Britney Spears reunites with her mom, but rejects intervention attempt

Britney Spears came crawling back to her mom, Lynne Spears. Well, she somehow got her mom to come to her, and then hopefully Britney crawled. We really have no idea as to what actually went down between Britney and her mother, but the most accepted theories seem to be that Lynne was instrumental in forcing Britney into rehab last year after her public baldness-inducing breakdown. Britney never thought she needed to go to rehab, and seemed to cut ties with Lynne shortly thereafter. At one point she hand-delivered a letter instructing Lynne to stay away from her kids, making sure to specify that Lynne might on medication which would impair her. Yeah that’s the pot calling the kettle black, and the kettle retorting, “Shut up you crazy hag!” Or some such thing. Well after Brit’s life has really gone to crap in the last few weeks, she finally summoned Lynne to her home, and I guess Lynne was pretty happy to go.

“Come to mama: Days after losing custody of her two kids, Britney Spears found some solace by reuniting with estranged mom Lynne Spears.

“‘Brit really needed her mom,’ a source tells PEOPLE. ‘So Lynne flew out and they met.’ Sources say Lynne and Britney’s younger sister Jamie Lynn flew from Kentwood, La., to Los Angeles Friday evening. On arrival at LAX, the two were mobbed by photographers. Jamie Lynn, wearing eyeglasses, kept her head low, later covered by the hood of her sweatshirt. Despite the attention, the women made a quiet exit from the terminal, declining to comment or to acknowledge the group.

“Around 3 a.m., Lynne paid a visit to her daughter’s Beverly Hills home before driving the two of them to Spears’s new Malibu pad. The mother-daughter pair had a falling out back in June, when Spears handed her mother a reportedly upsetting letter. According to TMZ, the letter asked that Lynne stay away from Spears’s sons if she is taking any medications that might cause her to be impaired.

“Spears told reporters at the time, ‘I’m praying for her right now. [I hope] she gets all the help she needs.’ Says a source, for now, ‘Everything’s great.’”

[From People]

I have that old Peaches and Herb song, “Reunited and it Feels so Good” stuck in my head right now, with an image of Lynne and Britney holding each other and swaying to the music… while a little bit drunk. I’m really surprised it took Britney this long to ask for her mom’s help and support. I mean things have just gotten worse and worse for her, and then you think she’s at rock bottom and she finds a way to dig herself down into a brand new hole. But if nothing else the girl is freakishly stubborn, and if someone tells her what to do (her mom… or a judge) she’ll flip them the bird and then get shitfaced and dance on some bars with her underwear over her head. And frankly we can’t complain, because at least that means Britney Spears had her underwear on at some point.

Hopefully calling her mom means that Brit has finally reached rock bottom and realizes just how messed up her life is. That’s probably a really scary and overwhelming feeling, but she’s got to understand that before she can correct her problems and get her life back together. Lynne Spears seems to be one of the few Hollywood moms that really has her act together and has given up a lot for her children’s careers, without expecting to be brought along to a lot of Hollywood parties as their own personal coke whores (ahem, Dina Lohan). Let’s hope this is an indication of some type of turning point, and Brit will take a few baby steps towards becoming a decent parent.

Note by Celebitchy: Britney missed a scheduled visit with her children this weekend, but it wasn’t exactly her fault. After first suggesting that the boys meet her at one of the many hotels she frequents, she agreed to return home to prepare for their visit. When K-Fed arrived at the gate, no one answered the intercom. He called Britney on her cell phone to tell her he was leaving, and she begged him to stay. It turns out the intercom was broken and she never heard the call.

And the latest news in the nonstop Britney saga is that she rejected an intervention attempt by her family yesterday. Her mom, sister, and K-Fed all arrived at her Malibu mansion on Sunday to try and convince her to get help.

Her weekend was quite eventful too. It seems that on Friday night she drove around aimlessly with her ex hook-up, producer JR Rotem, and one of his friends. She kicked the pair out before she went home early on Saturday, but then ran back down to the gate, screaming that her house had been broken into. She punctured one of her tires in her frenzy about the supposed break in, and a photographer changed it for her. The cops came and left, and then her family arrived to try and talk some sense into her:

Early Friday evening, Brit, producer JR Rotem and hanger-on Sam Lusty spent hours driving around Los Angeles and Beverly Hills being followed by a caravan of paparazzi, until utlimately ending up at the posh Peninsula Hotel, where Brit had holed herself up for a few days earlier this week, following the decision by Court Commissioner Scott Gordon to give full temporary custody of her two young boys to K-Fed.

Around 2am PT, the three louseketeers exited the Peninsula and drove, screaming at each other the whole way, to Britney’s gated community, The Summit, on Mulholland Drive, at which point Brit inexplicably gave her two traveling companions the boot at the gatehouse.

But the night was nowhere near being finished. A few minutes later, Brit comes roaring down the hill to The Summit’s entrance, where she begins to rant incoherently that her home had been broken into. Her driving was so erratic that she pulled up on a curb, damaging her tire so badly that it required repair — which a friendly photog was more than willing to do for Brit.

Eventually, officers of the law arrived and went up to the house with Brit, JR and Sam, before returning approximately 45 minutes later. No word on whether her house was truly broken into, though all signs point to “no.”

So, in the early morning hours, Brit and her pals packed back into her newly re-tired car and headed up the coast to her Malibu home — where her mom and little sis had just arrived.

[From OK! Magazine]

Then around 7p.m. on Saturday Britney stormed out of her house, seeming to reject her family’s help. She continued her random tour of hotels and restaurants, stopping briefly at the Viceroy Hotel and The Ivy. She was followed by at least 36 cars full of paparazzi.

Britney is still hanging out with her sister, even if the paparazzi think she’s rejecting her family’s help by continuing to drive around. She was seen out yesterday getting coffee and going for sushi with 16 year-old Jamie Lynn Spears. At one point she got lost and photographers told her the way home. Thanks to WENN for these photos.

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