Sarah Hyland told fiance which engagement ring to buy, doesn’t everyone do this?

Sarah Hyland, 28, was on the Ellen show this week, with Dax Shepard hosting. Sarah got engaged in July to her boyfriend of two years, Wells Adams formerly of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. On Ellen Sarah confirmed that she met Wells on social media, after she tweeted about him and he contacted her. She also revealed that she picked out her engagement ring, an oval diamond set in platinum by Lorraine Schwartz. Here’s some of what she said, and the video is below. It’s a very breezy interview it doesn’t get too deep but I wanted to talk about engagement rings.

Beautiful ring
Thanks I told him what to get.

How did you get to know him?
I saw him on The Bachelorette then he became the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise. He slid in [my] DMs because I tweeted about him.

[From Ellen via Youtube]

That ring is so pretty! I think it’s gorgeous. I told my now ex-husband which ring to get me too, I thought most women did this as a few friends have similar stories. (If you want to see my ring, it’s linked in the post for podcast #23.) I know some guys pick it out but usually they fish for ideas as to the cut and setting their girlfriend wants, unless it’s an heirloom ring.

After that Sarah promoted her movie The Wedding Year, where she plays a woman who uses Tinder to get free meals and ends up sort-of falling for someone. It co-stars Tyler James Williams and it’s called The Wedding Year because they become each other’s wedding dates to all the weddings they get invited to. I think we all had years like that in our late 20s and early 30s. Sarah is a prime example of that. This makes me wonder when she’s going to get married. Whenever it is, I bet it will be over the top and we’ll get a ton of photos.

Here’s Sarah’s interview:



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  1. Jb says:

    No not everyone. I lucked out as my husband used his grandmothers diamond and then asked for help from his pal who owns a jewelry store on the setting and then a band that would match…seriously so grateful he did! Everyone always comments on how unique my ring(s) are and so proud to say my husband picked it himself! I never dropped hints on rings I liked BUT as a dare I did allow him to take me to get my ring size (he didn’t actually propose till the following year so I was honest to god shocked when he did).

    • dj says:

      @ JB I love your story. My husband did much the same thing. He had it made for me with the jeweller and it was very special and beautiful! It still is. I love that because he is not the most romantic man in the world…he put a lot of care, thought and love into my ring. 27 years and going strong so something must have been right about it. LOL.

  2. Andrea says:

    I am not a fan of the style, but let’s be honest here, most men are clueless on aesthetic. I asked my ex-fiance for a model of a certain ring and he customed made it from the more expensive one I showed him.

  3. HeyThere! says:

    I’m very picky and told my now husband what to buy. He dropped a chunk of money on something and wanted it to be exactly what I wanted. I don’t want a lot of small stones everywhere and didn’t want a tall ring that would get caught up on lots of stuff. I had a specific cut in mind and style. He picked out his own wedding band so I got to pick mine out. LOL.

    • himmiefan says:

      I’m like you. I know what I want, and if you have to wear it for years and he has to pay money for it, I say work on it together to make sure it’s right.

  4. Jilliam says:

    I have a Pinterest with a wedding theme…probably won’t happen but I love looking at all the bouquets.

    He could propose with a ring pop and I’d be okay with that.

    • yellow says:

      Same here. However, mine simply suggested we go ring shopping, so we did. It turned into a much more involved and lengthy endeavor than planned, mostly because we couldn’t find the right jeweler (too expensive, or too cheap…). It was fun though. Even though I told him repeatedly that he could surprise me with whatever he wanted (even the cheap place), I knew he wanted me to say “this is it” as well as feeling it was “it” on his own end. That finally happened and I’m super happy with what we landed on because by the end, I had learned much about various qualities that go into a well designed and crafted ring, which I think is important and oft-overlooked when purchasing new.

  5. minx says:

    We picked it out together. My husband has good taste but I’m the one wearing it.

    • Melody calder says:

      my husband proposed with a radiant cut diamond on a plain band that was meant to be temporary and we picked out the setting for it together. He said he researched it and the diamond was the symbol of his love and I could have any setting I wanted

  6. Becks1 says:

    My H didn’t ask me, he just picked one out, and I like it (its a princess cut diamond with channel set diamonds in the band), but its not at all what I would have picked out on my own. I rarely wear it these days and that’s mostly bc it doesn’t fit (I need to get it re-sized post kids) but I also wonder if I “loved” my ring, if I would have made an effort to get it sized by this point. My youngest is almost 5, lol.

    He said if I didn’t like we could exchange it but he just “knew” that was the ring for me so…..I kept it. And its a pretty ring, and I like that he picked it out, but I do kind of see other rings and think “ooh….”

  7. Kate says:

    He asked my parents for their blessing and then we went ring shopping together with my mom to try on different styles. One of my favorite memories.

