Duchess Meghan is celebrating her 38th birthday privately, with her family

The Duchess of Sussex celebrates her 38th birthday today. Happy birthday, Meghan! To celebrate, the Meg-operated SussexRoyal Instagram account did not publish a new photo of Meghan, nor a new photo of Meghan with baby Archie. No, they reused a photo from the Sussexes’ South Pacific Tour from last year. Prince Harry included a personal message to his wife on the IG post too: “‘Happy Birthday to my amazing wife. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!’ – Love, H.” Yes, an “adventure.” Some would say a media-generated hysteria which is virtually a mass hate crime perpetrated against the first black duchess of the UK, but sure, “adventure.” I sound like I’m blaming Harry – I’m not. I think Harry knew that it could get really bad for Meghan, but he probably didn’t know it would get this bad.

So how is Meghan celebrating her birthday? There were reports, weeks ago, that the Sussex family would be in Scotland, at Balmoral, on Meghan’s actual birthday, but I think they’re probably going next week and she’ll have a belated b-day celebration with the Queen. So what IS Meghan doing today? Apparently she’s just chillin’ with the fam.

Meghan Markle celebrates her 38th birthday this week, but the Duchess of Sussex has opted not to have a huge party. Instead, Meghan will apparently have a quiet day with Prince Harry and baby Archie, which sounds pretty perfect tbh.

A source tells BAZAAR.com that Meghan Markle will mark her 38th birthday by “celebrating it at home,” and a palace source confirms that the occasion will be spent “privately.” BAZAAR.com’s source also reveals that Meghan plans to have a “family day” on her birthday, rather than throwing a party with a wider group.

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

To be honest, one’s 38th birthday is kind of garbage-y, because you’re like “oh sh-t, 40 is coming!” At 37, you can still be in denial about it. But at 38, you really start to feel it. I hope Meghan has a nice meal and a good cake. That’s the best birthday plan that I could come up with.

Kensington Palace sends their regards (I actually like this choice of photo, honestly):

Clarence House posted some cute photos for Meg’s birthday too.

Meanwhile, I’m not going to do a separate post about this because I hate it so much, I don’t want to give this racist POS the space. But Camilla Tominey literally wrote an article in The Telegraph which was basically like “Why Does Meghan Hate White Women, When We Are Clearly The Center of the Universe?” White women’s tears, my lord. But don’t you dare say that any of these British royal commentators are racists, how dare you.

Royal baby

Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram, Avalon Red, and Backgrid.

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  1. Carol says:

    Yes, let’s have even more white women on magazine covers. It hardly ever happens and we need it.!

  2. crogirl says:

    Wow I am not a biggest Meghan fan or a royal fan but is this Camilla bitch for real!?

    • Snazzy says:

      I went to the site to try and real the article, but only made it past the first few lines. What a horrible person

    • bettyrose says:

      As hard as it is to accept that someone admitted to counting how many white people were on the cover, it’s helpful when racists just stand up and announce themselves. Real time saver in trying to understand someone’s motives.

  3. TeamAwesome says:

    Omg, will somebody think of the white women?! How is this real life? If you scroll down to the top 5 trending stories from that rag, however, I see it is well within brand. Disgusting.

    Happier thoughts: do you think Harry is the kind of guy to bring you breakfast in bed for your birthday? Or is it smoothies and 5 am yoga per usual?

    • sunny says:

      I think she isn’t the type to sleep in plus they have a young baby so I think it probably is a routine morning.

      He does seem the type to surprise her with her favourite dinner though!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Happy birthday to Meghan. Here’s to hoping she can block out the haters for a day or more and just enjoy herself. Oh – and she better know she’s winning when a$$hats like Camilla Tominey actually pen articles like that.

    • VS says:

      She can; She has said she doesn’t read anything: positive or negative. That’s the good approach, most of it is noise!
      She has been able to do a lot despite the noise; Harry might read but Meghan probably ignores. When in the public eyes, as Obama as clearly said, you don’t need to read of all; most is all BS. Of course your staff might after all you don’t want to be disconnected from constructive criticism but the nonsense is just that nonsense

      Happy Birthday Meghan! I huge admirer of her strength! Many would cave but she continues to shed light on the issues close to her heart! Wonderful job!

  5. Peg says:

    Happy birthday Meghan.
    Congrats on your successful British Vogue editing, which is selling like hot cakes.

    • bamaborn says:

      Peg… absolutely!! Didn’t know when available here in the states,so got my son to purchase copy through eBay. 30.00 dollars, but well worth it.

  6. bamaborn says:

    Happy Birthday, Duchess!! May you have many, many more.

  7. Soft says:

    I think it’s her work ethic that annoys the haters, and not so much that she is biracial. I hope she carries on doing amazing, impactful work. Not a big fan of her social climbing and overspending on I’ll-fitting clothes, but I admire how she is not afraid to work and come up with ideas for the charities she supports. Happy birthday Meghan!

