Elle Fanning threw up in an Uber on her 21st birthday


Elle Fanning’s film, All the Bright Places, was released on Netflix last week. I don’t know much about it, but it is based off of the popular YA novel and I seem to be the only person not to have read it. Elle has been a working actress for over a decade. With this latest film, Elle served as producer for the first time, so she now wears two hats in the industry and she only turned 21 last year. The Fanning girls have always seemed pretty well-adjusted and focused. But when Elle appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her film, we found out that on her 21st birthday, she acted like most normal coming-of-agers do, and that included ralphing all over her Uber:

Sounds like someone had a good birthday.

On Wednesday, Elle Fanning relived her 21st birthday during her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the Maleficent actress admitted that her karaoke celebration, which included a duet with sister Dakota Fanning to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” didn’t end on a high note thanks to a “mixture” of champagne and tequila shots.

“I threw up. A lot,” she confessed to host Jimmy Kimmel. “In the Uber on the ride home.”

Joking that her rating on the app definitely took a hit, Elle added, “Well, I didn’t use my…it wasn’t on my Uber, it was my friend’s.”

Curious to know more about the incident, Jimmy asked just how much damage the Super 8 star had caused. “Well, you know, the story is a bit hazy for sure, but I’ve been told that the Uber driver was really nice,” Elle continued. “He was. And he had a stash of, like, throw up baggies in his car, so like, he obviously gets this a lot.”

Unfortunately for Elle, a throw up baggie was not enough. “I got the bag…but it was a lot, you know?” she shared, admitting she considered throwing up out of the car’s window. “We kept telling him that I ate bad fish: ‘It was, like, bad fish. Sorry, sorry. It was, like, bad fish.’”

Despite their attempts to reassure the driver, Elle thinks her attire definitely gave away that it was from a fun night out. “It was like, he totally knows. I have glitter. Like, I’m probably wearing, like, a 21st birthday hat, you know?”

[From E!]

I used ‘ralphing’ because it’s my father’s name and he always makes an annoyed face when we use his name to describe the act of vomiting. Lord, these poor drivers. They are just looking to supplement their incomes and end up scrubbing a whole array of bodily fluids out of their backseats. I love that her driver had bags for just such an emergency, this guy’s seen some things. And respect to Elle for making her friend take the L in her Uber ratings. I am hyper-worried about my Lyft rating so even though it’s been decades since I drank enough to make me vomit, I’m tucking that tip away, just in case.

I don’t want to spend too much of your Friday talking about puke, so I’d like to talk a little about the first part of Elle’s 21st bacchanal story in which Jimmy asked if she had a signature drink she orders at bars. In her response. Elle touched on a very real fear: Drink Ordering Judgement Anxiety.

What is your drink? Like, what do you order if you go to a bar?

It took me some time to figure out my drink because I feel like I have this kind of restaurant/bar anxiety, especially when you’re out with friends, or whoever, and you’re like – even the bartender I’m like – I get anxiety of, like, what I’m ordering. Like, if he’s judging me, like, “That’s not right. That’s not classy, or it’s not the right time of the day to drink that.”

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube]

As I’ve mentioned, I became a bartender when I turned 21. Even though I was a bartender, I hadn’t drank much going in, so my first go-to drink was a Tom Collins, because it was sweet. One time, I was talking to a friend’s mom who said something along the lines of, “Oh, Tom Collins – we all drank those before we knew anything about drinking,” and I didn’t have another Tom Collins until I was in my 40s out of shame (they’re delicious, btw). Elle finally told Jimmy her drink now was a vodka martini extra dirty (‘dirty’ in a martini means to add olive juice to the drink, for those who haven’t heard of it). I was never one for dirty martinis but it’s a solid drink. I always ordered scotch neat with a water back to impress the bartender. But the real tip to impress any bartender, especially if it’s busy: order something simple. The less time the bartender has to spend serving you impresses them the most. That doesn’t mean they don’t like chatting with bar patrons, that’s the best part. But if the bar is slammed, having to make a signature drink that requires seven ingredients and is garnished with something that needs to be carved makes for a cranky barkeep.

