Prince Harry did his ‘last event’ as a full-time senior royal at Buckingham Palace

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Here are some photos of Prince Harry today at Buckingham Palace, where he launched the 2021 Rugby League World Cup Mental Fitness Charter. The royal reporters on Twitter – and the Daily Mail’s coverage – are all lamenting how this could be “Harry’s last job as a senior royal.” Like, I get that I’ve been calling it Sussexit and talking about everything as if Harry and Meghan are going to Canada and they’ll never return, but the reality is that they WANT to be able to return, and they want to be able to work in the UK and make appearances on behalf of the crown. They just probably won’t be allowed to. Harry: “Actually, I would love to keep working in the UK, I just need a mental health break with my wife, who has been racially abused for two solid years.” Everyone in the royal family & British media: “The Sussexes are going away and never coming back, because they’re terrible people and Meghan is black!”

Anyway, Harry launched the thing and there were kids and Harry made jokes. He told the kids to mind the grass “or I’ll get in trouble.” The Royal Rota was there, covering the event, and some of the peeps even tried to ask Harry some questions about Sussexit and Harry didn’t take the bait. Per the DM: “He went quiet when the assembled royal media that he and Meghan despise asked how talks with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William about his future were going. He appeared to laugh out loud and gave a look to one of his aides as he ignored the question, striding back into the palace without saying a word – a poignant end to what could be his swansong as a frontline royal before moving to North America.” The royal reporters are SO SALTY, they can barely contain themselves.

As for the actual event and what it was all about, obviously the SussexRoyal Instagram had more information than salty Royal Rota peeps.

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Introducing the Rugby League World Cup 2021 Mental Fitness Charter – a new initiative created by the RFL that will champion the importance of good mental fitness and create sustainable legacy the sport can be proud of. The Duke was announced Patron of the Rugby Football League in December 2016, after it was given to him by Her Majesty The Queen. He is proud to support the Rugby League and the steps made to improve the sport! The initiative announcement comes ahead of today’s live RLWC2021 World cup draw with The Duke of Sussex, alongside representatives of all 21 nations involved, in Buckingham Palace. By “the final whistle of the final game” of @RLWC2021, the charter commits to: • – Train every player, team official, match official, teammate and volunteer to look after their own mental fitness and the mental fitness of those around them. – Support tournament players to take their experiences home and develop mental fitness awareness within their own Rugby League communities. – Deliver mental fitness workshops to 8,000 young Rugby League players, and their parents. – Train grass roots coaches to continue delivering mental fitness workshops and leave a sustainable tournament legacy. This comes at a vital time for both the sport and mental health awareness, with suicide being the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49 here in UK. Given that 93% of the 42,000 Rugby league players and 70% of spectators are male, the mental fitness charter is of huge importance to help educate both players and audiences of the benefits of looking after one’s mental wellness. Video © @RLWC2021

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  1. Eyeroll says:

    “ He appeared to laugh out loud and gave a look to one of his aides as he ignored the question, striding back into the palace without saying a word“

    Bwhahahaha! I love it! Harry give no f*cks! Good riddance to bad rubbish imo.

    Also love that he’s creating another mental health initiative. It’s clear to anyone without racist/bigoted goggles that they’ll continue their work and I have a feeling they’ll be able to do more in their time away than they’ve been able to do in the past 3 years.

  2. Melissa says:

    Class act, and a sense of humor to boot.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    He looks great! Like his wife at her visit in Vancouver he looks bright and happy. The royal family really messed up with this one. They had a goldmine with the Sussex’s now they have the others.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Bill and Kate-dull, dull, dull by comparison. They’re lucky they have their kids to make them interesting…

  4. MellyMel says:

    Him laughing out loud and then walking away is such a boss move and absolutely hilarious!! He does not care AT ALL lol!

    • a reader says:

      I LOVE this “no f*cks given” version of Harry!!

