Demi Moore fostered two abandoned puppies which got adopted

It’s Friday! I don’t know if I enjoy Friday’s more for the impending weekend or for the Pets Posts. This Friday it’s the Pets Post because of the photos above. Look. At. Those. Faces! And because this post has a happy ending to a sad beginning. Obviously, that is Demi Moore wearing a deconstructed sweater that I am very much grooving on. In her hands are two precious little guys that Demi was able to foster before they found their families. Her caption read:

So lucky to have been able to foster these two little cuties from @hollywood_huskies! Found dumped in a trash bin outside Bakersfield 🙁 Although these two have already been adopted, there are still three other similar pups available! Swipe to see them and reach out to @hollywood_huskies or if interested! There are so many beautiful pups in need of loving homes ❤️

Piecing the story together from a few sources, it looks like five puppies of the same litter were found in a trash can in Bakersfield. They were rescued by Hollywood Huskies and divided up to be fostered in a few homes. The little ones that Demi is holding above were adopted, no idea if it was together, but their three siblings, as of this writing, are still available for adoption. I am including Hollywood Huskies post below with more information for anyone who is interested.

Although this has a happy ending, it could have been very different. Those are very young puppies, how they survived away from their mother I don’t know. Fortunately they were found in time and nurtured back to happy, healthy little wubbas. Major kudos to Demi for taking two. Yes, they are so adorable I keep squeaking when I look at them, but puppies that young are hard, man. House-training, leash-training, the constant eating and yipping. According to the rescue org, Demi’s daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, were on hand to help out.

My hope to add a cat to my household looks to be years off, given my dogs’predatory instincts and the coyote activity in the area. But I might hold a family meeting to discuss starting to foster again, it really helps the organizations out, for all those who might consider becoming fosters. As always, I cover the rescues that have celebrity connections so that’s mainly here in So Cal. Please feel free to promote a super rescue org in your area below, any type of pet. Let’s see if we can’t get a few some signal boosts.

Since it’s Friday, I don’t think Demi will mind if, instead of searching for more photos of her to use, I just post a bunch of pics from Hollywood Huskies IG.

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Remember the two tiny orphaned puppies who were found dumped in a trash bin in Bakersfield? We were fortunate to be able to save them, and more fortunate that the amazing @demimoore stepped in to foster them for us! These gals have been living the dream in the best care with SO much love with her pack. Though these two babies have already been adopted, we still have three cute little babies similar available for adoption! Scroll to see them! One male, two females. Their mommy is a white 13 pound maltipoo, believe it or not, but we don’t know who dad is so we don’t know what breed mix the babies are. We don’t know how big they will get but they are quite small and we don’t suspect they will be any bigger than 20 pounds, if that. You can apply to adopt Clove, Coriander, and Dill from our spice rack litter through our website by completing and emailing the application. We are so humbled and thankful to our foster for mommy Nutmeg and babies @lindsayrschwartz and Demi’s family for helping our rescues; it takes a village! It is only with fosters that we are able to help save more lives. 💕🥰 #adoptdontshop #blackdog #love #chihuahua #maltese #terrier

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Photo credit: Instagram and WENN/Avalon

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  1. redheadwriter says:

    Ruff Start Rescue in Minnesota rescues and provides foster placements for dogs and cats from literally all over the world! They are an amazing organization!

  2. Mar says:

    I love anyone that helps rescue dogs.
    Demi seems really cool

  3. Esmom says:

    Aw, so precious. My dream is to foster kittens but so far my family is not on board. I follow so many great ones on IG. One story that’s stuck with me is of two tiny kittens who were found with their deceased sibling in a trash bag in a dumpster. Their foster mom nursed them to health around the clock for weeks, giving them the second chance they deserve. They’re now living their best lives with a great family.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    There’s so many rescues by me here in NJ I couldn’t even start to name them! Some of them bring dogs up from the southern states as well.
    I think it’s awesome when people foster! My two cats do not react well to any others in the house, so I tried to donate instead. TNR is also a great thing to support.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Yes, TNR is so important. When I moved in my new house 2 years ago, I rescued 5 kittens and their semi-feral mama who were living under a porch of an empty house. They all went to no kill rescues. If I would have done nothing, my street would have been over run with feral cats. The streets is no place for kitties to be. It’s a brutal, short life. Adopt, don’t shop and PLEASE spay and neuter your pets!

  5. ATLMathMom says:

    I came in hoping for puppy pics and wasn’t disappointed! They are adorable. Also glad that Demi looks healthy here.

  6. ChillyWilly says:

    Oh, those soft little puppy bellies just kill me! 💕
    If owned my own home I would do fostering in a heartbeat. There is no way my landlord would be ok with it. Maybe one day. I
    I will never understand these evil people who dump baby animals in the trash. There’s a special place in hell waiting for these mother effers.

  7. WhyDidIDeleteMahCookeez? says:

    Don’t forget about breed specific rescues if you are looking to add a dog to your family. You might think you have to go to a breeder to get particular type of dog but you don’t! I had a Rhodesian Ridgeback that I got from a rescue as a puppy and he was a joy.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      I tell everyone (strangers I meet on the street) about the website www. for people looking to adopt. It tells you about animals in your area by species, breed and location.

      • Yup, Me says:

        Yes! We found our pup on PetFinder and adopted her from our local rescue. She’s a pit mix, only about 35 pounds full grown and has been such a love. We’re planning to get her a companion pup one day but have also been discussing fostering since she and her siblings were fostered through the same rescue.

  8. Allergy says:

    Yay Demi you decent human being! xxx

  9. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Adorable babies!

    Never thought about wearing a sweater like that. Think I’ll grab some scissors.

  10. JennyJenny says:

    I can’t foster anymore because I’m a colossal Foster Failure….
    I’ve kept 3 so far, bringing my total to 8 dogs!