Keanu Reeves caught enjoying ice cream in Alameda


Today’s Spotting Keanu Reeves in the Wilderness takes us to the Northern California town of Alameda, across the bay from San Francisco. Keanu is in town for Matrix 4 prep, which confused the heck out of me because I keep getting Bill and Ted Face the Music updates. While in Alameda, Keanu went full method as Neo and… stopped to get some ice cream? Keanu was photographed, sitting in what looks to be a deserted strip mall, enjoying his frozen treat on a beautiful sunny (but chilly) winter day.

I’ll admit, when I first saw the titles “Keanu Reeves ate ice cream” floating around Twitter, I rolled my eyes and thought, “folks, we all really need to get a hobby.” But seeing how deliciously content he is sitting there savoring his cone, I returned my eyes to center. He’s so blissful, he doesn’t even notice he’s lost his napkin. But an unwiped drip isn’t going to spoil this moment for Keanu. He’s vibing, man. It’s all good.

According to ‘reports’ the Baskin Robbins employee who sold Keanu his sweet treat were even more euphoric than Keanu or his ice cream.

Red pill or blue pill? It appears Keanu Reeves chose neither during a recently confirmed sighting in Alameda. Instead, he opted for a scoop of ice cream at the Baskin-Robbins location on Blanding Avenue.

Video shared to Twitter Monday evening shows the “Always Be My Maybe” actor casually seated on the curb outside of the ice cream chain, enjoying his cone in solitude. (Later, he was kind enough to pose for a photo with a young fan.)

A Baskin-Robbins employee named Abby told KTVU Reeves had walked into the shop around 5 p.m. that day. While she didn’t get to see Reeves herself, she said her colleague who was working the evening shift “freaked out” and “didn’t know how to act” when he saw the actor walk up to the counter. After the fact, a large sum of money was apparently left in the tip jar.

[From SF Gate via DListed]

I love the fact that Keanu’s prepping to film the Matrix, with Bill and Ted coming out and yet the paper name checks Always Be My Maybe to define him. And let’s not overlook the last part about him being a good tipper. Did we need any more reason to swoon? No. But did he give us one anyway? Yes.

And yes, this is an entire post about Keanu Reeves ordering and eating ice cream in the midst of the world falling apart around us, because sometimes, just for a minute, we all need a moment of Zen to catch our breath. And if that moment involves Keanu and ice cream, I consider it a minute well spent. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to scoop myself a bowl of mint chip and call it Keanu.


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  1. Mignionette says:

    He looks happy. Good for him.

  2. lucia says:

    Keanu is 55 years old and people still infantilize him and treat him like a baby bird. It’s weird.

    • toro says:


    • Hrefna says:

      I think it’s because he lets himself be open and vulnerable to the world, in a way that most of us middle aged types have learned not to. These photos are a pretty good illustration of that – instead of being like “ok, I want ice cream, I have ice cream, what’s next, god my back hurts, did I get that text I’m waiting for” we see him really in the moment, savoring that ice cream, making the most of it. It’s touching, and it’s admirable.

    • Jillybean says:

      There’s something almost like an innocence he has – he just seem so sweet and kind and gentle. It’s sooooooo refreshing among all the crap

  3. Sierra says:

    I just love him, that’s all I have to say.

  4. Christina says:

    Swoon indeed. Sending this to my friends who live in Alameda.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Awww I love Alameda! I learned to drive on the old military base there. Such a beautiful area.

    • Hecate says:

      Aw, this makes me smile because my grandfather was called out of retirement to man that base during WWII. My mom talks about riding her bike on the base as a young child. I’ll tell her your comment, she’ll cry (she’s a crier)

    • Christina says:

      @Jennifer and Hecate, I taught my daughter how to drive there, too 😍
      Warm fuzzies!!!

  6. Wow2 says:

    Any Keanu story is a story I want to see.

  7. SM says:

    Now I want ice cream. Will have to work my but off at the gym today and then do the ice cream thing in the evening. This is the Keanu effect…

  8. Some chick says:

    LOL, I know where that is and it is hardly deserted! I used to walk to the cat fud store there, and they have a fancy grocery, an excellent sushi place, etc. It’s not huge but it’s active.

    It just looks like a deserted strip mall if you’re not from around here. Here in NorCal, the outdoor mall concept is so beyond “strip malls” – this place is right by the harbor, and it looks to me like he’s gone around back to enjoy the view. Also, Alameda is a super cute town. I bet they are shooting on the old naval base, as before.

