Viola Davis is just like us, she fangirls Meghan and Harry, is obsessed with them

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Whenever anyone asks me my favorite celebrity I say Viola Davis. She always gets so excited when she’s interviewed, she seems genuinely herself and she rocked sneakers on stage at the Emmys! She seems so open and joyful and I appreciate that. Viola Davis is promoting her new Amazon kids show, Troop Zero, which is out tomorrow. My schedule is taken up with Oscar nominated movies but I’ll watch it when the awards season is over. Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall was interviewing Viola and her Troop Zero costar, Mckenna Grace, 13. In the clip available on YouTube, below, she asks them if they would like to work with Duchess Meghan if she returned to acting. Viola’s face lit up, she said totally, and she gushed about Meghan and Harry!

Viola Davis is just as obsessed with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as the rest of us! While discussing her new film “Troop Zero” with co-star Mckenna Grace, the Oscar winner said she’d “totally” love to act alongside the Duchess of Sussex if her step back from senior royal duties meant a return to Hollywood. “I love Meghan and Harry – like, love! … Maybe there’s a ‘Cagney & Lacey’ up there!” she said.

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Viola also repeated Zuri’s comment that she was obsessed with Meghan and Harry and Mckenna said she would like to meet a real princess! This made me think about how much Viola and Meghan are alike. There is something so likable about both of them because they come across as warm, authentic people. I truly believe that you cannot fake that and that is why Meghan resonates with so many of us. We see her, we see what she’s trying to do and when she walked away from the royal family we felt for her and hoped that she was on the other side of the vile hate and racism she’s experienced for years. I understand that not everyone likes her but it’s still hard for me to grasp how people can find her fake at all. There’s something so giving and open about her, and so many people feel that about her too. This also makes me realize that Meghan and Harry aren’t going to be out in the wind because they have so many supporters.

Here’s that clip! It’s really brief and is worth watching.

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Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex react as they leave after their visit to Canada House in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitality and support they received during their recent stay in Canada, in London on January 7, 202

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22 Responses to “Viola Davis is just like us, she fangirls Meghan and Harry, is obsessed with them”

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  1. Becks1 says:

    Aw love this! Viola is amazing.

    There is definitely something “real” about Meghan. Her personality and warmth just shine through. You can see this in the way people interact with her and gush over her after an event. People insist that “she’s an actress so she could fake it!!!” but if its all acting, then give her all the Oscars already.

    • Alexandria says:

      Right? It’s very difficult to fake it. Harry and Meghan are people persons and it shows. Camilla shows it to a large extent too because I suspect she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Anyway the entire BRF is on a stage, they are actors. The bonus is when it becomes their passion.

  2. SM says:

    With my disgust towards monarchs these days I can make my self like or moreover fangirl any of them. That goes to Harry, not Meghan. I bet part of the reason for a move was that Meghan, as a person with a job, realised and was outraged by the fact that all they do is wave to the cameras, wear diamonds and drink tea in castles. I bet she was like: you people call this work?

    • Sarah says:

      I agree completely. I said at the very beginning, when we had just discovered that Meghan and Harry were a thing, that there was no way she could be fulfilled by the royal family and their idea of ‘work’.

      • Betsy says:

        Instill can’t herb get the fact that Meghan’s slightly different but very committed and appropriate style of work wasn’t deemed appropriate. It’s mind blowing. She was doing precisely what she was tasked with, and isn’t argue certainly better than William.

        Actually, I think most the rest of them work in the style Meghan does – passion projects that they follow up with behind the scenes. Charles has been working with environmental causes, Muslim youth, architecture and organic foods…. I can’t believe they let Meg and Harry believe they weren’t important.

  3. Thinking says:

    Do u think Viola qas a fan of Meghan when she was just on Suits?

  4. fatladysinging says:

    “She seems so open and joyful and I appreciate that. ”

    Just an FYI — black women are often groomed (consciously and subconsciously) to be over the top “joyful” and “open” to overcome certain stereotypes and conform to certain racist tropes that make white people more comfortable.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Viola. I am NOT dragging her in the slightest.

    I’m just saying that some of you still need to do some thinking about why you like certain black women and not others, and the reasons behind that.

    • CommentingBunny says:

      That’s a good point, and not something I’d thought about before. Thanks for taking the time to teach, I appreciate it.

