Melissa McCarthy’s mom used to feed stray and rescue cats, once pet a skunk

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Melissa McCarthy is always a good interview. I enjoy her so much. She was on Ellen this week, where she talked about working on the Little Mermaid live action movie. That’s coming out sometime next year and Melissa will be Ursula! They’re in rehearsals right now and she called it a “fever dream” and “so fun” to work on. She’s also promoting the show Little Big Shots, which comes back on NBC on March 1st. Melissa is the host and it’s a kids’ variety show. It’s hard to know which stories of Melissa’s to excerpt because she told so many good ones! The best were about her ten year-old daughter, Georgette, who loves watching Melissa do stunts and wanted a stunt person experience for her birthday. Melissa also had her parents with her in the audience and talked about how her mom used to feed all the neighborhood’s stray cats.

On what she got her daughter for her tenth birthday
I got her a stunt harness, which is what we wear for a fight scene [or] explosion in a movie… that’s all she really wanted. We’re going to a parkour gym for her birthday party. I’m having riggers come. She’s on set all the time with me and wants to do stunts and flip around. We’re going to have guys, safely and lovingly, jerk her up to the ceiling. She’s like ‘I’ve got three jobs. Now I’m a chiropractor, an actor and a stuntwoman.’ [She also plays violin.]

On her mom feeding cats when Melissa was a child
I remember it getting up to 33, 34 cats [in the barn]. My mom would go on the back porch and call ‘here ki-ki-ki-kitty.’ My mom always took a really long time to pet them and give them names. She did that one night and [realized she had been petting a skunk].

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The way they presented this story was that people would drop rescue cats off at their house, but there’s also the fact that all the stray cats in the area probably gathered there too. That can’t be avoided. My friend has a guy at her apartment complex who feeds cats. On one hand it’s very kind of him to do that but on the other it’s annoying to the neighbors. There are always so many cats hanging around and they’re more the feral type rather than pets. I’m sorry for sounding judgy about stray cats!

As for her daughter wanting the stunt experience, that sounds like such a cool birthday party! I love that Melissa encourages her interests like that.

Here’s the interview. At the beginning Melissa tells the story of Ellen making Melissa fake like she fainted at her dry cleaners for laughs. I feel like Ellen goes too far with these stunts. Melissa kept getting mistaken for Amy Schumer, which she appreciated.

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  1. pivotta says:

    Stunts/pranks/etc are always dumb and have this nasty edge to them. Ellen has long worn out her welcome with me, which is a shame, but Melissa is so charming every time I see her.

    • Ashipper says:

      I feel the same way. Ellen has a clear nasty streak and it’s gross that they just threw money at the owner to make everything okay. There is a reason you’re not supposed to make false calls to 911 and Ellen seems to see herself as above the rules for us “normal” people. This really rubs me the wrong way but Melissa is delightful as always.

  2. Bookie says:

    Is that a Babar kimono?!? I want one!!!

    • Sylvia says:

      Yes, that’s Babar! Lanvin made a collection with Babar motives. Quite expensive, unfortunately 😢

  3. Trish-a says:

    I really, really dislike Ellen. She should retire before everyone has the same distaste.
    I love me some MM! Seeing her with Lorelai is the best.

  4. lucy2 says:

    I love Melissa so much. I really want Spy 2!!!

    I give a lot of credit to people who feed cat colonies, but you HAVE to do TNR with it also or the kittens just keep on coming.

    • Kay Hendricks says:

      Good for you to mention TNR (trap, neuter, release). It is not kind to feed stray or feral cats and not get them fixed. Thanks to all the people who do.

  5. Michelle says:

    I LOVE Melissa! Even named one of my cats Molly after her show. She does give a great interview. I deliver meals to shut-ins twice a month and there is a little kitty that hangs around one of the apartment complexes who gets fed by the tenants so naturally I have to bring a few treats for the kitty too. I swear I think she knows my vehicle when I pull up!

  6. Nancypants says:

    Yeah, I grew up on a farm but we never had more than 3 cats at a time and they were spoiled, spayed/neutered, had shots/tags and collars. All were rescue cats.
    We also called them into the garage at dusk and shut them in and they were happy to come running since they were fussed over, brushed, fed, had soft, warm beds and so on.
    Other cats didn’t come around but probably because my cats wouldn’t have it.

    You just can’t have a bunch of stray cats.
    That’s some hoarders sh$t and they do breed like rabbits and wait until one dies under your house.

    Our nearest farm neighbor didn’t do anything about their cat situation and they were always laying around dead either of distemper or road kill.

    As an adult, we’ve rescued several kitties but only one at a time and all our cats lived to be around 15.
    We lived in the country several years ago and people dumped their pets out left and right.
    We couldn’t keep them all and it’s not free to take them to a no-kill or Humane Society shelter. The HS is “free” but they strongly expect a donation of money or supplies.

    I was a little glad to leave to get away from that.

    Anyway, adopt A cat or TWO but be a responsible pet parent and Ellen is getting meaner.