Chris Brown has bowling alley outburst


Legendary bad-temper-haver Chris Brown has given into his anger again. According to Fox411, Brown was dragged out of Luckily Strike bowling lanes in New York City this past Monday after he started hitting on a very young looking girl. And I do mean “dragged out” – kicking and screaming.

In a video released two weeks ago, Chris Brown, who you may remember pleaded guilty last month to beating up his girlfriend Rihanna in a rented Lamborghini a few months back, pledged he was working on controlling his anger.

Now FOX411 has learned about a scary outburst earlier this week that proves he may have a ways to go.

A source tells FOX411 that the R & B artist stopped by popular celebrity bowl-a-rama Lucky Strike Lanes (think bowling with table service) in New York City on July 27 with a few pals for a leisurely night of pin-knocking.

“Lucky Strikes is pretty chill on Monday nights, but Chris was ready to party, and that’s what he did,” the source says.

A few hours later, one of said pals was pulling him out of Lucky Strikes, kicking and screaming.

“He definitely looked like he was being forced to leave, like his friends knew it was in his best interest,” says the eyewitness. “He was acting kind of crazy, partying too much, and making moves on a really young-looking girl.”

Better double up on those anger management classes, Chris!

[From Fox 411]

I have to say, I am truly shocked to that Chris Brown hasn’t been working on his anger management issues. I mean he told a judge in a court of law that he recognized he has problems and is working on them. Am I supposed to believe that’s just some line? That Chris hasn’t gotten better, and isn’t a good person now? It sure seems like that’s how most of show business is acting. Quite the forgive and forget mentality they have when it comes to beating the sh*t out of a woman.

What’s sad is that I’m sure this is just a minor blip in Chris’ day and no more. And just as sad is that I’m betting were going to hear more and more stories of Brown’s untamed rage throughout the years. The legal system and the music industry has so far shown him that he can behave however he wants and commit reprehensible assaults without consequence. That’s what he’ll keep doing.

Here’s Chris Brown waiting outside Cipriani in NYC on July 28th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. mxml says:

    instead of buying pictures of this jerk you should put up pics of links to domestic violence centers

  2. Layla says:

    Domestic violence is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from anger management. The guy is a douche & you just don’t “work on” that.

  3. Firestarter says:

    He is a pathetic little S.O.B and he should have gone to jail for what he did months ago.

  4. yadira says:

    He is never going to change unless he wants to. If there are no consequences to your bahavior, would you change?

  5. High says:

    You guys really believe this, come on now the media is doing everything it can to make him look bad.

  6. the original kate says:

    i don’t think chris needs help to look bad – he manages just fine on his own.

  7. Kaboom says:

    Bitch needs to make another bad move and get his comeuppance.

  8. High says:

    I seen pictures of him in the bowling alley, he didnt look angry at all, other people who where there said that he was dancing and having fun. You would think that they would have said something if he had an outbrust.

  9. Lee says:

    I really, really want to read a story about a day he goes off on the wrong person and they beat his a**. I’m quite sure it will happen, somebody who beats a smaller woman most often can’t handle fighting somebody his own size.

  10. jzhz says:

    Well, since Schwarzenegger just cut ALL the funding to domestic violence shelters in California, victims of assholes like Chris Brown will now have nowhere safe to go if they try to leave. Awesome.

  11. sml says:

    he is Nasty and Bitter. Even worse, he doesn’t have a clue that everyone can see just how self-centered he really is.
    wish he would just go away.

  12. gg says:

    I can just see him now, flailing and being dragged off, screaming, “I JUST WANTED A NICE PAIR OF 4CKU-ME PUMPS …!”

  13. Jojo says:

    So where is the story about the outburst? You guys know that taking someone out “kicking and screaming” is just a firgure of speech, right?

    “He was acting kind of crazy, partying too much, and making moves on a really young-looking girl.” Hmmmmm. I am not a Chris Brown fan but this story sounds really contrived like they are trying to start something out of nothing. He is a jerk and a loser, but he is certainly allowed to go to a bowling alley and party it up a bit.

  14. AZNGRL says:

    what? thats crazy chris why you stoop so low sham on you

  15. cheech says:

    wow. the bullshit media comes up with nowadays. this story is so damn false! i cant believe you people feed into this crap. Let the man be already.

  16. asdf says:

    @Cheech – you are absolutely right – the story is an outright lie!. But you do know that FOX will do anything to make a black person look bad. And no Chris Brown’s assault can’t wipe away 4 years of being in the public eye and being more humble, respectful and drug free and drama free than any other young celeb. He could have turned to drugs to eleviate the stress of his career and his overly obsessive girl friend, but he didn’t and the result was disastrous, but Jack Nicholson kicked his mates ass, Charlie Sheen did, Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke,Wm Shattner, Christian Bale beat his own mother..but I don’t hear FOX telling more lies on them. And their careers certainly weren’t ruined. The incidents were just swept under the ‘good ol boy’ rug. LEAVE THIS CHILD ALONE!! All you’re doing is making those of us who know better, determined to support him more.

  17. pathetic says:

    Why defend a douchebag? He is a pathetic Usher/Lil Wayne clone. Famous for beating some ugly chickenhead up. Another worthless celebrity.

  18. Trey says:

    I’m still surprised at the doubt given towards Chris Brown. It’s OK though, I have a weeny tiny little premonition that this won’t be the last “fabricated” report about his anger problems.

    Haters, sip on your haterade and focus on someone more deserving of mindless wharlgabble, like RPatz. Wait, I take that back, he has enough already.

    PS- I love the term “chickenhead” and feel it should be used in our vernacular more often. It accurately describes behavior familiar to hoebags the world over… also, bobblehead.

  19. gg says:

    Who said anybody believed it – we just don’t like men who beat up women and leave them for dead.

    And RPatz never did that now, did he?

    Why defend this idiot?

  20. This is very disgusting and it shows a very cheap mentality.

  21. bowling says:

    this is really unfortunate. we dont expect this..