Busy Philipps: I thought that because I didn’t play sports I wasn’t an athletic person

Some of you eyeroll when I talk about Busy Philipps but those of you who know me know I don’t stan many celebrities. Busy deserves her own talk show again plus a huge paycheck. She is exceptionally entertaining and fun to watch. I wish network television would stop promoting mediocre douchebros, but I digress. Busy was at a Shape Magazine event where she talked about her approach to fitness. She said a few things which I could definitely relate to, namely that she never considered herself an athlete until she found the workouts she loved.

On how she started loving workouts
In the early 2000s I was asked to lose weight for a part, I wrote about this in my book, which is not an uncommon thing that happens in Hollywood. They sent me to [trainer] Gunnar Peterson and he showed me a way into fitness by introducing me to spin classes, showing me the workouts and all that stuff. I was conditioned to think that because I didn’t play sports in high school, because I didn’t like PE that I wasn’t an athletic person. I think people do that. Finding it organically has been incredible for me, but I was told I had to. For people who aren’t told they have to, I would say [they should] be open to the possibility.

Modeling fitness to her kids
I didn’t have a family growing up where activity and exercise was a thing. My girls have a different experience because their dad goes to spin class every day, I do my workout every morning. I feel like modeling behavior for younger generations is so important. That’s part of the reason I post my workouts on the stories. It’s not because I’m like ‘look at how hot my body is.’ This is a thing I committed to every day. Everyone can show up every day if that’s what they choose to do.

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I only joined a couple of sports in high school, tennis and skiing, and never considered myself an athlete either. It really just depends on finding the workouts that you like to do. In the early 2000s I discovered this program called Body For Life (I don’t do it anymore, but it definitely changed my life) and got quite fit. I found my love of exercise and do consider myself athletic now. My commitment comes in waves, but like Busy I try to do it every day and am on a workout kick lately. I started lifting more weight! I’m not as cardio-centric as I used to be. It’s not something I’m doing on my own, I just joined a different gym which offers split classes where half is spinning and the other half is TRX or circuits. I’m definitely toning up but it makes me so much hungrier too and I’m having trouble managing that.

Here’s Busy’s interview:

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  1. leskat says:

    I just finished listening to her book as read by her and I have to say, I’m now a huge fan of Busy! I always found her a bit too… something … for my taste, but I honestly have a better understanding of her and what she’s gone through and I can’t wait to see what happens next for her. I see a lot of myself and my old destructive 20-something behavior in her. When she was going through those stories in her book, I was struck by how similar we thought of ourselves at that age, what we would both put up with in romantic partners, the self doubt. I’m so sad about Busy Tonight because I think the whole show was onto something good and fun.

    GET HER AUDIOBOOK! Hearing her stories in her words will convert you to a fan, if you’re not already.

  2. Steph says:

    I started weight training last year because I wanted a bigger booty lol but now I love it. I love how it makes me feel. I still want the booty but I’m focusing more in having fit body know and gaining weight slowly. I honestly never thought I was athletic until now. I feel so strong

  3. Jess says:

    I also became of a huge fan of hers after reading her book. And I love how she’s been so vocal in speaking out on the war against women. As for working out, I also never thought of myself as an athlete and it wasn’t until I started jogging with a friend in my twenties that I discovered my love for running. Between work and kids these days I don’t run as much as I like but I still try to exercise a few times a week. Oh, and my boyfriend did Body for Life several years ago and he swears by it too.

  4. SilentStar says:

    It’s petty incredible to discover that
    “athleticism” is about 90% psychological. Once you figure that out, there are very few limits to what you can do, barring any serious health conditions.

    Also: Love her sun dress!

  5. HeyThere! says:

    I love Busy!!!!

  6. Happy-Fat-Mama says:

    Busy is a wonderful talk show host! I also enjoy her fashion.

  7. Jb says:

    Former chubby teen who was never into sports. I’ve run 3 half marathons, workout 4-5 days a week and regularly take barre, Pilates, boxing, cycling, running and weight lifting. I LOVE getting a good sweat in and just doing something for myself and my body! I still suck at sports but I still consider myself an athletic person. I think we all need to stop looking at exercise as a punishment and instead a reward! We are only here for so long and we should enjoy a nice walk, swim and being able to use our bodies while we can. Only wish my knees were younger so I could run till I’m 100!!!

  8. stacey says:

    I feel her. I always tell people, I’m not an athlete but I’m an excellent exerciser


  9. Carol says:

    My parents were big exercise people (dad ran marathons and mom was a swimmer and biker). We all had to swim and be active as children. I hated all of it and still do. I find I can walk on a treadmill if I have a movie or series to watch. The only thing I like is finishing it. ☹️

  10. Dark and Stormy says:

    Generally I hated PE too but I loved playing sports when I was a kid. As a teenager girls thought it was weird that I was competitive when we played mixed sports and thought I was rude for excelling and sometimes winning. It’s funny how people interpret being athletic and what that means (especially for girls). Sadly, these days I’m only competing in the battle of the bulge.

  11. Silvie says:

    One of my biggest challenges as an adult as been overcoming the negative messages I received from my parents about exercising. We were really poor when I was a kid and they basically put into my head that exercise was for rich people (which I know sounds insane, but in some ways, having time to exercise and money for things like running shoes seemed frivolous to them). It has completely changed how I feel about myself to realize how good I feel when I run regularly. I wish I’d gotten into it more seriously 15 years earlier. I like how Busy always adds “if that’s what you choose to do.”