US Weekly: Rachel McAdams & Josh Lucas have split up

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It seems there may be more to this whole “Bradley Cooper will have dinner with any random va-jay-jay” notion we’ve been developing. It was reported over the weekend by none other than People Magazine that Bradley Cooper went out to dinner with Little Miss Dimples herself, Rachel McAdams. I kind of thought “oh, whatever” because I was pretty sure that Rachel was still dating Josh “Matching Dimples” Lucas. Turns out, not so much. The print edition of US Weekly is reporting (story via LaineyGossip) that Rachel and Josh are Splitsville. They cite a report that Josh was in a club recently trying to, in Lainey’s words, “f-ck his way through his heartache.” Rachel and Josh have been dating since January, so they had a half-decent run of it. Do you think the fact that they were the most dimpled couple in Hollywood got to them?

It ended eventually and for a while there, especially this past spring, it looked like The Notebook had been burned beyond recognition.

Rachel seemed completely in love with Josh Lucas – kissing on the street, love on bikes, apartment hunting in the Village.

Passionate but short. It is no more. McGoslings today are rejoicing.

Because according to Us Weekly, Rachel and Josh are over. He was spotted at some club the other day slobbering over a random, drunk and douchey and clearly trying to f-ck his way through his heartache.

Before you bust out the dvd however please note – Rachel was also spotted. And not alone. At a concert with a mystery man, am told he looks like an “agent type”…

Reconciliation with Ryan? The door is open. But it might not stay that way for long.

[From Lainey Gossip]

I’m kind of hoping this is true, and they’re really broken up. I’d say it’s a good possibility – they haven’t been photographed together in a few months. That doesn’t really mean anything, they could have just been careful not to be seen out together, or they could have been busy doing other stuff. Back in April, there was even a rumor that they were looking to move in together, but it seemed a little soon. Nothing ever came of the moving-in thing, as far as I know, so that means they’re break-up won’t be as awkward as it could be. You know who Josh would be cute with? Drew Barrymore! I hear she’s in the market for some new meat.

Here’s Rachel at Comic Con with Robert Downey Jr. on July 24th. Images thanks to .

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26 Responses to “US Weekly: Rachel McAdams & Josh Lucas have split up”

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  1. Annie says:

    I want her to get back together with Ryan Gosling.

    Is that living in a fantasy world circa 2000? LOL

  2. Kerri says:

    Hope she gets back with Ryan.

    That pic of Josh is so not flattering.

  3. tamikla says:

    That’s too bad. They made such a cute couple.

  4. turtles says:

    haha that top pic of her is so goofy! She looks like a happy little puppy!

  5. Obvious says:

    @Annie, Don’t worry, I live in circa 2000 on this one too

  6. Lauren says:

    I don’t know how anyone could measure up to Ryan, he is incredibly sexy & talented. Anyone Rachel “dates” now, is a pathetic downgrade in comparison. I don’t know how any woman could forget about Ryan & just move on – he is the ultimate alpha-male!

  7. princess pea says:

    Ooh let’s all pretend they broke up because of her “date” with Bradley Cooper! That’s what the tabs want, right?

    (please Universe, do not reunite McGosling, because I really want Ryan Gosling all to myself and on-again/off-again relationships rarely work in the long term and I want them both to be happy)

  8. Bodhi says:

    I guess I can share him princess pea!

  9. ash says:

    I’m with you Annie, that couple is probably one of the cutest celeb couples out there. I’m sure the Notebook had a huge dealing in this, but STILL, I adore them none-the-less.

  10. rbsesq says:

    Love her hair in those thumbnails. Header picture – WTF? The goofy expression, the skeletal chest, the barely covered breasts, the abnormally large looking head? Kaiser, were you trying to use the worst picture of her ever in order to counterbalance the unwashed, unshaved mess that is Josh Lucas?

  11. kai says:

    ^^I thought she looked cute in that pic, look at those huge eyes!

  12. Magsy says:

    Not the best pix. They look like a hopped up serial killing couple.

  13. Eliza says:

    Drew is with Justin Long. Well at least ON/OFF. Rachel should do herself a favour and go back to Ryan. Josh is Hot…but Ryan is off the hook HOT. Josh Lucas has done the rounds and dated all the HW Ladies. He should try to do a great movie, get an oscar or something and find a nice lady out side the business.

  14. TinaWithPom says:

    Take note, Jessica Biel: Rachel McAdams is who I’d consider to be a gorgeous, beautiful woman (who can ACT). Not you.

  15. nona says:

    Since when a guy like Ryan Gosling is the definition of a Hot Man??

  16. Celebitchy says:

    I will always remember what Ryan Gosling said about the end of their relationship “we came out swinging and called it a draw.” They reconciled once since. I would love to see them back together but in my experience that never works, especially if you’ve had more than one breakup.

    Also, I feel lame that I didn’t mention that Josh and Rachel were together when I covered her date with Bradley serial first dater Cooper. Rachel and her dimples are just not on my radar most of the time. that could change if were about to see Renee/Rachel/Bradley love triangle.

  17. sarcra says:

    Ryan Gosling IS totally hot, I’ve thought so since his New Mickey Mouse Club days!! (And since I was like 10 or 11 at that time I think that’s ok :)

  18. DD says:

    aww she needs to get back with Ryan Gosling. The notebook was the only movie that managed to move my stone cold heart to tears.

  19. Lauren says:

    Ryan is a sizzling hot Classy Canadian, whom has never acted like a typical hollywood douchebag (even though he could)…I love Ryan because he is fiercely intelligent & is naturally sexy without having to utter a single word.

  20. Mamie says:

    That’s too bad about her and Josh. They always seemed so happy together.

    She was really great with Ryan too. He seemed like a good person when he was with her.

  21. truthSF says:

    I first got interested in Ryan Gosling when he was dating my favorite actress Sandra Bullock.

    And although they had a huge age gap between them, he seemed very mature for his age, and I was actually hoping their relationship worked out.

    But all that changed when “The Notebook” came out. I wanted Ryan all to myself after I saw that movie.

    And it just happened to be on Oxygen tonight. Time to go drool to that hot piece of sex, yummy!!

  22. SeeNoEvil says:

    I’m sad about Rachel and Josh, I was starting to really dig them. If they don’t work, then yeah, she needs to get with Gosling, like now.

  23. lady garden says:

    Love me some Josh Lucas!

  24. Get back 2gether now says:

    It’s about time Rachel gets through her crisis. Ryan has been waiting and hasn’t dated anyone seriously since. Josh is nice, but Ryan and her were so perfect together.

  25. roma says:

    Ryan Gosling is super hot…v unconventionally hottt

  26. cowgirlup!! says:

    Josh and Rachel were a cute couple, but I have seen The Notebook… I realize it’s not a true story for most relationships, but I mean, who doesn’t want a fantasy to in some way be real? I kind of want Rachel and Ryan back together!