    • VS says:

      Why would anyone hate her work ethic? Isn’t that why people keep calling W & K lazy? why would they hate a hard worker?

      Overshadowing? How is she blame for that? who is overshadowing? everyone I know but she is not the one asking the press to cover every single thing about her. If you are talking about Kate, no one asked her to do nothing for almost 8-9 years.

      So you are not a fan of her social climbing? I hope you have complained about Prince Philip? Kate the DoC? or Anne’s husbands as well; but I highly doubt you have

      • bamaborn says:

        VS…at this point, some comments don’t even warrant a response. They will never get over the fact she is biracial, intelligent, hard working and a prince fell in love with her. It’s just that simple!

    • teehee says:

      I also think this, or thought that– lately I think its really both.

      Her work ethic irritates people because how dare a person of color be SUCCESSFUL and worthy of praise or admiration, they are supposed to be deplorable, lazy, poor, and not in the spotlight.

      It is racism because not only the above, but her work ethic makes her outshine a WHITE woman, laziest of the lazy, and oh that just double can’t be– not only does a woman of color “want attention” but she “wants” more attention THAN a white woman (she merits it, actually).

      Naturally, this isnt social climbing, or media seeking, or attention grabbing. This is just a pure interest in the causes she champions and actions she does, yes sprinkled with some excessive flowery language but at the end of the day she wants to use her position and enjoy it too.

      But heavens to betsies, if she exposes the lazy and less interesting buttony white folk.

      Edit: and btw that reaction to the magazine cover— thats the same as the “how dare you call Trump a racist! YOU’RE a racist for always bringing it up!!” response.
      Was EVERYBODY dropped on their heads as a baby??

    • Taryn says:

      Nah, since the day the media ran the piece about her mother being “Straight out of Compton” it has always been and will always be about race. If Kate buckled down tomorrow and started working harder, and working on tangible pieces like the cookbook, everyone would applaud her as future queen. If it was about work ethic and the issues she chooses to tackle Diana would have gotten accosted in the media for her work with AIDS instead of being branded a compassionate angel. She’s American, she bi-racial, and according to that she does not belong next to their precious Harry.

      • Olenna says:

        Thank you, Taryn. All of these *well-meaning* people *inadvertently* making excuses for the British media and RRs’ incessant attacks on the Duchess of Sussex are dodging the real issue, which is racism.

      • bettyrose says:

        This! One can debate all the many reasons the British media is abusive to Meghan, but there’s no question of it being largely racism. This nut bag isn’t even hiding that fact with her “I see white people but not enough of them” insanity.

    • Kittycat says:


      Social climbing hahahaha

      You are looking at the wrong Duchess.

    • February Pisces says:

      I think the press love to drag her cos she’s ruining their right wing take-over agenda. However I think the Cambridge’s and Kensington Palace are threatened by her and Harry who have out-shined them in so many ways. Not only do they possess star quality and charisma, they are actually working hard and producing results with their work. The Cambridge’s have been skating by all these years doing the bare minimum and using their kids as an excuse. They have even thrown the queen and Charles under the bus many times saying ‘they hardly raised their children’. Atleast the queen and Charles know about duty, also the queen never even had a choice. It’s funny cos I don’t remember Charles and Diana using the same excuse when their kids were young. Apparently we should skip a generation and to straight to William, even though he’s a lazy ass and does a fraction of the work Charles does. They have also been excusing Kate’s laziness with ‘were gently easing her into Royal life’. She had 10 years as his GF and they were still saying that 6 years into the marriage. They can’t use that excuse anymore cos Meghan has jumped right in with her work. The ‘faux’ media outrage over meghans vogue is completely exaggerated to cast a negative illusion the whole thing. it will probably be a best seller, and Meghan can’t be seen as a success because it will make team cambrige look bad, seeing as Kate’s vogue didn’t sell well. I think if both couples ever divorced Meghan will continue to do what she’s doing now, whilst Kate wouldn’t do a single days work ever again.

    • bonobochick says:

      RME. So transparent.

    • Market street minifig says:

      So even on her birthday you have to get your digs in?! Nasty.

    • JRenee says:

      So the man that fell in love with her is Prince and because she fell in love with him, she’s a social climber?
      Those back handed insults are ridiculous

  8. crogirl says:

    No, not all criticism is racist.
    But when someone is whining about “not enough white women” there are no doubts about it being racist.
    As I said I am not a fan of the royals in general and there’s a lot to criticise them about (starting with the Queen) but Meghan got to edit that issue and she can put whoever she wants on the cover.

    • bettyrose says:

      It’s totally fair to critique her choices, though. I wouldn’t go as far as to say “she can put whoever she wants” on the cover. Editorial choices are always fair game for analysis, but mygawd. How is this the world we’re living in in 2019? That this Camilla woman hasn’t been fired, shunned, and banned from all media immediately?

