Brad Pitt yells at “irresponsible” Angelina b/c she took Maddox to Iraq

Angelina Jolie arriving at LAX

Last week, Angelina Jolie made a three-day trip to the Middle East, and she brought her son Maddox with her. At first, people were just reporting that Angelina was taking Maddox to Jordan, where they’d be staying at Angie’s BFF Queen Noor’s palace. But alas, Angie made a day-long trip to Iraq, where she visited some refugee camps, acting on behalf of her role as goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. After the UNHCR work, Angelina went to Camp Liberty as part of a USO visit, her third joint UNHCR/USO trip to Iraq.

What was unknown at the time was whether Maddox joined his mom on every part of the trip. I thought at the time that it was probably pretty likely. Maddox turns 8 years old next week, and I think he’s old enough to understand what a refugee camp is all about, and to appreciate his mother’s work to a certain extent. Beyond the refugee camps, Maddox seems to have a well-documented love of soldiers and the military, and I could see him getting excited about going to Camp Liberty. Plus, Maddox seems like a pretty hardcore little dude, and from what I remember about his early (pre-Brad Pitt) childhood, he went with his mom everywhere, so it probably wasn’t his first time in a camp or around soldiers.

In Touch is reporting that Maddox did indeed go with Angelina to Iraq, and that Brad Pitt is really pissed about it. According to “an associate” close to the family, Brad had a massive hissy fit about Angelina taking Maddox to a “dangerous war zone”, and in their screaming fight, Brad told Angie she was “irresponsible”. But here’s the kicker – Angelina yelled right back (that’s my girl), saying Brad’s “ignorance about how dangerous Iraq is underlines why she should take trips there with Maddox – so he can know better.” Yeah, I’m with Angelina on this one:

It was intended as an early eighth birthday present for their son Maddox. But Angelina Jolie’s decision to take the little boy to what Brad Pitt saw a dangerous war zone brought on one of the troubled couple’s biggest fights yet.

According to a close associate, Brad was livid after Angelina went against his wishes, taking Maddox to Iraqi refugee camps on July 23.

“He told her that it’s no place for a child Maddox’s age,” the associate explains. “But she insisted it wasn’t dangerous and took him anyway.”

After Maddox and Angelina returned from their three-day trip to [Iraq and Jordan], Brad lashed out at Angelina. “He called her irresponsible,” explains the associate. “He had told her taking Maddox to Iraq was ridiculously dangerous, but she disrespected his wishes and went anyway.”

Instead of talking things through… Angelina fired back at Brad. “She said Brad’s ignorance about how dangerous Iraq is underlines why she should take trips there with Maddox – so he can know better.”

The fight escalated until they were “both talking and screaming at the same time,” the associate says, adding that while “Angie finally backed down,” the pair slept in separate bedrooms that night and have barely spoken since.

A friend says: “They’re keeping things civil for the sake of the kids, but their relationship has pretty much dissolved into nothing more than co-parenting.”

But now it appears Brad and Angelina can’t even agree on how to raise their children. “They know they can’t go on much longer like this – this is the first time they’ve seriously come to blows over how to raise their kids,” says the associate. “Before they were always a team, but they’re worlds apart now.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition, August 10 2009]

Blah, blah, they’re splitting up, blah, Brad throws a temper tantrum, blah. In Touch also a few more added criticisms/factoids: Angelina has been “turning to” Holly Goline, her former assistant because she needs friends. Also, Brad has “made it clear he’s past caring and emotionally he has moved on from Angie.” Brad is looking forward to the Inglourious Basterds press tour, and is planning on being “on the road for awhile.” Fun info: Brad might appear on Letterman to promote Inglourious Basterds. Meanwhile, Angelina has no plans to join Brad for any part of the press tour, yet she’s still very jealous of “gorgeous, intelligent” Diane Kruger (CB says Diane seems smug, which I’ll buy, plus Diane is with Joshua Jackson, who is a total cutie). The Jolie-Pitt household is “unhappy”. Et cetera. You get the point. Question – if Brad and Angelina are fighting so much and for such a long period of time, why haven’t they broken up yet? They fight like cats, but they make up like dogs? (Hint: doggy style)

