“Katherine Heigl caused Grey’s 17 hour first day” afternoon links

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Katherine Heigl caused Grey’s 17 hour first day – and then had the nerve to complain about it [I’m Not Obsessed]
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Taylor Swift makes out with Taylor Lautner on the set of her new movie [Hollywood Tuna]

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  1. valupack says:

    Doctors and nurses work that many hours all the time and nurses compensation is no where near what she makes. Also we don’t get a ton of breaks and get to sit in a luxury trailor half the time. HAGle can suck it

  2. JLM says:

    Katherine Heigl sucks. That is all.

  3. fizXgirl314 says:

    so why do we hate this woman? cuz she’s not all sweet and cloying? screw that… we don’t all have to be.

  4. Giz says:

    Me thinks it’s time for her departure. While I try to understand her views on how women are treated by HW, it seems she’s using this to excuse and get away with her spoiled brat behavior. I’m hoping she proves obnoxious enough to find herself unemployable.

    Okay….now let the bitching begin…

  5. HRH_DML says:

    EXACTLY valupack! I was just about to say for $225k per episode, I would GLADLY sit around for 17 hours if that’s what they asked me to do. Heck, I’d do it for much less, especially since they’d front me the cool trailer to lie around in, the free food, and other such swag. These entertainment salaries are just about atrocious.

  6. the original kate says:

    “so why do we hate this woman?”

    because she is a lazy, delusional, spoiled snot with little talent and an enormous ego.

  7. Liar Liar says:

    I’m sure her “17-hour-day” included lunch, a nap, calls to agents about getting her some more romantic comedies, a nap, calls to friends/family, reading more rom com scripts, a nap, quick trip to the bank to cash her check…

    She has the right to complain, but the stuff she is choosing to complain about is not going to garner her any more fans…

    Or work…

  8. Lola says:

    why do you have to put such a flattering picture of her????

  9. Julie says:

    And you know for that 17 hour day she made more than most people make in a week.

  10. orion70 says:

    That dress is horrible.

  11. KDRockstar says:

    No Saturday posts? Sad face. I thought perhaps CB was going to cheer up my weekends.

  12. steph says:

    she’s just an average actress

  13. lol says:

    Typical Chickenhead.

    Good news is that many have stated they will never work with her now. Its really hard to ignore such pure raw stupidity.

  14. funny says:

    FUNNY PEOPLE GOT BEAT BY THE UGLY TRUTH! Last week, THE UGLY TRUTH opened at 27+ million at the box office. Funny People made 23 million. The GUYS got beat by a CHICK FLICK! Maybe, Rogen and Apatow should shut your mouths about Heigl. She beat you guys! Hahahaha

  15. Kelly says:

    I do not understand all the hate towards Katherine Hegil at least she really says whats on her mind & not what her publicist wants her to say like most of the Hollywood fakes.She was joking around with Dave Letterman about the 17 hour day thing.I still like her & being a strong woman that speaks your mind means your intelligent.

  16. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    This reminds me of (of all people) Prince Philip. He makes all manner of disgusting comments, but when people have the temerity to say ‘boo’ or even question his words, it’s because the hoi-polloi are too thick to understand his wit and genius.

    If you let all of your words be clumped under that umbrella, you’ve given yourself carte blanche to run roughshod over any carbon-based life form in the known universe, while condescending to them at the same time.

    It seems as if we’re living in a atmosphere that promotes ‘no hero, but anti-hero’. Couple that with an individual’s native genius and we fall into raptures at this walking paean to staggering intellect. And because we are so fortunate as to be graced with this presence, it is only natural that his behaviour would seem strange to us–he is operating in a higher realm, no? There is no need to be saddled with the plebian concepts of professionalism, politeness, etc.

    A mercurial nature which is by turns taciturn/withdrawn, then ignited with invective, has nothing to do with personal responsibility. It’s the natural response that such a mind would have, having to be saddled with the rabble.

    But since this kind of prowess must (in our minds) come in tandem with a lack of social comforts enjoyed by others, it seems as if the scales have been balanced, and everyone shuffles along.

    Of course, the greatest sign of genius lies in having something new to say, if not constantly, then every dozen years or so. Every career has its ebbs and flows, but an unchanging demeanor/stance gets old and can’t be good for longevity. Mix it up. And if you can’t change your attitude, lie. That’s called acting.

  17. clare says:

    I like Katherine Heigl as an actress. When I’ve seen her do interviews she seems like a real person- not like she has her PR person perched on her shoulder like a lot of actors who don’t say anything interesting.

  18. As a photographer based in L.A., I’ve been covering Katherine Heigl since she was a virtual unknown 2 years ago. Josh and Katie’s been really nice and down-to-earth.
    People who hate her will even hate her more because she likes to speak her mind and will not keep quiet to please these haters. Remember, she’s a Sagittarian and, like me, we don’t care who you are—if you’re wrong I will say it whether I’m on national TV or not. Go for it Katie!!!!

  19. Heigl’s “The Ugly Truth” beat Rogen and Apatow’s “Funny People” at the box office with no less than Adam Sandler in it! It tells me that J**s no longer rule Hollywood! Go Katie!

  20. wwtfn says:

    @John L. Shinn III:

    Wow, Mr. Shinn…if by your support you are inferring that Katherine’s a bigot too, now I truly understand why she irritates me so much. Is that why you’re cheerleading for her – like minds stick together?

    And, btw: if you’re suggesting that all of the SMART people in Hollywood are being supplanted in favor of Ms. High-and-Mighty’s histrionics, then for sure, we’re all in a heap of trouble.

    And, forgive me, who are the “haters” again?

  21. parenting classes says:

    Dad poisoned the minds of his children with his irresponsible television viewing choices.
    Among other things.
    Dad is liked, so expect the intent was not there. However, I suspect the same cannot be said for his wife.
    Case in point:::Neighbor’s driveway sidewalk chalk art consisted of a girl’s name, a smiley face, other innocent, child-like offerings.
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