Hilary Duff celebrates returning to her pre-baby weight ten months after baby’s birth


Hilary Duff and had her second child, her daughter Banks, last year. I can’t believe Banks is almost one. But I know this because Hilary is marking the anniversary by celebrating another accomplishment – shedding her pregnancy weight. According to the Instagram Story Hilary posted the other day, she’d given herself a year to work off the baby weight after her daughter was born. And she did it with the help of a trainer and a diet coach. Hilary posted a shot of herself looking amazing to announce she’d achieved her goal.

Duff, 31, celebrated her health milestone with a selfie on her Instagram Story.

“I have been working really hard to get back to my pre-baby body before Banksy turned a year! It was my goal…and I did it!” she wrote.

The mom of two thanked her dietitian and workout coach for getting her to her goal.

“I have been working closely with Erik @theflexible.dieting.coach (whom I confess all my sins to lol) and training hard @novobodyofficial and getting all my strength back! You guys have kept me focused and made it fun!”

Duff also thanked her fiancé, musician Matthew Koma, for whipping up her meals.

“It would be impossible without these guys and my home chef @matthewkoma,” she said. “Thanks boys…”

The Younger star is certainly feeling better than she did in July. Midway through the month, Duff was frustrated with her body progress.

“Sitting here thinking…gotta keep working on this body that was Banks’ apartment. A while ago…,” she said on her Instagram Story. “Give me my abs back. Are they in there? Hellllllo come back.”

[From People]

To clarify, Banks has not turned one yet, she’s 10 months old, so Hilary did not overshadow Banks’ special day with her weight loss news. I do like that People labeled this as a health milestone, rather than an aesthetic milestone. This also means that Hilary actually beat her goal, since it didn’t take the full year to get there. Hilary is 31. She’s also motivated for her career, being a working actress in Hollywood. She had the time and resources to hire a trainer and diet coach. It took me six full years to hit my weight goal after my second child, just FYI. I do appreciate People calling it a “health goal” rather than focusing on any body ideal. I wish more people used this language rather than making goals like trying to get back into pre-something jeans or such. Although I get a goal is a goal and that I’m just really grouchy today. Hilary looks amazing and she was attacked online for daring to have cellulite, so I’ll bet posting that shot felt incredible. I don’t want to take that away from her.

Also, I’m sure many of you want to discuss the Lizzie McGuire reboot announced at D23, but I know nothing about the show and given its fans reverence for it, I fear I would do the write up an injustice. I know that Hilary will play a 30-year-old Lizzie and she hinted that many of the fan favorite characters would return, including cartoon Lizzie. I also know Hilary’s son Luca finally thinks his mom is cool because of it and that Jamie Lynn Spears had a funny response to the news. And the only other thing I know about it is that I’m glad that Hilary has another show I can watch because they de-stroyed Younger and all of its storylines!

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  1. CharliePenn says:

    Yeah I bet it feels great, good for her spine and her overall health.
    I wish there was more narrative around NOT seeing it as a race to the finish line.

    I say this as yesterday I consoled my friend,a mom of three, that she’s not behind on any timeline, she’s still nursing her eight month old son. Many many women can’t lose serious weight while breastfeeding, for me as soon as I weaned each baby the pounds fell off within a few weeks with no effort, and my post partum weightloss really started from there.

    Battling a nursing body to let go of fat, while not sleeping through the night and managing the stress of a newborn (another two factors in keeping weight on), and finding time to take care of one’s body are just not going to come easily to your average mom.

    I wish my friend could just know that her body created and is nursing a life. The belly will go when the body is ready. As long as moms stick to eating nutritious foods, stay somewhat active, then just get through the infancy without worrying about weight at all. That’s my real advice. Ten times easier to focus on a weight loss goal after things settle down.

    But I know Hillary’s career is looks-oriented. But this is why she’s not the best example for the average woman. It’s not realistic and it’s a drain on an already exhausted new mom.

    • Hannah says:

      Well said thank you 🙂

      • jode says:

        I disagree
        “I know Hillary’s career is looks-oriented. But this is why she’s not the best example for the average woman. It’s not realistic and it’s a drain on an already exhausted new mom.”

