Four Republican senators sold their stocks in Jan/Feb after a coronavirus briefing

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On January 24th, the Senate Health Committee was briefed by White House administration officials, the CDC director and Anthony Fauci (the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) about coronavirus. The whole meeting and briefing was about coronavirus and whether America was prepared to handle a pandemic, whether the hospitals had enough equipment, whether the populace could be kept informed, and what would happen to the economy, of course. Shortly after that meeting, four Republican senators sold off millions of dollars worth of their privately-held stock. They got in weeks before the DOW crashed 7000+ points and the American economy faced it’s biggest challenge since the Great Depression. And not only that, these Republicans were the same motherf–kers who went on TV and lied about how we were prepared and nothing was going to happen and thank God Trump is doing such a good job.

Soon after he offered public assurances that the government was ready to battle the coronavirus, the powerful chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, sold off a significant percentage of his stocks, unloading between $628,000 and $1.72 million of his holdings on Feb. 13 in 33 separate transactions. As the head of the intelligence committee, Burr, a North Carolina Republican, has access to the government’s most highly classified information about threats to America’s security. His committee was receiving daily coronavirus briefings around this time, according to a Reuters story.

A week after Burr’s sales, the stock market began a sharp decline and has lost about 30% since. On Thursday, Burr came under fire after NPR obtained a secret recording from Feb. 27, in which the lawmaker gave a VIP group at an exclusive social club a much more dire preview of the economic impact of the coronavirus than what he had told the public.

[From ProPublica]

After Pro Publica dropped that bomb about Richard Burr, the Daily Beast released their story about Sen. Kelly Loeffler:

The Senate’s newest member sold off seven figures’ worth of stock holdings in the days and weeks after a private, all-senators meeting on the novel coronavirus that subsequently hammered U.S. equities. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) reported the first sale of stock jointly owned by her and her husband on Jan. 24, the very day that her committee, the Senate Health Committee, hosted a private, all-senators briefing from administration officials. “Appreciate today’s briefing from the President’s top health officials on the novel coronavirus outbreak,” she tweeted about the briefing at the time.

That first transaction was a sale of stock in the company Resideo Technologies valued at between $50,001 and $100,000. The company’s stock price has fallen by more than half since then, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average overall has shed approximately 10,000 points, dropping about a third of its value.

It was the first of 29 stock transactions that Loeffler and her husband made through mid-February, all but two of which were sales. One of Loeffler’s two purchases was stock worth between $100,000 and $250,000 in Citrix, a technology company that offers teleworking software and which has seen a small bump in its stock price since Loeffler bought in as a result of coronavirus-induced market turmoil.

[From The Daily Beast]

Jesus Christ, you guys. These MAGA douchebags have been WILD for four years now and they think they’re untouchable, they think they can just lie and do crimes and profit off of dead Americans and no one will say sh-t or even notice. Two other senators made similar moves, selling off significant chunks of their portfolios in February: Oklahoma senator Jim Inhofe and Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson. Every single one of them needs to resign from the Senate and then throw their asses in jail.

Kelly Loeffler looks like the demon hellspawn of my nemesis Laura Dern and Ann Coulter. *shiver*

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  1. Rachel says:

    They are getting away with it…..

    • Mac says:

      Of course they are. Congress exempted themselves from insider trading laws years ago. It’s how they all get rich.

      • Lara says:

        They won’t away with it. Just because they aren’t immediately arrested doesn’t mean FINRA, SEC, NYSE, DOJ, OGE haven’t opened investigations. The next few months, they’ll be facing inquiries for which they will have to hire very expensive lawyers who charge $1,400/hour (okay, maybe more along the lines of $1,100/hr) and in the end, they will likely settle for monetary penalties with each of these agencies in millions of dollars. I know this because I work at a Big Law firm three blocks from the White House. The investigations and results might not get the spotlight in the media because this will take a few months- justice is slow, and by that time the news cycle will probably have forgotten them. But the federal government are all working remotely. I know because they are still pressing our clients just as ruthlessly as they were pre-virus. Their financial advisors/firms will probably be investigated also. I work in this field- they won’t get away with it. Especially something as public as this?

        So don’t worry- they’ll bleed. And bleed where they care most- their pockets.