    • frenchtoast says:

      I’m reading a book about interracial commnication and studies show most white people enjoy interactions with black people whereas black people are more apprehensive in communicating with white people; because they feel the weight of the racial stereotyping and generally want to be perceived in a better light by making themselves more affable.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Interesting and thought-provoking comment.

  5. Ranter says:

    Love Viola! Love that top! Can anyone ID it? I seem to crush silk/satin like a bug when I wear them (sad panda)

  6. Thinking says:

    Dont get me wrong. I love Viola. But no one cared who Meghan was and how “wonderful” she was till she married Harry. And that would make me sad that all these people wanted to “act” with me, etc only because of who I married. I am in a situation in my life now where people want to know me because of connections I have and it makes me very uncomfortable.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Meghan was associated with the United Nations doing philanthropy before she ever met Harry. She had her blog and lots of projects and irons in the fire. She was on a show with freakin Gina Torres! who called her “Nutmeg”! People did know her and want to know her. Her career wasn’t in the stratosphere but that doesn’t mean anything other than she hadn’t had a breakthrough role yet. Lots of people struggle for years before their big break — look at Sharon Stone. And lots of people never make it. Meghan had found more success as an actress than most people ever do in other lines of work, she had millions in net worth she’d earned.

      I was with someone much more successful than me, and it was not, indeed, easy. Especially for a woman. But the important thing is to hold on to your self and your work. Not lose yourself. Keep doing what brings you meaning and joy.

  7. Avery says:

    I wouldn’t say she’s being disingenuous. MM just wasn’t on her radar. We have all been exposed to someone and started to like and admire them. Everyone that wasn’t a fan of Suits and wasn’t aware of her, but sees what MM is about and what a lovely person she is- now we are fake? Ok….

  8. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    I love Viola too and for those saying would she know Meghan from Suits? I’d say yes. Again, I read The Root often and they have an article about people known in the African-American community that no one else knows. It’s pretty much the same for Natives, comedians that we love, or actors, or musicians, or writers, or artists that just aren’t mainstream, but we know, keep track of and support. So, that’s my guess anyway.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I love Viola too. She’s an incredibly talented actress, and just seems to be an awesome person as well. One of my favorite celebrities!

    I like Meghan and thinks she comes across as very warm and friendly too. I don’t get the dislike either (aside from the obvious).

  10. kerwood says:

    I think a lot of Black women have a special feeling for the Duchess of Sussex. When she married a prince of England, many of us saw her as getting a chance at the ‘fairy tale’ dream that so many of us were denied. Many Black mothers make a point to tell their Black daughters NOT to dream about being princesses or fairy tales because it’s ‘not for us’. It’s done out of love and care but it’s still hard to accept.

    I don’t think there’s a Black woman on the face of the earth who was surprised by the racist abuse that the Duchess was subjected to. We’ve ALL been through it. That’s probably why it was so hard for us to watch. We KNEW how much it hurt; we’ve felt that pain.

    Yes, of course, Meghan was marrying into an institution based on racism, sexism, imperialism and any number of bad things. But she thought she could change things. She had HOPE. Sometimes that’s the only thing a Black woman has. It’s what enabled us to keep our people going through the darkest times.

    Viola Davis’ amazing talent and achievement has given hope to a lot of Black girls and women who were interested in careers in performing arts but didn’t think ‘girls like them’ could make it. I’m not surprised she’s a fan of the Duchess of Sussex. It would be VERY cool if they could meet. I think it would be good for Meghan to sit down with a group of her supporters and see just how many of us, Black, Brown, White, ALL KINDS OF WOMEN, are in her corner.

    • Green Desert says:

      So. Much. This. I am biracial (black/white) and I identify with everything you say. It’s also why I defend Meghan and Harry here. I think if you’re black and have paid attention to the stories about them, you GET it.

  11. SandyBay says:

    Agree, you can’t have an opinion about someone until they show up on your radar. I remember watching the morning political talk shows one Sunday in 2004 and hearing Donna Brazille, a democratic political operative, ask people to check out the keynote speaker at John Kerry’s Democratic convention that summer. I did. The speaker was a young, up and coming politician named Barack Obama. He certainly existed before that speech, but it put him on people’s radar and the rest is history.