Sarah Hyland has no photos from her first date, but you’re not supposed to do that?

Last week I covered what I thought was a filler story about Sarah Hyland picking out her own engagement ring. I picked out my engagement ring and a lot of my friends did too. That post was popular as many of you had similar stories. My favorite story was from shells_bells who said that her husband picked out the ring just based on comments she’d about her friends’ rings and that it was “almost exactly what I would have chosen for myself.” That man is definitely a keeper! I get the same vibe from Sarah Hyland and her fiance. I think they’ll last a while, have kids together, and be very happy. Anyway this is another filler story about how Sarah regrets that she doesn’t have any photos from their first day. She posted the photo above to Instagram and here’s the caption she wrote about it.

A little over two years ago we had our first date at this #emmys party. Now at our third time attending, we’re engaged. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you meet your forever person. My only regret is that we have ZERO pictures from the night that changed my life. I love you to Pluto and back @wellsadams 💕💍 📸: @debbyryan

I would like to have photos from some crappy dates just to show my friends, but it’s weird and that’s why I don’t do it. No matter how much promise a new guy has I try to resist the urge to take photos for a while. I don’t want them to think I’m too into them. Usually they’re more into me anyway. Older guys need to slow their roll.

When I see celebrity boyfriends who are willing to pose for social media pics I get the impression the relationship will last. I know that’s not always the case, but it shows that they’re committed. Jenna Dewan and her boyfriend Steve Kazee are like that. Ten bucks says Jenna and Steve will also get engaged by the end of the year! These demonstrative couples are my favorites.

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  1. Riemc526 says:

    I don’t have photos from my 1st date with my now husband and I have no regrets. It’s kinda creepy to me but maybe that’s just me.

  2. ME says:

    Why are people so hung up on pictures? One day they will all be either deleted or thrown in the garbage. Pictures were more special when people took less of them. Now kids have 10000 pics of themselves. What is the point?

    • Seraphina says:

      Maybe it’s because phones with cameras are so accessible???? Not sure but I don’t have a ton of pics of my husband when we dated either. I may find one or two on a trip we took long ago and it makes me nostalgic. I like leaving the Past in the past.

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    Why would you have pictures from your first date? Or any date? I’m not trying to be snarky, I’m genuinely asking. But I’m also not a huge fan of posting pics of my boyfriend on my social media.

  4. tealily says:

    Ha, maybe she meant because it was a public event. Can you imagine someone pulling out the camera on the first date to memorialize the moment? Yikes! Run for the hills!

  5. Jb says:

    NO. Pics on first dates are not normal and please god don’t make this a thing. I post regularly on Instagram and even I think taking pics on first dates and sharing is a huge no and turn off. Seriously focus on the person and not the perfect shot. If you’re doing a fun activity (sky diving, in door rock climbing etc)then have them take a pic of you but come on man! Put down your phone!!!

  6. Keen says:

    I’m guessing bc it was an event and it’s maybe surprising that there aren’t any pics. I have pics from our first date bc it was a ball and by the time the party pics came out (I’m so old!) we were dating so I ordered a couple. It’s fun but definitely unusual.

  7. Sleanne says:

    I have a photo of my first date with my husband – actually the first time I met him! We met in a very crazy (think Along Came Polly) adventure on holiday in Dominican and my friend happened to snap a photo of us together within the first hour meeting. It’s an amazing shot of us laughing and I’m touching his arm in tropical, beachy outfits. I always say it’s the pic of the moment I fell for him. I never thought I’d see him again, much less be celebrating double digit wedding anniversaries… It’s the moment my life changed and I kinda love there’s a picture.

  8. Ms always ms says:

    I get a creep vibe from him. He seems too old for her.

  9. Skwinkee says:

    My husband asked me to bring a camera on our second date so we could show our kids someday. That freaked me out!

    But- here we are. He knew.

  10. Lex says:

    I think in this case it’s more like… they were at an Emmy’s party where loads of photos are being taken but she doesn’t have one of them together.

    Not that she wished she whipped out her phone and snapped some for the ‘gram (or that anyone else should either)

  11. Emma33 says:

    Wells was interviewed on one of my fave podcasts, Juicy Scoop, a few weeks ago. He talked a lot about meeting Sarah and their first dates.

    He met her for the first date about a week before she had her second kidney transplant, and they started dating from then, when she was recovering. It really sounded like Sarah knew he was “the one”, to let him into her recovery process in the way she did. I was pretty impressed by both of them. She sounds like a really strong person who has had incredible highs and lows in her life.