      • Courtney B says:

        That changed with the STOCK Act in 2012. That’s why Chris Collins is sitting in jail.

      • Lara says:

        @Courtney B – I’m not certain if your comment was directed at me? I worked on the securities side of things, so don’t deal too much with the DOJ. But nothing wrong with them getting fined millions of dollars AND going to jail. 🙂

      • roseposey says:

        nope, Rep. Chris Collins was convicted of insider trading.

      • What. . .now? says:

        Yay, Lara!! Thank you for your comment and your information. This is such morally depraved action, I am so glad they will bleed money for what they did. All that money they managed to get in their traitorous deal should be gone + MORE.

      • Rmcgrudiva says:

        Lara – thanks. I needed to hear that SOMEONE in authority gives as much of a sh*t about the law as the rest of us do.

      • Courtney B Lawrence says:

        Lara–no,it was in response to Mac’s comment about them being exempted. 🙂

      • Lara says:

        I’m glad I could help! I know this sucks a lot, but there are a lot of good civil servants still working in the trenches – it’s just not glorious, so it doesn’t get reported. And make no mistake – this IS an egregious action on their part. I work for a private firm and I’M basically not allowed to own any stock, only mutual funds. If I did want to buy or sell stock, I have to submit all these forms and get reviewed by the firm’s financial and ethics committees. If I don’t, I lose my job. So this is definitely taken seriously by all parties.

        Also, the Office of Governmental Ethics requires that all elected officials and those appointed to top level positions within the executive office report all their holdings, including those of their spouse and children. Their finances are then reviewed and they are required to divest some of the securities they own to prevent any conflicts of interest. They also have to report at least once a year on all the trading activity they did. So safeguards ARE in place.

        I guess I’m commenting all over the place on this particular thread because there is a difference between a presidential administration and the government (bureaucracy, if you want to be unkind). Yes, there is huge turnover in more senior positions whenever a new president is elected, but condemning the entire government as a monolithic entity feels unfair. The SEC, FINRA, all these regulatory bodies are a regular pain in my ass and generate lots of work. They are good at their jobs, ask hard hitting questions, and I feel like they do deserve acknowledgment and respect. Also, another huge headache for me (but something which I think is encouraging about government) is that all these guys talk to each other. I’m working on something right now which started with the SEC, and now DOJ, FBI, and DHS are getting involved.

        So please do vote blue this November, but also please remember that there are people in the government who are seasoned professionals and will do their jobs. It’s just hard to remember that under all the bullshit that explodes on the media on a daily basis.

      • Hoot says:

        Thank you Lara for you “voice of reason.” It IS comforting to my blood pressure, which skyrocketed after reading this article. (Even though it was “old” news by the time I read it.) I then had to go to NPR’s website and listen to their four-minute broadcast regarding this.

        I feel outrage because it seems that those of us who play by the rules are continually out-maneuvered. I acknowledge there are plenty of checks and balances in this area (as I found when I sold some stock from a trust I was overseeing), so I’m optimistic reading your words. Yet this morning on some financial network I heard a reporter in D.C. state how hard it will be to prove that these senators made the transactions themselves, and therein lies the problem.

      • Lara says:

        @Hoot – Reporter is talking out of their ass. I’m sorry, but something like this leaves a trail, always, if not on their mobile devices, then in their email, their laptop, their freaking twitter, their trading instructions – all financial brokers record phone conversations with their clients. Trades are tracked by the picosecond on the markets, huge excel spreadsheet trade blotters filled with hundreds of thousands of transactions in a span of two hours. Obviously I don’t know the details of their financial arrangements but if an investigative journalist can dig some stuff up with public information, there is a HUGE amount of confidential information that these governmental entities can access.

      • Lara says:

        @E.B. Mann – She can craft whatever narrative she wants for the public. But from an investigative point of view – I don’t believe anything without documents to back it up.

        The “I had no idea what was going on” is a favorite defense in white collar crime.