In one last piece of Brangelina info, Radar is reporting that Brad made a “pit” stop in the south of France on his way home from Berlin. They say that Brad went to the Chateau Miraval “to inspect” the millions of dollars of renovation work he’s having done to the lease-to-own property. The renovations are nearly “half-way” through, and they include the installation of “fencing and walls worthy of Fort Knox”. Brad is also “updating some of the 35-room main home’s interior, and he’s having custom-made furniture built. Brad personally designed the furniture, and it will come with a final price tag of nearly $500,000. Brad and Angelina are hoping all the work is done by the end of the year. They’ll eventually make the Chateau their primary home.” What would Brad do with himself if he didn’t have all of these million-dollar renovation projects going on all over the world?

Angelina Jolie on visit in Iraq

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  1. cee says:

    Does anyone believe the 5 year tabloid lies anymore?

  2. kim says:

    So I guess Brad is going to stay in a 35 room chateaux alone also IT claims Brad doesn’t like France so he why is intersted in renovating a place in a country he doesn’t like. Btw BP arrived in LA Thur so I guess he was on the road a long time as in 3- 4 days GMAFB. IT has had them broken up 100 times pregnant 20 times adopting 12 times and getting married about 15 times according to their covers since they got together

  3. Charity is Chic says:

    I thought she took him for a photo-op through LAX and then left him at the Queen’s palace in Jordan while she went alone for her photo-op in Iraq. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Also, these two used to be lovey dovey and super public about it. Now they’re not. Does it really take a genius to figure out these two are not as happy as they once were?

    Personally, I think they broke up ages ago but the public humiliation of this relationship breaking apart keeps them together for the cameras. They know half the world would be laughing at them if they officially split. To all the brangeloonies out there who are about to come after me with their whole “these are the two happiest most awesome people to ever walk the earth”, please feel free to SUCK ON IT!

  4. Paloma says:

    Oh no, Brad is going to ruin the French chalet with his architectural influence; he likes contemporary … ugh!

  5. oh my says:

    AngieJo may not think it’s dangerous but I guarantee you that most custody judges would consider this questionable behavior on her part.

  6. sdleo says:

    I seriously wonder about the people who believe the tabloid crap that is constantly invented to sell their rags. Seriously, who the heck believes the rag’s stupid stories?

  7. lisa says:

    So when they were at Micky D’s laughing and talking they must have made up.. Give it a rest. No one knows what is happening in their homes.. So does In Touch not think that when Brad/Angie are away from their home they don’t talk on the… telephone…

    Like Angie went away and did not call home or Brad did not call her to see how things went. this is not the stone ages.. they have phones in Iraq. Gosh when will this crap end..

    Maybe it would be fun to fascinate on a different pair of celebs. Brad and Angie have been breaking up for 5 years. This is a long ride.

  8. DMKJB says:

    5 million dollar renovation on a RENTAL home in FRANCE? HUH?

    Oh but Brad Pitt is trying to get STIMULUS money to front his Make It Right Fraudation.


  9. Cheyenne says:

    If anyone seriously believes Angie didn’t clear that trip with Brad first, there’s a bridge out in Brooklyn I’ll sell to you cheap.

  10. kim says:

    IT is full of sh** Angie told a soldier that Maddox was at the hotel in Jordan.If he was with her he would have been in some of the pics of her with the refugees and/or soldiers go to flickr to see soldier pics. I don’t know how top post links There are plenty of videos on youtube no sightings on him. Oh AJ took Pax and Mad flying Thur so alert CPS or the custody judges since that is so dangerous. I guess Brad would lose custody too since he let the kids ride motorbikes and ATV. I guess if they break up the kids should be placed in foster care

  11. Wha? says:

    “..Maddox seems like a pretty hardcore dude..”

