then you see photos like this where the locals look positively robust in comparison. Visually it’s completely off-message and doesn’t really inspire a casual observer to open their wallet to feed those people.

        You can choose to see that as “diminishing” if you like but we all know that pictures have far more impact than words. I highly doubt that I’m in the minority in regards to the first impression these photos give.

  9. Peg says:

    It’s so sad when you remember Venezuela was once a prosperous Country.
    Angie, God Bless, don’t know you do it.

    • Patty says:

      Venezuela is still a prosperous country. They arguably have the world’s largest oil reserves. The problem is the same as always: corruption, incompetence, and the fact that the US basically wants to install a puppet government that would be more friendly toward our own capitalist goal to get as much oil as possible as cheap as possible.

  10. lila says:

    I am Venezuelan and i have to leave my country because is a huge mess. Thankfully, i did it in other circumstances. The refugees in Colombia and other borders are living a hell (abused, slavery, hungry, etc) , and others countries are acting like if Venezuelans are the plague. Venezuela was the country that always have its frontiers opened for people from all the world and accepted immigrants as if they were born there always, with open arms. That why we are a mix of cultures, races, etc.

    Saying that i know the situation from first hand, i have to say this thing angelina did only helps to increases her image, nothing more. She has no plans or ideas to help, she only did a trip and take picture with the people there, nothing more. She did it in the past in Peru and just recently Peru have restricting even tourist visas for Venezuelans with ridiculous demands and is closing its frontiers. So, no, this is not helping my people in anything. By the way, she looks like she is the one in needed of food and humanitarian help, is incredible how undernourished she looks. Part of the way we are (Venezuelans and Colombians) and it help us to survive difficult situations is the sense of humor even in the worst scenarios, and the jokes and memes for this vistit from both countries are hilarious. It is just a show, she is not helping at all.

    • lila says:

      BTW, it is not the same refugees and immigrants, there is a huge difference. Mostly the people who leave the country to others like Europe countries, USA or Argentine are immigrants who did it with resources and are mostly professionals because education in Venezuela was great before this mess and those countries are taking advantage of that to improve (doctors, engineers, nurses, etc. are now working in those countries).

      • Clare says:

        lila – I respect your opinion and view on this – but I wish you would have stopped before making rude comments about a woman’s body. I’m sorry but how she looks (‘undernourished’ or otherwise) is none of your (or my) business, and it is totally out of order for you to attack her for that, as part of a conversation about the impact (or lack thereof) of her humanitarian work. What does her appearance, body type, weight, whatever have to do with the issue at hand?

        Frankly, I’m sick of women’s bodies/appearance being conflated with their abilities. ugh.

    • Christina says:

      Lila, I am so sorry for what is happening in your country, but I want to comment on what people like Jolie do for refugees. Sadly, she has no power. All prominent people can do is show up and try to convince the Maduro’s and Trumps of the world to do the right thing. When Audrey Hepburn did it, she called attention to suffering, too. It’s an effort to bring awareness to people outside of the situation to help, or to embarrass leaders into helping if for no other reason than to protect their own self interests. No actor, American or otherwise, can pump enough money into this to fix it. And money isn’t the problem, because Venezuela has money. It’s just that the wealth is controlled by whoever pays the military more, and right now that is Maduro.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Thank You @Christina. Dropping gems of knowledge about what Angie does as Special Envoy for UNHCR and about Venezuela right now like a lot of other countries.

    • Claire says:

      I disagree with you. When Venezuela was a prosperous country (70′s/ 80′s and part of the 90″s) the Colombians had to apply for a VISA to visit. Historically Venezuelans are perceived in South America as Arrogants and Conceived and THOUSANDS of the Venezuelans living in Colombia have Criminal Records, furthermore, there was a rumor that Maduro opened some jails and released the prisioners to other countries. Colombia has received over 2.000.000 refugees when in reality we don’t even have capacity for our own people having homeless kids starving in the streets. Venezuelans receive FREE healthcare and FREE school lunches and the debate here is giving Colombian Nationality to 20.000 Venezuelan kids. Venezuelans care right wing Republicans, they like to spread a lot of misinformation to push other latinos to vote Republican (Florida).