        Hilary had a natural home birth I think her or any mom getting back to pre pregnancy weight in a yr s NORMAL, she even emphasized her help….Hilary still has boobs/butt she is a beautiful curvy normal woman. Sure she plays a millennial fashionista but she is no stick thin model and has said she works out to be healthy.,

        So excited for Lizzie this is a sequel not reboot and the best one I suspect than some of the disappointments I have seen

    • Kitten says:

      All of this.

    • Erinn says:

      It’s really heartbreaking how much people focus on the number. Worry about living overall healthfully and less about snapping back to fit a certain mold. I know that’s way easier said than done, but I wish there was more focus on that. Women’s bodies have to change SO much to grow and give birth to a child, it’s no wonder that it takes time. But unfortunately there’s so many people on instagram or celebrities in the news who throw themselves into getting their body “back” as fast as possible – but more often than not they don’t acknowledge all the help they’ve had to get there. Nannies, cooks, loads of wealth, and personal trainers are often involved with these celebrity transformations and the average woman just doesn’t have time money or energy to accomplish something similar.

    • Savannah says:

      You’re so right!

      I’ve always thought of it as somewhat of a identity crisis and that it’s important to get to know the new body after the baby.
      It’s unrealistic to stay the same (mind, body, spirit) through your whole life and having a baby is not only altering your body, but your mind and your spirit.
      In many ways, you’ve evolved into someone else while still being you at the core.
      And it’s okay to not look the same.

  2. jessica says:

    I like that she’s not emaciated. Her body and skin appear healthy, strong and well-balanced. Good for her! 10 months of working out and staying disciplined to eat well too is hard work.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      I appreciated that she mentioned all the help she had to get there.
      I wish this wasn’t such a focus.
      I understand that as an actress or model the pressure you feel must be intensely magnified but I wish we could all stand together to call bullshit on placing timeframes around it.

      In full disclosure – I still haven’t lost the last 5lb from baby No 3 who is now 8yo

  3. Ref7 says:

    It would be preferable if these articles about notable milestones for women could be about something other than clothing or weight.

    • Hikaru says:

      Or getting married and getting pregnant.

      Men are given so much space to talk about their achievements whereas us – sometimes it feels like we haven’t advanced at all.

    • jode says:

      If I remember currently she said it took her 1 yr+ to lose it after her son. I suspect she wanted this as a goal bc of that and she worked hard yet in a healthy way. I thought Hilary dropped the weight pretty fast imo just from pics I think it was all a natural way she mentioned being more fit and the natural birth helping

  4. Savannah says:

    Except for the time when HD was incredibly unhealthy and skinn, she’s always looked so healthy and beautiful. Not just a physical body thing, but she radiates something extra.
    Also really like what you wrote Hecate about the focuse on ‘health goal’ not specifically ‘body goal’.

  5. Spicecake38 says:

    She looks great and still real,like a real woman who has worked hard acknowledges her help with a trainer and help with healthy meals.I am at a complete loss as to why the whole getting your pre baby body back immediately is such a huge deal. I lost the weight very fast after I had my daughter,but my body didn’t look the way it did pre pregnancy. I gain and lose weight fast ( although losing it is harder after 40)but I cannot imagine being in the public eye post baby and being judged by everyone.Its a very personal journey,and one that needs not be judged by the public.

    • jode says:

      I appreciated her saying how unhealthy and too thin she was back then. She said she was unhappy and regrets it

  6. ME says:

    That baby must not be fussy because I could imagine many would rip that head scarf right off ! Or maybe it was on long enough just to take that pic.

  7. I'm With The Band says:

    Five years on, and I’m still not there. I’ve only just stopped giving a crap though, as I have bigger fish to fry these days than losing my muffin top.

  8. Kate says:

    I don’t think I agree about the “health goal” aspect. Unless she needed to lose all of her baby weight for health reasons, to me it reinforces that one needs to be thin to be healthy and we know that isn’t true.

  9. Anon33 says:

    These type of stories need to just stop.

  10. sammiches says:

    I really wish everyone, other women ESPECIALLY, would quit making this kind of thing such a big deal. Why is everybody so freaking obsessed about women’s weight? Why are articles written about it? Why do women feel it’s necessary to discuss it with the world? I just don’t understand why we do this to each other, and ourselves.

  11. KEll says:

    Loved Lizzie I am so excited! Hilary is a great actress (see younger) it must be interesting for Lohan to see the kind of career/life she could have had….