    Are you serious? Idiocy! He’s a kid. That part of the world they all hate us. Think of the bonus the Al Queda (Sic, not looking it up) peeps would have if they nabbed a major celebrity. Seriously though, it’s no place for a kid. Let him be a kid for crying out loud and he can tune into touring war torn areas when he’s a little older if he wants. What’s the hurry? It’s good to let kids know suffering is out there but I wonder if she ended up taking him in the end merely to spite Brad and show she is still her own person- independent. Not saying she’s being evil just maybe she is feeling so frustrated and like he gets to run off on his motorcycle, party with his cronies, etc. and do what he wants she is asserting herself.

  12. QB says:

    There is no photo of Maddox at the refuge camp. So maybe he was in Jordan while AJ was in Iraq.

  13. Cheyenne says:

    Gee, IT is the only slag rag that wrote about this. Not even Star or NE had anything to say on this. So I see two possibilities:

    1) IT has an inside source for its weekly exclusives, or

    2) IT has to run its weekly bullshit story about the J-Ps, whether or not any of it is true.

    Anybody want to place bets on either of the above?

  14. Annie says:

    You know what? If she did take Maddox. I am glad for it.

    She was visiting refugee camps that is home to many many children. We don’t care about those kids, but f* angie to hell because she didn’t want her son to grow up and become a snobby, uncaring, elitist? (read: TYPICAL AMERICAN)

    In case you people forgot, Maddox is of Cambodian descent, and his own people have been refugees during many times in history and he is old enough to learn sympathy and concern for his fellow man.

    Edit: So much crap given to AJ for trying to bring truth to her son’s life, but where’s the outrage about Brad spending 500k on fixing a CASTLE? Hmm. Brad’s out drinking, spending millions of dollars on useless crap and AJ is spending time with refugees. What a heartless, careless bitch of a woman.

  15. Diane says:

    It should be just about time for a new baby rumor, or a new baby = )

  16. e-non says:

    it is endlessly amazing to me to see how eager people are to suck up each and every bullshit story belched out by these lying rags. lol.

  17. Firestarter says:

    Who cares one way or the other if he did yell and if she took the kid. They are boring and it’s time to maybe let these people fade into obscurity for a bit.

  18. yadira says:

    I still respect this girl for being defiant in the hollywood codes of behavior. She is doing what she believes in and not giving a shit what others think. Good for her for making reality a priority.

    I think it will teach Maddox empathy, amongst many other important life lessons

  19. blart says:

    ,” the pair slept in separate bedrooms that night and have barely spoken since.

    This is hilarious!! How did the writer come to this conclusion? The fly on the wall. Both of these “actors” and the coverage makes me ill (the QB of the football team and the prom queen of the Big High School we all call our “society”) however, the lengths the media goes to to make a story believable. No one desreves to have so many lies told about their life every five minutes.

  20. Beth says:

    I doubt Maddox went to Iraq considering he wasn’t in any pictures or videos. If Brad didn’t want Maddox to go, he could have stopped Angelina from doing so. There are millions of kids living in Iraq and other warzones around the world. Should the parents have their kids taken away for not moving to a safer place? How about kids living in inner cities? I’m baffled as to why people believe breakup rumors that has been around for almost five years. If Brad and Angelina hated each other so much, they wouldn’t be sharing their lives together and definately not have kids. Breakups happen all of the time. Only the haters and Jenfans are so invested in this relationship. I have never seen people take a celebrity relationship so personally. It’s freaky how desperately they want them to breakup. I doubt Brad and Angelina care that much about public opinion/image. If they did, they would deny every single rumor, do photo-ops together, and definately show more pictures of the twins.

