Kristin Cavallari fired a social media staffer after an insensitive 9/11 Instagram

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How did you guys spend 9/11? I’m sure many of you volunteered, or maybe watched some of the many documentaries which seem to air every year. Maybe you just went to work, like me, and you went through your day and then some little detail set you off and suddenly a flood of memories from that day came and you were crying at your desk. Nearly every year, it’s some detail about United 93 that sets me off – all of a sudden I’ll remember the story of how the terrorists first murdered the IDF veteran Daniel Lewin and how the passengers took a vote about whether to fight to take the plane back. That gets me every time. They took a vote.

I hope very few people decided to #NeverForget 9/11 by posting a cleavage-y photo to Instagram with the message “NYC for 24hrs. And what a time to be here..always remember.” That’s what Kristin Cavallari did Wednesday morning. Was that the MOST insensitive thing? No, not really. But it wasn’t good. And people let her know in the comments too. So she deleted/edited that post and put a different caption. Then she fired someone on her social media team! LMAO.

Kristin Cavallari fired a social media staffer after an insensitive post about 9/11 went viral. The reality star, 32, axed the employee after the staffer posted a sexy photo of Cavallari Wednesday with the caption, “NYC for 24hrs. And what a time to be here..always remember,” an insider told Page Six.

“Wrong picture for the sentiment in the post,” one Instagram user commented on the photo, which shows Cavallari in a low-cut blazer with no bra. “Poor taste,” another said. “This is super insensitive,” a third person wrote. The Instagram caption has since been modified to read, “NYC for 24hrs.”

We’re told Cavallari and her team sent the photo from her appearance to promote her new collaboration with Daltile on Tuesday night with the caption “24 hours in New York City” — but the staffer took it upon herself to post the image with a modified caption without Cavallari’s knowledge and while she was in a fitting on Wednesday morning. It’s unclear how long the staffer was on the job.

[From Page Six]

What’s more shocking, the fact that Kristin did an insensitive 9/11 Insta or that she, like, has multiple people on her “social media team”? I guess I didn’t realize that Kristin was such a huge star that she would have a big, insensitive team of people. Quite the brain trust, huh. Anyway, my guess is that this poor fool got thrown under the bus for something Kristin did, or approved anyway. Someone on her staff took the photo and she was like “post it with this caption.” But whatever.

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  1. L84Tea says:

    I think she should’ve taken the whole post down rather than just edit the caption. But I guess she simply couldn’t help herself and neeeeeded to show those clothes.

  2. Jessica says:

    Yikes @ that original caption/photo. I hate Instagram for this stuff…preening vanity thinly disguised as something more noble. Usually it’s “feminism” or whatever. Just say you want to show off your Photoshopped body for the follows and keep it moving. 🙄

    If her E! show is any indication, she employs a lot of incompetent people. I actually like the show, but she’s pretty much always putting out fires with her very immature staff. If you only employ incompetent people, I have to conclude you’re incompetent too. She still left the pic up, so great judgment there!

    • ooshpick says:

      well said. I had not put that into words but I like that you did. i see the same with women ostensibly showing off their beloved pet on intsta but their boob manages to be pressed up at a weird angle while doing duck lips 🙂

  3. minx says:

    That was my first reaction—wtf does she need a social media “team” for? She looks like she’s waiting for her next customer.

  4. Enn says:


    Why is she dressed like that for a collab with a tile company?

    Is “24 hours in New York City” as the caption accompanying a cleavage shot the move you want to make on 9/11? In any other city on that date, nbd.

    Is KCav a bigger celeb than I thought? Because I know her as the annoying girl from Laguna Beach who grew up to marry a mediocre quarterback and was rumored to have a cocaine habit.

  5. Truthiness says:

    @claysandbirds posted an amazing number of tweets yesterday about the search and rescue dogs that worked the 9/11 site after the attack. I had no idea that 300 dogs worked the ruins, there are loads of pics with names and some stories. I found it a better way to remember 9/11 than the low cut cocktail dress/fashion accident that Kristen is wearing. The dress is fine, wrong room.

  6. Esmom says:

    I really wonder if it was “a staffer.” Is she really that big/busy that she can’t manage her own IG account? I could be wrong but…seems she’s happy to throw someone under the bus for backlash, but would she give credit to the same person if something positive had gone viral? Ugh.

    • Gingerbread says:

      She does have her own social media person, since she runs her own company. She seems like someone that would want to have a person run this for her, because she feels she’s too important to do it herself.

  7. grabbyhands says:

    She absolutely threw on of her team (add me to the group of people confused about why this anti-vaxxing D lister requires a team) under the bus to cover up for her completely tone deaf IG post. She doesn’t strike me as someone who has no idea what her team is doing in relation to posts on social media.

