Angelina Jolie is ‘looking for a global company to support her global ambitions’

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil European Premiere at BFI IMAX, London

It’s no secret that I’m an Angelina Jolie stan, just as it’s no secret that I’ve side-eyed Brad Pitt’s enormously successful Oscar campaign the past two months. I don’t really begrudge Pitt his Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA and Oscar. What I do begrudge is the narrative that Brad is Mr. Hollywood and his wins are indicative of how Poor Angelina isn’t popular within Hollywood. I think Angelina could have made a point of reminding people of her existence throughout Brad’s awards season and she chose not to. I think it’s worth examining why she allowed him to drive his own Oscar narrative without saying anything. I believe it’s because… she’s just over it. It’s been more than three years since she left him and she’s moved on emotionally. So, people are wondering “what’s next” for Angelina following Brad’s Prom King crowning. Via Page Six/Variety:

While Brad Pitt was the toast of awards season — winning his first Oscar Sunday night for his supporting role in “Once Upon a Time in . . . Hollywood” — his ex, Angelina Jolie, has been planning to step out in an even higher-profile capacity as an advocate for humanitarian causes. Jolie just signed with WME following stints with rival agencies CAA and UTA. Sources say Jolie’s plan is to create more documentaries, books and other initiatives around the projects she cares about, including protecting refugees and education for kids in conflict zones.

Insiders say that while recent Jolie movies such as “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” haven’t done as well as expected at the box office, she plans to continue acting. She has two films, “Eternals” and “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” set for release this year. But a source said Jolie, 44, wants to simultaneously step out in a new direction: “Angelina has been looking for a global company to support her global ambitions . . . She wants to diversify and to grow. This is all about helping Angelina create a platform to use her knowledge of international humanitarian causes . . . She has been asking, ‘How do I use my platform to get more people involved and invested in the causes?’ The discussions have been about documentaries, events, speeches, books, cause-driven movies.”

Jolie, who split from Pitt in 2016, has for years been advocating on behalf of refugees as a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Her book “Notes From My Travels” describes meeting with displaced people in more than 30 countries and in war zones. She wants to highlight “forgotten emergencies,” crises that do not attract media attention. Jolie has also pushed for legislation to aid vulnerable children and young immigrants in the US and developing countries, education for young girls with the Malala Fund and women’s rights. Reps for WME did not comment, and a rep for Jolie did not comment.

[From Page Six]

Is it just me or does this sound so much like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s goals too? They should all rent a house together and work on these issues. In Angelina’s case, her new goals are really just an extension of the work she’s been doing for two decades, starting with her ambassadorship with the UNHCR and going through her international foundations in Cambodia, Ethiopia and Namibia. “Angelina has been looking for a global company to support her global ambitions…” Disney? Amazon? Hm.

Also: Variety reports that Angelina Jolie is still attached to the Bride of Frankenstein reboot, and the studio is still trying to put it together.

Actress Angelina Jolie wearing Atelier Versace with Cartier jewelry arrives at the World Premiere Of Disney's 'Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil' held at the El Capitan Theatre on September 30, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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  1. cee says:

    Proud to be a fan.

  2. zilin says:

    I think you’ve nailed it there…she’s spent over two decades working on these causes and in the meantime working her ass off as an actress to be able to support it. If anything they should take a play out of her book and produce cause driven films like The Breadwinner…which was profoundly beautiful. I’ll always have immense respect for this woman, she’s been dealt some shit cards in her life and she just keeps going with class and grace. Hope she does more animation!

  3. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I am a loud and proud Angelina fan. And I think Hollywood doesn’t like her because she has always refused to play their game.

    • crogirl says:

      Agree 100%

    • Shirleygailgal says:

      “And I think Hollywood doesn’t like her because she has always refused to play their game.” Is there a pattern here of the press attacking women (and princes) who refuse to play their bigoted, misogynistic, hate filled “game”?????? The war on women, and their loved ones (eg: a prince of the realm) is REAL! Look at the difference $$ amounts Scarlett vs Dwayne. I’m SO FED UP. Been fighting this fight for over 40 years and seems we’re going backwards. DAMMIT

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        I agree with all of this but I wouldn’t use ScarJo as a reference. She is a strong standard bearer of Hollywood misogyny (see her STILL vocal support of Woody Allen).

    • Mireille says:

      …And that’s she a badazz, kickazz woman

  4. Hmmm says:

    Page 666 is lying likely because their source is brad Pitt. She doesn’t need WME for her humanitarian work.