    • So agree, Rachel……And so is Trump and his family et al. Delay delay delay until they can jettison stocks that will tank and buy stock in what will go big in a pandemic. If Congress knew, Trump knew too! I want them all investigated from the White House on down, both sides of the aisle. On the Democrat side, it’s just been reported that among other Democrat’s, Pelosi herself jettisoned over a million dollars worth of stocks right after they were briefed in Jan/Feb. Also, The Washington Post have just done an article on Jared’s brother that is very revealing about positioning himself (with Jared’s help) to make money off COVID-19 testing locations’ app that —- gee what a surprise — White House wants to use as front door for its roll out of testing location information. Money, money, money — I’m beginning to think very few of them give a damn how many Americans die, go bankrupt, or whose lives are destroyed by this in some way, as long as they all make money off of the pandemic.

  2. Pam says:

    Diane Feinstein

    • Ash says:

      I saw that reporting too, although it looks like she and her husband sold some of their medical-related stocks, which doesn’t make much sense as far as making nefarious insider trading moves. It’d make way more sense to *keep* medical stocks.

      That said, if that doesn’t turn out to be the case, throw the book at her too – red or blue, it shouldn’t make a difference.

      (Narrator: it will)

      • TeamAwesome says:

        I saw the Fox headline on this began DIANNE FEINSTEIN and other senators, because of course it did.

        How much credence to we give to the idea that they don’t sell and buy their stock, they have people for that? Because I have a hard time believing that a NYSE official doesn’t have input into their own portfolio.

    • Betsy says:

      Not remotely the same thing.

      I would like to take the “both sides” argument, poison it, shoot it, drown it and finally burn it to put it in its grave for misplaced blame has a way of helping the guilty escape.

    • Jerusha says:

      Jeff is a Republican attorney, co-host of Political Beats, writes for National Review, and this is what he wrote about Feinstein.

      • lucy2 says:

        Thanks for that – sounds like Burr is the one in big trouble.
        The stink of it is going to stick to the others though, whether fairly or not.

      • Christina says:

        Lara and Jerusha, thank you. I just want to bury myself in cat and dog videos now. I no longer have the energy and really appreciate that you are knowledgeable, keep up, and take the time to share what you know and provide evidence and expertise.

    • Tina says:

      Politicians of both party deserve criticism for doing this. That said Dianne Feinstein’s press secretary said all her holdings are in a blind trust and the sales were made by her husband and he also bought after that fact. And she didn’t spout off to the media claiming that coronavirus was no big deal or just like the flu. So not as bad as what Loeffler (married to Mr. NY Stock Exchange) and Burr (has access as the head of Senate Intel) did

    • Anon says:

      One week before the briefing…. timing is everything in this matter, and her timeline shows its’ very unlikely that insider trading took place with Feinstein’s transactions.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Not only did they sell off large amounts of stock, they then invested in companies involved in such things as telework and medical supplies. They are unethical monsters and Loeffler was appointed by Governor Kemp. She was not elected by the people of Georgia.

    • lucy2 says:

      And she’s only been there since January 4th! 2 weeks later attends this meeting, sells off, and buys telework stock. INSIDER TRADING to the max, in record time.
      I wish somehow the fed could seize those funds and use it to help others in need right now, but it won’t happen. I do hope they are investigated, arrested, and GO TO JAIL.

      The only slight silver lining to this is maybe it’s a chance to pick up a few more Democrats in the Senate, which we desperately need to do.

    • Christin says:

      I had never heard of her until today, yet she is supposedly one of the wealthiest elected officials. Her husband being chairman(?) of the NYSE just adds to the stink of this story.

      And who knows what the orange and his spawn are doing to make money from the current situation.

      • Betsy says:

        Ivanka and Jared made $82 million last year. Doing what? Don’t tell me that’s not 100% grift, because I wouldn’t believe you.

      • Anon says:

        She was not elected, she bought her way into congress.

    • Juls says:

      And if anybody digs some more, we’ll see that they bought up stock by the truckload at rock-bottom prices after the free fall. Possibly even some of the same stock they sold off after this meeting for top dollar, buying it back for dirt cheap, knowing it will eventually rebound.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Loeffler’s husband is chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, no less. Shocking corruption at the highest levels.

  4. Ash says:

    Don’t forget the best part! This is in breach of the STOCK Act, which prohibits members and employees of Congress from using private information derived from their official positions for personal benefit.

    Three Senators voted against it at the time that it passed – one of whom was Burr. Nice.

    Edit: Oh and Loeffler’s husband is the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. Nice, nice.

