The Beyhive thinks Beyonce is sending out clues about another pregnancy

I really enjoy the fact that Beyonce works hard, plays hard and allows us to see carefully curated videos about her work and preparedness. Classic Virgo – all ducks in a row, everything analyzed from all angles, perfectionist and detail-oriented. I also enjoy the fact that having her twins – Rumi and Sir – sort of threw off Beyonce’s body, and she’s let us see that too. Her body hasn’t been the same since the pregnancy and she’s fine with that. She’s talked about how she’s been carrying some added weight and it is what it is. Instead of stressing about it, she’s embraced her curves.

All of which means that Beyonce keeps getting Bump Watch’d. Fans believe that whenever Beyonce’s stomach is not flat, that means that she could be pregnant again. And it happened again when she posted some photos on Instagram this week. Bey is feeling lavender this month and she wanted to show off her cute dress, purple purse and lavender lipstick. And because of the odd way Beyonce positioned her body, the Beyhive thinks their queen is pregnant again.

Personally, I just think Bey is carrying around a little tummy since the twins. I also think that if Beyonce is pregnant, she’ll let us know and it won’t be through Instagram riddles and enigmatic lyrics and Taylor Swift-esque “clues.” Beyonce will literally post a photo of her naked baby bump as she’s surrounded by a choir of angels. It will be that obvious. So until that happens, I hope the Beyhive stays respectful of Beyonce’s post-twin figure.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s social media.

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  1. I’m not about bump watch, if I were 20 years younger people would assume I’m pregnant after lunch.

    That dress is tragic and what an unfortunate string placement. The color is lovely.

  2. Eliza says:

    I doubt pregnancy. She’s gained pretty evenly throughout her body. Between posing and photoshop it’s less obvious. But in paparazzi and red carpet photos you can see it’s just a little weight left on after twins. She looks beautiful with the extra weight on too.

  3. Maddy says:

    Isn’t Bey known for sneaking clues in her IG posts? Think the Lemon pics while working on her last album and before announcing she was pregnant with twins, she posted a pic with a slightly visible bump while throwing up the deuce.
    The Beyhive is doing the most 99% of the time, but with Bey, you never really know.

  4. Chica71 says:

    Her clothes are always awful. She needs a stylist or Solange help.. that’s be all I got

    • line says:

      She inherited the awful sense of style of her mother, I much prefer the style of Solange. But I do not think it’s pregnant, it’s just an older woman who has two pregnentes and can not find the body she had at 18 years.

      • Mumbles says:

        Remember the House of Dereon? Everything looked like it was made out of curtain fabric. Lol how it got a shout out in Single Ladies. Solange is very cool tho.

    • Harryg says:

      Her style is truly awful, everything always like a costume. Yeah, I don’t understand how Solange’s style is so nice and Beyonce’s is so awful.

    • minx says:

      Solange has style, Beyoncé does not.

  5. Lala says:

    Okay I’m in the Beyhive so ya’ll don’t yell at me, but am I the only one who literally gets a little lol every time she posts insta pics from like her back yard. Like, if I lived in a bunch of mansions and looked like her I would too. But they always just feel like she’s playing dressup and being like ‘yas I look amazing, ya’ll get my ANGLES’ and has Tina take and post some pics. It just feels very…corny maybe? Idk but it makes me laugh.

  6. ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

    I recently lost 30 lbs of baby weight (my kids are 6 and 3)and only Bc I focused on it for 6 months through a medically supervised weight loss program. I am not going to lie, I enjoy the way that I look when I am slimmer but my “reason” for the weight loss was that I didn’t feel good….. I lacked energy and kept getting stupid exercise injuries that I suspected were due to carrying extra weight and not being flexible. My point is that everyone should just let Beyonce enjoy her little family because it’s a very special time for her. She looks fabulous with her curvier figure and you can tell she is overjoyed with her life which is the most important thing. She has the time and resources to lose the baby weight later….IF she chooses to do so and WHEN she chooses to do so.