      • Mami says:

        I am in Florida, and the Venezuelans who left 20-6 years ago have tended hard right. But a lot more have arrived recently and are desperate, savvy, and cynical— not the elite. How they vote is not yet worked out. They’re simply lucky to have gotten in at all.

    • LadyT says:

      As Lila noticed, Jolie’s image does benefit from her 2 day trip to Venezuela. Just read the fawning comments posted above.
      As to what it accomplishes- something but little. A few more eyes and ears open. There’s no doubt a hundred unnoticed people in that camp working much,much harder than a photo op and handshake and a clappy little sing-a-long. They have my admiration.

      • Sara6 says:

        You don’t know what she accomplishes. Since she started working as a special envoy for UNHCR her focus is on diplomatic relations – she represents the agency in negotiations with the host countries. What they cover in talks is not reported, but she has specific goals in these talks. Beside that, she interviews people about their needs and reports back to the agency.
        Saying that this is a photo op and handshake is putting her work down, work that she is doing for 18 years to the satisfaction of UNHCR.
        Besides her work with UNHCR, she gives her own money for refugees: she built several schools in refugee camps – Afganistan, Kenya – where children are triving. That’s more than most, yet it seems, it’s never enough.

      • Zut alors says:

        So what are you doing to show your support for all the hardworking people in the camp, other than writing about it in Celebitchy? Did you get in touch with your elected representatives to get them to shine a light on them? Have you donated your time or money to any organizations on the ground there? What in your esteemed opinion should Jolie be doing to be more effective?

      • Sidewithkids says:

        @LadyT. After Angie’s visit, the president opened a border. That’s huge. She does a lot and yes bringing attention to it is her biggest job (which she hasn’t received any $$ for btw). I’m not saying the other people aren’t doing things that volunteer there or work their to bring about a difference, a change there but Angie is a public figure and showing up is huge. Plus, I think Angie does more than just this. I would love to see her phone lists and calendars to see who she’s calling and helping, I actually think it’s a lot more than we see. That’s why I get angry when people go to the superficial b/c you’re hurting the cause. Distracting from what refugees really need. Angie, actually helped me more seeing the issues of refugees and it opened my eyes ALOT. Had she not been there, I may have still been closed off to the plight of these amazing people.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        @ZA, that’s so true. We all could do more. Like Angie, we should do more. People want to talk about her but they aren’t doing half of anything to help. Excellent points you make.

      • otaku fairy... says:

        It is ok for women to have positive things to say about women sometimes, especially when they’re doing something good. Sometimes people get so used to a pattern of performative negativity that any positive sentiment that’s echoed by or about members of a certain group can be seen as ‘fawning’. I think more than one person should be admired in this situation.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        LMAO @ that poster LadyT. She’s so mad cause Jolie is doing more than what her idol Pitt could ever be doing for humanity. End of discussion. She had to put down Jolie’s efforts in trying to highlight the refugees’ plight in order to equate what PItt can never accomplish in his lifetime. Fortunately for the likes of us, ignorant folks such as those above are a dime in the dozen so their background noises are just that.. As Jolie once said, “Nothing would mean anything if I didn’t live a life of use to others”. And she meant every word of it as demonstrated by her actions for the last 18 years as an UNHCR worker.

    • entine says:

      Well, so it seems tat you’d prefer that this situation does not get in the news, that Venezuela continues to be isolated as powers that be have intended. What good brings to criticize whatever attention get the pleas for help of people trying to leave Venezuela?
      Angelina and the UNCHR have worked together for years,and she was pleading for the Syrian refugee situation before it was on the news as much, she was working on behalf of then UNCHR /ACNUR, which have workers on the field and she is a representative, she does not nor has ever claimed to be a field worker.
      Memes, oh , soo edgy. I looked for them in FB and could not find as many as you said, but I did find some people criticizing her looks. Really? Aren’t there more important thing to learn from her visit?

  11. Cee says:

    Venezuelans fleeing Maduro’s regime are all over the place. We have over 100.000 refugees in Argentina, and most of them are in the capital city, which is overpopulated as it is. The gov is trying to move them to different parts of the country, just like we did with european inmigrants.
    Just last week 400 venezuelans belonging to the regime tried to enter Argentina and settle here – they were barred and sent back.