    • Yeah …but those reporters love to spin…Tatler article says Harry emitted a nervous laugh. Damn the RR and others are so full of themselves. I thought he looked confident and smoking!

      • I mentioned on another thread that according to Lainey, because event was at BP, BP determined news agencies allowed direct access. Every reporter close to the event were all the Royal Rota. All the others had to wait off site and get news and photos from RR. I looked at footage and agencies like CBC, CNN, PEOPLE were all doing their reports with front of Buckingham Palace in their camera backgrounds. I agree with Lainie, I think BP couriers / communications were sending Harry a clear message as to how they see it. Although, I don’t think Harry gave a flying fig. Must have been just one more bullet point in all the nasty behavior from the Firm to the Sussexes as far as he’s concerned.

  5. Becks1 says:

    This mental fitness charter seems great. I like that it has concrete goals and plans and I like how they tied its announcement into the rugby world cup tournament draw.

    He seemed confident and happy. Its clear that he and Meghan both have no regrets.

  6. Charfromdarock says:

    The Royal Family and Royal Rota have been so shortsighted these past few years. They had two driven passionate people who have and will continue to do so much good.

    It isn’t that Kate and Normal Bill are dull (which they are), it is that they are lazy. As future future king, he should be ashamed of himself that he isn’t leading in the number of engagements per year. His senior citizen Father and Aunt work circles around him.

    I hope Meghan and Harry have a peaceful and fulfilled life.

  7. Abena Asantewaa says:

    Canada is not on another planet! The reporters are deliberatly misinforming us, and giving us the impression that, H&M are quitting the royal family and their patronages, thank God we have The Sussexe’s statement, and we know better. H&M , having The Sussexit Manifesto puts them at an advantage, because the Palace would have to work with it and make their decision. Side note; Harry is looking Freshooo!

  8. kerwood says:

    THIS is what he likes to do and he’s so good at it! The British royal family has lost such a major asset, one of their most important. And all they had to do was be decent human beings and defend a member of their family who was being abused.

    Good luck staying relevant now, BRF.

  9. Melissa says:

    The whole Rota thing boggles the mind. How has no one in the orbit of the BRF suggested in the past 25 years that the Rota system needed to be updated with the rise of internet media? And how has no one suggested that it needed to be updated to accommodate social media? It’s like the Rota pool have had this ridiculous advantage to exclusive coverage when the BRF could’ve been using their own photogs and Facebook for the past decade, and now the RRs are having a hissy fit because they aren’t relevant anymore. Like, get with it- print media has been on hard times for 15 years. They should have seen this coming.

    • Emily says:

      Its so true! It’s like they have no idea at all how PR works.

      • Whatever says:

        One of the first articles I read, when Harry and Meghan made their initial announcement, stated there had been numerous attempts to change the Royal Rota system over the years but all attempts fell on deaf ears. My interpretation of that is that the Royal household were the ones wanting the change but the Newspapers/Royal Reporters didn’t play ball. Damn, I wish I could find the article where I read that.

      • Becks1 says:

        I read somewhere else that Princess Anne does not participate in the rota system. If that is true, then its clear there is precedent for H&M’s decision so the RRs shouldn’t be THAT surprised.

    • I think, because of all the unpublished dirt they have on people like Andrew, Charles, William etc etc etc. I think you could call it blackmail.

  10. TheOriginalMia says:

    Just responded to a nasty comment saying neither Harry nor Meghan are intelligent enough to realize general public opinion is disappointment and anger and therefore, they should stay out of the spotlight. What the hell? They didn’t abandon the RF. They said they would work for the RF when the Queen ask. The haters are just ridiculous.

  11. Who ARE These People? says:

    Good message, well delivered. They’re both just getting on with their lives.

  12. ChillyWilly says:

    I love that Harry basically laughed in the Royal Rotas faces.

  13. Becks1 says:

    Also, question about rugby. So this was the draw for the 2021 rugby championships? Why do they do it so early? I assumed it was for 2020.

