Brandi Glanville spent Christmas with her sons plus Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes

Whenever I have chanced upon a LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian or Brandi Glanville story over the past two years, I’m always surprised that any of them are still vaguely gossip-worthy. Messy people behaving badly, for sure, but what happens when sh-t briefly calms down and their mess is more subdued for months at a time? I guess we still pay attention. So after years of drama – both highkey and lowkey – Brandi, LeAnn and Eddie spent Christmas together, with Brandi and Eddie’s sons Mason and Jake. Brandi posted this photo of the “modern family” together for Christmas.

The boys are old enough to have a much better understanding of all the sh-t that went down in their parents’ divorce, and they are probably old enough to understand that LeAnn is a bit batty too. But to everyone’s credit, it does appear as if Jake and Mason turned out to be somewhat normal kids? And yes, this feels different than Gwyneth Paltrow imposing her goopiness on Chris Martin’s girlfriend over Christmas. This feels like Eddie and LeAnn inviting Brandi over to celebrate Christmas and everyone being on their best behavior… for the most part. You gotta love how LeAnn centered herself in the photo, right? Just a small little piece of staging which tells a larger story.

LeAnn posted the same family photo… but she did it as the fourth photo in an Instagram gallery. Which doesn’t piss me off, actually – those are not LeAnn’s kids to show off on IG.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Can I just say? Leanne looks really nice in that selfie with Eddie. Just very calm and relaxed. No snark here.

    • Abby (different Abby!) says:


    • ThEHufflepuffLizLemon says:

      I agree! The whole thing made me happy to see-I always felt sorry for Leeann and Brandi, even though they are the cause of a lot of their problems, and especially for those boys. Hopefully they can find happiness and balance for their families.

    • horseandhound says:

      all of these people have become less problematic and I’m happy for them.

  2. Abby says:

    Cute kids

  3. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    They didn’t invite Brandi over for Christmas. According to Brandi she was just picking up her boys from Eddie and Leeann’s and they asked her to be in a picture. Brandi posted a comment on her IG (I think) that if they would have invited her to stay she would have but they didn’t.

    • Starfish says:

      Leann still wants people to think they get along, she was not invited, but she sold a story for a few bucks for people to think she did. Broke azz will get her own karma when those boys are 18.

  4. SKF says:

    That’s nice, good for them. Glad to see they’ve all grown up a little bit!

    Gotta say, Brandi was a naturally beautiful woman, and I know her looks and model proportions set off LeAnn’s craziness for a long time and LeAnn stalked and copied her. But, gotta say, at this point, Brandi has done so much horrible shizz to her face that LeAnn is the more attractive woman. She at least looks somewhat like a human rather than some distorted cartoon. I find it really sad that Brandi has done this to herself. I wonder if this split triggered a lot of the insecurities that lead to this kind of thing?

    • Pickle says:

      Yeah. She’s beginning to look like Ivana Trump :/

    • truth fairy says:

      No need for the harsh judgments. Brandi is 47, LeAnn 37; surgery is a given In Hollywood, as is aging everywhere. Lots of people – women but also men (think Mickey O’Rourke) – will not end up looking as they had hoped.

  5. Julia says:

    Is LeAnn in a nightie? Everyone else seem to be in sweaters or long-sleeved shirts.. maybe, she just rolled out of bed?

    • Starfish says:

      Her big feet, ewwww. Barefoot! Can you imagine having family over and looking like this?

      The boys are teenagers and she has her boobs hanging out in front of them all the time.

      Guess they are all too stupid to tell her to cover up some.

  6. Ms. says:

    I hope they did have a good holiday, for the sake of those kids, who didn’t ask for any of this d list melodrama.

    My goodness the older son got tall!

  7. Lisa says:

    Nice to see even if it was only for a quick picture. I certainly never thought they could even manage that.⁸

  8. ChillyWilly says:

    Lmao @ Leanne ‘s “We may be a modern family, but I still got your man” photo gallery! she’s a piece of work.

  9. Christin says:

    We are getting closer to the answer to two questions:
    1. Will the marriage last longer than 10 years?
    2. Will one or both boys enter the acting/modeling business?

    Once the boys are slightly older, I’m wondering if Daddy will become their wingman (hanging out at their dorm/condo, etc.). I have a feeling we’re closer to another chapter of drama in some way.

  10. Jess says:

    LeAnn is full of shit and posted this for attention. Brandi wasn’t invited for Christmas, she was picking up the kids and LeAnn asked her to come in for a quick picture, then inserted herself into the freaking middle of it. Also found it hilarious that she posted THREE pictures of just her and Eddie, then the last picture was this one where she’s front and center. That chick is still so insecure and insane. What kind of mom or stepmom doesn’t post a single picture of her children on Christmas but 3 with her prized pig?! It’s just so pathetic, and tells us how selfish she still is.

    • Paleokifaru says:

      Stepmoms get crap if they post pics of the kids, and if they don’t. As a stepmom myself, I agree with @kaiser that you don’t make the kid pic front and center.

      • Jess says:

        I can see that, and I feel for you stepmoms having to find that balance, but she typically has no problem posting a million pictures of them, she’s just ALWAYS in them too, and she bothers the hell out of me with her need to center of attention. She knew that picture would get picked up by the press and the truth would get lost, this isn’t a happy blended family picture, she’s just a sneaky liar.

