Kristen Stewart is ‘very, very happy’ that Robert Pattinson was cast as Batman

2019 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Seberg' Premiere

The Toronto International Film Festival began this weekend with some big, splashy premieres and some big-name celebrities. It’s that time of year. And much like this year’s Venice Film Festival, TIFF is definitely trying to create some big moments and discussions (Cannes is shook). On opening night, TIFF created some old-school Twihard drama – Kristen Stewart did the carpet for the premiere of Seberg, and Robert Pattinson did the carpet for the premiere of The Lighthouse. This is not the first time, post-Robsten-split, that Rob and Kristen have been at the same film festival. But it’s probably the first time that their separate films premiered on the same night.

Kristen wore this Chanel suit to her premiere. The suit is… kind of cool. I love the houndstooth trousers, quite honestly. The cropped jacket isn’t my jam, but it looks good on Kristen and it suits her. Styling-wise… Kristen has always had a face which can “take” a strong makeup look, and she did heavy raccoon eyes and light lipstick. It’s okay. The hair kind of bugs me though.

Interestingly enough, on the Seberg carpet, Kristen was *gulp* asked about Rob and how he was cast as Batman. You know what? Kristen could not have been classier. She said, in part, “I feel like he’s the only guy who could play that part. I am so happy for him, it is crazy. I also, it feels like, I don’t know, I’m very, very happy about that. I heard that and was like, ‘Oh man!’ Yeah, it’s awesome.” It’s been six or seven years since they broke up. I’m glad she said supportive words about it.

2019 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Seberg' Premiere

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  1. Lucy says:

    Honestly? Wouldn’t expect any less of her. This is nice and I believe her.

  2. Carol white says:

    She has the classic “Karen” haircut now

  3. Div says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it was wildly unprofessional of a journalist to ask her this on the red carpet for her movie? I’d feel the same way if someone bombarded him and asked him about KStew on the red carpet. A red carpet isn’t a typical magazine interview where an actor can say no comment or easily change the subject. And I do think there are some reasons in certain settings to bring an ex up years later in this case: the Trump tweets or asking her about handling the media in gay vs. straight relationships or an anniversary of Twilight since it was such a pop culture thing for a while.

    Point is it’s been what, nearly a decade since that scandal, and even if she hadn’t had an affair it would still be weird to ask at an event about her movie….which is primarily focused on the movie unlike magazines which get personal. Because by mentioning him by proxy any coverage of the premiere would also mention her bad choices…unlike most exes. Plus no one asks Russell Crowe on the red carpet about Meg Ryan and so on….it kind of feels like women are defined by their worst choices in the media while men are allowed to move on.

    Anyway, there wasn’t much she could say but I thought she handled it well. She and RPattz must have moved on years ago from the mess, anyway—I still think it was a mostly PR sham thing between the two for those Twilight flicks.

    • Another Anne says:

      He wasn’t just an ex though, they were costars for 5 movies in a big franchise. It’s not unusual to ask actors their thoughts about big news surrounding a costar. If they had only been exes, it would have been out of bounds, I’d agree with that.

  4. Mia4s says:

    I’m not a fan of either of them really, but I must say for some reason the fact that she was asked makes me roll my eyes so hard on her behalf I think I sprained something.

    Hey woman! Man you broke up with six or seven years ago and seem to have little to no ongoing connection to is going to be a superhero!! A superhero!! It’s your premiere of a silly little woman movie so let me take time to ask important Batman questions. Important! He will be only the…*checks notes*…8th actor in the past 30 years to play the role (across all mediums). Only the eighth! You must have an opinion on this right?!?

    Her answer was gracious (although as he’s the sixth movie Batman her “he’s the only guy who could” comment is hilarious!), and he’ll do fine. But if I never hear another damn thing about Batman it will be too soon. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  5. Annie says:

    It’s crazy how far both of them have come when nobody wanted to take them seriously. They were both named terrible actors and they worked hard to prove themselves and work with awesome people when they could have just done shitty films for their fan base. But they completely separated from that fan base and grew up. I’m glad.

    Also they’re both on good terms now and talk sometimes so I’m sure Kristen wasn’t bother by the question.

  6. Lizzie says:

    she looks so cool. that’s it. that’s all i’ve got.

  7. Jb says:

    Well I should hope she said something nice…being cheated on so publicly and with someone so gross (a married director with children blah!) was a horrible thing to do to RPatz and he totally forgave her and continued to date her(briefly I know) after. Still not a fan of Kristen but glad Robert was classy about it and has done well professionally and personally

  8. Laura says:

    I don’t get Kristen at all. I look at recent photos of her and all I can think is that she decided she doesn’t want a soul in this world to know that she’s pretty. When she let’s it happen she has a beautiful face, one that can look breathtaking on film. Nowadays, all I see is a young woman that seems to be hiding. Like what she said about Pattinson, but not surprised. Can’t imagine her saying anything much different than that for an interview.

    • deezee says:

      Really? I see recent photos of her and think “wow she has an awesome sense of fashion and pushing style forward – some work, some don’t, but still an interesting look. Plus she’s hot.”

      I think the problem you have is that she really doesn’t dress for the male gaze, even in revealing clothes. She dresses for fashion, herself, and maybe for the female gaze instead.