  9. crogirl says:

    The comment I was responding to is gone. Good

  10. SV says:

    For someone with no political power Meghan really does manage to scare so many people. I have realized what people fear the most is that Meghan has the ability to use her platform for people to show their humanity. The very people certain sectors work so hard to dehumanize whether it be race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability in order to advance their political agendas. So much of what is going on all over the world relies on the ability to dehumanize people.
    Whether it was the wedding, Together cookbook, or this Vogue issue they all cause the same fear for these people. That Meghan has a lifetime position where every attempt to control her so far has failed whether from the courtiers inside the Royal family or the right wing press only adds to the fear. Happy birthday Meghan!

    • VS says:

      I agree with you but I think part of the fear is also the fear of a Diana repeat; someone who is way too popular.

      Meghan is on maternity leave but barely a day goes by without the press talking about her. Why aren’t they more focus on Prince Charles or Prince William? aren’t they the future heirs to the throne?

      I have always wondered if the attacks against Meghan aren’t partly coming from the inside

      • bamaborn says:

        Yes, VS!!! You are on a roll. All of their energy has been placed in making the other one “the next Diana.” It has not quite panned out and just the thought of the Duchess being viewed in that light, is too much for some to handle.

      • VS says:

        @bamaborn — the strange thing is Meghan actually likes the fundraising, getting involved in finding new ways to raise money or whatever is needed for her charity. I don’t understand why that could be scary.

        Prince William is an idiot, it would have been much better for him to keep H&M close and act instead as the leader and throw support along Meghan way. Meghan is clearly a hard worker, sometimes Kate does not understand. Keeping the Sussexes close would have helped him and Kate as everything would have been under KP or the Royal Foundation……..but now the contrast is too obvious

      • PrincessK says:

        Totally agree VS. THE Fab Four would have been a better option, the Cambridge’s have really messed up. Now we have rival courts.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      SV, I think you nailed it spot on. People are AFRAID of someone like Meghan coming in and doing what few “others” have dared, or even tried to do (and doing it while black, esp.), AND in such a short time, as well. And that bothers the CRAP out of them.

      Happy Birthday to the DoS! I hope she and Harry just keep on doing what they need to do, and by doing so, keep “flipping the bird” to their haters/detractors.

    • bettyrose says:

      It’s like the crucifixion scene in Good Omens. “What did he do?” “Told people to be kind to each other.” “Yep, that’ll do it.”

  11. Becks1 says:

    omg, the Cambridges are getting so much praise for their IG post. “this is why you will be the most amazing king and queen!” Talk about the bar being set as low as possible. One IG post is proof of their ability to be king and queen.

    Anyway, sounds like Meghan will have a nice day and I hope she is able to block out some of the haters. Like that POS Camilla.

    There was a post on here a few months back -I think around the time the story broke that Meghan made Kate cry – and I think Kaiser titled it something about Meghan being responsible for all the white tears in England or something. Well, it seems that’s still the theme. WONT SOMEONE THINK OF THE WHITE WOMEN AND PUT THEM ON THE COVER OF VOGUE?!?!?!?!?!?

    • VS says:

      To be fair, those who are fans of the Cambridges (someone will still have to explain how those have fans especially with their work ethics; they do admire their family and tairas I guess) don’t have much to talk about

      Every post is just an opportunity to talk about them being future future king and QC. They don’t really give a damn about the causes the D&DoC support…….the Tiara is not going to be on Meghan’s head so it is even better……as if Meghan has ever gone after it.

      • Becks1 says:

        True. When you don’t do a whole lot, and every event is hyped up for weeks (regatta, garden, etc), then there isn’t a lot to say except “future queen!!” Sigh.

    • Nic919 says:

      Of course the Cambridges are getting praise for an IG post they got staff to do. There’s no way William or Kate would do any extra work.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      One thing (petty perhaps), the Sussexes were dragged for not using the “proper” title for the kids’ birthday posts, and yet, I just noticed, they wished a happy birthday to The DoS, *note* “HRH* the Dos, as did Clarence House. A little passive aggressive dig?? Wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Lolo says:

        I actually think the posts themselves (from KR and CH) are the passive aggressive digs, because the Sussexes have made such a big deal about not doing individual posts for family members’ birthdays on their insta. Meghan’s bday was the first Sussex bday since the split and I do think both accounts still doing the full post (as opposed to commenting on the Sussex post) was pointed.

  12. Tai says:

    Spend her birthday privately? How dare she! She owes it to the people who support her luxury life to post pictures and list what gifts she got! (So it can be thoroughly criticized)
    *extreme sacasism*
    but you know that reeking pile of poop aka Piers is going to be saying that.

  13. Taryn says:

    Most of the negative press and media hit pieces about Meghan have been white women tears. It’s very clear from the coverage of her Vogue issue to her hair and the constant “othering” going on that if Harry had married an American actress with blonde hair and white skin all of Meghans “antics” would have otherwise been branded as the quirky American duchess shaking up the monarchy one protocol oopsie at a time. I’m excited to go out today and get my hands on a copy, I hope the massive queues to purchase this issue have been a great birthday present to her.

