Milla Jovivich’s pregnancy weight gain

Model and actress Milla Jovivich, 31, is seven months pregnant with her first child, which is thought to be a girl. Unlike women who manage to stay inexplicably svelte with just a baby bump, like Bridget Moynahan, Jovivich has gained weight all over. She blogged that she’s gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy and that it comes from eating a lot of carbs.

i am so huge you guys! i’ve gained almost 70 pounds in the last 4 months! It’s unbelievable how quickly it all happened, all i did was eat three bagels every morning with butter, peanut butter and jelly all over them, a few boxes of crispy cream donuts for lunch and boom! i’m tipping the scale at 195! man, that came out of nowhere! lol! well maybe not completely out of nowhere! so now i’m completely going in the opposite extreme and eating nothing but chicken, fish and veggies with the closest thing to bread taking the form of oatmeal in the morning with just the teensiest bit of maple sugar to make it bearable… sigh! all i want is another box of donuts! well, only 8 more weeks to go and then hopefully i’ll start to get back to normal.

[From via USWeekly]

Jovovich is 5’8″ tall, so 195 pounds is big for a pregnant woman at that height, but not huge. I’m 5’7″ and I weighed about 195 right before my son was born. It was pretty uncomfortable for me and I was self conscious about it. My son was nearly 9 pounds when he was born, not that it’s an excuse for gaining that much weight. Eventually I lost it, but it took work and makes me realize I’ll have to be more careful not to balloon up if I have another one.

I didn’t know much about Jovovich up until now. She seems to have a great personality and comes across as funny and outspoken on her blog. Jovivich is currently starring in Resident Evil: Exinction, and the father of her baby is the director, Paul W.S. Anderson. Jovovich and Anderson are engaged and say they want to get married after the baby comes.

Jovivich is also a talented songwriter and singer, and offers free mp3s of her music on her website to download. She has a haunting voice and her songs are sparse and folksy. Wikipedia compares her style to Tori Amos and Kate Bush.

In related pregnancy and baby news, Helen is going to the hospital today to hopefully have her baby, which will be her third child. Best wishes to Helen for an easy delivery and a healthy baby!

Milla Jovovich is shown at the Resident Evil: Extinction premiere on 09/20/07 in Las Vegas. Thanks to PRPhotos for these pics.

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