Harry Styles goes shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone: gross or hot?

Kristen Stewart meets friends for lunch at Kismet restaurant in Los Feliz

Harry Styles’ debut album came out in May 2017. “Sign of the Times” was a good song and it’s the only one I remember from that album, quite honestly. In the past two years, I sort of thought that maybe he had released some new music and I was just out of the loop and hadn’t heard about it, but no – it really has been more than two years since his last solo album. Now he has his second solo album coming out… in September, allegedly. And Rolling Stone decided to tease their upcoming cover story with Styles by releasing this shirtless cover shot.

Thoughts on the cover? I’ve always liked Harry and I thought he had the best hair in One Direction. Like, if I was a tween during the 1D years, I would have been a Harry stan. But… I don’t really like this cover? I mean, he’s cute and DIMPLES and shirtless, but I find it kind of gross and it’s too close to his face and body. Maybe it’s my age, but this does nothing for me. The cover story is apparently called “Sex, Psychadelics and the Secrets of Stardom.” Hm… looks like Shawn Mendes isn’t the only baby-faced pop star who wants to change his image to Dude Who F–ks.

Us Weekly says Harry’s new album will come out “later this summer/early fall” and that Styles was already filming music videos for some of the singles. Harry stans think that the new album could come out as soon as this Friday. Which… is when Taylor Swift’s Lover drops. He wouldn’t, would he? No, I don’t think so. I think he’ll probably go for the first week in September.

Kristen Stewart meets friends for lunch at Kismet restaurant in Los Feliz

Cover courtesy of Rolling Stone, additional photo courtesy of Avalon Red.

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38 Responses to “Harry Styles goes shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone: gross or hot?”

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  1. Léna says:

    I had no idea how people found him attractive when he was in 1D.

    Now I find him really hot. He is really charming in interviews and when he is singing.

  2. Amaryis says:

    I always thought of some of his tats as strange & oddly placed, so that’s why it’s a no for me.

    • Bella Bella says:

      The tats are not interesting to me and in weird places, especially with his body in this position.

      I also think his eyes look old for someone his age.

      • Nastia says:

        Ho dear Bella. It Seems sometimes people forget than IT’S NORMAL for a twenty something to have smile wrinkles ! Wrinkles are normals…
        We’re way to used to thoses fake ass nip and tucked, airbrushed celebrities. For god sake today famous wealthy kids are all botoxed, or touched to à certain extent.
        I réalise today when I watch some old movies everyone seems more mature. It’s sad,.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I completely missed one direction (like, I couldn’t tell you a single one of their songs. Same with Jonas Brothers. Story of My Life? Was that 1D or JB? That’s the only one I know.) So, my knowledge of Harry Styles is limited to the past year or so, since he and Stevie are friends, lol. I think he’s attractive.

    But, I think that cover has too much armpit for me, lol.

    • Cee says:

      That’s by 1D. I was working at Sony Music at the time they exploded everywhere. Their fans were a bit too much (I was stalked on my social media!). I spoke on the phone with him once and he was lovely. Zayn, on the other hand… he was so obnoxious I kept rolling my eyes.

  4. Marianne says:

    Even in 1D…Im pretty sure his image was “Dude who F****” lol.

  5. Lucy says:

    I mean, for me, if this was someone like, say, John Mayer (who I find to be insufferable), then I’d probably think it’s gross. But since Harry isn’t gross in my book, I can overlook this.

  6. Daisy says:

    I’m a fan, and I’ve never found him hot. Just very adorable and pretty, but I’m a gay woman so… and I’m excited for his music, since I became a fan thanks to his debut album. Also no, no way he’s releasing a whole album Friday, maybe a single.

  7. Zazu says:

    My impression is that he’s had a long career of f-cking? (No shade!). Harry hasn’t been wanting for hookups, and doesn’t need to change his image in that direction. Unlike Shawn who seems to have waited for a serious relationship/pr opportunity (I still think there’s a chance him and Cabello are the real deal and are capitalizing on that fact).
    Harry goes more for that 60s rocker reputation. He gets better looking the older he gets.

  8. Ronaldinhio says:

    I had always assumed he was gay and closeted because of being in a boy band. I am happy if he is living his life whatever that it and is happy.
    As I’m 100 yrs old 1D did nothing for me but my daughters fleetingly loved them. I’m unsure he’s all that as a musician or pop star but I’m not his demographic lol

    • Léna says:

      I don’t think he said he was gay, but he also said he wasn’t straight either?