    We have it easy because we’re a distance away by plane and the refugees we’ve received are highly qualified. However, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador have not been so lucky. Their whole system is collapsing under pressure. This is why the region (except Uruguay and Mexico, for obvious reasons) wants Maduro gone from Venezuela so that venezuelans can claim their country back.

  12. Kath says:

    God, this sucks. Leaving aside the fraught politics of US-Latin American economics, Venezuela SHOULD be a thriving country with its all its natural resources etc.

    My friend’s parents are stuck there and he’s worried sick.

  13. Christina says:

    Clare, I agree with you about women’s bodies. I am Mexican-American, and criticism and control of female bodies is a big part of Latinx culture no matter what country, and it is so entrenched than women participate deliberately and in many cases without awareness because it is so entrenched. Some are more brutal about it than others.

  14. Myrtle says:

    She’s so amazing. Happy Birthday, Angelina!

    By the way, did anyone else notice she got two new piercings in her right ear?!! A second earlobe piercing, and a cartilage piercing. (I have the same arrangement in the same ear, as well as just a single lobe piercing in my left, also like her, so I honed right in on it, lol. Our ears are matching now, lol.) :)

  15. Uma says:

    Look at her right forearm. She needs help.

    • entine says:

      Do es she leads, she is not asking for help for herself, but for Venezuelans. What is more important?

  16. ChiaMom says:

    Brad who? Also What exactly did he do on that plane to that family?

    • Eve says:

      I’d give 5 years of my life to see the footage from inside the plane being leaked (if there is any, of course).

      He hit that kid, that’s certain. I wonder just how much it was.

  17. Sidewithkids says:

    Since so many want to hate on her body. These are the facts, as far as the body stuff, again, Angie has looked this way since 2013. She’s always had those veins popping out since Girl Interrupted. Go back and look at Wanted and The Changeling. She was thin af just as now. Nothing is wrong w/ Angie as far as her health. She just thin. I think she’s strong af tho. But she has been this way for six years now. The main cause could be her idiot of an ex. Not Angie. He stressed the f— out of her. Glad he’s gone. She looks happier these last two years than she has in a long time. She’s actually glowing here, she’s having a good time doing what she loves.

    Either way, Angie prob will get in shape for The Eternals, (the Marvel movie) that’s why she’s doing the filming, an excuse to get in shape, in the gym. That’s what she does. I do hope so if anything to get stupid people off her back who can’t see the woman has been thin for six years and that may be the way it will be. Get a life and quit attacking her.

    She does good for the world and people don’t want to talk about that but something to deflect from her good so folks talk about her body size. Geez, this toxic white, bland, homogenous, world I live in. SMH.

    Keep doing you, Angie, Keep doing you.

    • Kebbie says:

      She’s been like this for way longer than six years. Aside from her pregnancies, she’s been this small since at least 2007. It’s just her body. I think her superfans are part of the problem because they’re always saying “she’s put on weight, she looks great!” every time her arms are covered up. She never puts on weight. This is just her body. Accept it.

      She hasn’t changed her body in any significant way for a role since Tomb Raider, so she may not for The Eternals either. And that’s fine. I’m sure they cast her for her name and fame, not because they expected her to train like the Chrises.

    • otaku fairy... says:

      I know what you mean. It would be nice if more often a woman could say or do something important without it always being a chance to either body-shame her or go on about how a choice with her body- such as getting plastic surgery- negates whatever she’s doing or makes her inferior.

    • LadyT says:

      Oh come on Sidewithkids. You’re not above it, you just have a different target. Today at 3:20 you posted of Brad Pitt—“ Honestly, he looks kinda bad in the face, like the wrinkles and the overuse of Botox are overcoming his face all of a sudden plus he kinda looks old now. The using is catching up w/ him.”

      • Sidewithkids says:

        @Lady T, just staying what I know. Angie is thin. Angie got thin after the breast cancer which was around 2013 or so. She then did Wanted and The Changeling and was thin in those movies. She still is thin. Six years or so later. She’s always been a small woman but she did get thinner.

