Cops called to Jon & Kates after argument; Jon to host Vegas pool party

Kate Gosselin checks into Days Inn after she fought with Jon and police called in PA
Jon and Kate had a huge screaming match last night and the cops were called. The sad part is that it took place at the fence at their Pennsylvania home and it’s likely that their kids at least heard it. Kate eventually left and checked into a Days Inn, where she was seen crying. I guess she was telling the truth when she said she wasn’t renting a second place in Maryland. Radar Online has the details of their argument and apparently Kate flipped her lid when she realized that sexy nanny Stephanie Santoro was over. (Jon told In Touch he sent the nannies and chefs away the moment he came home. Yeah, right.) Jon refused to let Kate into the house and she lit into him.

Police were called to the Gosselin house in Wernersville, PA Thursday night after Jon and Kate got into a heated argument over Stephanie Santoro, the nanny who was on duty that day.

As previously reported, on at least one occasion, Jon has spent the night with Santoro, 23, a former cocktail waitress, single mom and aspiring model whose online resume reveals she’s willing to pose nude!

One source close to the situation told, “Kate showed up at the house unexpectedly. It’s Jon’s scheduled time to be there with the kids.”

Jon was inside the home and wouldn’t let Kate in.

Kate reportedly started screaming at Jon at the fence outside their once happy home about his relationship with Santoro – the nanny hired by Jon, and not Kate.

Amid all the screaming, someone called the cops. Police arrived, but no arrests were made. Kate left and checked into a local hotel.

As the couple’s marriage has unraveled, so has the civility between them. “Kate couldn’t get access to the house. She was upset,” said the source.

And although Jon may have spent the night with Santoro in the past, he is still romancing 22-year-old Hailey Glassman.

[From Radar Online]

So who called the cops – Kate, Jon or the paparazzi? I would bet Kate did as she seems the type to call in for reinforcements when things aren’t going her way. I bet she screamed “this is my home” a few times and kicked the door for effect. Then this morning at 4:00 am, Kate called the police and had them come to the motel and help her get rid of all the paparazzi that were camped out in the parking lot waiting for her. She had the cops carry her bags to her car, and four cruisers showed up and insisted that all the paparazzi to leave. Kate then took off on the highway, speeding at up 95 mph and eventually losing the 2 photographer’s cars that were able to tail her that far. I wonder where she was going. Maryland is my first guess.

Meanwhile Jon continues to prove that his first priority is his children, as he so often insists. He’s scheduled to host a pool party in Vegas in two weeks, and it sounds like it was arranged by his new buddy, Christian Audigier. Considering that the clothing line was just a ruse, at least Audigier is throwing him a bone:

Jon Gosselin is throwing a pool party in Las Vegas.

MGM Grand’s Wet Republic announced Wednesday: “Jon Gosselin, America’s favorite father (Jon and Kate plus 8), is coming to Las Vegas for a little R&R and will be hosting poolside.”

The gathering will take place Aug. 29. A Vegas source tells Gosselin’s attendance has sparked as much interest as when Lindsay Lohan hosted her 23rd birthday at the hot spot in July.

Gosselin will be in Sin City with Christian Audigier to attend MAGIC, a clothing industry trade show. (He debuted his relationship with 22-year-old Hailey Glassman on the Ed Hardy designer’s yacht in the South of France last month.)

[From US Weekly]

That’s the way to revamp your image, Jon, barring your estranged wife from the house and hosting a pool party in Vegas. At least you’re not hanging out with Michael Lohan any more.

Kate Gosselin cries after having a fight with Jon Gosselin

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  1. wow says:

    Still no sympathy for Khate. Looks like she got a dose of her own medicine. Oh well.

  2. Megan says:

    Can you stop reporting about these two, I have no idea who they are, nor do I care. Their show has never been shown here in the UK and I’m sincerely glad. Who the hell IS this woman anyway? And her douchey husband? Their poor children.

  3. YT says:

    Kate can’t boss Jon around anymore? What a surprise for her!

    She obviously planned a scene by just showing up when she did, and now she is upset that it backfired on her.