    I know someone who was an extra in the big scene at the end in one of the sequels, and they shot there. He didn’t see Keanu, but he saw Halle!

    • Hecate says:

      You know, I wrote that deserted line as a joke because I was surprised not a single person came in the shot at what looks like a very well-maintained and fully leased mall. But reading it now, yeah, what was in my head at the time didn’t come across at all. Back to the drawing board!

      • SomeChick says:

        Hehehe, no worries! I love that most shopping centers here are mostly not enclosed. We’ve got it good.

        He is around back, by the water – it’s quite nice there, with a grassy area and a walking trail. And not a lot of foot traffic.

        Still bummed I missed Keanu! If I saw him I’d probably be too twitterpated to say anything anyway. 😉

  9. boredblond says:

    Always nice to see KR, but what a heading–caught’? Caught sounds like it should be paired with ‘cheating on their spouse’ or ‘shoving a fan’. ‘Caught eating..’?

  10. Chaine says:

    Love him, love the video of him making love to that sweet ice cream cone, but the receding hairline is starting to clash with the long hair! Needs a hair makeover IMO.

  11. Ms Petit says:

    I had to bring my son into Alameda for a birthday party on Saturday and apparently was in the wrong place 😫

  12. anneliser says:

    He is truly living his best life, and I am there for it! Enjoy your ice cream, Keanu. I’m sure you deserved it.

  13. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    I’m always here for pure content like this.

  14. Sean says:

    While I’m glad Keanu seems like a genuinely good person, isn’t it sad the bar for entertainers is set so low that we jump for joy because one simply does the decent thing on a regular basis?

  15. Tiffany says:

    Me: Hey guys, I just saw a story about Keanu Reeves eating ice cream in California.

    Co-worker: And….????

    Me: *stares and blink*

    Co-worker: ….that’s the story?

    Me: YES !!!!

  16. Normades says:

    I really want to know what flavor he got.

  17. Malificent says:

    What I love best is that it’s like 3 or 4 scoops on that cone. It’s not some half-scoop of joyless non-fat fro-yo meant to keep Neo at fighting weight.

  18. Charfromdarock says:

    I love Keanu but invading his privacy like this is creepy. It’s one thing to post a selfie he consented to but that Twitter video is creepy.*

    *Yes, I realize the fact that I clicked makes me a hypocrite. I would hate if someone was videotaping me without my knowledge.

    • Joanna says:

      Yeah, I think it’s kinda creepy too. And it’s from far away so he might not even have realized he was taped. Imagine waking up and seeing it on the internet!

  19. Nibbi says:

    I kind of love him more than I ever did before.
    He DOES look so happy eating his ice cream and I feel like I kind of needed that in my day.
    Also- having a girlfriend who dares wear grey hair? Ok i realize this is setting the bar pretty damn low for Hollywood men, especially foreverheartthrobs, but still. He’s … unique and special, and I want more of him in the world.

  20. Happy8 says:

    I live in Alameda and everyone was freaking out about seeing him! He was also spotted shopping at the local Big 5 store which NO one goes to really. I just love how he walks around as if he isn’t a celebrity – just doing what he wants to and being so relaxed about it.

    • MsGnomer says:

      I love this! Laughing with delight about hubbub the Keanu sighting caused because Alameda is just so low key.

    • Christina says:

      My friends in Alameda told me that the locals on Nextdoor are up in arms that he didn’t go to Tucker’s. One of my friends is from Hawaii and said that she thinks he grew up part of the time in Hawaii, and that Baskin Robbins is the ice cream everyone eats there, so it makes sense.

      For those not in Nor Cal, in the East Bay of SF, Tucker’s is sort of an ice cream institution. Their tin roof sundae is insane.

  21. Coco says:

    So lovely to see so many fellow East Bay peeps here!

  22. SJR says:

    Any Keanu sighting is fine with me!
    That photo of Keanu and his new girlfriend Alexa? Grant..not sure I have her name correct but….
    for those of us who have followed Keanu since the late 70’s…he is publicly holding her hand at a red carpet event..this is a huge tell for him.
    Mr. Reeves is well known to be a very private person. I honestly hope he finds happiness, she is so lucky to be with him. I am aware of her career etc., I just feel he is a truly kind man and whoever he is with is lucky.
    More power to Keanu.
    Keanu 2020 Make America Excellent Again! Yes, I did buy this tshirt and I wear it proudly. 🙂

  23. Rose says:

    “May I ask, do you have any dishes that play with time? The concept of time?”