  14. IlsaLund says:

    Happy Birthday HRH Duchess of Sussex. Hope she has a lovely day with her family. And let the haters stew in their hate.

  15. aquarius64 says:

    Wishing Meghan a wonderful birthday today. I noticed KP and CH accounts are using emojis. That’s so Sussexroyal.

    For the latest cheap shot masquerading as journalism, read upset that the Vogue cover didn’t feature all or majority white women and the biracial American duchess is outdoing the English rose (white) duchess who will be queen consort.

    • VS says:

      It is easy to outdo Kate. The woman has barely done anything worth talking about. I think PW and the gossipers masquerading as Royal Reporters are partially to blame. Don’t think Kate can withstand the relentless of attacks against Meghan….She has become completely bland to prevent the attacks

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I believe the adventure he is referring to is life itself…I highly doubt he would want to taint his birthday message to his wife by mentioning the press. However vague the mention might be.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      That’s exactly how I read it too, VV, the “adventure” is their life together.

      And I hope it’s one hell of a great ride for them!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I agree and he is right, life is an adventure.

    • Moneypenny says:

      Exactly. I say this to my husband all the time. Our life together is the adventure.

  17. Olenna says:

    Happy Birthday, Duchess of Success. May you keep shining!

  18. liriel says:

    I’m happy she hasn’t posted herself flowery post about birthday and aging.

  19. Seraphina says:

    Happy birthday to Meghan!! Wishing her all the best.

    A quiet birthday at home. Let’s see how they negatively spin this one. And it would be great if the Queen made some kind of show of support and condemn the media for the hate. Until she does, I hold her complicit as well. There comes a time that the royal crown needs to be put aside for human compassion.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      The Queen will NEVER come out and say anything in support of Meghan, sadly. Look how long it took her to come out and say anything after Diana died, and that was ONLY due to IMMENSE pressure (from her PM, Blair, and the public, who were almost ready to revolt against the monarchy).

      TQ buries her head in the sand like an ostrich, and will never confront. She also doesn’t do anything until/unless she has NO choice (ie: making Charles and Diana finally file for divorce).

      While I like TQ (for the most part), I am pretty disappointed in her in this matter (and Charles for that matter). Because all it would take is a few word in the right ear(s) (á la Pedo Andy’s “problems”) to get the RRs to back down. But…*crickets*.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        I agree TQ and Chuck NEED to come out not only in support of Meghan but they need to shut this behaviour from the press down – they do have influence and can/will use it when matters, we saw this with Precious Andrew and Epstein. The UK press and RR’s are doing what Dump is, getting away with being racist not matter how subtle it is. Its fanning the flames of racism here in the UK, esp now that we have Johnson as our Prime Minister who is racist himself.

    • Seraphina says:

      I completely agree that TQ won’t come out in support but it’s disheartening to see how no one will stand beside her BUT Harry. She can say something to someone and start support behind the scenes. At this point I really am losing respect for her. She stands idle while others don’t work and should be working HARD as direct line to the throne and we have a woman who is berated, humiliated and bullied at every turn and it’s just status quo. Very infuriating and it makes me really dislike the entire BRF.

    • Julia says:

      About the only way the Queen shows support is by actions like featuring you in her Christmas Birthday message, inviting you to accompany her on engagements or inviting you to stay at Balmoral. All of which she has done but it still gets twisted by the media as her “schooling” Meghan.

    • Dilettante says:

      Came on just to post this. +1

    • Olenna says:

      Thank you for the link, Sarah754. This quote ironically amplifies the vileness of the UK press towards the DoS: “She could study how Prince Charles’s reputation survived devoted friendships with three paedophiles.”

      Another post worth reading is:

      • Dilettante says:

        Thanks for posting this link! Glad to see there are some thinking journalists in England.

      • C-Shell says:

        Also brilliant! Thank God I revisited these comments this morning. The weekend has been so horrific, with white supremacy unleashed to kill us all, I needed a whiff of clean air.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      Great article! Thanks for posting. The author made some very good points; I especially enjoyed her points on Pedo Andy, Fergie, and Charles.

    • Tourmaline says:

      That is excellent.

      Love the reference to Andrew as an ‘unapologetic pervert’s companion”.

      I didn’t realize that Laurens Van Der Post was exposed as an abuser and exploiter of girls. I remember in the early 1980s all the press about how he was a beloved guru of Prince Charles. So much so that he was one of Prince William’s godparents.

    • Mego says:

      Brilliant article.

    • C-Shell says:

      My God, that column is brilliant. The palate cleanser I didn’t know I needed this morning.

  20. Kittycat says:

    I’m 36 and I cant wait to be 40.

    I was more sad about turning 30 and have accomplished my dreams.