    I can’t blame him for not having “her” nannies and chefs there since they probably report his every move to Kate.

    It’s a sorry situation, but I suspect that Kate’s need for complete control and snarky attitude towards Jon started it all. He’s not perfect, but she comes across as a perfect witch.

  4. Donna says:

    She keeps pulling these speeding stunts and she will end up dead on the highway. Then Jon will have the run of the house, the Nanny, AND the new kitchen, not to mention the kids. Did they not set boundaries about the house and visitation and sleep-overs BEFORE all this started? Dumb Asses!

  5. Taya says:

    I used to be against Kate, but now Jon is the one that is turning into the biggest scumbag around. Maybe Kate was a complete bitch for a reason during their marriage? People do not change their spots that quick. Maybe Jonboy was this way off camera and it just was not shown to the public.

    These two are complete assholes and need to be better parents.They are going to totally f**k up those kids.

  6. Firestarter says:

    Jon is the more disgusting of the two, IMHO. He is a sick, immature, dolt of a man, who needs to stop acting like a high school guy and step up to being a father.

    They have 8 children for crying out loud. What do they think all this nonsense is doing to them?

  7. Ramona says:

    How much stupider can Jon get…I don’t blame Kate one bit for checking up on Jon…I would be one pissed off mama too if I suspected my road whore soon to be ex husband was holed up with some skank in their home with their children! Apparently Jon does not realize that he is in grave danger of losing all custody of his children by doing this selfish act when it was his turn with the children…Kate now stands a very good chance of getting sole custody of the children if she proves Jon was having sleepovers be fore the custody was settled. Wake up Jon and stop letting your penis make decisions for you!!

  8. lala says:

    no offense megan but stfu. just cuz u dont know who they r and u dont watch doesnt mean no one else watches. im pretty sure your one opinion isnt going to influnce anyone not to write about them. if u dont like them or know who they r dont read stories about them or write about them. geesh

    also kate needs to grow up. it is kinda funny about what happened. jon didnt back down and kate was pissed. go jon!! im sure there kids did hear it outside. they just sound like any other divorce couple fighting…. only they have more drama. iv been waiting for something like this to happen. about time. they were getting boring. lol

  9. Kelly says:

    Jon is SUCH a tool. He has done nothing of value since leaving the show.

    Now he needs “a little R&R”?? From what, exactly? Shopping in St. Tropez? Kickin’ it in the Hamptons? Stickin’ it to every second rate, small town butterface who will have his fat ass?

  10. Shanny says:

    Jon is such a dolt, he is totalally playing his cards all wrong during this mess. How hard is it to make kate look like the good one, pretty hard, but Jon is doing it!

    Hailey has to be so fried on drugs why would she put up with a fat older boyfriend that can’t keep his penis to him self, what a man slut.

  11. Tazina says:

    This is turning into a sad and sick situation with 8 little innocents in the middle. Kate should not have shown up like that when it was Jon’s turn with the kids. What did she think would happen? That Jon would welcome her with open arms? Jon isn’t perfect by a long shot but neither is she.

  12. Cinderella says:

    That woman will be committed before this is over. She was already unstable to begin with, but the life she has chosen is sending her over the edge.

    Relatives, get ready to claim those 8 kids.

  13. BiggieShortie says:

    She was doing 95 and at times turning off her headlights to “elude” paparazzi? Bitch should be cooling her heels in jail for that. She is endangering EVERYONE ELSE on the road for HER DRAMA.
    Get off the fuckin’ TV if you can’t handle it, bitch.

  14. Seriously says:

    Seriously, Kate, Day’s Inn? I live near here, and that hotel is TACKY…even though they’ve revamped lately, there are lots nicer places nearby. Go uptown, girl…Jon is learning to! The heck with the kids, get with the lifestyle!