  5. Sandii says:

    Insider Trading, basically….

    • Scollins says:

      Insider traitoring.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Definitely. But why are they allowed to get away with it? Does America not have laws against this? We have the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the regulatory body, as well as the Independent Commission Against Corruption to deal with these criminals. And they do. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of ours are not prosecuted for something similar in the coming weeks or months. But public officials – and high-ranking ones at that? They’d be out on their arises quick-smart, as a prelude to prosecution. Why isn’t America able to do the same? These are vile criminals, using their inside knowledge and privileged positions to unfairly profit. They need to be denounced, shamed, hung out out to dry amd their spoils confiscated. .

      • Lara says:

        Hi AnnaKist – the United States does have laws and regulatory agencies which enforce the laws against this type of behavior. A few of the ones I deal with regularly are the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the New York Attorney General’s Office (NYAG) (they handle a lot of white collar crime because Wall Street is in New York). Each of the stock markets have their own internal investigatory bodies, including the NYSE.

        They are being denounced and shamed in the media. It’s an election year, people are losing their jobs, people are afraid, people are angry. People are not going to forget, especially now, and this is perfect ammunition for any political attack ads. Their spoils will be confiscated, they may face jail time. But if we arrest them immediately based on the publications of two news outlets, no matter how stellar the reputation of those outlets might be, that isn’t justice. There has to be an investigation first. And who knows- perhaps an investigation is already under way. Suddenly moving millions of dollars like that raises red flags in the markets’ computer systems – you would not believe how many different kinds of alerts and notifications are generated on a daily basis and sent to regulators to open investigations.

      • Rmcgrudiva says:

        Lara – thanks again. You’re giving really soothing background info.

      • AnnaKist says:

        That’s great information, Lara – thank you. It’s good to know that some of your white collar crime laws align with ours, and obviously, rock-solid evidence that will stand up in court is critical. In Australia, in most cases of this nature, the public official will be stood down while an investigation takes place. It wouldn’t matter if an election was looming or not, but your elections are so complicated I can see your point. Thanks again for enlightening me.

  6. SJR says:

    Vile people.

  7. Jerusha says:

    Guillotine, anyone?

    • Aang says:

      I was going to say lock them up but I like Jershua’s idea better.

    • Juls says:

      Now that many of us have free time for hobbies, we can build replicas, like mock guillotines, and park them on these criminals front lawns. But seriously, if things keep getting worse, and stay bad for long enough, people will start to revolt. And that means eat the rich. France style.

    • chicken tetrazzini! says:

      Laser Guillotines

  8. Scollins says:

    This was the tipping point for me last night. So far zero freaking leadership during this pandemic which by yesterday morning nearly had me spitting nails and then this… I barely slept. I mean wtf can we do about the rape and pillage of our democracy?

    • Betsy says:

      Vote blue no matter who from now till the end of time.

      Vote in every GD election – which will get easier if we elect Democrats.

      Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

      Never utter a both sides argument.

      Stay engaged.

      • Scollins says:

        Of course! Always engaged and involved. Just having a bad moment down here in the Petri dish aka Florida. Fortunately I live just outside a small sleepy town on Atlantic coast so not overrun with spring breakers. Doesn’t help that my kids and granddaughter had to cancel their visit due to the Rona. Okay I’ll stop whining now.

      • Betsy says:

        Okay Discharge.

        But every time Democratic voters let up their support, we backslide. Maybe it’s not the elected officials’ fault for not “earning your vote,” maybe you’re letting democracy down.

    • H says:

      @Scollins, I’m in a small FL town too. These idiots are making money on the backs of dead Americans and our moron governor won’t close the beaches! After this is done, and if I’m still alive, I’m moving out of FL.

      • Scollins says:

        Was just thinking this morning how awesome California’s Governor is handling this crisis, shutting it down. But I can’t afford Cali at all. Where will you move?

      • H says:

        @Scollins, I can’t afford CA either. I’ll probably go to CO. Their governor is also doing a great job. Plus I have family there. Stay safe!

      • Betsy says:

        Come on up to Minnesota. The weather would be a bit of an adjustment, but it’s a wonderful state.

