George Clooney with a sex ramp… on the set of his new film

Everyone is all atwitter that George Clooney was seen carrying a “sex ramp,” and he definitely was. It’s called the Liberator (link NSFW!) and is supposed to raise the womans hips for a more pleasurable angle and facilitate different positions or something. I’ve actually heard of it before because one of our advertisers on Celebitchy, Black Label Adult Shop, had these for a while, but Clooney must have snapped them all up because they’re sold out now.

liberator.jpgIt seems to be more evidence that Clooney is into some kinky shit in the bedroom, and commentors on Gossip Rocks were going back and forth about whether it could be used for massage therapy for his recent injury or if it was indeed a sex ramp. The purple color gives it away and there’s no mistaking what it is.

The picture that has everyone talking is of Clooney in casual-looking clothes looking like he’s carrrying the thing out to a waiting cab where his girl toy is about to be spirited to the airport and back to her bleak existence as a Vegas cocktail waitress, the sex ramp a sad reminder of the price she had to pay for a few weeks of premieres and expensive restaurants. Unfortunately that’s not the case and the photo was taken on the NY set of Clooney’s new film, Burn After Reading.

Splash News give this picture description:

George Clooney pretends to hurt his leg on the set of his new movie. The actor was waiting to shoot a scene when he jokingly kicked a moving car and pretended to hurt his knee. He turned around and smiled at the director. In the scene George was carring a large purple triangle that he pulled out from a parked car. He is in New York at the moment filming ‘Burn After Reading’.

[From Splash News photo description, public link unavailable]

Unlike Madonna and the purple penetrator, this isn’t really evidence that Clooney is anything but a good employee just doing his job.

If you want to purchase something similar to spice things up in the bedroom you’re better off heading to your local medical supply store and getting an orthopedic wedge. It might not be exactly the same incline, but it’s about $100 cheaper and you can be creative. When I was pregnant I slept with one of these and found it very comfortable. I never knew how versatile it was.

Picture below from, and you can also tell Clooney is on set because he was sporting that same outfit in other photos that came out of him filming this week. The photos of Clooney on set in a suit are thanks to Splash News.

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