Brad Pitt enjoys the fine German beer until 2 a.m.

Brad Pitt is headed back to Los Angeles to be with his family after a massive blow-out celebration for the Berlin premiere of Inglourious Basterds. After posing with what looked like a painful eye infection for the Berlin photocall, Brad pulled out the stops in a great grey suit, impeccably tailored, for the premiere. Post-premiere, Brad was doing what he loves doing most in Germany – drinking. Drinking that fine German beer that he can’t get enough of. And looking a bit rough while doing it.

OK! says that Brad partied at the post-premiere party with Quentin Tarantino and the cast until 2 a.m. It looks like Brad had a great, beer-soaked night, but all of that smoke and liquor can’t be good for eye infection (joking). Unfortunately for Brad, he know seems like a bit of hypocrite/liar, because he told the Daily Mail (via People) that his “partying ends at 6 p.m.” Which I guess means “6 p.m. Pacific time” or “it’s always 2 a.m. somewhere”.

He’s on top of the world as the most envied man in stardom, but Brad Pitt wants the public to understand that it can be a tougher life than they imagine.

“It’s so tough being an actor,” Pitt, 45, joked at the Berlin premiere of Inglourious Basterds Tuesday night – nattily dressed in a Tom Ford gun metal grey suit, silver tie and white shirt. “Sometimes they bring you coffee, and sometimes it’s cold, and sometimes you don’t have a chair to sit on.”

But with six young ones and partner Angelina Jolie at home, he does get early nights when not working. “I’m a dad now – my partying ends at 6 p.m.” he told the Daily Mail.

Hard work or not, Pitt clearly felt at ease in Berlin, where the Quentin Taratino-helmed film was shot and he and his family lived during filming. “It’s always great to be here and I have a lot of friends here,” he told a reporter from Bunte magazine. He also knows how to relax, German-style, when out past his 6 o’clock “curfew.” Eyewitnesses report that Pitt sauntered into the screening with a beer in his hand.

[From People]

I like Brad and everything, but he really needs to cut it out with the beer. He’s a lush. And he looks like he would be a cheap drunk too – like, give him two beers and he gets all happy and grope-y. I love Tarantino and everything, but I’m starting to think Quentin might be a bad influence on Brad. Anyway… I’m glad Brad is home now. He must have had a wicked hangover on the plane. Brad’s cure for a hangover is probably more beer, though.

Photo note by Celebitchy: Brad is shown chatting with architect Lars Krueckeberg and posing with TV host Tanja Buelter. There are also some photos of Quentin with his girlfriend/friend Talulah Freeway. She is awesome and I would love to see more of her. Maybe she’s married, though, because she is wearing rings. Diana Kruger is shown looking grumpy (I totally soured on her after seeing her smug face at the premiere) talking to Melanie Laurent. Also shown is my boyfriend, Til Schweiger, (I kid!) with Julia Malik and August Diehl. Credit:

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  1. Celebitchy says:

    You can easily get drunk off two beers here, at least I can. The beer is very strong so you have to watch it. It’s also way better than the beer you get in the states – unless it’s imported. Sam Adams is a close second though. I don’t know, I don’t begrudge the guy a few beers. The tabloids will be screaming about how Angie hates it when he drinks, etc., but I just think he’s working and blowing off steam. The guy is thin and fit, he probably can’t hold much as you mentioned Kaiser!

  2. Cinderella says:

    Why do I get the feeling he is going to get his ass kicked for these photos?

  3. wif says:

    He’s a dad of 6, let the man cut loose once in a while.

  4. Fodder says:

    ok, let the hate begin: “Brad’s a miserable alcoholic, who is drowning in the tsunami-sized mistake he made when he left JEN for the EVIL-PILLOW-LIPPED-SPAWN OF THE DEVIL. ZOMG! HE’S TRAPPED!!!”


    Or else he’s just jet-lagged all to hell and has six kids and a busy life.

    let ‘er rip….

  5. Firestarter says:

    Wow! His nose is big, never noticed that before.

  6. Marianne says:

    Brad looks drunk out of his mind. And old. Hell, he looks 60 years old. A man of his position and money certainly has many ways to take better care of his body and skin. And don’t come with the “he’s-a-dad-of-six” excuse. He doesn’t even take care of the kids anyway, he and vampire Jolie must have 20 nannies, otherwise, how would they work so much?

  7. leshie says:

    OMG! I’m pretty sure having a few beers and getting drunk once in awhile isn’t a big deal. He is having fun. EVERYONE is allowed to have a little bit of fun here and there. Grow up people!

  8. Cheyenne says:

    Marianne: Angelina did not work at all from December 2007 until February 2009, and she has not worked since last month and has no movies planned for the rest of this year, so WTF are you talking about?

  9. ash says:

    HA! He looks smashed.

  10. Marianne says:

    Sorry, I forgot the Brangeloonies know even at what time their matinee idols take a dump (sorry, I have a vulgar mouth…lol).
    By the way, I thought Angelina was filming this year, she attends events with Brad, she travels with UN, etc (all info credited to Celebitchy, those Brangelina lovers…lol). Even when she’s not filming, she’s a very busy person, I suppose. But then again, I don’t follow her life, so I wouldn’t know better.

  11. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Germans make GREAT Beer, trust me ! Drunk after two glasses is not an issue with some of their brews, especially if you’re lagged.

  12. Firestarter says:

    If this were anyone else, I bet the thoughts would be a whole lot different, but since it is Brad, it is okay.

  13. Hanh says:

    I don’t know why people seem to think that just because you’re parents, your life needs to revolve around your children 24/7. These people need to get a life.

    Kids are a big part of your life. They are not your ENTIRE life or that would be one pathetic life.