    But I’m glad I changed my focus to doing things instead of whining.

    • Wilma says:

      I’m turning 40 in October. I’m completely fine with it, maybe more neutral than anything else. Never really understood why people feel upset about aging. My husband is having a very difficult time with it though! His own aging that is.

    • Yup, Me says:

      My mother told me that being 40 was when she gave herself permission to completely and unapologetically be herself.

      I’ll be 40 in a few months and I’ve been looking forward to it since I turned 38. Being a gloriously melinated goddess does help, though. I’ll be making 40 look good.

      Meghan does the same for 38 (and will for 40 as well). She also makes pasty British royalty look good (and they benefit from her style and charisma). I hope she’s having a great birthday and I look forward to her next awesome project.

      • L84Tea says:

        I turned 40 last October and I must say, I have fully embraced it. I feel more confident in myself than I have in years. I don’t know why some people make such a fuss over it.

  21. N says:

    I will not read this bullshite article! NOT today. This is disgusting.

  22. Who ARE these people? says:

    How did white women vote on the Brexit referendum? Were they a force for change then? White women were a force for change in voting for Trump. Gah.

  23. TheOriginalMia says:

    Happy Birthday, Meghan! Lovely post from Harry. Loved the pictures Charles & Camilla chose for their post. Laughing pictures which probably exemplifies their relationships: one of joy and acceptance.

    Camilla Tominey can sit her racist butt down and mop up her white tears as Meghan continues to soar in spite of the attacks.

  24. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Camilla Tominey can eat dirt. Happy Birthday, DoS!

  25. aquarius64 says:

    Go on Twitter for Camilla Tominey and watch her get thrown in a hurt locker for her latest hit piece. The dragging is epic. Best birthday present for Meghan.

  26. Nev says:

    Happy Birthday Duchess!!!!

  27. Loretta says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan!
    Camilla Tominey is a racist and I loved that she was dragged on twitter.

  28. Rogue says:

    The Telegraph journo is getting a much deserved dragging incl from fellow journalists. First she lied about number of white women on the cover I guess to claim white women were underrepresented and it was clear she thought all the non white women were black- very problematic. Then she was saying men weren’t represented- this from a woman who claims to be a feminist. Then she said why would Meghan use Vogue given its diversity issues-ironically it’s never been more diverse than in Enniful’s era. I doubt it was her concern when the Queen, Diana, Anne or Kate were in Vogue. People really will twist themselves into pretzels just to criticise Meghan.

    It’s not a victims Olympics but here’s why I think Meghan’s press is uniquely bad. Outside of their own missteps&standard hating cos these royal ladies nabbed a Prince:
    Diana&Fergie were victims of sexism&misogyny. Kate has been victim of sexism, misogyny and classism. Meghan is victim of sexism, misogyny, classism, ageism (press digs about her being older than Harry& geriatric pregnancy) xenophobia AND racism. Add in she’s a divorcee, her own family slamming her, career as an actress and she joined the royal family in harsher political climate of Trumps America and Brexit Britain- its red meat for UK’s right wing dominated media.

    Not seen as much reported on her background as relates to class and even then it was racially tinged to suggest she was from the ghetto despite her going to good schools. Race and racist tropes have been focus of the coverage (Straight out of Compton, exotic blood, dreadlocked mum from wrong side of the tracks) from the outset. Even when there were the feud stories the Sun had story explaining “sexual” Meghan (aka Jezebel trope) wouldn’t get on with “introvert” Kate (innocent, prim white woman). Notice how some press say Harry is “enchanted”. Can’t just be he loves his wife- she’s got him under voodoo spell apparently. They also did the Angry black woman trope with the duchess difficult and Meghan making everyone cry stories. This week UK media dropped all pretence and she was called “uppity” on TV (never heard that used for other royals) and Giles Coren made a “joke” that their family planning was with primatologist Jane Goodall.

    She is held to a higher standard despite less importance in the royal chain and attracts hypercriticism for doing the exact same things that other royals have done as we saw with the guest edit for Vogue. Whilst it may have helped her settle in if she had paced herself she would have been criticised as lazy as she started to be by some RRs last July when they didn’t know she was working on the cookbook. It’s clear she will have to work twice as hard to get even half of the praise of other royals, despite having accomplished more than most in her first year. That’s why I think race is the key issue here.

    • sunny says:

      Yes to all of this. Sadly as a bi-racial(black woman) she probably knew she had to work twice as hard because that is a lesson POC are taught early.

    • Mignionette says:


      ^^^ This right here sums up Meghan’s experience and the experience of every successful black woman.

      I have lived this myself, Cutting and pasting this just to digest this for future reference.

    • keis says:

      Preach. Anyone who cannot see the way in which race has ‘coloured’ the commentary on Meghan does not understand intersectionality.

