Video of Miley Cyrus pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards


Miley Cyrus is at that tender age where you want to be older more than anything in the world. You remember what it was like to be in the 14-16 range, where you knew you would instantly be so much cooler and life would be so much better if you were only 18? Well not only is Miley still in that place (she’s 16), but she’s got loads of fame, money, and power, which means her moments of acting more adult than she should sometimes end up in front of the entire world.

Excellent example: last night at the Teen Choice Awards, Miley performed her newest single “Party in the U.S.A.” According to MTV, the theme of the performance was “Blinged out trailer park,” or something of that nature. Miley emerges from a trailer, dances around on the “trailer trash set,” sings that annoyingly catchy little ditty that I now can’t get out of my head, and then walks over to an ice cream pushcart. What can possibly go wrong?

Miley Cyrus is a teen star with a wholesome image. But there was nothing innocent about her dance routine at the Teen Choice Awards last night. Dressed in micro shorts, black leather biker boots and wearing piles of jewellery, the 16-year-old appeared older than her years as she cavorted around a pole onstage.

Perhaps Miley, the star of Hannah Montana, was hoping to charm an older audience than her loyal teenage fanclub. She is currently filming her break-out movie role The Last Song, which is seen as a vehicle to introduce her to an older audience.

Although already a multi-millionaire from her successful careers as a pop star and TV and movie actress, Miley is now hoping to translate her success as a Disney star into a long-term career. Last night was an undeniable triumph for Miley, who picked up no less than six awards, all voted for by her teenage fans.

She won surfboards for comedy TV actress and comedy TV show for Hannah Montana, music/dance movie actress and hissy fit for the Hannah Montana movie, music single for The Climb and summer song for Before the Storm.

[From the Daily Mail]

Someone in the audience was brave enough to film Miley’s performance, so it’s all over the internet even though the show isn’t being broadcast until tonight. Miley grates on my nerves a bit, but I honestly have to defend her here. Was it necessary or appropriate to have a kid her age dancing against a pole? No. Is it nearly as gratuitous as a lot of articles are making it out to be? No. For the majority of the time she’s with the pole, she’s note “pole dancing” with it. I’d say she does that four times total: once at the beginning and three times at the end before she walks off to another part of the set.

Her parents and everyone else involved should have been smarter than to let her do that. And I think it makes it really clear the people in her life are all about her career and helping her successfully transition into the adult showbiz arena. It was a poor, poor choice. But it’s not insanely inappropriate, like her “Vanity Fair” topless shoot. Britney Spears shocked a lot of people with her teenage performances, and I’d say Miley’s little dance is on par with that, but not worse. But still definitely not a good decision. And while it might earn her a little more attention now, I don’t think it’ll do her any favors in the long run. It just makes her look like that proverbial little kid trying to act like a grownup.

Let’s not forget the Cyrus family has a history of letting their young daughters pole dance. Dlisted has photos of 9-year-old Noah Cyrus and her little friends at a pre-party for the Teen Choice Awards posing with a pole while outfitted in…. I don’t even know how to describe it. Tween ho gear, I guess.

Here’s Miley (with sister Leticia and singer Fergie) at the arrival for the Teen Choice Awards. Images thanks to and Fame Pictures .

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  1. mrst says:

    i don’t care if she was dancing on the pole, near the pole, if the pole was attached to an ice cream cart (WTF???) she knows exactly what dancing near/on a pole means. trashy. i can’t believe her parents let her do that. embarrassing.

  2. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Just a pure Christian country flower, she is !! Where’s NBC’s Chris Hansen when you REALLY need him ?

  3. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Dubbed a new word for under-aged girls dressing like hookers: Pros-tit-tots.

  4. Cinderella says:

    It’s absolutely frightening to think what might be going through her stalker’s mind after seeing something like this.

    She’s waaay too young to be performing in that manner. Her parents are idiots.

  5. Tony says:

    I just find her annoying.

  6. mxml says:

    big fucking deal. you people need to get a life.

  7. d says:

    big woop. I’ve seen way worse on prime time tv ala Hills and that bs. It’s not like she was gyrating on it and swinging on it

  8. wow says:

    Why, Miley? Why? What’s the point? I’m really getting sick of these young little girls putting themselves in these positions of doing provacative things and then proclaiming “opps, didn’t know” comebacks.