  15. Wiser says:

    Ramona, I don’t know any man that has been kept from seeing his children, because he is a manwhore who screws young women in front of their children! If that were the case, a lot of men would never be permitted to see their children. My ex, who is a bible thumper, screwed many women in front of our children during his visits, sometimes while they were in the same room. Of course he denied it! After 9 years of this vile crap, the church finally figured him out. Oh yeah, he also bought one of his skanks breast implants! BTW he is bored with miss silicone now, and screams at her that she is ugly in front of our kids.
    Jon Gosselin is not the only douche in the universe-be careful!

  16. Nev says:

    Clock is ticking on these two soon we will not here from them again. Someone need to take those kids from Kate/Jon and the TV Excutives.

  17. Cinderella says:

    So this is how Kate is pitching for endorsements. She’s so smart!

    I can totally envision a Days Inn ad: Check out the Kate Gosselin one night, stay a 2nd night free!

  18. scorpiogal says:

    Who hires an aspiring nude model as a nanny anyway? (All other issues aside.) I just can’t picture leaving my daughter in the care of someone who is only doing nanny work until her porn career takes off.

  19. maddie says:

    I don’t know any man that has been kept from seeing his children, because he is a manwhore who screws young women in front of their children!

    Not true you can include in a divorce degree that the ex not have any overnight guest of the opposite sex.

    Plus even thought I think Kate is finally getting what do to her, Jon having someone that he’s dating? or sleeping with or has slept with in the pass watching his kids is kind of tacky, plus she wants to “act” or model and does not mind if it’s nude, sorry but he keeps it up with his revolving door of skanks he visits will not go unsupervised , he seems to bee clueless with what to do with out Kate calling the shots.

    TEAM The 8 KIDS because they are going to need it with both parents hating on each other more than Co-Parenting them in a constructive manner.

  20. princess pea says:

    Wait, she was speeding like that and the police were there and they didn’t do anything? Wow, she really has the public wrapped around her little finger, huh?

    I totally agree that she started this on purpose, trying to make Jon look bad. She knew it was his time with the kids, and she showed up and demanded to come in. She doesn’t have to like him or what he does, but unless she gets the courts to remove his custody, he is still the rightful guardian of HIS children. And I can see no reason for the courts to make the decision. That means that he gets to decide who sees them while they are in his care, as well as what they eat and what they do for fun, etc. How many divorced families out there don’t like every detail of what goes on when the kids are with the opposite household? It must suck for Kate to realize that splitting up meant she lost control of him and now he can parent however he likes. Does she invite him in with open arms when it’s her time? I doubt that.

  21. LALA Land says:

    Cancel this show before Kate is put on a 5150 hold!! Those poor kids!!

  22. princess pea says:

    One last thing: it is really getting to me that all the reports point out that her resume or website say she is willing to do nude modeling. That is irrelevant and it is obvious that the tabs are trying to create bigger scandal, mountains out of molehills. Not all nude modeling is porn, folks. Not even close.

  23. Shelly says:

    The media won’t be happy until Kate is dead and that’s what’s going to happen with her having to drive so fast to get away from the paps. Jon’s a pig.

  24. Wiser says:

    I agree with Princess Pea – if Kate is speeding along the highway in her mullet rage, why is she dismissed for her dangerous behavior? Kate def went to the house to start an all out war with Jon & the nanny, and it backfired! I don’t blame him for calling the cops-Kate made up this schedule, and is already causing chaos with her jealous, controlling rage-a-holic temper tantrums! I understand that why Kate is upset, but Jon’s douchiness is roaming free now, and it isn’t against the law to be a royal douchebag, but speeding IS. I feel so sad for the children.

  25. Maria says:

    hello?!?!?! why r u all so against Kate? im no fan of hers but i dont see this evil fiend yall see. what is it thats so bad? as if none of u wouldnt allow tlc to film u couple a days a week for a million, of course u would, as a woman, i take offence to all who pick on her for taking care of herself, is she not allowed to go out? just be honest n ssay u dont like for any other reason, jealous much?& if i want to check in pon my ex whose sleeping with lil kids, he cant keep me out unless theres a reason he’s trying to hide.