  29. ThisIsTay says:

    Can anyone direct me to where I can buy her vogue in the US? Barnes and Noble is 2 months behind.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Somebody above got hers from ebay. You’ll pay a little more than at B&N, but at least you’ll get it earlier.

    • bamaborn says:

      Thisistay…I got my son to purchase my copy off of eBay. Told I should receive in a couple of weeks. Maybe check your local supermarket weekly to see when in stock. My local B&N was of no help.

    • Nev says:

      Try a high end magazine store or even the airport? They usually have many different Vogues there.

    • IlsaLund says:

      You can get a digital copy on Amazon’s kindle store.

  30. GR says:

    As a white women, I wonder if this idiot reporter has noticed that globally, white people aren’t the majority? I’ve only seen thumbnails of Meghan’s Vogue cover, but I bet it’s a decent reflection of the world population’s ethnicity.

  31. Sands says:

    The racist idiot Dan Wootton all but confirm that the criticism of The DoS was sanctioned by KP on his radio show while he was trying to defend himself as not being a racist

    • Mary says:

      So nice of that right-wing, racist nut-job Wooton to confirm what many already suspected: that “much of the negativity toward” Meghan and Harry is coming from,and being leaked by, the Royal family.

    • Rogue says:

      @Sands @mary It’s hard to believe what the tabloids say as anyone who paid attention to press inquiry Levenson and just generally knows that the tabloids make stuff up&news is very agenda driven. Could be that Dan us trying to take heat off RRs as him and Tominey have been called out on racism this week so could be attempt to put heat back on the royals. But arguably what he said lines up with what actual credible political reporter Shipman said& what some in the Rota have been saying for months so ….it’s interesting. Not sure I believe it still but will say Dan’s really not the smartest tool & I’m sure if he in fact has actual royal sources they will avoid him like the plague after he’s thrown them under the bus

    • February Pisces says:

      I took great pleasure in trolling dan woottons ass this week on Twitter. I even found an old article of his were he declared Kate Middleton as his “hero of the week” because she was photographed topless, yet he kept changing his reasons as to why meghans vogue was so controversial. I knew and have always said Kensington Palace are behind all of this. It’s not the queen, who’s too old for the drama or Charles and Camilla, becuase Harry and Meghan are not a direct threat to them. The direct comparisons are between the Cambridge’s and the Sussex’s. It’s funny how all of a sudden the Cambridge’s are the greatest thing ever according to right wing press. The comments section is the biggest give away, the daily mail post no nice comments about meghans, and literally no negative ones about Kate. Of course they are the ones pulling the strings. They get to pay off the major uk press to trash Meghan and Harry at every opportunity, whilst they can continue to cheat, do as little work as possible and run over old ladies without any criticism. But these royal reporters are mearly the minions doing the dirty work of those who are more powerful. It works out well for KP and the Cambridge’s because they get to see Meghan villainized and the press gets the blame. Do you know what exactly dan wootton said about Kensington Palace?

  32. Meli-Cali says:

    …happy birthday “megan” <3

  33. Beach Dreams says:

    Happy birthday to Meghan! Just over a year in the royal family and she’s already accomplished so much! Hoping she has a lovely day with her family and the ones who truly care about her. Keep ignoring the noise from the clowns and keep shining! Nice to know that she’s a Leo too 😉

  34. Rogue says:

    The other thing that is interesting is tactic to create (even more) negative press for Harry and Meghan around their projects etc& then talk about PR blunders probably in attempt to force Sara Latham out. I’ve seen far too many articles and twitter comments this week saying they need new PR that it can’t be a coincidence and saw someone suggested a PR expert Haverson (?) who I’m guessing was much more accessible to the rota. Really suggests that the reporters don’t have sources to know what they are up to- see the reporters not knowing about the capsule collection&most of the details around the Vogue issue. Which perhaps suggests there WERE internal leaks before& that’s been shut down recently

    • bamaborn says:

      Oh yes, Rogue. That would be considered a victory and knocking the Duchess down a few knots if Sara Latham leaves. They are pathetic!

    • Olenna says:

      The “blunders” that the UK media, RRs and anti-Meghan stalkers refer to are actually all of the lies and negative stories these sources create to discredit the Sussexes and their PR team. How can one fight made-up stories and constant hateful talk when there’s a concerted effort to undermine and disparage everything the Sussexes do? This situation reminds me so much of what President Obama had to deal with. He was never able to sway or contain it–it’s pure malice–he just continued on with his own agenda despite the hate. Regarding the Cambridges, I tried to convince myself that they didn’t possess the malicious nature to go after one of their own, but now I think differently. And, I believe Poor, Ambitious Jason (who has completely failed at making his clients look like an earnest, willing-to-work royal team) is the man behind the curtain orchestrating the ugliness from inside KP. I can’t wait to see how he does with their charities without the Sussexes to prop them up.

