Sienna Miller: I wash my face with shampoo & love the ‘worst dressed’ outfits


Sienna Miller is just a step or two away from Amy Winehouse. Amy came in third in “least hygienic celebrity” poll a year and a half ago (right after Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson), and while Sienna’s name was never mentioned, I could see her coming in fourth. There was a day and time I would have stuck Britney Spears in one of those top – and highly coveted – spots. But Sienna just has this sort of look about her I can’t explain. But it’s a look that says “I’m very casual about hygiene.” And I’m guessing it’s random too. She probably goes to great lengths to keep her girly parts in good aesthetic order, but she might only wash her hair once a week.

Sienna admits she’s lazy when it comes to a lot of basic cleanliness rituals. She doesn’t even bother to wash her face with soap or a cleanser, and often uses shampoo just because it’s there. Consequently, she has bad skin. Who’d have thought?

‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ star Sienna Miller is so lazy she discards expensive beauty products and scrubs her face with shampoo because it’s already in the shower.

Sienna Miller washes her face with shampoo. The ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ star claims she is too lazy to take proper care of her skin, often scrubbing it with whatever is in her shower. The 27-year-old actress explained: ‘I don’t have any beauty tips. If you only knew… I wash my face with shampoo and I’ve got bad skin because of it. I’m not the right person to ask about that sort of thing… I don’t feel like a beautiful woman. I don’t give it too much thought. It’s not something I obsess about, and, like anyone, I get pretty insecure. Sometimes more so because there is more focus on me. ‘

Sienna also denied she gets upset when she is featured on the worst-dressed pages of magazines and newspapers. She added to the UAE edition of Insider magazine: ‘I don’t care about those lists. I tend to love the outfits that end up on the worst-dressed pages anyway – they’re my favourite. I try not to read those magazine and I definitely don’t take them seriously. ‘I don’t dress for them, I dress for me and whatever expresses my mood at that moment. I just have fun with it.’

[From MSN Lifestyle]

I know shampoo can be used for other things if need be, like washing your body if you’re out of soap. And if it comes down to it, I think conditioner can be used instead of shaving cream (as can soap, obviously). There are a lot of things you can substitute in the shower when you run out, but most women are pretty picky about what they put on their faces. Especially when you’re a celebrity. People notice your skin when your face is five feet wide on a theater screen. And in terms of laziness, I understand skipping shaving your legs. That’s laziness that’s understandable. But washing your face with shampoo just because it’s closer? It’s probably one of the three most important things you do in the shower, and definitely the easiest. Most shampoos have a ton of fragrance and ingredients I wouldn’t want on my face.

It’s no surprise Sienna’s a bigger fan of the “worst dressed” clothes. She’s definitely worn some lovely dresses, but I’m assuming she has a good stylist. If she doesn’t care what she puts on her face I doubt she has great natural style either. Unless sleeping with married men is a style. I guess it is in a way, at least a lifestyle in her case.

[Thanks to Vera of I’m Not Obsessed for tweeting about this]

Here’s Sienna with Dennis Quaid at the “G.I. Joe” photocall at the roof of Hotel de Rome in Berlin on July 23rd. Images thanks to .

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  1. Obvious says:

    I find this highly surprising. She uses shampoo??? You’d never know it looking at photos of her.

  2. barneslr says:

    I agree, Obvious. I personally would have thought that she just used tubes of antifungal medication all over instead of soap/face wash/shampoo. I’m sure she buys that stuff by the gross.

  3. wow says:

    Obvious, don’t let her fool you. She “washes her face” with the next unavailable married man. 😉

  4. Celebitchy says:

    It would never occur to me to use shampoo to wash my face. Please – buy some face wash.

  5. silencio says:

    hrm… i don’t even wash my face, ever. i look great. not a zit!

  6. Obvious says:

    @Wow, don’t you mean “exfoliate”-as if she knew what the term meant.

    and Silencio-if only we could all be so lucky

  7. Bonnie says:

    Truthfully I thought she looks pretty clean on the outside… who knows what lingers inside, but her looks to me are quite decieving. Just looking at her without knowing about any of her mishaps she looks clean and innocent. It’s sad that has to be so far from the truth.

  8. Bob Lawblaw says:

    you know what though… how many facials has she received over the years? (the legitimate kind) Does it really matter that you did a shampoo once over, when you drop thousands for masques, peels, and pore refining on a semi-regular basis?

    Besides, what does she care, when her face wears out, she can just have a surgeon “revive” it.

  9. crash2GO2 says:

    Oh big deal. It doesn’t matter what you wash your face with, it all rinses off in the water anyway. I use baby shampoo, so skewer me. After working for pharma companies for more years than I care to admit to, most ladies pay FAR to much for beauty care products, especially facial cleansers. Retin-A and sunscreen – those are your friends. Other than that, you’re flushing money down the toilet.

  10. fern says:

    Is she a 27 yo ADULT or a teenager? She Is promoting GI Joe and she talks about how she washes her face with shampoo, sounds like she is trying to get people to see her movie by showing that she can “relate” to her target audience.

  11. Ameia says:

    Most shampoos are full of cheap artificial perfumes and chemicals. Why would you use them on your head if they’re not good enough for your face?
    Everything I use can be used for pretty much any part of the body because I take the time to read labels and only buy the best quality. Maybe Sienna is likewise discriminating.

  12. fern says:

    But that’s not what she said. She said that she uses shampoo because it is ALREADY in the shower and not because she is discriminating. Why not just put the facial cleanser in the shower? Why not just use soap? She is just looking for attention and trying sound “cool”/”boho chic”.

  13. orion70 says:

    I’m with crash, the stuff is not on your skin long enough to do much anyway. Unless you are using shampoo for extremely dry hair and your face is oily or vice versa, or if it’s like tar shampoo or something, it’s not likely to cause problems. Most people don’t need the variety of facial cleansers and body washes and foot soaps etc etc (although i’m guilty of product overload myself).

    Same goes with moisturizers. I’ve been stuck lots of times and put body moisturizer on my face, and there was no difference.

    Besides which, there are an increasing number of “combo” products popping up out there.

  14. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Sienna Miller is gross. I don’t know how or why anyone thinks this actress is attractive, other than the fact she is blond and thin. That’s about it.

  15. sunseeker says:

    I saw a close up of her face not long ago and I tell you she did not look that pretty, bags under her eyes and lines as well. we only see her photo’s and made up by make up artists, the real Sienna is not that good, smokes too much for a start.

  16. Kelly says:

    I would think shampoo would irratate you skin,I know my skin would be way to senstive to even try that.You would never know to look at her that she washes her face with shampoo.She looks amazing.I find that hard to beleive.I bet she spend alot of money on facials and skin care.You have to if your on tv or films. They all do.

  17. shutUpAndWrite says:

    Sienna is a silly chickenhead, who lies in every interview

  18. She is SO fake! I hate her interviews.

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