    • Adrianna says:

      That’s a perfect description of her, “D lister anti-vaxxer.” She’s relying on other people to vaccinate their kids so hers will be “safe.” This self centered and thirsty loser hasn’t been relevant for a long time so I can’t understand how she she still gets the attention she does, maybe it’s her lame show.

  8. Ang says:

    I find her so annoying and can’t believe she has a following. I think she’s thinking she’s more of a celebrity than she actually is. I hope her show is canceled.

    • ME says:

      I tried watching her show but the people on it are so annoying and it’s way too scripted. Everyone that works for her is a skinny White girl. I mean come on !

  9. Jessica says:

    I forgot she was an antivax goober. Yikes. I have no interest in following her on social media or buying anything she’s selling, but her personality on her show is fine and she can be funny. I don’t think the antivax stuff has been mentioned on her show, and at this point, it’s probably (hopefully) a liability. What a mess. I feel sorry for her kids and any kids or immunocompromised people they come into contact with. The antivax stuff tells me everything I need to know about her overall judgment. Her social media “team” is probably one person whose judgment is about as good as hers. On her show, she fired the social media person for her brand, so…I guess she didn’t find anyone better?

  10. Patty says:

    Eh. I don’t think anyone deserved to lose their job over a rather benign social media post. 9-11 was an awful day for many, but for most American’s, it’s also just another day.

    • Goldie says:

      But she referenced 9/11 in her post by saying “what a day to be in NYC”. That’s what was insensitive. If she just posted a photo of herself in that dress, I doubt people would have taken offense.

    • megs283 says:

      I think it was insensitive, but it wasn’t offensive. I don’t think they deserved to lose their job. It was a mistake…I guess it depends on whether or not the person is just starting out in their career or if they should know better by now.

      • Goldie says:

        Oh yeah, I agree that the person shouldn’t have lost their job. If, anything I think Kristen fired him/ her to take some of the heat off of herself. I just meant that I could see why people were bothered by the post.

    • Starkiller says:

      I don’t really get why everyone’s up in arms over it, either. Other than the fact that I find here mere existence as a “celebrity” offensive, I don’t really see what’s so egregious about the photo. NYFW was continuing yesterday as well, will folks be up in arms over that as well?

    • waitwhat says:

      Did you poll all Americans? I honestly don’t know anyone for whom 9/11 is “just another day.”

      • Patty says:

        I’m one of them. I feel sad for the victims and the families of those victims. But the world has continued to go on. Just like the world went on after any number of horrible and awful tragedies. So yes, last time I checked people still had to work on 9-11, bills are still due, something tragic happens somewhere in the world, people die, people are born, people get married, divorced, move, etc. In that sense, it is another day. The world doesn’t stop to commemorate a tragedy that happened 18 years ago. Just like the world doesn’t stop on the anniversaries of other awful events.

      • waitwhat says:

        Patty, I’m not suggesting everyone stop life or pour over tribute pages. But what I’m hoping is that few of us can look at a calendar on 9-11 without reflecting. Particularly given that these were attacks on the American way of life that led to more war and uncertainty across the globe. It saddens me to think that I’m in the minority in thinking the anniversary of 9-11 warrants more than a shrug. And as a single mom who works full-time, my life went on yesterday, too. But not entirely as usual.

      • Joanna says:

        Idk, for me, it was mostly just another day. I know that sounds terrible but it’s been 18 years. I was in college at the time and I feel sorry for the victims, families of the victims, first responders etc. But with all the anti non white sentiment going on now, I feel like I’m feeding into that mentality by making a huge deal about it. I worked with many foreign customers at my old job and I learned that they are people like us. I feel like I’m feeding into the anti non white sentiment by making a big deal out of it.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I don’t understand how it would feed anti-non-white sentiment to reflect on a terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of thousands of people, many of whom were non-white themselves. There was certainly anti-Islamic sentiment after the tragedy, but it does not feed that bigotry to mourn the victims. They are 2 separate things.

    • tealily says:

      I’m with you Patty. I don’t really see what the offense is. Seems like she’s in NYC, posted a pic, realized it was 9/11 and thought she’d better mention it… or something? Not a super thoughtful move, but I can’t imagine getting worked up about this. Are we not allowed to have boobs on 9/11?

  11. Taryn says:

    She also doesn’t vaccinate her children, so she’s not best known for making sound decisions…I mean come on, it takes maybe an ounce of decency and common sense to NOT post things like this. She or whoever did it should’ve known better.

    • ME says:

      I don’t understand why she can’t run her own instagram account. There are bigger stars with much busier lives that seem to do it just fine.

      • Taryn says:

        she absolutely can lol. My guess is she attributes being on instagram as one of her jobs and therefore employs someone to manage her page, but not well enough apparently.