      • Paleokifaru says:

        Their situation is certainly…extra complex with the cheating and personalities involved. Unfortunately, a lot of families deal with these issues of belonging and blending. Also unfortunately, I don’t think enough adults in these situations consider how many people they’re impacting, and only consider their own feelings.

    • JoJo says:

      Well, in some ways I think it makes sense that Eddy and Brandi are positioned at the top of the photo – they are the two primary parents. I think it would have been worse if Brandi was positioned where LeAnn is in the photo.

      Also, I realize step-parents have to walk a balance, but I’m of the opinion that they need to defer to and follow the lead of the two primary parents, that is if both primary parents are in the picture. I know a few step-parents that are way over-the-top in terms of acting like the kids are their own and constantly judging/dissing the other primary parent.

  11. Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

    Fake news. I read about this a few days ago. Brandi posted on social media that it was just a pic when she was picking up the boys, She said her car was literally still idling in the driveway. She did NOT spend Christmas with them. She took a pic with them on Christmas. Big difference.

  12. twinkle says:

    is it a sign that the apocalypse is nearing if these essentially decade-long tabloid battles are being ‘healed’ with instagram photos? brandi and leann, tori spelling and mary jo eustace… who else from the messy early 2000’s will show up as newly forgiven instagram fam? can’t think of any more with messy family/kid situations… could always hope for LC and speidi???
    (may be showing my trashy gossip age with this post lol)

  13. Lady D says:

    Leanne’s mom does not look friendly, ever. Not even when she’s smiling.

  14. JanetFerber says:

    Leanne’s bare feet really give her that hillbilly edge you so want in a family holiday photo. Eddie, too. And Brandy is SO much taller than Leanne.

    • Marigold says:

      Well, to be fair, Leanne and Eddie are at home, and literally everyone else in the photo is about to leave. If you go shoeless at home, and you’re taking a group photo as everyone is about to leave, it makes sense.

      And Leanne is the shortest person there, so I can even give her a pass on being in front. I’m short, and people are forever trying to make me stand in the front center of photos. Nope. Not gonna do it. But still.

      These people are drama-mad, but this picture is the least troubling thing I’ve seen from them in forever.

  15. Senator Fan says:

    LeAnn loves to stir the pot and make it appear like they all had dinner together. Just a photo, nothing more. Brandi did not attend Christmas with her ex and his wife and their parents. She was asked to take a photo while picking up the boys. So she did.

  16. Valerie Purvis says:

    LeAnn asked Brandi to take a picture w the family bc she had a Daily Mail article posted
    If you go to the post youll see it’s mainly about LeAnn.
    She can no longer get a story on her own so she used Brandi to get it.
    LeAnn has turned to the DM for years but they have ignored her for awhile now.
    The funny part is they threw slot of shade her way. They also reminded readers Ed has been employed for a year.

  17. Valerie Purvis says:

    LeAnn is taking a vacation with Ed in the desert but she’s posting like crazy on her social media.
    She’s talking to her followers and holding a chant session with her fans.
    LeAnn sold a $65 8oz candles which she chanted over while making it.
    That’s he big selling point.
    Some of her die hard fans let her know her candles were too expensive.
    Last year they were $35.
    Since LeAnn chanted while making them the price went up.
    Not kidding at all

    • Starfish says:

      Leann loves talking to herself, guess ole Eddie is tired of her rant. Her few fans, 30 tops have to praise this nobody in the show biz. Can you imagine any other singer pouring their own candles to sell? This joke is broke. Eddie better find a job and fast.

  18. Valerie Purvis says:

    LeAnn cancelled a concert recently.
    She was coughing throughout her concerts like a professional but managed to make a fast recovery.
    One fan lost money on a hotel room.
    I can’t believe venues still bother with her.
    People complained she talked too much through her shows.
    And the Christmas theme was lackluster as usual proving LeAnn was out to make quick money for the holiday.

  19. why? says:

    Brandi tweeted on Dec 26, that she didn’t spend and nor was she invited to spend Christmas Day with the “Cibs”(Leann, Eddie, and their family). She stated that when she arrived at Leann’s house to pick up her sons that Leann asked her to pose for the happy family Christmas photo. What this means is that Leann recognizes that she and Eddie can only make headlines by exploiting their relationship with Brandi and her sons(Leann and Eddie dragged Brandi’s sons to the Lion King Premiere because it was the only way they could get invited to the event and walk the red carpet). When Eddie’s mother initiated the “truce” between Brandi and her son and his wife, it was simply because she recognized that Leann and her son’s star power had faded(as evidenced by the epic failure of their reality tv show). Eddie’s mother must have thought that the reality tv show was going to launch her son and Leann as the new Hollywood power couple. Instead it made them toxic and the most disliked Hollywood couple.

    The happy family Christmas photo looks so awkward. Leann is wearing a night gown with no bra. Eddie and Leann are not wearing shoes(did she make Eddie take off his shoes to convince everyone that Eddie really does live in the same house as she does)? Leann has planted herself front and center because she is just that insecure. Eddie’s parents are planted as far from Brandi as possible. Usually when families take photos like this, they all group and crowd together. Eddie and his father look drunk. This is just another indication that this happy family Christmas photo was staged.