Mariah Carey doesn’t know how many bathrooms are in her home


Mariah Carey has never struck me as a particularly bright person. She’s certainly not getting the attention other starlets are for acting like morons, but I don’t think she’s experimenting with nuclear fusion either. Okay I have no idea what that means so I shouldn’t criticize. Anyhoo, turns out Mariah is so rich and dumb (always a winning combination) that she doesn’t even know how many bathrooms she has in her 12,000 square foot Manhattan mansion. But she does know that one of them is devoted to Hello Kitty. True story. Here’s some snippets from her cover story for next month’s “Glamour.”

“Mariah Carey is living the life. Her 12,000 square foot triplex in NYC’s Tribeca district is so big she doesn’t know how many bathrooms she has. ‘I don’t know! Do you really want me to try and think about it?’ she says in the new issue of Glamour magazine. The 37-year-old singer has an entire bathroom dedicated to Hello Kitty. ‘I’ve liked Hello Kitty since I was little,” she says. She has a 3,000-square-foot closet and a separate closet just for lingerie. Check out her fabulous penthouse for yourself in the November issue of Glamour, on newsstands Wednesday, and see interview excerpts below for more classic lines from Mariah…

On her big break:
“I was about 20. I went from having $5 to getting a publishing advance of $1 million.”

On what advice she’d give to Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears:
“I wouldn’t want to speak to those people specifically, but I would say you need to be very centered, and spiritually know where you’re at, all the time. Don’t read the tabloids. Don’t be obsessed with what people are writing or saying. Live your life for you. My lifestyle has changed since making it. It’s not a financial struggle, but I’m still struggling in a lot of ways.”

On her difficult childhood:
“I felt really bizarre as a kid. Mostly because I come from an interracial family [Carey’s mother is Irish and her father is African-American and Venezuelan], and because we didn’t have a lot of money and we moved around a lot. Living in the suburbs is a place that’s all about fitting in. I remember after one particularly bad incident, one of my mother’s friends said in front of me, ‘If this kid makes it, it will be a miracle.’”

On wishing she was a genie:
“Wouldn’t it be really hot if I could just blink and change my outfit right now? How amazing would that be?”

On what she wears during downtime:
“…whenever I’m outside, I want to be in a hot tub. I’m a water person. I would jump in the hot tub in the middle of our interview if it weren’t so freakin’ cold out! But usually when I’m just hanging around, I wear boxers and a tank.”

On adolescence:
“Mariah at 12 was a wreck. I accidentally dyed my hair orange. I shaved my eyebrows. Wore blue eyeliner. Disgusting!”

On whether she believes in love:
“With a human being I don’t know, but definitely with a pet. [Laughs.] I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a relationship of the caliber I write about in my love songs.”

[From Us Weekly]

Okay so she didn’t come off as stupid as I thought, I take it back. I like that she corrected the interviewer’s question by saying she wouldn’t tell Lindsay or Britney specifically what to do, but that it was important to find balance. Mariah famously had a meltdown on TRL a few years ago, but she took some time to herself, really regrouped, and came back with her strongest albums ever. She said she broke down due to stress and work and other things, so it’s impossible to know if drugs or alcohol played a part. But she stepped away, got her life together, and came back better than ever. That’d be great for some other famous ladies to think about.

Picture Note by Jaybird: Here’s Mariah Carey at the Save The Music 10th Anniversary Gala on September 20th. Images thanks to PR Photos.


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