    • Mignionette says:

      I think KP is behind the slandering of M&H’s PR. Billy is known to be a control freak and I suspect that Meghan was heavily instrumental in choosing the new PR. This would have angered Billy who has now lost control over his brother by being able to spy on him night and day.
      Meghan is used to managing controlling Narc types and I suspect Harry is finally waking up to the true extent of politicking in his family. So Billy is likely trying to get rid of Sarah so he can have access to Meg & Harry’s office again.

      The RRs and commentators take their cues from KP and this is just another soundbite they are trying to enforce. Sarah will need to strap in, because she is in for a bumpy ride and is about to be slandered and maligned to high heaven.

  35. bamaborn says:

    VS…yes, they would all benefit! I don’t think they realize how precarious their situation might be once TQ expires. I believe that’s partly why she hasn’t stepped down for Charles. Remember a few months back, some commonwealth members did not want him to be head of the organization. TQ had to step in to get them to relent. They are foolish not to embrace the Duke and Duchess.

  36. Peg says:

    The Royals reporters are starting to get treated like the Markles, because they have shown themselves to be liars.
    The Australian News Anchors use to lap up whatever they were saying about the Sussexes, one told Camilla Tominey yesterday, that whatever Meghan does is criticized and the other Anchors joined her, you should see Camilla blustering and they held her feet to the fire.
    The black guy on E called Melonie a liar to her face about how she changes her story, and she keep denying that she did not, but he would not let up.
    Fans on Twitter are sending Camilla’s racist articles to NBC, so far they’re being ignored.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Right now the shootings in Texas and Ohio are dominating the news in the States. But it’s a great birthday present for Meghan. If evidence comes out that Bad Dad faked the heart attack and surgery – and the distorters knew it and didn’t report it – they. are. done.

  37. oddly says:

    According to another source Meghan only got to pick 4 of the women on the cover the rest were pre chosen by the Vouge editor , a black man who obviously wanted most of them to be Women of Colour , so Meghan can’t really get flack over the choices, even though that’s whats happening. I wonder if he was playing Meghan, using her to promote his own agenda, I hope not. I have heard a few stories about him being rather sneaky and manipulative in the way he does things , playing people off against each other at Vouge.

    • Peg says:

      Since the source didn’t know who was going to be on the cover, I really, really, really believe them.
      Well the former Editor only put four black women on the cover 12 months by ???? Years.
      So if this Editor put five black women on the cover for the month of September, deal with it.

    • oddly says:

      I don’t care how many Black/Asian/ Hispanic/Mixed race women are on the cover , there could have been 12 black women for all I care, I don’t by magazines. I’m not complaining about them , I’m just saying Meghan is getting lots of flack over who was chosen for the cover when it wasn’t really all her doing.

      A couple of dozen people knew who was going to be on the cover long before it went to press and someone spilled and they knew which ones Meghan picked and which ones were pre selected, these magazines are edited at least six weeks in advance and printing takes up to 4 weeks. Many people knew who was on the cover weeks before it came out.

      Perhaps you should deal with the possibility that Meghan could have been played by the editor who has become known for manipulating staff to shore up his position. Vouge UK advertising has taking a dive in the past few years, he was brought in to give the mag a new face and energy but advertising rates have not improved. There has been talk of Meghan writing/editing a regular spot in the magazine , so as I said I hope she isn’t being used by him to bolster his own position.

  38. Arnk says:

    I don’t understand why you insist on reporting on articles in The Telegraph and The Sun as they are notoriously racist and have been pushing for Brexit for years. They are absolutely worse than The Daily Mail. They should not be given extra attention.

    • KatV says:

      Exactly. Why give them any attention? Better report that piece from the Guardian.

    • Anitas says:

      Yes, Telegraph is at this point Daily Mail for the middle class. But then gossip blogs live off the outrage so…

  39. Mignionette says:

    I had a think about this over the weekend and as a Brit came to the conclusion that commentators such as Piers Morgan, Camilla Twominey et al are all on the payroll of right wing publications. All publications which traditionally Meg would not align herself with. The RF for all their political neutrality is about as blue in blood and blue in voting as it gets (FYI blue this side of the pond = conservative). And I think this is why they are laying into her so much. To give you an example of Camilla’s right wing credentials, she regularly quotes David Vance who is so off the right wing spectrum that he is often shunned by mainstream media who desperately seek to distance themselves from him.

    Also not to sound conspiratorial but there is presently a world wide ultra right take over in progress. Meghan is also a money maker who refuses to engage with commentators on the ultra right and famously (whilst a private citizen) denounced Trump. I notice an awful lot of the ‘Megxit’ crew are also Trumpers. In essence they view her as the AOC of the RF. Attacking her allows them to unite against a common enemy and signal to the rest of the world the price of not swearing allegiance to the ultra-right (or at least keeping your mouth shut).

    So aside from being bi-racial, divorced, American, from the wrong side of LA, not having aristocratic links, being a former actress (i.e. having a job) etc etc I think the main issue at this current moment in time is her politics. Even more so than her race, bc the media is controlled by the likes of Murdoch who view her as a threat to their globalist agenda.

