Why is Michael Jackson’s dermatologist so interested in the welfare of MJ’s kids?

Dr Arnold Klein talks to Press

I really can’t think of anything I’d consider too strange to be legitimate when it comes to Michael Jackson. In fact since his passing we’ve gotten a lot of explanations for some of his bizarre behavior – but many of the people who surrounded him are still giant question marks. One of the biggest is Dr. Arnold Klein. It’s been rumored off and on that he’s the biological father of Michael’s oldest two children, Prince Michael and Paris. In fact there have been so many rumors about the children’s genetic parentage that I don’t think the general public has any clue who’s related to the kids and how. Arnold issued a non-denial denial a while ago, so he still might be the kids’ father. That’s one of those sentences that’s not a question but I feel I should end it with a question mark, because the whole thing is so strange.

To further add to Klein’s confusing relationship to Prince and Paris, he’s become super involved in their custody case for a guy that was just their dad’s dermatologist.

Why does Michael Jackson’s dermatologist want a say in how the King of Pop’s kids are raised? Acting on behalf of Dr. Arnold Klein, attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan made a surprise appearance in court today to express his client’s concern for the “education, health care and welfare” of Jackson’s two eldest children, Prince Michael and Paris.

Not that Klein, who still has never flat-out denied that he is the biological father of those kids, thinks that their grandmother Katherine Jackson shouldn’t be taking care of them. Klein is merely “acting on promises he made to Michael with respect to ensuring the long-term health and stability of the children and their ability to enjoy as normal of a life out of the spotlight as could be reasonably possible,” Kaplan and cocounsel Bradley P. Boyer said in a statement Monday night.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who earlier today awarded Katherine Jackson custody of her three grandchildren and agreed to visitation rights for Paris and Prince’s biological mother (and Klein’s former assistant), Debbie Rowe, said that Klein had no standing to challenge his decision at this time.

But, the judge said, Klein can file court papers pertaining to his guardianship concerns, and his legal camp says they plan to do just that on Sept. 1. “Dr. Klein has always had a special relationship with Paris Katherine and Prince Michael, loves and cares deeply for these children and is looking out for their best interest,” Boyer and Kaplan said. “Dr. Klein has been involved with the children in sharing holidays and other special events and wishes to have the ability to continue his involvement as a very close friend of their father and offers his guidance and protection forever.”

So Kaplan and Boyer have deftly managed to explain without really telling us anything. How legal of them.

[From E! News]

It does seem like Jackson and Klein had a non-traditional doctor/patient relationship. We don’t know enough to say if it was unethical. Hypothetically, if Klein did donate the sperm that was used to inseminate Debbie Rowe, would that be a violation of medical ethics? It certainly seems like it would mean crossing several lines in the distance a doctor should keep. Yet it also seems like Klein had true compassion for Jackson – when he was describing the immense pain Michael endured due to his scalp burn, he did so in very empathic terms. He also spoke about Paris and Prince in glowing terms, and told Larry King, “If I was the parent, I would spend every moment of the day with the children.”

It seems like they had a friendship beyond their professional relationship. Does that mean Klein is the father of Paris and Prince? Not necessarily, though nothing has completely ruled it out. He could also just be a very close family friend. Obviously Klein’s lawyers statements certainly raise an eyebrow… and frankly when it comes to who conceived Jackson’s kids, I’ve run out of eyebrows to raise. Perhaps Klein himself isn’t sure if he’s their dad, and is saying so many ambivalent things while he tries to find out.

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  1. valupack says:

    I don’t think he cares so much for the kids as he does to keep his 15 minutes of famewhoring alive. The guy looks like a skeeve

  2. Oxa says:

    Sveral weeks ago I saw some baby pic of Paris and seh is the spitting image of a young Dr Arnie, I do now believe he is the father.

  3. Cinderella says:

    I was wondering how long he would bite his tongue and not admit paternity.