  26. the original kate says:

    if she really was speeding (95!!) she should have been given a ticket at the very least. no need to endanger others. these two are so amazingly selfish – i think they got caught up in money and fame and everything unraveled. the kids, of course, probably just wanted to be normal and to fit in – that’s all kids ever want. the family is such a freak show i don;t think it’s possible for the kids to be normal now. i hope j&k have set aside money for the 8 large therapy bills they will get in the future.

  27. Guest says:

    These two are just beyond.

  28. The Domestic Goddess says:

    I agree with “maria”. I’m not a fan of Kate’s either, but jeez louise … women have fought for how long to have the right to look after themselves, be strong and independant? It’s always other women bringing women down – and Maria is right … nothin but envy and hatin on each other. Kate is not perfect (and she says it herself)… and if my ex husband who has been trolloping in France, bonking my plastic surgeon’s 22 year old daughter, whilst also bonking a gossip rag reporter, who then goes on national tv to tell all (basically what we already knew – that Jon is a liar and a two-timer) brought in a questionable “nanny” to look after my kids .. damn straight I’d be at the gates making it plain that that isn’t on!. Jon is a *%^*& and Kate may be a drama queen, but I don’t doubt for a minute that she is devoted to her children (even though one may question her wisdom in continuing with the show). Given that they have 5 daughters, Jon is modelling poor behavior (and so much for “I don’t want my children googling me and seeing ….”). What about the sons? Yeah boys, marry a woman, wait til you’ve got a couple of mil, leave her and your kids and you too can have your pick of young, stupid women! I’m not worried about the kids … they’ve learned well from their mother … karma’s a bitch as they say!

  29. boo says:

    What did Kate expect after giving two interviews on national TV about their failed marriage. Also, where are the pictures of this nanny/bartender? I know a few bartenders and cocktail waitresses that are excellent mothers and they do that type of work bc it brings in more money. I hope those two can smooth things over. Their kids will be fine.

  30. pebbles says:

    you brought me out to comment again!! i am a mom to two boys, and let me tell you, i don’t wear white pants – at all. i suppose when you are a multi-millionaire with tons of help, you can don the white pants.
    also, how damned regrettable to have the police carry your damned bags to the car, then peel out and do 95 mph on the highway. do the rules not apply to this b**tch?

  31. AlexP says:

    Maria, no offense, but as a parent AND as someone who remembers how hard it was going through my parents’ nasty divorce, there is NO WAY I would ever allow my children to be filmed in the type of situation the Gosselin kids are in. Not for a million dollars, not for a billion dollars.

    Those kids are being publicly humiliated for their parents’ profit.

  32. Sandra says:

    Does anyone remember when Jon was working, then worked from home. The last 2 seasons have been hard to watch, whatever kind of scumbag, dolt or whatever Jon is/was. The way she spoke to him was awful and unnecessary. I am sure she was doing what she wanted and violated the agreement.

  33. OXA says:

    Kate said the house is for the kids and that they would share custody, the kids would stay at the house and the parents would rotate in and out for their visitations. She made the ground rules that Jon was not allowed on the lot while she is there. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and I do not blame him. Yes he has made some dumb decisions but he is not out on a Victim Tour bad mouthing the kids mom.

  34. sassenach says:

    I have hated Kate ever since I saw her deny her own child water. John is lame but he is harmless next to Kate. John has always spent more time with the kids and anyone who has seen the show can see that they enjoy him more than their mother. I feel so bad for them.

  35. Mommy says:

    These two are sort of like your Jordan/Katie and Andre living soap opera, complete with suffering kids in the middle.
    Last time I saw a woman wearing white pants and checking into a hotel was Tina Turner while she was dripping in blood after her last beating from Ike.

  36. RubyKaur says:

    The days Inn? What a dump. All that money and still no class…..just like her plastic handbag!

  37. Anastasia says:

    Wait a doggone second.

    It was his time to be at the house with the kids.

    She agreed to (and probably came up with) the plan that they would be there at different times and let the kids stay there full-time, after all it is a TV set.

    So she shows up unannounced and NOT at her time and she gets pissed off that a nanny he hired is there?