        Brad is doing Botox b/c his eye is drooping very badly, especially on the left side. We know he use to drink a lot too, he said it himself. I’m just saying the drinking is catching up w/ him now that he isn’t a young man anymore. It does w/ many people who drink.

        Just stating facts. Lol. Not being mean about it. Just facts. Also, no one wants to say those facts about Brad b/c he is a man. Just like this cover of him is super photoshopped. Had this been a woman, people would have joked and crapped all over this pic. Women demean women all the time and that should stop. I stick by that. Again, just stating facts.

      • Felicia says:

        @sidewithkids: She got thin in 2007 when her mother passed away. At the time, it seemed to me that Pitt stopped looking at Jolie in the same way as well. His bubble burst. I suspect that Pitt is the sort of man who expects his woman to be supportive, but when it’s her turn to need support, he checks out.

        He was nowhere to be found when his first wife’s long running show ended. If rumours were true about her miscarrying, he buggered off to Europe for months so he didn’t have to deal with it or his wife’s grieving process. When Jolie’s mother died and she needed him to be her rock, his body language on the RC completely changed.

        AJ never had cancer, she has a genetic pre-disposition to certain types and took preventive measures in 2013, in the hopes of stacking the odds more in her favor to not get it.

  18. Poppy says:

    A woman of substance

  19. Lola says:

    She looks terrible

  20. Anonposterhere says:

    Her dress sense is very odd and has been for a long time. She used to look amazing in casual things like jeans and casual tops as well as jewel colours on the red carpet. It’s fine to be maybe 10% superficial and care about your outfits.

  21. Ducks says:


    I’m Venezuelan, too. Unfortunately, I’m still here even though I want to leave. The situation has become far from desperate. The only difference between us and other far more reported situations is that there are no missiles here. Yet.

    I’m glad you got out, and I loved your comment, so don’t think I’m talking about you when I say the following about people who left.

    The thing that people on the outside don’t know is that those who left to “good” countries (Mexico, USA, Panama, Chile, Brazil) are people that were upper class. People like me, the poor, can’t even afford a passport, much less a VISA. The government wants to keep us here to starve. And the Venezuelan opposition/the Venezuelan right don’t care about us, either. We are being kidnapped and made to serve Maduro’s army.

    @Claire @Cee

    Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Other countries are using the Venezuelan crisis as a scapegoat for their longtime internal emergencies, blaming the Venezuelan immigrants and spreading xenophobic myths about. The same shit the US does with its immigrants.

    Venezuelans are being subjected to extreme poverty, racism, xenophobia, diseases, malnutrition, sexual slavery, etc. But they’re totally the cause for Latin America’s every issue since before Chavez, right? Sure thing, Jan.

    FYI, Venezuelans (stupidly, imo) want to go to the USA. If they had the option, all or most of them would go there and leave your country. And they will leave once Venezuela’s crisis ends, or once they collect enough money to jump to the US or to a better country (like plenty of Venezuelans plan and do). Have fun with your collapsing economy once the Venezuelan rapists leave.

    Oh and btw: Venezuela nationalizes its immigrants. Plenty of Colombians (and Ecuadorians, Chinese…) got Venezuelan nationality faster than it takes to order at Taco Bell. But no, yeah, we’re soooo bad to immigrants.

    LOL @ an Argentinian trying to bring stereotypes to the table, btw. Because Argentinians are seen by the rest of LA as a racist country full of Nazi offspring. What even happened to Argentina’s indigenous population, btw? Aren’t they victims of a slow genocide because Argentina’s government doesn’t give a fuck? Whoops! I guess that must have been the dastardly Venezuelan immigrants again.

  22. Sidewithkids says:

    Yes, I apologize. It’s 2007/2008 when Wanted and The Changeling came out. Don’t know why I’m putting those other dates. Lol. Guess time flies and you don’t even realize it. But yes, 2007/2008, it’s been that long since she’s been thin and people still have issues w/ it. SMH. I think the thinness has something to do w/ the surgeries she had (yes, to just prevent the cancer) and maybe she’s on some meds slow down her gaining weight. This is how it’s gonna be. She’s still one of the most beautiful women in the world.