Jennifer Aniston ‘spent a lot of time’ talking to Jon Hamm at an Oscar party, huh

SAG Awards Press Room 2019

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux split up a while ago. Various media outlets always say that they got “divorced,” but there was no divorce filing that anyone heard about, and it genuinely appears as if their marriage was never legalized and thus, there was no paperwork or formalization to the end of their relationship. Once they split, I thought Jennifer would probably start dating again after a few months but other than the odd tabloid story about Jennifer possibly hooking up with one of her trainers, she really hasn’t had a serious boyfriend since Justin. During the awards season, of course a lot was made of Brad Pitt and Jennifer both being single at the same time, and they had fun with that as well. But what if Jennifer had her eye on someone else entirely?

Jennifer Aniston reportedly said hi to Brad Pitt at an Oscars after-party but spent more time chatting to Mad Men’s Jon Hamm. The Friends star bumped into her ex-husband again at Guy Osery’s super exclusive party on Sunday following their reunion at the SAG Awards. However, it’s claimed she only said a brief hello to Brad, instead choosing to spend her time chatting to Mad Men star Jon Hamm.

A source told The Sun Online: “I saw her go over to Brad and say a quick hi to him – then she spent a lot of time chatting to Jon. They were talking for ages and seemed to know each other really well. Everyone noticed.”

The Sun Online has reached out to Jen and Jon’s reps for comment. Jennifer and Jon were previously linked late last year by magazine NW.

[From The Sun]

Honestly? I wouldn’t hate it and they would make a lot of sense together. They’re close in age – she just turned 51, and he’ll be 49 years old in a month. They’ve both been in long relationships before. They’re both LA-based, I believe, although I do think Hamm has a place in New York. He also hasn’t been in a serious relationship (that we know of) since his thing ended with Jennifer Westfeldt several years back. I even think Aniston and Westfeldt have a similar look and vibe, so if Hamm has a type, well… that could be it. Damn. Now I kind of want this to happen.

Jon Hamm arrives at the Tom Ford: Autumn/Wint...

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  1. SJR says:

    Holy cow, that shiny silver suit is way awful! Even as a joke it is awful.
    Hamm was excellent in Mad Men. Due to the excellence of Mad Men.
    Lots of his statements in the last few years have put me off him.

    I don’t see him or JA being together. They are both too much involved in themselves.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yeah, that suit is AWFUL. the ONLY place I could see it is one someone like Bey or JLo when they’re on stage performing, or at the Met Gala, where clothes can be performance art.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Yep. Yep, awful. In order to even look at him in it, I have to keep reminding myself about his legendary…um…SIZE.

    • theotherViv says:

      Why does Tom Ford want to hurt us like that? The suit could have been fine with a white tee- the green turtleneck is a criminal act. I’d still hit that, though.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Where’s the matching tinfoil hat?

  2. holly hobby says:

    I think they are well suited. Neither wanted kids and they seem to be a fun couple.

  3. minx says:

    LOVED him on Mad Men, 30 Rock and SNL, but since that fraternity hazing business came out, nope.

    • Carmen says:

      I just read about the “hazing business”. That wasn’t hazing, that was flat-out torture. And he seems much more defensive than sorry about it. Run, Jen, run!

  4. Anon33 says:

    WTAF is that outfit…

  5. lucy2 says:

    I’m not sure why, but I think they’d be a good couple. Or at least look good together.
    As long as he isn’t wearing that silver suit, good Lord.

  6. Mrs. Peel says:

    I believe they are just friends, but I wouldn’t be mad if they starting dating.

  7. SM says:

    That would be funny. And if true I would not put it past Pitt to cry tears of gold in private because there is no pretence to manufacture another Jen and Brad forever and ever story. Both his ex wives moved on. Except for him. And yes, I would choose Hamm between the two of these, Jon doesn’t smell like desperation which is the scent I get from Brad.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      maybe that’s why she said “a brief hello” to Pitt and spent time talking to someone who ISN’T Pitt. that is, to put an end to these stupid musings/rumors that he was clinging to. even if she and Hamm don’t materialize, it’s been put out there that she kindasorta blew off Pitt to talk to a different man.

      all those people saying “she was playing the game too” and “she could put a stop to it if she wanted”…maybe this is her, putting a stop to it.

  8. Snowslow says:

    Well if so she sure has a type of slightly problematic good looking dudes with an addiction problem!

  9. Alexandria says:

    Have a go at it, both are single right?

  10. pamspam says:

    Get it, Jen!