  7. Maya S. says:

    After she had the twins I kinda thought they’d have one more kid, just because they’re both obsessed with the number 4, lol. But who knows. I dig her purple lipstick in these pics.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      I thought the same honestly. Figured they’d go for four and then stop. I had my second baby a few months ago and look pregnant if I even look at food despite losing the baby weight so it might just be that for her 🤷🏾‍♀️ Lol

  8. Shana says:

    People assume she’s pregnant because today she has much fuller body than during her Coachella performance. Meaning she’s already lost the twins weight. This is something new (like a baby)

    • TIFFANY says:

      Or she started enjoying more meals after Beychella.

      She admitted that she was always hungry to get into fighting shape for those shows.

      • Mel says:

        And she explicitly said in Homecoming that she would never put her body through that again, meaning the hardcore regimen she went through in preparation for Beychella.

      • Hadda Nav says:

        Or it’s the expected consequence of her yo-yo dieting.

  9. CharliePenn says:

    Imagine bringing three lives into this world, basically holding the power of creation in your very womb, and then having people worry about whether your tummy is as flat as it was BEFORE you performed this natural miracle? Oh right, we don’t need to imagine that… it’s our society.

    Go on Bey, enjoy your family and your beautiful healthy body! Sometimes I get caught up in criticizing my stretched out tummy, which at times resembles a deflated bag. Then I remind myself that it is a deflated life-carrying, miracle-working, obstacle-removing bag that holds incredible power. And then I love every inch of myself that was able to carry two beautiful babies into this world! It’s so important, I think, for mothers to get spiritual and/or metaphysical with their post-birth bodies. Miracle-working bodies should be viewed as the amazing vessels they are, not held to some ridiculous standard where we are all supposed to still look like we did when we were 18!

    Beyonce is a creative force and so is her body!

  10. OriginalLala says:

    Bodies change throughout life – people need to chill, and just let women live.

  11. Mel says:

    The Beyhive is full of insane people with no life. She always looks good from the neck up but has Tina’s dreadful taste in clothes. Solange needs to teach both of them a thing or two.

  12. Kirksey says:

    1. I think people tend to forget that beyonce is damn near 40. Why are you expecting her to have the same figure from the crazy in love video 16 years ago?

    2. Everyone keeps talking about her coachella body, but if you watched the documentary you would know that she was eating next to nothing to maintain that figure. AND if you saw any of the fan pics/videos from coachella you would’ve seen she still had a pudge then. (ALL of the professionals only shot her from the front or back, never caught her side profile.)

    3. She said in the vogue interview that she still had a stomach from the twins. She had a stomach in all of the side pics from the OTR II tour, especially in the cat suits.

    I dont understand why people are on baby watch when her stomach hasnt been flat in almost 3 years, and she herself has admitted it.

    • Mel M says:

      My twins did a number on my body that my first two didn’t even come close too. I had so much extra skin on my stomach and a pooch for a very long time after them that i didn’t have with the first two and it took 3 years to get back down to my pre twin size. So I feel her.

  13. Wisca says:

    I thought she looked pregnant when she met MM at the Lion King premier.

  14. Shannon says:

    I remember an interview with her a LONG time ago, I think she might’ve still been with Destiny’s Child or had just gone solo. She said something like she was a “big girl trapped in a small body” and said it was a struggle for her to maintain her figure. I really enjoyed that real talk from her. I think she’s probably just older, in a more comfortable place in her life and willing to let the “bigger, curvier” woman out. She looks fabulous except I don’t care for that dress (I like the color, but not the design of it.)

  15. Lucy says:

    I’m not beyhive (I respect her but don’t have the time lol), but does she usually do color themes?
    My first thought went Violet as a baby name, a little less surprising than Blue as a name I guess.

  16. Grey says:

    Hhmn, i watcher some of her Netflix special amd all she did was stress about “getting her body back.”

  17. Amelie says:

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. She only announced her pregnancies when she was ready and she didn’t do any coy posing trying to get people to guess (that I remember). If she has a bit of a tummy right now, it’s because she just has a bit of a tummy like a lot of us.

  18. amp122076 says:

    I wish she would bring some more levity to some of her imagery. Always very serious, very controlled and sometimes she just doesn’t look happy.