  8. Tina says:

    I don’t wear any jewellery except for rings so getting the engagement ring is really important for me. My boyfriend, God bless him, would maybe be able to pick it out if I didn’t give him my input but tbh I won’t risk it. An expensive piece of jewellery like that… Better to just decide together. Which is why I send him pictures of cool designs and he’ll occasionally ask me when he sees something if that fits my style. I think as long as the both of you are okay with it, it’s sweet. Some women want to be surprised and some like me, do not, and are happy to know what they’re getting. I am also a bit of a control freak about this stuff, and I’d rather know exactly what I was getting because I’m the one wearing it forever.

  9. Goldengirlslover34 says:

    My husband asked me for styles I liked and then he designed it with the jeweler. He wanted to pick the stone but want to make sure I liked it. Most of my friends were involved in some way with creating their ring (designing together, picking stone, trying on different styles). I do know one person who designed a ring saying he knows better than this girlfriend what style will work and she will just accept it. He is now divorced.

    • Beyonce_Padthai says:

      Same! When we had the talk about getting married he asked me to send him a few styles I liked and I did. My husband ended up doing a hybrid of the three and I love my ring!

  10. shells_bells says:

    I got engaged 3 weeks ago (after 7 years together) and had zero input in the ring except for comments I’ve made through the years about friends’ rings. He has obviously been paying attention because it’s almost exactly what I would have chosen for myself. The right band, the right setting & size. I probably would have chosen a different shaped diamond, but I love that he so thoughtfully did it on his own that I don’t really care about that.

    • dj says:

      @Shells_bells Congratulations! That is a lovely story.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      Aw congratulations!! Mine was last December but I absolutely live love my ring and was so happy he designed it by himself and it was a total surprise. I’m incredibly indecisive so we both would’ve hated going shopping and me trying to decide! He got my oldest friend so go to jewellers to check the final product to double check I’d love it, but got it so right and he was so pleased and loved the whole process!

  11. BANANIE says:

    My husband and I discussed marriage long before he actually proposed, and over the course of that I showed him some vintage rings I really, really liked. I always imagined I’d get something vintage.
    I liked this round cut diamond (not cathedral set) on a slim white gold band with two small bezel inset diamonds on either side of the center one.

    He was not feeling the vintage angle but amazingly at some jeweler he found a ring style modeled after that vintage design! So it looked exactly how I wanted it to look, down to the bezel set accent diamonds, but he was happy he could pick out a much nicer stone and have it in platinum. It really worked out well.

  12. Michael says:

    Sarah is extremely likeable and I did enjoy the preview to her movie. It is a RomCom which I normally hate with a passion but it seems to lean heavily to the comedy side which makes it more palatable to me

  13. Marianne says:

    I dont think its a big deal…afterall you’re gonna be the one wearing it. It should fit your taste and aesthetic. That being said, I also wouldnt pitch a fit if significant bought me a ring that wasn’t my personal taste.

    • Beyonce_Padthai says:

      Ugh, my heart goes out to friend who just got engaged. The ring isn’t at all what he had wanted and he had sent him several examples throughout the discussion. It seems small but he keeps thinking, was he thinking of me at all when he bought it? Is this how our marriage is going to start? And to top it all off, the wedding planning has been atrocious. He didn’t get the ring he wanted, he’s not getting any input on the wedding, I want to tell him to run but it’s not my place and I’m across the country. What actual support can I give?

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        That is an extremely delicate and sensitive situation. I would just be their for your friend as someone to vent, cry, scream and comfort them. Should THEY bring up the possibility of getting out or having second thoughts, then you ASK if they would like to discuss this possibility with you or someone else that is a professional. I understand that you are across the country so it would be hard for you to physically be there for them. But you could offer emotional support electronically, i.e. Skype, phone, email. I hope that this helps a little as it is an extremely sensitive situation and I don’t know how close you are to their betrothed.
        I will tell you that when my boyfriend/now husband spoke of marriage we entered counseling together, I had been going for years by myself since I had so many issues, and we were able to work through my/our issues. And in November we will celebrate 22 years of marriage!

  14. Chimney says:

    I hate surprises so I definitely sent my husband a link to the exact ring I wanted and he got it for me. It would have bothered me too much to wear a ring I didn’t like every day for the rest of my life. If he had picked out one I didn’t like I would have never had the heart to do anything but wear it.

  15. Astrid says:

    I assumed my then boyfriend/now-husband I would be getting married at some point. And then one night he surprised me at dinner with the proposal and a beautiful ring. I like that he picked out the perfect ring for me and I didn’t see it coming. The ring did have to be re-sized but to me the whole engagement went down as a romantic moment in our relationship.