  11. Tammy says:

    Weird. I swear I read that she was at the Netflix party and he was at Vanity Fairs party.

    Edit – I guess they ended up at the same party after.

    I’d much rather Hamm

  12. Swack says:

    She sure likes those Missouri boys!

  13. Sarah says:

    Coming from. The Sun. That says it all LOL yesterday they were all up Brad Pitt’s grill now Hamm’s .

  14. Liz version 700 says:

    They might be good together. Both nice looking, not interested in kids, both like PR relationships and she could help him by burning that suit or giving it to a high school to use as their tin man costume in any Wizard of Oz Productions.

  15. Hello kitty says:

    I shipped this relationship a long time ago and I’m kinda surprised it’s taken them this long to link up. Seems like a pretty good match on paper

  16. Starkille says:

    Never understood the uproar over him, and the hazing business totally put me off. I am no fan of Aniston; but she can do much better.

    • ranny says:

      Lol, how is she that she can do better? she has no one up to now, thats why she has been chasing most of her exes, from Brad to John Mayer. She goes on vacay with her married friends who have kids and she is with her close gay friend Will Speck. She also hangs with the douche David Spade, she watches the Bachelor with him in his house, Spade posted photos on his IG. Aniston seems desperate to have someone in his life, thats why she goes to parties and gives parties all the time. He and Jon H would be perfect together, they both drinks and parties a lot.

      • Aubrey. says:

        Lol girl please she has not been chasing John Mayer.
        Where do you pull these things out of mid air ?
        She seems content being single which i know you find hard to believe.
        John hamm was involved in a disgusting hazing ritual that almost killed a young man.
        So yes,
        She can do alot better.

      • Kosmos says:

        Hey — she hasn’t been chasing any of her Exes!! I love Jen. Sure, she’s had some relationships she’s tried that didn’t work out, but so what? She certainly never chased after Mayer post splitup. I wouldn’t even say they had a real relationship, at least not for long. As for Brad, he’s been with Angie all these years and she never chased after him. Listen, I think Jen isn’t in any rush to “just be with a man.” She is a woman who considers what she is doing. She wants quality over quantity if you know what I mean….she doesn’t NEED a man, but if she finds someone who fits into her world and everything else, why not? Until then, I think she’s totally enjoying her life and her numerous friends and activities, and so would I……

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “she has no one up to now”…perhaps you’re the type of person who always has to have a sig other, or always be in a relationship, but she’s clearly not. I’ve had friends like that, lining up their next bf before they broke up with the previous one…couldn’t stand being single.

        JA has a lot of friends (which is why she throws and goes to parties…PS – what is wrong with socializing with friends? it’s not like she’s having or going to wild keggers or anything…small dinner parties, and bigger ones for events like Thanksgiving, yet you mention that with such disdain – why?) which can be just as rewarding as having a bf. not everyone needs that kind of validation. and honestly, if she wanted a bf, I’m sure she could score one. I think she knows her worth and is not going to settle after some of the clunkers she’s been with.

        she’s got $ to burn, she’s at a great point in her career, she’s got looks and a bod to envy, she’s got successful endorsements and a great side hustle with her houseflipping. girlfriend is doing OK withOUT a bf, and she knows it. that’s self-love and self-confidence at work. I can’t understand why anyone would call her “desperate” or “pathetic”. I wouldn’t mind having such a “desperate and pathetic” existence.

  17. olliesmom says:

    That silver suit is so hideous even Jon Hamm looks bad in it!

  18. bitchy architect says:

    I kinda wonder if she chose not to be a presenter at the Oscars because she wasn’t crazy about being used by ” golden boy” BP for his Oscar campaign.

  19. Tiffany says:

    Why are they trying to make Jen Aniston is looking for a boyfriend happen.

    She is single. Let the woman be.

  20. elle says:

    I’m cracking up, because that cover photo of her from the other day reminded me of somebody, somebody… Jon Hamm!! And then this, today.

    I vote no.

  21. Busyann says:

    Wasn’t he linked to Lindsey Shookus?

  22. bobafelty says:

    She want the Hamm-dong!

  23. TeamMeg says:

    I kinda like the silver suit!!! Why not? Women wear silver gowns all the time. It’s liberating for a guy to shine. But I think a black turtleneck would’ve been better. With the dishwater green there’s no contrast, no pop.

  24. prettypersuasion says:

    I find Jon Hamm EXTREMELY attractive but only as Don Draper (which is problematic in itself, I know). His real life self seems pretty dorky.

  25. Riley says:

    I thought he was a serial cheater? I couldn’t take her playing the victim for the next 15 years.