Jennifer Love Hewitt begs for a part in Twilight saga, gets giddy over Pattinson

We’ve already established that I’m a Twihard now. I just couldn’t help it. I defy any woman to watch that film and not think of her first love. (If you had one of those idealized first loves. I was really lucky in that regard, thanks to a hunky Australian exchange student.)

“Ghost Whisperer” star Jennifer Love Hewitt is also a rabid fan of the series. She gushed about star Robert Pattinson to MTV News at Comic-Con, saying she would faint if she met him, that she’s “Team Edward,” and claiming “there is not a girl in the world who’s not Team Edward.” (For the uninitiated, Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, is the vampire who’s won Bella’s heart. Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, is a hot werewolf and a buddy of Bella’s who pines for her. I know it sounds goofy but if you can suspend disbelief it’s a lot of fun.) I don’t agree with her that all of us are team Edward. I mean, I definitely get the appeal of the character but he is kind of stalkerish and he does treat Bella like crap in the second book, New Moon. I won’t reveal much more or we’ll be in spoiler territory, but I think Jacob deserves a chance too.

Hewitt also begs for a role in the Twilight saga, asking for even some small extra-type role. The books’ writer, Stephenie Myer, appears briefly in the first film at a diner, so it’s possible that Hewitt could land a similar split-second appearance. I don’t see her stepping in as a character, though:

Jennifer Love Hewitt may be “The Ghost Whisperer,” but the actress also has a thing for vampires. And one bloodsucker, in particular, has caught her eye – Robert Pattinson.

“Who’s not Team Edward?” she asked MTV News at 2009’s Comic-Con in San Diego.“There is not a girl in the world who’s not Team Edward! Have you met girls who are not Team Edward? Well, they are not girls! They’re aliens from another planet who should not be allowed to exist.”

While Jennifer was there to promote the fifth season of her CBS show, she was disappointed that she missed the “Twilight” gang.

“I wanted to see them so badly, but they were here before I got here, so I was bummed that I missed them,” she added. “But I’m hoping that some of the ‘True Blood’ people are still here so that I can see them, ‘cause obviously I have a vampire thing.”

But she admits that perhaps it was a good thing that she missed out on meeting her favorite undead actor, Robert Pattinson.

“I’d pass out [if I met him]. I can’t talk about it, ‘cause I’d pass out,” she told MTV News. “It’s because he’s Edward. Listen, Edward can fly you through the forest. He’s like Aladdin with vampire teeth — there’s magic-carpet rides. He can sing. He can watch you sleep. He plays music. He sniffs your neck. I mean, please!”

Not only is Jennifer a Twi-hard, but she’s also lobbying for a role in one of the “Twilight Saga’s” films – for both her and her boyfriend, Jamie Kennedy.

“I want a part so bad. Any part’s fine. I will be the vampire who carries Robert Pattinson’s luggage in the airport, that is the part that I will play if they need it. Jamie wants to play a werewolf, so we’re both putting it out there,” she joked.

[From Access Hollywood, site has automatic video]

Who is Hewitt kidding, she doesn’t care if her boyfriend gets a part too, she just said that because he was probably standing right next to her. As much as Jamie Kennedy seems like a douche to me, it speaks well of him if he actually watched Twilight with Hewitt. That is such a chick flick. Kennedy also wore a silly button on his tie with Love’s face on it that said “Got Love?” He took it off for the red carpet, but was photographed with it on as they made their way through Comic-Con. I hope that a fan gave it to him and that – God forbid – Love didn’t have it made and then try to guilt him into wearing it. Jamie recently posted on his Twitter account that he didn’t propose to Hewitt at all as was rumored: “There’s a lil rumor going round that i got down on one knee in Long beach. If i was gonna get down on one knee do u think i wud do it in the [continued on next tweet] LBC???? I mean i’m down with Snoop but L Beach dosent scream Romance. I luv my girl and wen it happens you’ll be the first to know.” Hewitt has already put him on a timetable, and told a radio station in June that “by this time next year, if we’re not planning something, then there’s a situation.”

In other Twilight news, the lovely and pale Bryce Dallas Howard has been cast to replace villain vamp Victoria in the third installment, Eclipse, due out next Summer. The current actress, Rachelle Lefevre, supposedly had “scheduling conflicts,” but I would bet it was more like “too high salary requirements.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy are shown at Comic-Con on 7/25 and 7/26/09. Credit: Hewitt’s eyelashes look painful. Photos of Jamie with the button on are from 7/25 and are credit: David Tonnessen, Bryce Dallas Howard is shown at the Paris premiere of Terminator: Salvation on 5/28/09

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18 Responses to “Jennifer Love Hewitt begs for a part in Twilight saga, gets giddy over Pattinson”

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  1. DD says:

    She should just concentrate on getting engaged to everyone she dates. She must be close to setting some kind of record.