Here’s the full interview with Elle. She seems pretty sweet:




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  1. Lara says:

    My cousins signature move is to throw up down her coat sleeve if she’s in a cab so she doesn’t get charged. I mean she’s probably paid more in laundry bills….

    • Esmom says:

      Ew. I once drove a drunk friend home and she was kind enough to barf into a McDonald’s bag she found on the floor. She made us stop so she could get rid of it, it was so full she thought it would leak. Good times. We also found out later that she left the fire escape stairs down at the party we were at and the party hosts got robbed!

    • Laura says:

      I’ve done that! In my husband’s car though, not a taxi. And I wasn’t drunk. We were smoking a bowl, and a tidbit of bud came through while I was taking a hit and hit the back of my throat, triggering my admittedly sensitive gag reflex. I knew I was going to puke, so I did so in my hoodie sleeve.

      (In case anyone has concerns, we were not smoking and driving. We live in an apartment and used to smoke on our back porch. Then a family with a child moved in, so we started going out to the car where he’s unlikely to see us.)

  2. Eliza_ says:

    Ugh, I used to live in Boston and I remember haggling with taxi drivers at a certain time that I’m not drunk and won’t throw up, please let me in. This brought back memories. No uber/lyft ratings then though.

  3. Scollins says:

    I leaned down under the table and threw up on my ex-husband’s shoes. He didn’t realize until much later. Fond memory.

  4. manda says:

    blech dirty martinis! olive flavored vodka, gimme some. She is a pro at drinking if that is what she drinks. I’m 43 and still looking for my drink, which I think I’ve decided is a vodka tonic. Apparently vodka crans are sort of low rent, but those are good too

  5. Esmom says:

    “Lord, those poor drivers.” Yes. And I often think the same about bartenders! The sh^t they have to deal with as the nights get later. Yikes.

    As for having a signature drink, I get that, which is why I usually stuck with beer. But now I don’t drink and it’s even weirder ordering when out. At bars I tend to get a Sprite and at restaurants I tend to order iced tea.

  6. margedebarge says:

    If it’s slammed and I’m keeping it simple I go for a Red Bull Vodka or just gin and juice (what I’m trying to say here is that I’m an overgrown sorority girl).

    • Noodle says:

      I’m going to have “Gin and Juice” in my head all day now! Laid back; with my mind on my money and my money on my mind….

  7. margedebarge says:

    If it’s slammed and I’m keeping it simple I go for a Red Bull Vodka or just gin and juice (what I’m trying to say here is that I’m an overgrown sorority girl).

  8. Wifaaa says:

    It’s never occurred to me to even have order anxiety! That there’s a certain drink for certain time of day, or what’s classy enough. After years in college ordering Midori Sours (ugh), vodka Cran or just a giant bud light with green olives, I’m now in my later 30s and settled on a good solid vodka soda with a lime.

  9. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Drink Ordering Judgement Anxiety. Omg, I have this! I’ve had it since I turned 21 and favored ‘girly’ drinks — frozen concoctions with decor lol. Everyone always rolled their eyes when it was my time to order. Then I honed in on rum punches, hurricanes, long island teas and frozen ‘ritas. Then it was only ritas and reds. Then it was extremely dirty martinis and reds. I’m talking XXX. Now it’s that, ritas or red wine. Which I haven’t indulged in way too long because of my husband. Last drink was probably more than two years ago. I think I’m due!

  10. paranormalgirl says:

    Bourbon, neat (preferably Basil Hayden). On occasion, bourbon with a splash of sour. Sometimes Stoli (either straight or Oranj) and soda with lime.

  11. Ellie says:

    Dirty vodka martinis are delicious if you like salty things, which I do, and you don’t order well vodka. Not that a super sweet tiki bar-style drink isn’t nice once in a while. I think brunch drink anxiety is a real thing. Mimosas just give me heartburn, bloody Marys are often TOO salty and thick. I am not above ordering a breakfast beer at brunch, people can judge away.

    • RESI says:

      Here in Bavaria beer for brunch is a Sunday staple. Just say you’re doing it the European way if people give you shit.

  12. AndaPanda says:

    I just discovered Palomas which is apparently the most popular drink in Mexico. I go to Mexico way too much to not know that. Anyways it’s delicious and relatively simple to make for a bartender.