  21. campaign "eat a burger jolie" says:

    If she DID take him (and I’m not saying she did), then shame on her. Regardless of how she perceives the situation, it’s probably not a good idea. She can risk her own life all she wants, but a child deserves to make that same choice when they’re old enough to really understand. On the other hand, I really hope Brad didn’t call her irresponsible. That sounds hollow coming from a 50 yr old drunk who stays out untill 2 am partying….

  22. San says:

    All of these stories are lies.
    Here we go again with all of the lies of fighting and breaking up then the media will show up to watch them at the IB premier where they will see they are still together and the most sought after couple.
    You would think that B/A haters would know the routine by now and not fall for it but you do fall for it every time.

  23. Nicole says:

    If Iraq is safe than why the bullet proff vest. Didn’t she just fly to vegas on her small private plane with the two boys. It looked as if she was the pilot. If true that they are fighting, than she’s rubbing it in. Hope they make up, if true, because every relationship has ups and downs. Don’t ever give up. I’m more disturbed about Tarantino taking pictures of actors with sex toys. If i was Brad, I would ban this movie just to show him that it’s not right. Best wishes to them and hope all is well. People need to stop bashing them because they do well for others, unlike so many who it’s all about them. Brad looked amazing by smiling a lot in Berlin.

  24. fizXgirl314 says:

    does she have like ANY hips???

  25. the original kate says:

    i don’t believe this story. i doubt angie took maddox to iraq, and if so i doubt she did it without brad’s knowledge/permission. yeah, brad & angie used to seem more lovey-dovey but after 5 years and 6 kids they probably don’t have the energy anymore and are just parents now.

  26. Ally says:

    It’s funny that Jolie was supposed to be in that godawful Ayn Rand movie, when it’s perhaps Pitt who fances himself the know-all John Galt architect/designer, throwing wads of cash at outsized projects to prop up his own vanity.

  27. momofthree says:

    I have friends in Iraq now and also that have come home recently (4/09) from Iraq, and it is still a very dangerous place to be. If someone took one of my boys over there against my permission, well, that would be it. I just can’t believe someone would thumb there nose at another parents decision that could endanger or kill their child. I can’t believe she took him to Iraq. Thank God they made it home. Moral of this story is Angelina obviously doesn’t respect Brad or his opinions, decisions, or anything else. Without respect there is no trust. Without trust, no relationship. I think they will end it soon. I think they are just waiting for them to get through both of their press tours.

  28. DD says:

    There were no pics of Maddox in Iraq with her. Besides she’s surrounded by tons of security. All this minute photo by photo speculation of their relationship is hurting.
    Team STFU In Touch for a while on all things Brangelaniston.

  29. Randy says:

    I don’t even let my children watch the news – even though we do discuss poverty and families in need. Angie takes Maddox to refugee camps to actually witness human horror. Hope he doesn’t grow up to be one messed up kid.

  30. Seriously says:

    Both of them have taken their kids flying in a small plane. People need to stop applying their standards to others. You sound like judgmental, narrow-minded jerks. And, like Aniston fans. Personally, I’d rather be judgmental than a fan of an idiot with the personality of a rock, but hey

  31. Lola says:

    i agree with brad..that brainless psycho bitch shouldn’t take kids to war zones!!! I’m sure they are just promoting brad’s movie..SOOO PATHETIC

  32. Allegra says:

    Did anyone really believe these two would stay together?

  33. Bwoz says:

    Dang – I HATE to side with Angelina…BUT my hubby and son are BOTH stationed at Camp Liberty right now and it dang well better be safe enough for them and an actress and her son…..thanks, Brad — guess it’s OK for MY baby and husband and other soldiers, but not your baby? Dick.

  34. HashBrowns says:

    Funny how the only people who bring up Aniston are the non-Aniston fans…obsessed much?

    Anyway, if she did take him to Iraq it seems highly irresponsible. At 8 years old, most kids still think boys/girls have cooties.

    There is no telling how mature Maddox is, though. He could very well understand the horrors of wars and being a refugee…

    Or he could want to play with GI Joes and eat anything sugar-frosted.