    None of these innicidents are mistakes. They know what they are doing. Even Vanessa Hudgens has new topless picture out there again as if she didn’t learn anything from before. We can also add Ashley Green from Twilight to the list. Just disappointment all around. These girls have great things going for them (careers, continuous work) and they piss in the face of it by doing stupid stuff like this.

    I would expect this from Miley, Vanessa and that bunch, but I thought Ashley Greene seemed to have a better head on her shoulders than to go this route.

  9. Mairead says:

    Plus point: She was singing live.
    Minus: It sounded terrible.

    Minus point: She was holding onto a pole. (inanimate variety, not ethnic variety)
    plus point: She wasn’t bloody pole dancing!

    And the Vanity Fair backless shot (not topless, that’s misrepresentation and you know it. It’s like saying someone was posing in a bra and knickers when they’re wearing a bikini), that was not “wildly inappropriate.” it was a very beautifully done image, with only her back on show, obviously wearing other clothes and was the closet thing to art this poor child has been exposed to – and some of the writers here as well by the look of it.

  10. Laura says:

    Hahaha, “Leticia” is her mom! But, I see how people might think it’s her sister. She does try very hard 🙂

  11. crash2GO2 says:

    Oh. Well. Remember her Father considers himself her friend first. That might have something to do with it. I dunno.

  12. Diabloht says:

    Achy Breaky Career.

  13. connie says:

    sorry, Hieronymus Grex Michael K over at dlisted beat you to that one…

    and mairead, while the photo shoot for vanity fair was lovely and of lebowitz(spelling?) fame, it was a definite attempt to create a lolita look. A concept which was, ahem, mature for a girl in her position

  14. Baby says:

    It could be that the pole was just there for her to hang onto while they push the cart thing around. Doubt it though. Not to mention the outfit. They could have tried to make it look like a may pole or something. I think Disney is trying to stir up enough controversy around her so that they can move her to something more mature. Demi, Selena, et al are ready to take her place now.

  15. This is pretty sad, I hope she doesn’t turn out to be another “oops” dirty pix before my movie comes out etc…


  16. Ignatz says:



    Well done, Heironymus.

  17. gracie says:

    Her parents should be shot. Pry open their hands and take the stacks of money out of them and make them get real jobs.

    Miley is becoming everything you would not want your child to be. Spoiled, old before her time, entitled, smug, and willing to do anything she can to make a buck.

    I don’t believe that her parents are driving her choices or career anymore. I think Miley herself knows this crap sells and she is so inflated with her idea of her self-worth and importance that she needs this crap to feel relevant.

    But it’s her parents fault for starting this all in the first place. Making her the cash cow that all of them get to live off of. It’s sickening.

    We haven’t heard the last from Miley either. How long has Lindsey been going downhill? Pretty soon it will be Miley in those headlines when she is old enough to cut herself loose.

    Just my opinion.

  18. gracie says:

    Plus, mean or not, everytime I see a picture of her smiling like that, I just want to smack her smug little face.

    Billy Ray too with his highlights and that same ha, ha, look at me smile.

  19. casey says:

    miley has continued to stretch the envelope with semi nude photos, crazy offensive comments, and now pole dancing in hot pants at a show for little kids, but dumb as parents continue give their teens access to her. she is not a role model. it seems the more these girls expose themselves the more work and the more popular they become. this is a “shameless” society. there is no action or deed that causes “shame” anymore. anything for fame.

  20. Sharky says:

    Uh, Grex, “Prostitots” has been a semi-recognized word for quite a while now. It emerged from the Britney era when places like Target started marketing slutty clothes to little girls.

  21. Firestarter says:

    Sorry, but Prostitot has been a saying over at dlisted for almost two years.

  22. Katyusha says:

    My father would’ve slit my throat if I wore that skirt when I was her age.

  23. moo says:

    And she’ll be soooo surprised when a bunch of new stalkers come out to haunt her…. “well, gee willikers… now why’d he go do that for?? I’m just a good old cuntry girl, ya’ll”….

  24. Robert says:

    I don’t really think that pole was a pole dancing pole, it’s too short. Pretty sure it was for her to not fall off the cart when they pushed it.

  25. tasteT says:

    I too, would like to smack that lil smug look off of her face and her singing was HORRIBLE!!!!

    fast ass! she gives off the impression that she gets it on the regular..

    My niece will no longer be following her, I spoke w/her mom last week..

