OK!: Jessica Simpson’s “revenge diet” after Tony Romo split

It was inevitable really. After any kind of prominent woman splits with a boyfriend or husband, there’s always at least one tabloid cover devoted to her “revenge diet”. I’ve never really understood why a woman would need a “revenge diet”. Wouldn’t a normal diet be okay? What’s the difference between a revenge diet and a normal diet? For that matter, what’s the difference between a revenge diet and just taking care of yourself through diet and exercise normally? Perhaps I’m in the minority though – because these covers never stop, and I think they’re usually a good-selling issue.

So we have Jessica Simpson’s “revenge diet”. OK! put an excerpt from their cover story up, and it’s a classic. After portraying Jessica as utterly devastated for weeks, the new and improved post-Romo Jessica is “serious about getting her body back into fighting shape” and Jessica finds working out to be great therapy, as opposed to “sitting around moping or throwing pity parties with ice cream sundaes.” Classic! I love a good “pity party” reference.

In the wake of her heartbreaking split from Tony Romo on the eve of her 29th birthday earlier this month, Jessica Simpson has decided that the way to get the sweetest revenge on her former sweetheart is to sweat off some pounds at the gym.

“Right after Tony ended things, Jessica said, ‘I want my old body back,’” a friend of the singer reveals in the new issue of OK!. “She went into her kitchen, got a trash bag and started to clear it out.”

And getting rid of the bad food isn’t the only way she’s slimming down. Jessica has been spotted several times in the last two weeks heading to celeb trainer Harley Pasternak’s West Hollywood fitness center.

“Jess is serious about getting her body back into fighting shape,” her pal reveals to OK!. “Working out is helping to give her focus and clear her head. It’s better than sitting around moping or throwing pity parties with ice cream sundaes.”

And the results are already starting to show — Jessica, whose weight fluctuations have often been the subject of water-cooler discussion, dropped 10 pounds in just the first 10 days of working out!

“She doesn’t want to give anyone more reason to not take her seriously,” explains the pal. “She’s tired of weight being a talking point.”

To find out exactly how Jess is shedding the pounds — and who she’s turning to for support in this tough time — be sure to pick up the new issue of OK!; on sale everywhere Thursday!

[From OK! Magazine]

This is what happened – the paparazzi got some good photos of Jessica going in and out of gyms and they built a cover story around it. I have no idea is Jessica is actually working out more than she did when she was with Tony, or if she’s actually on a diet or whatever. But whatever she’s doing, she still seems healthy, so whatever. Personally, I hate when people criticize Jess’s body or her weight fluctuations. Her body has always looked fine to me, it’s her clothing and fashion sense that need some sort of “revenge” plan. Maybe her “revenge diet” is all about going down one dress size so she can buy herself a new, better wardrobe.

Jessica Simpson is shown out on 7/28/09. Credit: INFPhoto.com.


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  1. El Predicto says:

    Didnt she just lose about 230 lbs, of Romo?

  2. Nev says:

    She always do this when she’s going on the prowl for a new man. I hope she comes up with a rich business man who is not in the Hollywood spotlight.

  3. Ana says:

    The best revenge is living well.

    I don’t see how she could handle those earrings in the top pic of her in the black dress. My ear lobes sure couldn’t!

  4. Embee says:

    Total misogyny, these tabs remarking on her weight. She has free time on her hands and she’s using it to get healthy. Also, exercise is a great form of “moving meditation” and releases endorphins so it is natural for someone who has been active, as Jess has, to be drawn to the gym after a breakup. Just normal behavior, to me. Pretty, pretty girl, too.

    Also, for perspective, a local radio host (who interviews celebs frequently) remarked once that when she’s in the room everyone else just appears uglier (because she’s so pretty). I don’t tend to like blondes but with her I believe his comment is probably true.

  5. HEB says:

    Whether she’s really on this revenge diet or not I’m sure she’s thrilled about making a cover.

    And so is Papa Joe

  6. Neelyo says:

    Why don’t OK! and US! just get it over with and change their names respectively to DIET! and SKINNY! That’s what they’re all about, right?

  7. mommy says:

    Has anyone ever noticed how truly beautiful she is without all the hair and makeup?

  8. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Altering yourself for another person is NOT revenge. Dumping a gallon of Karo syrup down the gas tank of their high-dollar sports car however IS.

  9. Ggirl says:

    I am glad Jess is getting out and doing something constructive with her time besides wallowing. If I were her, everytime I went running, I would imagine Tony Romo’s face under my feet and trample that douche! Now that’s REVENGE my friends!

  10. Annie says:

    It’s not that surprising.

    Many women do it. They want to look hotter than they did while they were with that person, kind of as a “HAH! Look what you just missed out on” type thing.

  11. mel says:

    Good for Jess! Even though I didnt think she had weight issues, glad she’s focusing on herself and not Tony! I hope Dallas has another sorry season and then we’ll see who the fans blame it on.

  12. pixiegirl says:

    She has this crazy ‘I’m going to keep walking as fast as possible or else I’m going to freaking bawl’ look on her face.

  13. Jen says:

    LOL Hieronymus Grex: Altering yourself for another person is NOT revenge. Dumping a gallon of Karo syrup down the gas tank of their high-dollar sports car however IS.

  14. t says:

    Even though she seems healthy to some, maybe she is contractually obligated to lose weight before VH1 does the reality show. Networks often pressure actresses to lose weight. They may do the same to reality show people.

    Did Joe arrange for all these post-workout pictures for the benefit of the VH1 executives because they are getting anxious? Wasn’t the reality show supposed to start filming in July which is pretty much over now?

  15. Allie says:

    I actually know Jessica is really working on getting fit again because my girlfriend is a good friend of hers and Ashley. She is working out with Harley Pasternak and getting nutrition help from Cynthia Pasquella. Her diet is the hardest part for Jessica but she’s determined. I think its wonderful that she’s finally making an effort to take really good care of herself and more people should support her.

  16. Gistine says:

    Why is she wearing a Titleist hat? Bitch don’t golf much less know what a golf ball is.

  17. Aspen says:

    @Allie: You’re glad she’s “finally” making an effort to take really good care of herself?

    This woman has been generally health-conscious and has always been at a healthy weight. A few pictures from bad angles on a day when she’s carrying an extra 5-7 pounds does not equal “letting herself go.”


  18. pepper says:

    Good for her! She was totally bashed when she packed on the pounds last winter. May she attract an even hotter man! 😉