  16. BeeCee says:

    My soon-to-be fiancé and I just went ring shopping last weekend.
    I love him to death, but he is in no way a romantic, and jewellery shopping makes him anxious because he knows how picky I am.
    Poor guy would have stood at the entrance of at the entrance of a store and pointed to a case and told the staff to just grab a ring from there!!
    So we went out last weekend, and found one that both he and I love. Ring will be on my hand in a few weeks! He’ll just have to come up with a cute way of asking me <3

    I love Sarah and totally understand where she's coming from. It'll be on her hand for the rest of her life, and she has to love it!

  17. Who ARE These People? says:

    I knew what I did and didn’t want, so it I made some sketches and we went to a jeweler together to make it up. The jeweler got it slightly ‘off’ – and higher than I wanted – but I still like the ring, it gets compliments, and after 30 years we may get it the central coloured stone re-set the way I originally wanted.

    Husband (then fiancee) was fine with my plan but had to make up for it when I wanted to upgrade my plain wedding ring at year 10 and then again at 25. ; )

    But engagement ring, which I don’t always wear? No problem.

  18. Candikat says:

    Each to their own, but for most of us it’s the most expensive and significant piece of jewelry we’ll own … and be expected to wear regularly for the rest of our lives! You better bet I wouldn’t leave that to chance or risk hurting my now- husband’s feelings by being less than excited about the ring. We went ring shopping together so I could show him what I liked, then he worked with a jeweler to design a ring in the same style. So at proposal time it was a surprise, but a surprise he knew I’d love. And I do!

  19. Blairski says:

    Sarah Hyland’s hair looks so much better curly! I wish she wore it that way more often.

    • dj says:

      I thought the same thing. She looks so adorable & natural with curly hair. It makes her different from the crowd—everyone in Hollyweird tends to look the same. Sarah also looks really happy!

  20. c-no says:

    I chose both my rings and now I’m divorced, and I love my rings so so much just as pieces of jewelry and I don’t know what to do about it. Is it weird to get them resized and wear on my right hand? The wedding band is vintage and the stone in the engagement ring is chipped so having them redesigned probably won’t work.

    • minx says:

      It’s not weird at all. Do whatever you like, life is short and you should enjoy your jewelry, I say!

  21. paranormalgirl says:

    My husband proposed with his grandmother’s ring. He said we could switch it out for something I really wanted, but that’s the only ring I ever want!

  22. Nancypants says:

    I didn’t get an engagement ring until we had been married 15 years.
    I know!

    I didn’t care. I chose a wide, heavy, yellow gold band and wore it the first 15.
    I still have it. I still like it.
    I know younger women don’t care for yellow gold these days but I prefer it.
    It goes with my coloring and other jewelry.

    Anyhoo, my husband wanted me to have a diamond ring for our 15th AND my retirement from the military which coincided and I knew I wanted a marquise diamond and he let me compare several and I went with a smaller (1 carat), higher quality (one step below flawless and colorless) diamond and it is clear and bright and beautiful and everyone comments on it.

    Quality trumps quantity every time and, honestly, I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a bigger, flashier ring these days.
    I’m my own security and before that starts, my diamond isn’t a “blood diamond”. It’s certified Alaskan.

    A lot of women upgrade later when finances are better anyway but save their first ring to hand down to a daughter or granddaughter or niece.

    I think it’s fine to choose the ring you want as long as you don’t go overboard and it’s fine to wear your former engagement ring on your right hand.

  23. cupcake says:

    I showed him what I like and 3 yrs later he got it. We’ve been married 5yrs in December.
    He wanted me to have what I liked and I still love it and him. 🙂

  24. weezle says:

    No. Not unless you are the one doing the asking. This is not your choice, it should be the heart-felt choice of the person who is planning on laying their heart on the line (and possibly being rejected). However, it sounds like this was already discussed, and getting a ring was just a formality. I hope they have a happy life, no matter what.

  25. Lady2Lazy says:

    I actually wear a size 3.5, so I told my soon to be fiancé that it would be very difficult to select a ring for me. He is extremely anal about something he doesn’t know about so he bought about 5 books on diamonds. I had been in the jewelry business for years, so I knew what would and wouldn’t work as far as a setting. We shopped at practically every frikkin jewelry store in Houston, and there are hundreds. We finally visited a small locally owned jewelry store. I chose the setting as I knew what I could wear, nothing channel set would work as the band would be too small. We decided on the center stone together. I was set in having the mounting be in platinum since it is a stronger metal, with two small diamonds on each side also set in platinum. We chose a beautiful center round diamond, excellent clarity and color. The diamond is a shorter cut so the stone looks larger than its actual weight. I love it! I had 2 bands made for the wedding rings to match the accent stones with a private jeweler. In regards to his band, I searched high and low and had him pick which one he wanted. I wanted him to get a higher carat gold, like mine, but he wanted 14kt as opposed to 18kt like my bands. For some reason he wasn’t keen on platinum though. I guess because he wanted it to be yellow. To top it off, the bugger asked on our 3 year anniversary. I told him he just wanted to get out of giving me one more present! This year is our 22nd wedding anniversary! Though, I can’t give him too much grief. When he asked, he told me I had to be ready to leave in 6 weeks for 2 weeks to get married! He arranged the entire wedding on Young Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines!!