    I don’t like anything about her HOT lil butt!!

    at least in public ACT like you are your age and behind close doors, do whatever your parents let you..which seems to be everything.

    she looks like “come around and see me sometime”…her daddy will have to buy her a husband EARLY, you can tell.

  26. tasteT says:

    She looks more adult than Christiana Aguliera did when she covered the Kids choice awards w/Geenie in a bottle..when she first started..

    and she is a disney/nick kid?

  27. Aussie says:

    Look I love Miley and Billy and all that, but tell me; Why do all the Disney kids come across as innocent, wholesome etc, then hit a certain age and portray the exact opposite?
    Vanessa, Brittney, Xtina, Miley, it’s like they get to a certain age and it’s slut on?
    Something really sad about that.

  28. Sister Mary Francis says:

    Even Jesus knows prosti-tots was coined by MK at D-listed and copied HEAVILY by that hack Wendie at the worst web site in the world, Evil Beet.

    If you ever want to take a swim in a fountain of misinformation and revel in the idiotic comments of slow teenagers Evil Beet is for you. Every time i read that trite crap I get the feeling God himself has punched me in my lady nuts.

  29. MomInNH says:

    Ok, I saw the video of her “performance” on youtube and she does in fact use the pole in her whole routine. She spreads her legs with the pole in between them.. She’s not just holding on to it for stability, and even then… Maybe if she was on the floor she wouldn’t need the pole to hang on to or use to twirl around with it between her legs. Just disgusting. Just sickening.

    Is it any wonder she’s got grown men stalking her? Look how she portrays herself. Certainly not like the child she is.. She constantly keeps saying “Look at me!! Look how grown up and adult I am! I date fully grown men even though any other adult man who dates an underaged girl would be prosecuted for statutory rape!” Does she really wonder why she gets the reaction she gets from the public? The audience she was performing for shows how much we’re all bored with her trying to act like she’s a sex starved adult.

    You can’t SAY how you’re a good religious zealot who reads her bible and goes to church… And then behave the way she chooses to. Because if you’re behaving in a way that your religion says is an abomination… How do you expect people not to treat you like you’re one!?!

  30. the original kate says:

    wow – she really really cannot sing.

  31. Firestarter says:

    Sister Mary Francis- LOL and ITA.

  32. Magsy says:

    She’s such a little hick!

  33. st0rmy1 says:

    Perhaps I’m being dense, but the whole “pole” thing looked more like a way for her to keep her balance while they moved the cart, the same carts that usually have umbrellas on said “pole” — which would be rather silly indoors, in a stage concert, and obscure the view of the star…

    And yes, I can see it as suggestive behaviour, but being “nice and cute” doesn’t exactly draw headlines. It’s certainly not as bad as what goes on elsewhere these days.

  34. Tiffany says:

    Yes Stormy, it did look that way from the performance and I am sure that is what her rep is going to explain. I think that the problem, people or just tired of the explanation and her throwing people under the bus. I for one am a little upset at the whole family and PR team after they basically called Annie L. an exploiter. They little girl and her father should be so lucky to have a respected photographer of that caliber taking your photo. She is not innocent and she needs to stop saying ‘I’m only 16 and still growing’ line, it is tiresome and old and even some of her fans are not buying it anymore.

    FYI- The tour that she is pulling together with Metro Station, the one without the Hannah Montana alter ego, is not doing spectacular in ticket sales. Maybe the things she has been doing lately are a big deal.

  35. efc2 says:

    look, even if miley wore a mumu, her stalker would be salivating. sweatpants or a miniskirt, it doesn’t matter. there will always be perverts, and that’s not her fault. don’t blame her for having a stalker. no one deserves it – she’s a 16 year old kid, and yes, she’s a brat who may not fully understand the consequences of her actions. no one asks to be stalked. she was dancing next to a pole and her outfit was skank-tastic, but we should really stop over-analyzing her actions. nothing she’s doing hasn’t been seen by tweens before. i think people have convinced her that any attention is good attention, but she’s not looking to be a pervert’s fantasy. her rolemodel is britney spears for goodness sake! hopefully she can move this in a new direction. her music videos are always tasteful. a la chris crocker – leave miley alone!

  36. Hot Gadgets says:

    Miley.. We dont need another britney spears for christ’s sake..

  37. Joe says:

    I’d do her.

  38. Bina says:

    Never mind the pole, what about the damn clothes? I feel sorry for American children if this is their role model.