  35. Fan of None says:

    If Maddox is old enough to visit and TRULY appreciate other countries, why hasn’t she taken him back to Cambodia?

    And before anyone starts, I’m just thinking (typing) out loud. That’s NOT a dig on M J-P or AJ or BP. I vaguely remember her saying the adopted kids were going to “know” where they come from (i.e., the clinic they are/were going to erect for Zahara to oversee in Africa).

  36. lola says:

    Angie SAYS lots of things, “I will never have a bio kid”, “I will never get involved with a married man”, ‘I only wear 3 colors”, ” I am frugal” , just cause Angie says something does not make it real.

    Mad is only 7 that is pretty young.

  37. San says:

    Fan of None, how do you know Angelina didn’t take Maddox to Cambodia? Or we to know their every movement.

    On another note-sometimes I feel sorry for B/A haters when they work themselves up thinking B/A have separated then the big let down come for them when they find out they are still together but then I realize you haters do that to your self. Sitting around waiting on some one to break up…you haters have waiting for 5 years now-that’s insane.
    That’s when I don’t feel sorry for you any more because you are people with no life and that’s your own pathetic fault.

  38. cassie says:

    She has taken him back to Cambodia there were pics in People magazine of him shaking hands with a park ranger and Brad with kids at the clinic named after Maddox.There were also pics of 5 of them sitting in a park while angie read a book to the kids it was published in Dec 2006. There were rumors that they went to Ethiopia last christmas .

  39. Kevin says:

    Got to the party late eh Lola? EEEhhhh not too much to say on this but Iraq is definitely a dangerous place. Especially since “THE SNOBBY ELITIST AMERICANS”,Annie, pulled back. On a side note, I ended my self imposed ban on watching Brad’s movies and rented B Buttons the other night. Gotta admit I really enjoyed it, even with the big holes and problems with the plot. Still can’t force myself to watch any of Angie’s crap though. HEY I also rented the Anuston’s movie “Not into you” and I have to finally admit, she’s cute, she’s probably nice, but home-girl is not that talented, sorry Jen it’s the truth. You guys all have a nice weekend. LATE

  40. solar says:

    Oh who cares what she did or didn’t do, what he did or didn’t say. Celebrity goings on is sooo boring. Let them live their lives, why should we even care!

  41. solar says:

    I think it’s great that she took him, why shouldn’t she? After all there are kids (in danger) in Iraq too… let’s highlight that. Get off your high horse people!

  42. ben says:

    Poor Brad, I feel sorry for him. I wish he was still with Jen.

  43. Òla me chamam de “tri!” desde um tempo.Quero me cotacta com as nobresas da midía:Enteresse proficional e tbém encontra minha “alma gêmea”.Me encontro na mutimidía á decada e garanto ambas partes pode ser favoressido.Sem mais Ilarío coração,Mil so pra mulheres.

  44. kim says:

    Ben ,Brad wanted kids Jen didn’t that’s why she is childless now, unlike all her friends Sheryl ,Laura,Courtney etc.They simply wanted different things. Brad and Angie like flying ,motorcycles, large families, traveling…. Jen has Bradley Cooper now, she’s happy be happy for her

  45. cassie says:

    The tabloid writers don’t know anything they claimed Angie never took the kids to the set yet Liev(in Hamptons Magazine) talks about his son Sasha and the JP kids playing on the set despite the fact that there were no paparazzi pics. Yet according to tabloid and some gossip sites if there are no pics then it didn’t occur. Also the producer of IB said Brad took the kids to the set of IB. If a story doesn’t come from someone who personally know these celebs than I don’t believe it.

  46. Alex says:

    Who really believe in that bs? only an idiot.