  14. Meg says:

    ‘As for the actual event and what it was all about, obviously the SussexRoyal Instagram had more information than salty Royal Rota peeps.’
    And that says so much about this royal machine, they don’t actually care about the charities if it means putting their need for a positive popular image on the backburner. I’m sure some in the family are less like this than Will and Charles but the whole royal machine is built on not actually caring about philanthropy like Meghan does who did it because she wanted to not because of who she married.

  15. Miriam says:

    Why are people speculating and spreading it as fact that they’re moving to Canada?? Their OWN statement states that thryre going to divide their time between north america and uk during “transition”.

    They are certainly not QUITTING or abandoning their charities. If anything harry announcing the 2021 invictus games host is an example of how they remain committed to their work.

  16. mess says:

    In the Sussexes’ shoes, I would also be extremely frustrated with how the RR – which effectively has been privileged with first-right access to the BRF – ignores the value / causes of the charities or events that the Sussexes are supporting / championing to focus on frivolous gossips or details. Why would the RR shout that question to Harry here but to ruffle his feathers? There was no possibility of him giving an actual or meaningful answer and it was just simply not the time nor place to do so. I recall reading Omid Scobie’s twitter thread highlighting the lovely story of each winner of the Well Child Award thinking that this was how coverage of these events should be. I thought of how the Travalyst cause was pretty much ignored in favour of the private jet mess (rational people can both criticise use of private jet when unnecessary AND laud a good environmental initiative at the same time) and how unlikely it is that any of the RR from the British media would have the empathy and humility to give a thoughtful coverage on what these two Vancouver charities are about. Not surprised if they feel guilty too – even though it’s not their fault – for ‘taking away’ the focus from the charities. To be able to let go of that guilt by taking control of the narrative away from the RR – I’d say that’s enough to lift a lot off their shoulders. No wonder Meghan’s glowing.

    There’s no understanding the people who hates Meghan so much. You are the company you keep and among the Meghan haters are those who believe Archie was borne via a surrogate and Lord knows what other bonkers stories they come up with, and Piers Morgan. So I’m just gonna conclude that her haters are either racist nuts or vile or racist POS or both.

  17. Faye G says:

    I’m so happy for Harry and Megan! It seems like a great weight has been lifted off their shoulders, his response to the media here shows that he feel so free from their intrusiveness.

    Someone else mentioned that William and Kate seems so dull in comparison. I agree. It’s interesting that Harry has a number of causes and charities that I could name off the top of my head (Sentebale, Invictus) but what is associated with William? I never really see photos of him looking engaged with his charities, I couldn’t name a single one. Just strange. And Harry is here, after a difficult week of scrutiny, looking happy and present and connected. Such a world of difference between the two.

  18. Leah Ludwig says:

    “Ruby is a community. And one that takes care of its own”. Hope the RF heard that.

  19. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I remember when the palace first tried to push the “Fab Four” narrative. But after that, Harry and Meghan’s “value” in the eyes of the family morphed into the “villain” role, the couple to throw under the bus when a distraction was needed. Racist attacks went unchallenged as long as it distracted from other family member’s negative press. And now the “Fab” half of the four is gone, leaving the dregs. The royal family really squandered an opportunity to make them relevant again.

    • Yeah. I rewatched that recently and I found William and Kate’s facial expressions and body language cringe worthy. I don’t think was working even then.

    • PrincessK says:

      The Royal Family panicked when they saw how successful the Oceanic tour was. I still think that Harry and Meghan will do overseas tours representing the royal family but the problem will be this royal rota nonsense that Harry doesn’t want to be part of, how can they work around that. Commonwealth countries and most countries are NOT interested in having visits from the boring Cambridges. A source in the Foreign Office said that the Sussexes get the most requests for visits.

  20. Flying Fish says:

    I cannot wait to see what Meghan and Harry will do as they take on the world!