  39. Jazz says:

    Megan Fox 2.0

  40. yae says:

    Hollywood is for the fantasies of middle-aged men. I remember when kids on disney acted like KIDS. That child in the back with the red shorts…… Can those shorts get any smaller without being a bikini bottom? My father would have had a heart attack and I was raised in the 80’s.

  41. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Sorry, but Prostitot has been a saying over at dlisted for almost two years.

    sorry, Hieronymus Grex Michael K over at dlisted beat you to that one…

    Excuse me I didn’t hear you after the first 18 times. What was that?

  42. omondieu says:

    Nothing like an airstream trailer, hotpants, and a pole to reaffirm your status as white trash princess.

    I’m not buying the statement that the pole was ONLY there for Miley to hold on to while her dancers pushed her around. The ice cream cart was only there to tone down the fact that she was holding on to a pole, to make it innocent and cute; it makes it seem as though the pole is only there to serve a purpose (to enable her to keep her balance). There are other ways that routine could have been executed. The innuendo is clear. Most people aren’t ignorant enough to miss it.

  43. TaylorB says:

    Holy cripes that skirt is mighty short. My parents wouldn’t have let me out of the house in that getup when I was her age.

  44. GrnMtGirl says:

    Tiffany wrote: “I for one am a little upset at the whole family and PR team after they basically called Annie L. an exploiter. They little girl and her father should be so lucky to have a respected photographer of that caliber taking your photo.”

    I concur and believe that Miley and her family owe Annie Leibovitz a public apology! I cannot believe that anyone would have the balls to diss a world class photographer the way they did. I have no tolerance for the Cyrus family.

  45. MeowBea says:

    What a stupid, stupid girlMiley! …and this is why you have a these perv/stalker after you!! ;)I’m surprised Disney is paying this talentless fool to screw up the minds off their young audience. As for Britney I feel she is a lost cast the only reason why now she seems normal is because she is on medication. WHY are these girls(Xtina Jessica Vanessa etc..) striving to be whores!!:@

  46. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    THE MOUTH people…look at the state of that thing. Money, pots of, get it fixed.

    Also – she is a wh0re, her father is her pimp and I wish her nothing but bad things. She knows what she’s doing, she knows why she’s doing it. I have no problem with anyone slutting it up for money but call a spade a spade and quit it with the ‘good Christian girl’ schtick. You are a wh0re Horse Mouth. Plain and simple.

  47. andito says:

    so what if she has one slutty performance…ok so she did a little pole thing which wasnt even a pole dance people are god damn over reacting everyone needs to calm down seriously its not like she started stripping..god some damn people are so fucking annoying!

  48. MeowBea says:

    *last & final Comment* I Hate MILEY!
    As for the Annie L. photo – It was inappropriate!! No Offense to Annie L.
    Annie L. does take great photograph but (Miley) is under age!! HELLO
    As for Britney being her “role model” WOW NO WONDER SHE IS Striving to be a whore & a perverts fantasy!! (soon we’ll here she is unsure of her sexuality) Yeap I said it because it’s true – action speak LOUDER than words- and she has taken almost naked if not naked pic’s – why is everyone still acting like she is a “SAINT” she is a slut if not striving to be!! & Scene 😀

  49. fizXgirl314 says:

    There are already so many women gyrating their hips in a mini skirt on tv… it’s becoming boring… why not hold off on it for at least a little while?

    btw, how would she fix her mouth? i mean it’s odd, but what would she do short of sowing her upper lip to her gums or something…

  50. Hugh Johnson says:

    Man, she is HOTTTTTTTT…grass on the field…PLAY BALL!!

  51. reg says:

    when’s the sex tape with her boy toy coming out? lets ask Billy Ray.

  52. nonok says:

    a. she’s 16! her frontal cortex isn’t done developing yet. she can’t see the future consequences of her actions. that’s why, legally, we don’t let teenagers make adult decisions. its a biological fact.

    b. i’m shocked that people are calling this girl a ‘whore’. You can be sexy, dress sexy, dance sexy without being a slut or putting out all the time. Its sexist bullsh*t. The ‘whore’ name-calling is the same ideology that makes girls think they need to put out naked pictures for publicity the same day their movie comes out.

    c. you’re only young once. i’m happy you all weren’t around to comment on my less-considered actions as a 16 year old.

  53. MomInNH says:

    In case you had any doubts about the entire Cyrus clan… There is now video footage of Miley’s 9 year old sister playing around with the pole during a pre-show event at the Teen choice awards.