  47. Firestarter says:

    I just love how there always has to be at least one negative comment in a Jolie post about Jennifer Aniston.. I mean really, what is the point of bringing up Aniston in a post about Maddox possibly having gone with Jolie to Iraq? What does one have to do with the other? It is so immature to continue bashing Aniston, years after the break-up. Not trying to be mean here, but for heaven’s sakes, give the Aniston remarks a break here. NO, I am not a fan of Aniston’s, just trying to point out the obsurdity of the comment.

  48. hello! says:

    Oh please! Firestarter, there’s equal “obsurdity” on both sides of the fence. Some people here are saying stuff about Maddox as a person, and implying that the Jolie-Pitts are not good parents. YEAH, that’s SO MUCH better than the Aniston haters. Stop preaching!

  49. cassie says:

    What Aniston bashing a “I feel sorry for him I wish he was still w/Jen “sounds like Jolie bashing to me. Jen is rich loved by her fans, family and friends. Jen has a charmed life no complaints

  50. Cheyenne says:

    Ben, luv, you may wish he was still with Jen — but Brad doesn’t. That’s why he’s with Angie.

  51. Cheyenne says:

    Lola, if you didn’t want to have a bio kid, and then you fell in love with a man who wanted a bio kid very much, and you wanted to make him happy, what would you do? If you really care about making him happy instead of being totally concentrated on yourself you give him a bio kid. Maybe if his ex-wife had put his priorities before her own just once, she wouldn’t be an ex-wife. Just saying.

  52. Firestarter says:

    Hello!- Again, what does Aniston have to do with a Jolie/Maddox post? NOTHING.

    And thank you for the suggestion of not preaching, but I think if I have something to say I will continue. Have a lovely evening.

  53. Rose M. says:

    OK, I’m going to have to call you out on this one Kaiser. I don’t know much about you, but I’m going to assume that you do not have small children, or children at all if you think it’s OK to take a kid into a war zone. I don’t understand why she was alloud to do this. I’m with Brad on this one. I’m know she loves her children , but sometime her judgement is way off. She went to Iraq while pregnant with the twins. I understand her love for her charity work, and her inner desires to help people. But taking your kid to a war because you believe it is safe now is just crazy & irresponsible. She needs to take her views on how safe Iraq is to those thousands of families who are/have burying/burried their loved-ones. I am glad someone called Angie out on this because no one said a damn thing when she went there while pregnant. She’d may as well THROW MADDOX in front of a moving bus if she insist on taking him into war zones.

  54. Rose M. says:

    Annie are you kidding me? You typed “You know what? If she did take Maddox. I am glad for it.” What the hell are you smoking other than weed? IT IS NOT OK TO TAKE A CHILD INTO A WAR ZONE!!! Show him a freaking video of what’s going on if you want to enlighten him. Honestly, throw the kid out of a moving car- it’s much safer. Damn , I really do hope YOU do not have kids. You’d prob. let the damn dog babysit while you go out to the bar to drunk. Then you’d come home and breast feed the kid. She may as well had left him in the orphanage if she’s taking him to Iraq. It’s Ok to like her & admire her work, but don’t be a damn fool about !!
    PS. I really don’t know if this article is true, but because she was careless enough to go while pregnant, who knows what she will do.

  55. Rose M. says:

    Kevin, you should at least check out “Wanted”- it’s a pretty good movie .

  56. Fan of None says:

    I’m back…

    I did state “Cambodia” was NOT a dig on anyone involved, but those ready to fight always seem to seek them out…Please feel free to get a grip bcuz I promise you, AJ does not need your help in defending her…

    Anyway! For those who did answer me with a calm head, THANK YOU. I had never seen those pics, THAT’S why I asked. It seems when it needs to be gossip they have plenty of pics to misinterpret, but the other stuff is in short supply.

    See…if anything, it was a dig at TABLOIDS, NOT AJ, as I am stating for the 3rd time.