      • Daisy says:

        He’s said “he doesn’t feel the need to label himself”. This was the only time he acknowledged in a interview, but he also has a song in which he talks about liking men and women and said during a concert that “everybody’s a little gay”. So yeah, pretty sure he’s not straight. Can’t believe my Harry Styles knowledge was useful lmao

    • Dani says:

      I think he might be openly bi to people in his real life (i read this on Tumblr somewhere a while ago).

  9. Elisa says:

    The cover looks weird because you can’t see his neck – like they photoshopped his head on to his body. Anyways, he is a really smart and talented guy so I look forward to his new music.

  10. deezee says:

    I think the angle of the body is terrible. It’s like he wants us to smell his armpits. LOL
    A better body position would have made this cover much better.

    And I think he always had the reputation as the f*ckable one.

  11. Jilly says:

    I’m in love

  12. Lowrider says:

    Gross. Very gross.

  13. Gutterflower says:

    Hard pass

  14. Fern says:

    It’s strange how his body is blurred and his face shows every excruciatingly fine detail. It seems like a pic where he’s clothed would be sexier. This is just goofy.

  15. Amy Tennant says:

    He’s always sort of reminded me of Mick Jagger. Not necessarily in looks (although there might be something there) or his singing, but he has a bit of his swaggering British rock-star aura. This cover fits with that.

  16. Honeychurch says:

    Oh I love Harry. I didn’t care for 1D at all, but I fell in love with his solo album. So thrilled that he has new music on the way.

  17. minx says:

    My daughter was a 1D fan. I like Harry, not as a sex symbol, but he seems cute and personable.

  18. Allie says:

    I like his solo music but I never found him hot. And although I don’t mind long hair on men his just seemed unkempt and gross. He looks like he showers regularly now. This picture is quite unfortunate, though. So much armpit. With hair. Ew.

  19. Rice says:

    Since I just finished binge-watching Stranger Things, I honestly thought this was Dacre Montgomery a.k.a. Billy.

  20. Dani says:

    Liam actually had the best solo music/career. His entire album was great. I like 1D (I don’t care how that makes me look as a grown woman) and he looks really good here.

  21. Jane says:


  22. SM says:

    He is more cute than sexy. But then, I am not into twenty something year olds. But he is nice and his music is decent, so yay for Harry. Yet, looking at the Rolling Stone covers it looks like they lost their mojo. They need to get new people to shoot covers for them. I mean they used to position themselves as an exclusive, edgy and rock and roll magazine, which is not reflected by their covers. Also: sex and drugs? I mean, unless he is coming out with a rock music is seems like a very random branding.

  23. Uybc says:

    “I fInD HIs boDy GrOSs” well done writer keep getting stuck into people’s bodies.

  24. Crispea says:

    Harry is fantastic. I’m not his demographic-I wasn’t even into boybands when I was younger…NKOTB anyone? He’s so very talented and his music solo appeals to the GenX in me. Very 70’s soft rock vibe. He commands the stage with ease and was born to be an entertainer. The cover is a meh from me- a little awkward -but that smile melts my heart

  25. Yes Doubtful says:

    At first glance, he didn’t do much for me, but then I saw interviews with him and I saw how charming he is. He seems like a good guy

  26. J ferber says:

    He’s a very nice looking kid, but i don’t like the shoulder tats– weird positioning. I like that he looks so happy. That’s always a turn on.

  27. Jane wilson says:

    His eyes are looking in TWO different directions…

  28. Savannah says:

    That’s a very strange photo to put on the cover of a magazine. It’s not doing anything for anyone.
    Harry’s really cute and has that sparkle in his eyes, but the overall photo just.. Kills it.

  29. Meadow says:

    I’m not attracted to him, but the only thing I find disgusting here is calling other people’s bodies gross. What the hell?

  30. lobstah says:

    He reminds me of all the guys I chased after in my youth. Cute but you can’t trust him, but you do anyway because of the way he looks at you, but you really shouldn’t, but then he calls, and before you know it you’re crying on your bedroom floor listening to I Wanna Be With You by Mandy Moore. Sigh.