    I think he’s waiting like a snake about to strike. Debbie Rowe didn’t put up a fight, but I think he’ll be a whole different story.

  4. Oxa says:

    Click here: OK! Exclusive Photos: Michael Jackson’s Life as a Dad – OK! Magazine – The First for Celebrity News
    Check out the baby picture of Paris dressed in blue.

  5. Diane says:

    My first question would be to ask if there is a Klein/Jackson confidentiality agreement in place.

    If he is the bio-dad, and I believe he is, the children, (not necessarily the public), have a right to know.

    TG there is finally a gen of, “Jackson’s,” in therapy.

  6. Jo says:


  7. valleygrl says:

    It seems as if he was concerned as a family friend he would be concerned for all three children, yet the documents all read concern for the eldest two……

  8. diddy says:

    no he is not the father according to Roger Friedman who spoke to debbie rowe and her friends recently

  9. Hal says:

    He IS the father of the two oldest children. He has done everything but come right out and say it. Prince looks exactly like the man!

  10. diddy says:

    prince also looks like joe father

    yuck to thinking beauitful prince looks like this slimy man , i doubt michael would choose a toad looking man has his sperm donor if he wanted to use one

  11. the original kate says:

    i wouldn’t let that nasty geezer touch my garbage, let alone my face.

  12. Ro says:

    If any of these people truly cared for these children and not just the fame they would not be on Larry King every chance they get.

  13. Sue says:

    What a leech! Isn’t he also being investigated in providing drugs to MJ? I am sure for many, particulary this guy, riding the coat tails of a billionaire is a hard pill to swallow, no pun intended! BTW, what’s up with the fedora and all black ala MJ? Yuch!

  14. Joe says:

    That’s one funky dermatologist who’s all down wid dat in the back of his ride. WORD to yo mutha gangsta.

  15. Nicole says:

    He will go to jail before any rights are granted to this yucky man. Didn’t he provide drugs under false pretenses and in different names. He was a dealer, and even if real father, which is doubtful, who in their right mind would grant this man any rights. If Jackson wanted him to, he would have left it in a will. This man may have helped kill MJ and to take the kids would be the start of insanity.

  16. Nicole says:

    What if he deceived MJ and didn’t confess to being the sperm donor. If he did donate the sperm, than he may have wanted MJ gone to claim the kids. He did say he gave sperm, but denied knowing it was for MJ. If there’s a connection than we may just have the killer. Just a taugh.

  17. Nicole says:

    If he was MJ friend, than why did he say Debbie should have the kids. Who needs friends like this, unless he was in on something with her, but she’s smarter than him by now saying he has no place in determening who gets the kids. She’s saving his butt. I bet this guy is the sperm doner and MJ didn’t know it, but what will stop his conquest are the aliases he used to keep MJ an addict. He may have taught all evidence was gone, but if MJ was smart, and was, his sixth sense would tell him to keep drugs that would stop him. I agree that MJ didn’t die of natural causes and the drugs killed him. MJ could not have gotten the drugs on his own, and everyone involved is not totally responsible, but should not win either. No interviews either as they are making more money now at MJ’s expense. What a friend. yuhh? MJ’s will mentions his own mother and this clown wants Debbie. WHAT?

  18. Nicole says:

    Didn’t Michael visit his office a few days before he died. Maybe the doctor wanted jackson to get rid of all evidence, or give more drugs. Hope the police are able to bring justice to this man who may not have been perfect, but no one has the right to kill you for greed. If he is the sperm donor, than I would say he is #1 suspect, because what are the chances that your own doctor would be the donor, unless he knew about it. HUHHHHHH

  19. Dana says:

    Why is he only concerned about two out of MJ’s three children? He never once mentioned Blanket….something isn’t right with that, considering he was such a close friend, you’d think he’d be concerned about all the kids, what’s up with that??

  20. dee says:

    he is the sleezy dad…..poor kids

  21. Gigohead says:

    He is the kids “Gayuncle” or Gunckle, a term for a gay uncle.