    Take a breath, defenders of truth (*snicker*)

  57. jaye says:

    People just believe ANYTHING. You’d think with all these LEAKS about Pitt and Jolie fighting all the time everyone around them would be losing their jobs. But they’re not because NO ONE gave that information to anyone. People are inventing ‘sources’ and just making up things to sell tabloids. They’re savvy enough not to argue in front of the help IF they argue. Who do you suppose these FRIENDS are who are talking? lmao. What a bunch of crap for stupid people to lap up. Your mama should have taught you if you can’t PROVE something you shouldn’t consider it to be the truth or repeat it as if it’s true.

  58. Kevin says:

    OK, since you took the time to recommend it, I shall. Hope it comes with a barf bag tho cause I really don’t like the bitch. Has nothing to do with her triangle status though.

  59. Kristen says:

    Wow, I bet her forehead vein started throbbing and got massive when he call her irresponsible.

  60. PJ says:

    I see their relationship as pretty much based on co-parenting. Every time an interviewer asks Brad about his relationship with Angie, he answers by saying how happy he is to be a dad.

    He also seems to have lost interest in saving the world. Except for the New Orleans project, Brad hasn’t done anything in a long time. Angelina seems far more committed to solving the world’s problems than Brad.

  61. Lucinda says:

    Take it from someone who had to spend some time around her–as long as Aniston has her cigs, she’s a happy camper. Lose them, and oh, man, she will take your head off!!

  62. Dani says:

    Skankalina isn’t a good mother and her Mother Theresa halo is sliding off…………

  63. sarah says:

    Even if this story is true, and I seriously doubt it, Angelina adopted Maddox long before Brad was in the picture. And how responsible is he being with all the drunk stories of him in Germany?

  64. Goddess711 says:

    Maybe the kid was becoming an intolerable spoiled brat with no conception of how lucky his is (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) and she took him for a “life lesson”?
    Who knows? She’s a nutbar. Every once in awhile we get a celeb who needs to think she’s Princess Di. AJ’s just the next on the list – she’s got one helluva bad history, appearing to change into some benevolent icon might get her some kind of bonus points, as if she really mattered in life….
    Brad’s got ADD where women are concerned. He’s on the fringe gnawing at his leash right now. Won’t be long til he’s a free man, like that lump of goo Jon Gosselin – wait ‘n see!

  65. crazydaisy says:

    It’s highly unlikely that Brad didn’t know about this trip beforehand; hence story idiotic. and the comments here! Puh-leeze!

    The point is that the refugee situation in Iraq is at a critical tipping point and the US better step up efforts to ameliorate the suffering – that means you, Mr. President (and we know you are up to the task!). Earn your position now! Angie is right on when she says “NOW is the time!” She has done the obvious research, looked at history and is simply saying: let’s learn from the past and not make the same mistakes again. And let’s CARE about real live people whose lives are gone thanks to our actions, justified or not. Come on everyone! Put down the mirror and the cat-fight suit and get with the MESSAGE.

  66. blart says:

    Crazydaisy- I refuse to look at a celebrity as my guide to saving the world or for a moralistic view on life. And as for the comments on this website, would any celebrity be where they are, including Angelina, if “fans” weren’t eating up every story for the good or the bad? Celebrity=politics, I think not no matter how hard they try.

  67. eternalcanadian says:

    I never understood why Angelina took Maddox to Iraq in the first place. It is obviously not a safe place seeing that she’s wearing bulletproof vests and has all those bodyguards around her. Good on Brad for chewing her out if that is what went down.

  68. Lin says:

    I do not believe this story, as AFTER she returned from her trip they were spotted TOGETHER in a McDonald’s drive through…pictures were posted on here. I also do not believe an “insider” would be so involved in their lives that they would know how their sleeping arrangements are. This is just another garbage story, and Brad Pitt said it himself. They ignore all the lies and rumors said about them and just go on with their lives. Shame on Celebitchy and the rest who continue to spread untrue gossip.

  69. I’ve enjoyed reading through these types of blogs. Fascinating stuff! Solar energy has always been a fascination with me.