  54. VIRGO 6 says:


  55. annonymous says:

    omg you lot are so sad thats hardly anything theres worse then that on kids prgrammes

  56. Debbie says:

    I blame her pitiful parents!! Kids are the result of their upbringing. If her parents are ok with this trash then so be it. Like all other child stars, they’re nothing but a money making commodity for mommy dearest and wacko daddy. Look at Britney, Lindsey, and let’s not forget Michael Jackson. His dad pushed him the same way and look how he ended up. I don’t see anything good coming from this. PITIFUL….

  57. tata says:

    OH! People get over it that is not pole dancing I have seen worse the girl is growing up leave her alone already —–HATERS!!!!

  58. Lalaine30 says:

    I don’t get it. I didn’t see anything racy or provocative in her performance. People are over reacting and over analyzing everything she does again. IT’S DEFINITELY NOT A POLE DANCING!

  59. Lauren says:

    i just think it was unnecessary. We all know what kind of women use poles when they dance… although she wasn’t really pole dancing it was still inappropriate. She’s not even 21 yet! I think now she does this kind of stuff for this negative attention.

  60. L.Maik says:

    Pole dancing? please.
    For starters, she barely stays near that “pole” for about a minute. You’re overreacting.
    Secondly, for this to be considered a pole dance, she should have taken off at least ONE piece of clothes… and in this case, was exactly the opposite. Watch carefully and she is handed a hat by someaone, wich she actually WEARS.
    Third, and I think it’s the central point here, most of you say that girls like Vanessa, Miley and some others are doing “this kind of nasty stuff” and it will ultimatelly blow in their faces and ruin their carrer (BTW, which career, anyway?), but ask yourselves this: what if they’re actally getting PAID to do EXACTLY THIS KIND OF STUFF?
    I think you are just a sad bunch of puritans and that you need to get a life. Away from TV, if possible.

  61. L.Maik says:

    @VIRGO 6: “We Smart Adults?” Dude… you need to read a couple books before you can actually start to comprehend what “smart” is. Smart people know for fact that you don’t use UPPERCASE in your WHOLE text here in the internet… it’s considered yelling. And rude, to say the least. and Jamie Fox is NOT plural… see if you “smart adult” understand that one.
    @Lauren: Yes, we know what kind of women uses poles when they dance… the ones getting paid by politicians, priests, drug dealers and maybe even your husband because you don’t look sexy anymore.
    @Debbie: I could say a lot more about your puritan, single-minded comment, but who cares about what you say? “Kids are the result of their upbringing”? Yeah… I’m sure your comment is the result of a LOT of slaps in the head.

  62. CarinC4 says:

    Um……..ok…just saw the vid….um how is that performance not INAPPROPRIATE??!!! It’s the Teen choice awards not an Aspiring Teen Stripper Convention. Ok, so she didnt do all the bend over & grinding tactics….but even for a 16 year old, dancing in extreme short shorts NEAR a pole, in front of IMPRESSIONABLE tweens & the like is wrong on so many levels….and believe me, she cudnt have not realised that the pole on the ice cream truck was similar to the actual….
    All these celebrites try to play the dumb card- “Oh i’m sorry, i didnt kno”
    “it wasnt suppose to look like that”
    But all these antics ae for shock value to stay relevant in the media, however bad or good coverage. Sickening.

  63. I can see why parents reacted like this.

  64. Teresa says:

    OMG! I can’t believe you ppl! I heard about this a couple weeks ago but have just finished watching the video for the first time and I have this to say…. YOU PPL NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!” I mean jeez! She was practically doing nothing more than holding on while being pushed across the floor atop a icecream cart! One time she squats while simi dancing and even then it appeared that she was a footand half away from the pole. I rode past the playground last week and saw elementery childern doing the same thing with the monkey bars, does this mean these children were pole dancing? The other day i was outside hanging my clothes on the line when a sudden wind came out of no where…. I had to grap on to the pole that holds my line up…. OMG I Was POLEDANCING!!!!! Get a life ppl and leave the girl alone! She’s not 10 anymore and if you guys are this uptight maybe you shouldn’t allow your 10 yrs olds to watch nothing more than Barney!!!

  65. bee says:

    omg, really, thats it??? holy crap people need to get a life, and it’s not her parents that have control over it, it’s her manager and the record company… get over it… i know plenty of teenagers even younger than her that do way worse

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