    • dj says:

      I love hearing all these great stories! How romantic that your now husband planned the whole surprise wedding for you especially in the islands. We got married on a beach on St. John, Virgin Islands. Besides our preacher, photographer and us we had to look around for two other people to witness the wedding certificate. There just happened to be another couple lounging on the beach, saw our wedding and were just so excited to have witnessed the whole thing. Neither one of us has ever regretted going away by ourselves and getting married on the beach.

  26. Carol says:

    When we were dating, now-husband asked how he was supposed to know what I liked. I told him he should have been noting comments I made like, “I don’t like gold jewelry, and I like simple.” We laughed, and I forgot about it until a good year later when he surprised me with a perfect engagement ring that is also my wedding ring because I didn’t want anything beside it to mess it up.

  27. Bunny says:

    I was shocked that my husband asked me to marry him. We’d been dating almost three years, but I didn’t expect to be asked, and was fine with never getting married.

    He asked on Valentine’s Day.

    Turns out he’d spent a few months designing the ring with a friend who is a jeweler. My ring is white gold with a large ruby, surrounded by diamonds. It is simply gorgeous.

    I was the last person to know, as he’d had help from his family and several friends to hide visits while having the ring designed.

    It was awesome to be surprised and not to know.

  28. StrawberryBlonde says:

    My husband and I went ring shopping together. He was uncomfortable spending that kind of money without knowing for sure it would be something I loved. After all I have to wear it every day. In the end I picked out a white gold, round halo, bezel set with diamonds in the band. He liked that it was 18K gold because gold (unlike diamonds) is actually valuable. I liked that it was a round diamond and halo set and that it is very vintage/art deco style. Also it was on sale lol and I talked them down even more. And then when my husband went to buy it they knocked another $500 off. We both love a deal!!

    He surprised me months later by showing up at my women’s half marathon finish line (which was 2 hours away in another city. I was there for a girls weekend) to propose! I was completely taken by surprise as I assumed he was going to propose another time and did not expect to see him at my race.

  29. Ange says:

    I supplied my own engagement ring then we both went to the jeweller to have it re-set. No complaints from the guy who didn’t have to buy it! Lol

  30. Sleanne says:

    I bought my own engagement ring after seeing it on an insane sale and put it in his drawer. Said when you’re ready, it’s there. I knew he didn’t have the money for my dream ring so I took the pressure off. For our 10 year anniversary I upgraded to a stunning custom set that we had the money for and I designed it myself. I got what I wanted.

  31. usedtobe says:

    If he’s a bartender, I’m sure she bought it too…

  32. Emily says:

    My husband picked out my ring. We were pretty young (younger than Sarah Hyland) and didn’t have much money, and he got a pretty classic solitaire and I liked it. If I’d been older and had way, way, way more money than my fiancee, I probably would have done it exactly the way she did. We eventually replaced/upgraded my original ring for an anniversary, which I picked out with some help from my husband.

  33. Jaded says:

    Mr. Jaded surprised me with a ‘3 emerald surrounded by diamonds’ white gold ring on my 65th birthday. It belonged to his mother, who recently passed away at 98, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It reminds me of her and what a strong, loving person she was, and of our relationship which started 40 years ago, got side-lined, then started up again 35 years later. It’s not the ring, it’s the intention behind it.

  34. Lana says:

    Ok hate on me but I’m a big ring snob and I love geology and gemstones. I have never been a fan on the basic diamond engagement ring. Seems like 99% of all women have it so it doesn’t feel special to me. Diamonds aren’t even worth much unless you’re buying one that is flawless quality with a starting price of around 100K which most can’t afford. There’s soooo many other rarer and more beautiful gemstones in my opinion! Even naturally colored diamonds are more affordable but somewhat rare and there’s always a market and a ton of collectors searching for them. I got lucky my now husband surprised me with the most gorgeous ring, and Edwardian era vintage massive round opal surrounded by little diamonds on a yellow gold band. It’s stunning. Opal is very soft however so you can’t get it wet, luckily on our one year anniversary he surprised me again with a gorgeous aquamarine ring. He knew I loved the one Princess Diana had that Meghan Markle wore on her wedding and it’s very similar albeit not as massive but stronger and more durable than opal so I can wear it daily. All in all, the diamond industry is a massive sham, diamonds aren’t rare, their resell value is terrible and worse than a car and the ones that are rare and actually valuable most of us will never be able to afford. Try something new and discover all the other gorgeous gemstones out there!! There’s tanzanite, opals, moissainite, aquamarine, so many different sapphires etc.