      • Marianne says:

        I mean, I can understand when you’re a public figure that you would maybe want someone to go through your tweets/captions whatever and make sure everything sounds ok. Especially if you’re living in “cancel culture”.

  12. CharliePenn says:

    9/11 was a horror. I felt it all when it happened. I was 18 and it shattered my world. I grieved like crazy for the people, for the violence, for the change in our country that took place in the years following.

    I no longer grieve and that’s ok. For those out there who don’t have big emotions about it anymore, you’re not alone. I will always remember for sure, how could we ever forget? But for me personally there’s no big emotion on the actual day. I wept for a year, I honestly never had something that didn’t happen to me personally affect me so so much. But for me and many others the emotional part is over now.

    But still, I wouldn’t make such a silly, self-serving post and refer to that horrific event. Get a clue, Kristen!

    • Victoria says:

      9/11 still hits me after all these years, my mom worked in downtown Manhattan and the stress of knowing if and how she can get home. Not seeing my parents because they worked with nypd and worked 12 hour days barely seeing them. My high school boyfriends passing due to the stress… living in nyc gives me more anxiety each passing year especially when I go to the city for class. It affects everyone differently.

      But this vapid bottle blonde spreading lies about vaccinations needs to go away. She’s worthless and brings nothing positive to society.

      Please spill the tea about Jay cheating. I don’t blame him at all

  13. lucy2 says:

    Why is she still a thing? And one with staffers? I don’t get it.

  14. grumpyterrier says:

    I never watched the Hills but I watched some of her reality show. She has a jewelry company with a surprising number of employees. I mean, good on her for working and employing people but she definitely considers herself super important and has an extra helping of confidence.

  15. Adrien says:

    Is it bad that I laughed at BettyBoop’s 9-11 remembrance?

  16. Ann says:

    This is inappropriate but honestly this story makes me laugh. I’m so sure she fired someone over this… like no way she could have posted it herself because she is just too important to do her own social media. Sure.

  17. styla says:

    I did a hashtag search for 9/11 yesterday and the majority of photos I saw were like this. I was shocked to be honest. I was 20 when it happened though and I think unless you were of an age where you felt the emotional reverberations of it, its sadly nothing more than just another tragedy from the past. I’ll remember it like it was 5 minutes ago for the rest of my life.

    • CharliePenn says:

      Absolutely. Like I said in my post above, I don’t personally have big emotions about it anymore. But I remember EVERY SINGLE detail of that day, starting from the moment we heard about the first plane hitting. Vivid, clear-as-yesterday memories. And the following weeks and months are also way more clear than normal memories from when I was 18. Coming of age into the world and having this monstrous event happen… it imprints pretty clearly on your mind I guess.

      • styla says:

        It is bizarre isn’t it. I don’t live in NY but I had family who lived in Queens at the time, with an aunt who worked downtown Manhattan. We knew they were safe pretty much from the start so it’s wasn’t a big personal tragedy or anything. But the memories are SHARP… as well as the days, weeks and months afterward. Sharper than any others ever have been since. Its like the world just stopped for awhile and the creepy calm and silence of it just burned everything in your mind for good.

  18. Mo says:

    My immediate guess on this is that it was an unpaid intern.

  19. VintageS says:

    That poor man and woman in her background. Did anyone ask if they wanted to be in her pic? I hate social media.

  20. Annie says:

    Do we really believe that social media staffer exists? Lol. Influencers are notoriously out of touch and extremely attention whorey and thirsty. I’ve seen people post bikini pictures on 9/11. A guy from The Bachelorette posted his bare ass on 9/11 once. Influencers have no shame and every occasion is good to make it about themselves and their boobs and their toned bodies and their “business” trips.

  21. Marianne says:

    Honestly, who knows what really happened. She could have told her staff to say something about 9/11 in the first place, and they were always doomed since it was a booby pic.

  22. BANANIE says:

    I shudder that we live in a world where social media ghost writers are a thing. I don’t think having a strong presence on social media makes you important, but I think there should be a bare-minimum requirement that you write/post your own stuff. Everyone’s always worried about the effects the images will have on young people, etc. because they don’t show the truth. Well the captions aren’t that “real” either! This is all so dumb.

  23. donut_nut 🍩 says:

    Forget the caption– the whole post is tone deaf. Her IG is ridiculously curated.

    Oh, and Jay has and always will cheat on her.

  24. bobafelty says:

    she needs to fire whoever keeps letting her go back that often for more spray tans.

  25. SM says:

    The fact that someone like her has social media people speaks volumes. Apparently this blond girl doesn’t even have the brainpower to post instagrams herself. Awesome times to live in, indeed