    I don’t see anything wrong with how AJ and BP are raising their kids. Its no different than those of us who use daycare when we’re working and let loose when we’re on business trips.

  14. Ggirl says:

    Pitt looks like a total waster in these pics! I don’t think loads of German beer is good for a pretty boy’s aging face.

  15. jennifer says:

    BWHAHAHA he looks so hammered…too funny :D

  16. love brad says:

    So the man has some beer and a good time while promoting his film. He’s not driving and hurting no one. Angelina is secure and I’m sure she understands that Brad has female fans just like she has female and male.

  17. saintdevil says:

    He looks wasted. I am so happy that there are no cameras around when I drink beer at 2 in the morning!

    Btw it definitely takes more than two beers to look like that. :)

  18. The Domestic Goddess says:

    lol … mmm let’s see now – life partner to a sex bomb power woman and mother of their 6 children, actor, director, philanthropist, hero to New Orleans … yep … that’s definitely fodder for giving him a hard time about having a well deserved good ole time!

    Grow up people!

  19. Cindie says:

    “I like Brad and everything, but he really needs to cut it out with the beer. He’s a lush. And he looks like he would be a cheap drunk too – like, give him two beers and he gets all happy and grope-y.”

    If that is all it takes to get Brad to grope me, tell me next time he’s in Germany! And whoever said he isn’t taking care of his body- b*tch, please…did you see the picture of his backside? That is a beautiful man right there! Cut loose Brad- I know you just have to escape that crazy witch you married! :)

  20. lisa says:

    Cindie.. he did cut the crazy bit*h loose 5+ years ago.

    He and Angelina are not married.

    The man had a few beers. Just got to Berlin from a 12 hour flight, I’m sure he is jet lagged like crazy. I would be dead on my feet. Then he flew out.. Now Brad is a alcoholic.. YEAH Right.

    And every fan is not a loonie.. just because someone is not bashing the man does not make them a loonie. So easy to label someone that just because they are not on a I hate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kick.. Please. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts. Does not mean you are of one mind. But of course if you don’t hate on them then you HAVE to be a loonie.. yeah now that is LOONIE logic..

  21. Henny Penny says:

    Um, no thanks with the German beer. Not that it isn’t good, but American microbrews are waaaay better (and Sam Adams comes in dead last in this category).

    This is what I did a few weekends ago:

    This one kicks major butt too:

    And why do they pour half a glass of foam on top of the beer in Europe? I’ll never understand it.


  22. Enonymous says:

    The Klassy as always Brad Pitt.

  23. gloria says:

    he looks like he’s being helped into the car.

    kind of bad for the image — and soon the kids will be embarrassed by photos like these.

    it really must be tough to be Brad Pitt.

  24. kim says:

    There is a video on youtube he is not being helped into the car he is not stumbling or wobbling.

  25. morgs says:

    @Henny Penny
    I’m rocking a beer festival this weekend! Its in the Eastern High Sierra at Mammoth. Phenomenal microbrews!

  26. zasalamel says:

    i bet that he woke up in the bed with a COMPLETE stranger(male or female i don’t care)vein face must be going crazy now!!

  27. Lys says:

    Did he get his balls back?

  28. viper says:

    pzt he cant hold his liquore

  29. chee chee says:

    If he keeps it up, he’ll develop a bulbous nose. But that’s ok, if by that time he’ll be old enough to play W.C.Fields.

    German beer must be the best. Phillipines, Mexico, Denmark, and many countries have great beer, as well. Must be because they don’t pasteurize the beer like the U.S.A. does. I could be very wrong about this, however.

  30. chee chee says:

    I agree that when one is stoned, they could wind up in bed with a stranger, male or female. And Brad does ping my gaydar, despite his recent attempts to be as macho as possible in his pics.

    But get back in the state of inebriation and who can remember the sincere vows to not do it anymore? You are, in effect, not yourself!

  31. DD says:

    Diane Kruger looks like she can use a few herself.

  32. Ursula says:

    No one gets drunk at every opportunity when they are very happy in their personal lives. We do not see Johnny Depp spaced like this. But I understand what this poor man is going through, 6 kids and a psycho baby mama who emansculates you at every point can make a saint get drunk. He has become a joke in hollywood.

  33. Ursula says:

    By the way, Brad Pitt and Angie Jo are always telling lies, I wonder when the media would call them out on all their lies. I could list them but I have no energy.

  34. 88Modesty88 says:

    Thank the stars, Ursula! Cause I don’t have the energy to read it…

  35. Granger says:

    I’ve seen photos of Brad having drinks about three times in the last year, but people think he’s out getting drunk “at every opportunity”?

    I only have two kids, and I need to let loose every now and then! I also enjoy the occasional night away from my husband, as much as I love him. Yes, even married parents need their own space every now and then — and there’s nothing wrong with that. Anyone who tells you they don’t, or doesn’t bother taking time for themselves, has completely lost their own independence and will one day regret it.

  36. dee says:

    who cares…don’t we have our own problems.
    my life doesn’t revolve around brad or his whore………

  37. DD says:

    Granger – I have respect for someone who can let loose on a night out and have some healthy fun whether they are married with children or not. Most normal couples are capable of that, it’s the ones who hold a vice around each other that worry me.

  38. karen says:

    Ursula, you have “no energy” to list the Pitt-Jolie “lies”? Surely you jest. You are here every minute with something nasty to say about the Pitts. It’s your life. You DEFINITELY have the time. Stop lying and start typing. Of course, most of it would be made-up bullshitt and fantasies, but that’s never stopped you before.

  39. Fint says:


    Doesn’t take long for the girls to get their claws out, does it……..

    In my opinion this is a dangerous site populated by sad entities

    Don’t you people have LIVES ?