    Does she have proof he ever slept with her?

    Does she have a say in who he hires? If so, does he have a say in who SHE hires? Somehow I doubt it works the other way around.

    And she was totally pissed that she couldn’t boss him around anymore. Sorry, but he’s gotten a taste of freedom and very few people are stupid enough to go back to being bossed around 24/7.

    How would she feel if HE suddenly showed up and expected to be let in when it was HER time at the house? I can tell you, she’d have done the same thing–refused to let him in. Though somehow I can’t picture Jon standing at the gate yelling at the top of his lungs. That’s her big dramatic m.o.

    Don’t get me wrong–he’s no prize. But as was mentioned above, she needs to watch it with this crazy behavior–yelling in the middle of the night (was she drinking?), then driving 95 mph and at times with her headlights off. She’s endangering everyone else on the road when she pulls crap like that and she has no right to do that, paps or not.

    She’s going to end up in a one-car (hopefully) fiery accident if she’s not more careful.

  38. Anastasia says:

    The Domestic Goddess: might I also suggest that women fight for the right to be well-educated enough to know how to spell?


    Kate is a narcissistic jerk and a half. Things aren’t going her way so she’s on her little Victim Tour and calling the cops when she violates her OWN agreement about visitation. Wah, cry me a river.

  39. maritza says:

    It’s not right for him to have a nanny/girlfriend staying with him. When its his turn to care for the kids his attention should be on his kids and not on the nanny.

  40. The Domestic Goddess says:

    lol … oh well … I’m just going to wait and see how this all falls out. I’m betting Mady will take control and rule the world! (or at least the Gosselin one). I wish the media would just leave them alone and focus on something more positive .. .like that’s going to happen.

  41. CeeJay says:

    Poor lady can’t trust to leave her kids alone (cuz he never is alone) with the kids.

  42. nancy says:

    you all are really looking hard to find fault with kate. now she cant even wear white pants. i have 3 boys and have never found it to be a problem. also, im not saying that the barmaid has no morals, but what makes her capable of watching these 8 kids plus her own. if those were my children i also would have been concerned and would have went to the house. i dont think kate really cares who jons messing with unless he is involving her children. who is to say that one of her kids didnt call her on her cellphone with a problem??

  43. nancy says:

    and if she would have checked into a 5 star hotel, you all would be here ragging on her for wasting the kids money and pimping them out. why does it seem like she is in a no win situation?? maybe she should go out and pay 5000. a month on a new condo.

  44. rop says:

    Once you take away the media fabricating stories through pictures and the TV show, plenty of other divorcing couples go through this and more. If you were getting a divorce, would you really want to have to make a public statement about it reality show or not? They are very ordinary people who have the people of hollywood to thank for the fabulous PR ideas that only lead people like the Gosselins down the wrong road to looking like even bigger fools.
    I don’t feel sorry for them but they are not celebrities. Having a reality show and acting are two very different things.

  45. pebbles says:

    Again, they wanted this. They signed up for this. They are exploiting their kids for money. Along with fame, tv appearances, money, and freebies comes the “harassment.” I feel sorry for the kids – they did NOT sign on for this.

  46. rop says:

    I really don’t think that this is what they wanted but it did/is consuming their life and it is out of control. Jon is moron and should have never gotten married. He is acting as if the married years of his life were forced upon him, eight kids later. How conveinient.

  47. jacquelin says:


  48. proudmami says:

    Both of these people are to blame for their issues. Kate is a total Witch, what man would want to stay with a women like that? Jon has done his wrong too. Someone brought up Jon losing custody and well that is not true. The law likes for the custody to be split 50/50 unless the children are in danger. Both of these parents have put their children in danger of mental issues. Why put them all on T.V. if you can’t even control your own life? For a quick buck? They are just as bad as the woman who gave birth to all the babies and has no job!

  49. Ellie says:

    Personally, I love Kate and I am sorry that she has to go through this. Jon was and has been a complete wonder she had no patience for him.

  50. p3rp3tu4 says:

    Mon CHI CHI mon CHI CHI…:)