    Had she married into the family during the time of Obama, I think things would have been ‘slightly’ different. Not much but just ever so slightly.

    • Rogue says:

      @Mignionette excellent point forgot to mention about politics and Meghan’s pre Harry comments about Trump. I’ve been astounded by how 45 is treated like a rock star by some right wing media in the UK despite his bashing of Teresa May and the London mayor & his very problematic direct intervention in UK politics eg over UK ambassador. When Obama commented on UK/US trade deal if UK left the EU, these same papers slammed him for his interference. With 45 anything goes.

      It was hilarious before 45’s state visit in the UK how it was reported all Royals would be rolling out the red carpet but the press made the 6th in line’s wife’s non attendance the focal point before the visit! Interesting that those who love Trump and dislike Meghan made (and still make) the biggest fuss that she wasn’t there. We didn’t see the Cambridges near any Trumps during the visit (Harry was seen near Ivanka) unlike the friendliness between the Obamas and the Cambridges and Harry previously, but didn’t see commentary on that.

      The media also seem to highlight the political links of Sara Latham with President Obama and Hillary Clinton more than they did Christian Jones’ work with David Davis and for the Brexit department. Perhaps there IS concern about a “left wing agenda”. But I thought the Sussexes were irrelevant and minor royals so surely they have little to no influence on the House of Windsor? Again press cannot have it both ways.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Rogue like I alluded to earlier the press is controlled by Murdoch via his schills i.e. Piers Morgan and I think this is why Meghan is continually picked on. I also suspect this is why she realizes it is not worth playing nice with the RRs as they will rip her to shreds in any event.

        My sense has always been that Meghan not leaving her one month old baby to play besties with Ivanka really rankled the UK Conservatives / US Republicans. The word on the street was that Ivanka demanded a private meeting (3 weeks after Archie’s birth) with Meghan to discuss female empowerment issues, only to be told by the foreign office that she was on leave. I suspect they did that bc, had she attended that meeting, it would have been seen as even more of a snub to Trump himself to not attend his events.

        I also suspect that Ivanka demanded that meeting mainly for clout chasing to meet Archie (after her deperate tweets to be invited to the wedding) and take pictures she could then post on Instagram. Something the Trump kids were expressly warned against. Despite the foreign office being annoyed with Meghan, I suspect they did not want Ivanka to have photos which could have been seen as an endorsement for Trumps 2020 run.

        FYI – There was recently a TV Series starring Richard Gere in the UK called ‘Mother,Father,Son”. It essentially chronicled how characters like Trump are elevated to power by media moguls such as Murdoch. The suggestion being that the real strong-hold of power is now held by Media moguls and not politicians. Further in order to rise to power, you first need to be “sponsored” by a Murdoch. It also illustrated very well how such media power players will back a certain candidate depending on the which ever way the Markets are going in their favour.

        I strongly believe that this is what is behind Trump, Brexit and the rise of the far right across Europe. Blaming Putin for all the ills of Trump/ Brexit is just distraction politics. I also think that Meghan is used as a public punching bag of sorts by right wing publications to illustrate all that is wrong with ‘lefty liberal politics’. The comments of readers in the fail for example have become so ‘canned’ it’s comical.

        Further most will remember how much Kate was vilified by the media up until 2017. Then when H*M’s engagement was announced, Kate became mother Theresa, bc although she was workshy, everyone knows that the Midds are paid up members of the Conservative Party (or Bluekip as they are now know). A point which Carol has made sure is very clear in recent interviews with various right wing publications.

    • February Pisces says:

      Hello, I’ve got one thing to add to your excellent point. I think the right wing media outlets are the ones on the payroll of Kensington Palace. I used to work in the media and can confirm there is no money left in the industry, these publications need to cash. I think those who are running the show for the Cambridge’s are definitely in cahoots with these media mogals who run these publications. It doesn’t take these publications much convincing because of all the points you outlined above, but a regular source of income to these publications seals the deal 100%. Trash the Sussex’s and praise the Cambridge’s and if they don’t stick to that deal, the money tap is cut off as well as insider access. When Prince williams affair was trending on Twitter, The press fiercely protected the rumour. I remember reading a blind item where it says William put bea and eugine on his payroll to the tune of 100k a year just to be ‘team Cambridge’. I think the last week or so Kensington Palace have put pressure on those media outlets on their payroll to go EXTRA hard because of meghans vogue being released. They knew that it would be a huge hit, and I’ve seen all over Twitter how it’s been selling out like crazy. I even bought a copy and I never buy vogue. KP can not allow Meghan to have any success especially as Kate’s vogue cover didn’t meet sales expectations according to its editor at the time. So they created ‘faux’ outrage to villainize Meghan. I think the end goal is to have Meghan give up completely and just leave. I wouldn’t blame her if she did. I feel sorry for her and Harry.