  2. saintdevil says:

    Well, now her not-so-handsome hubby knows who she is thinking of when she closes her eyes.

  3. JLM says:

    Ugh, please don’t ruin the Twilight movies with this nut…isn’t it bad enough that she’s still on TV?

  4. ClarissaExplainsItAll says:

    Team Jacob=Team Jailbait. I’m currently on team Edward, but once that muscly wolfboy turns 18, eff that. I’m counting down the days to join Team J! :-P

    And that Jamie Kennedy is a real mensch for enjoying the movie with her–and for admitting it in public! My man watched it, but just about had an aneurysm halfway through. I can admit it’s a super lame movie, yet still enjoy it…but the guys I know just can’t bring themselves to admit that it’s at least a bit of guilty fun.

    I’ll miss Rachel Lefevre; she’s hot/scary as Victoria.

  5. bozz says:

    If she wants to show her tits in a scene then put her in. Otherwise she’s pretty much worthless.

  6. ELLA says:

    definitely team edward…

    but i agree with the new moon part… i cried for bella, it was too depressing…

    but i will never be on team jacob…

  7. Obvious says:


    I liked the books, I’m giving New Moon a chance, Edward came off as too stalkerish in the movie-because there was no voice over for Bella when they had those long moments of staring.

    That being said I’m Team Taylor-as in he is hotter the RPattz-who while cute, just looks unclean all the time now.

  8. Celebitchy says:

    Jacob still seems goofy to me, and you’re right Clarissa the actor is also way too young. In terms of the characters in the books I find Edward too possessive and kind of creepy. Pattinson seemed perfectly charming on film though and those aspects of the character didn’t really come through. In the books I find him a little too overbearing and too protective, like the way he has his sister watch Bella while he’s away and bought her a bed and everything. It comes across like the warning signs of an abusive relationship, not like a love to last the ages.

  9. Nev says:

    Ewww what would she play Robert Pattinson’s mom-oh wait that role is taken. She sounds desperate. She’ll take any movie HW would offer.

  10. ash says:

    Whatever, I’m Team Jacob, and I mean that from the book. Taylor Lautner is cute, but he’s very young and still has his baby face. So no Jennifer Love, you’re wrong! Just from the books, I would have picked Jacob in a heartbeat. I found Edward totally boring.

  11. Exactly…While Edward is hot and all of that good stuff, through the entire first book I kept thinking “Boy is he sexist.” That didn’t come across so much in the movie. Also, reading Midnight Sun made it all a little clearer. Overall though, Jacob, despite being somewhat manipulative in New Moon/Eclipse is clearly the “healthier” life partner option. Less obsessive, possessive and stalker-ish.

  12. Hieronymus Grex says:

    If it wasn’t for the 180 pounds of ugly fat following Jennifer around, she’d be a shoe-in.

  13. me says:

    i bet she doesn’t even like twilight…she’s just saying that because no one cares about her anymore. Because seriously…if she “begs” for a role in those CRAPPY movies then she’s obviously hit rock bottom.

  14. Bodhi says:

    Team Sookie Stackhouse!

    Insofar as I care, I’m Team Jacob all the way. I thought the books were truly awful. IMO Edward was creepy & possessive & Bella was utterly pathetic & a terrible role model.

    But thats just me…

  15. genie says:

    I thought I was the only one who thinks edward is too possessive, overbearing, boring, stalkerish, creepy character! I’m team Jacob because he’s fun, outspoken,he takes risk, he’s a joy to be around. Look how he got bella out of that rut she got herself into after edward left! And I think people are team edward because they don’t really know the real one they should go and read” midnight sun” then tell me what thet think of edward point of view of the world around him! Personally i think the franchise would have been a little much scarier if it was base on edward point of view!

  16. I Choose Me says:

    “Personally i think the franchise would have been a little much scarier if it was base on edward point of view!”

    Can somebody make that happen please? I found the partial draft of midnight sun much more interesting than all the Twilight books combined.

    Oh and Team Spike! (BtVS) :)

  17. Kathleen says:

    kay, im happy for hewwit, but like she doesn’t need to be in twilight, like no.
    i really miss Rachelle!!!!!!!!!!
    we need to start a pledge to keep her in the movie!

  18. Gia says:

    YAY I’m Team Spike, too!!!!