Catherine Zeta-Jones wears $2 million of diamonds


I pride myself on being a down-to-earth sort who shops at Old Navy and Ross and still buys her jewelry at Claire’s. But every once in a while, even I become stricken with envy at the sight of beautiful, sparkly jewelry. The older I get, the prettier it all gets. A lot of people would argue that the best part of being a celebrity is all the swag. Catherine Zeta-Jones was recently the guest of honor for the high-end jewelry line Di Modolo, and showed up wearing over $2 million in diamonds. The article doesn’t say if the diamonds were her own, given to her by Di Modolo, or just on loan, but I think it’s safe to say that most of us are pretty freaking jealous. Don’t lie guys, you find the sparkles intriguing too. I know how men are with shiny objects.

“A svelte Catherine Zeta-Jones sparkled in £1million of diamonds at a party to launch a high-end jewelry range. The Ocean’s 13 star was in attendance as the face of the Di Modolo line, and she certainly dressed for the occasion, wearing a purple strapless cocktail dress accessorized with a diamond necklace and matching earrings. Zeta Jones, 38, was the guest of honor at the unveiling of a watch range by jewelers Di Modolo in New York, and was clearly enjoying being the centre of attention – or maybe she just enjoyed wearing the diamonds. Looking a million dollars – literally – Zeta Jones showed off her trim figure, and her beautifully shiny locks.

“Husband and double Oscar winner husband Michael Douglas, recently revealed just what attracted him to his Welsh-born wife. He said: ‘We share the same birthday. We both like golf. We both like to do the crossword puzzle. We both love the news.’ And surprisingly, the Hollywood power couple don’t like watching films either. ‘Neither of us is a big movie fan’, said 68-year-old Michael. ‘We like making movies but we do have to make an effort to watch them. We’re big on kids’ movies, though’. The couple’s two children Dylan, 7, and Carys, 4 are what really keeps them busy – and close. Douglas told the Daily Express: ‘I go to school events and recitals and all that stuff. I pick them up after school. I love it. It keeps me out of trouble. We spend a lot of time together as a family unit.’”

[From the Daily Mail]

That’s so freaking sweet. If my heart hadn’t turned stone cold recently, I would find that really touching. So know that intellectually, I find that really touching. I know that people mocked Douglas and Zeta-Jones a lot for their age difference, but I think they seem really happy and well-adjusted. They definitely do a good job of laying pretty low, while still being glamorous. My ultimate goal in life. That’s pretty classy. They’re not in your face or anything. Now if only I could find a knock-off for $2 million worth of diamonds from Claire’s, I’d be all set.


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