    She does have a book coming out with amnesty international about CHILDREN’S RIGHTS but WME represents her for movies. She has 4 coming out this year alone and variety mentions her for bride of Frankenstein but their source says she’s moved on from that character and is going forward with other projects.

    Brad Pitt is desperate for her to stop acting because he is afraid of what she might say in interviews.

    • jade says:

      I hope Angie writes a follow up on her Notes to my travels. She did a lot of humanitarian work for the last 15 years or so that were not in her first book.

  5. Hmmm says:

    Angelina was trapped in brads narrative for a decade +. The two women fighting over him was obviously A narrative set up by his team. 🙄

    She no longer has to be part of the tabloid Kings song and dance. Phew. Must be like a breathe of fresh air for her.

  6. TrustMe says:

    Page Six still throwing shade about her box office recipts. Still doing Bradley Pitt’s dirty work. Keep staying pressed!!

  7. Sarah says:

    Am such a fan and will carry on supporting her works no matter what she does.

    So proud she remained radio scilent throughout all the one-sided attacks from Brad Pitt and his PR machine. No matter how hard he tried to attack her, she kept radio silent . Very proud of her for protecting her kids.

  8. Say what says:

    F**k pg6 and Variety. She doesn’t need Pitt or any of them for anything not even their biased azz pieces. Her fan base carries her wherever she needs to go. And her international ties runneth over with praise. All these airheads i. The US can kick rocks too and worry about their sorry politicians making a mess of their country.
    Angie is besting and winning more than awards so goodbye.

  9. mk says:

    Would love to see Angelina and Meghan join forces for a common cause.

  10. Thanks says:

    Isn’t that what she’s always been doing?

  11. Sarah says:

    Why would Angelina Jolie worry about being popular with the crowd that protected the likes of Weinstein, a man who harrassed/tried to assault her for decades?

  12. Tasz says:

    Isn’t she also producing a children’s show about fake news with the BBC? It’s no wonder that trashy, fake Page 6 didn’t mention that one.

  13. doofus says:

    keep doing good, lady!

    on another note, and since it was mentioned here the other day, I caught Girl, Interrupted on some cable channel last night.

    and GOT DAYUM those performances were even better than I remembered. Ryder and Jolie BOTH made me cry.

  14. MJM says:

    I wish her well and hope Bradley doesn’t try to drag her down with his pr games.

  15. Scollins says:

    She’s a powerhouse. Continues to walk her talk regardless of the trite trash who try to bring her down. She’s got spine.

  16. Sierra says:

    While Brad has been smearing her and the children constantly, Angelina has been doing the following things:

    1. Taking care of their 6 children
    2. Producing several movies
    3. Partnership with BBC & Microsoft
    4. Acted in 3 movies and voiced 1
    5. Building a house in Africa
    6. Continues her various charities

    This is why Angelina is happy, healthy and winning in life.

    • Kosmos says:

      Personally, I am NOT a fan of hers. I do believe that Angie was doing most of the smearing, not Brad. I never choose to see her movies for some reason. I’m happy for Brad that they are split up now, sorry I cannot agree with most people here. There is always another side to the story that we may not know about, so please consider that.

  17. harlequin says:

    Always an inspiration. Stay classy, Angelina

  18. Samanthalous says:

    I do think that Megan she been watching Ang and wanting also to head in that direction. Ang I think does it right she splits her roles, taking Hollywood bigger box office movies, and smaller independent roles that are closer to her heart.

  19. Sidewithkids says:

    Beautiful woman who stands on her own two feet w/o the help of lies from the PR firm of CAA.

  20. Sidewithkids says:

    Also don’t believe this article, Angie doesn’t go to Page 6 to give her info. This is from his team like he knows what she’s doing, they are coming up w/ bits and pieces and they do not know nothing about her.

  21. SM says:

    I am not a stan but that was a good observation. She just completely stayed away from the public eye as Brad was hard at campaigning while trying to appear like he was not campaigning. I also think that she is not just over it, because that implies that a wan just can not rise above the impulse to act out on some man she is not over yet. Maybe she chose to stay away because it is the high way no matter what one feels. She apparently has much more on her plate that playing games with the ex.

  22. Charfromdarock says:

    I am forever a Jolie stan.

    I laughed at her living in a house with the Sussexs. Can you imagine the Royal reporters and tabloids?