Vincent Gallo is the cash-toting unabomber

Vincent Gallo with ugly big glasses and a full shaggy beard
Unabashed racist sperm donor Vincent Gallo made an appearance at the LA Fashion week kick-off dinner at Mr. Chow’s last night. He looks like he wants to go into hiding, but isn’t quite sure if he can give up the free food.

Gallo isn’t all about pimping himself on eBay for an exhorbitant sum. His friend Mickey Rourke revealed that Gallo helped him through a rough patch by giving him 100k in a paper bag for a brief appearance in Buffalo 66:

Down-on-his-luck ANGEL HEART star Rourke was offered $100,000 for four hours work in Gallo’s offbeat BUFFALO 66 movie at a time when he was struggling to make ends meet.

Rourke recalls, “I was flat broke because nobody would hire me. Vinnie called me up and said, ‘Hey, I got this thing but you gotta learn it.’

“Then he said, ‘Are you having trouble with the government?’ I told him, ‘Yeah, I owe them a lot of money.’ He said, ‘What if I give you $100,000 in a paper bag…?’

“When my scene was over, Vinnie gave me a paper bag full of money and I got on a plane the same afternoon.”

Where does someone get $100,000 in a paper bag? Obviously Gallo was keen to get rid of it quickly.

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