      • Joanna says:

        Please don’t do that! We need people like you and I in Florida. I’ve seen my area grow more diverse and there will always be a holes anywhere you go. I’m pissed at DeSantis too.
        He should have cracked down harder and sooner but they worry about the season. Cause they don’t pay Jack shit in Florida and So young people move away. But you know the weather is great and it is slowly changing. Do you really want to go to cold winters with snow and ice? Just saying 🤔

  9. Anna says:

    Diane Feinstein, a democrat from California, did as well.

  10. Who ARE These People says:

    This is in Maxine Waters’ wheelhouse?

  11. carolinablue87 says:

    Burr is sadly one of my senators. I know he’s to pompous to resign but I hope his ass gets defeated in November.

    • Who ARE These People says:

      He’s not up for reelection in November but you can support Cal Cunningham, the Democrat to unseat vile toady Thom Tillis.

      • Grace says:

        I’m in NC too. Oh, how I wish Burr was up for re-election! But, we CAN get Tillis….and then Burr will probably retire (if he doesn’t resign! He won’t, but fingers crossed!)

  12. Scollins says:

    Their asses need to be perp walked out of the Senate in cuffs then stripped of any senatorial rights and taken to jail. That’s what would happen to any of us, true?

  13. Becks1 says:

    This is horrendous and the worst part is that we know nothing will happen to them.

  14. Insomniac says:

    If I say what I think should be done to these people, I’ll get kicked off this site. And they’ll get away with it too. Of course they will.

  15. Teresa says:

    This is not defending them, but my brother in law (MBA) also sold his stock , my fiance sold his stock and bought medical, I listened to my financial advisor (MBA/CFA) and didn’t but a house in July as planned because he said in July 2019 the market will crash in February. That was previrus. Financial holdings are released for many businesses in January. February tends to have a dip anyways. The virus was already taking effect in China by then. For people in finance, like myself, this was expected. A virus will drop the market, China, was hauled, that obviously will drop the market, and medical is the obvious place to invest. Still worth mentioning I think the Republican party is evil so please vote them out. They shouldn’t have millions of dollars to move around like air when they’re public servants and joblessness is moving towards 20%, health care is for the rich, social services are scant, and people are trying to eat.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s the timing that’s suspect. Burr didn’t meet with his financial advisor who predicted a market collapse. Burr met with public health experts specifically about the coronavirus and then sold off millions of stocks. Same with Loeffler – she sold her stock the same day as a private meeting. They weren’t acting off information available to the general public.

    • Veronica says:

      Your brother isn’t a representative of the country who supported a lying president through deceptive silence. These people actively traded on a health crisis while simultaneously doing absolutely nothing for the millions in this country who will be irreparably impacted by it. I made financial decisions back in February – even though I don’t own stock – because I saw the writing on the wall, but I damn well warned everyone around me. These people are the definition of capitalist scum.

      • Teresa says:

        Ah totally valid. I saw the stock going to plummet as did others. I do hope these senators get caught and charged with insider trading if there can be more evidence dug up. I’m sure it’s there beyond these sales. I would support a law that forbid high ranking public servants from touching investments during the terms they serve. A girl can dream. They are scum though with or without this. All the Republicans are at this point reprehensible.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      There’s a difference between using one’s education and understanding of the markets to redirect your investments wisely and what these vile people did.

      But this is no grey area; these people used their positions of trust and power and access to information they have only because they are our elected representatives who are supposed to be looking out for us, the public who pays their salaries and vote them in. And on top of that they screwed over public health and safety to hide their shady games.

  16. Swack says:

    If they do something, unfortunately, Trump will pardon them. And agree, red or blue, anyone who did this should be punished.

    • schmootc says:

      Hopefully they’ll be convicted AFTER that thing is out of office. Then it’s touch sh*t Sherlock, to jail you go! Fingers crossed.

  17. Tate says:

    Lock them up! This is 100% criminal activity

  18. 10KTurtle says:

    Why aren’t they being perp-walked out of the building in handcuffs?? Absolute GHOULS.
    [BTW I double-checked the definition of “ghoul” to make sure I would be using it correctly, and the definition includes “especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies,” so I think no description has ever been more accurate because any words of warning at all to their constituents would have ABSOLUTELY saved American lives.]

  19. boredblond says:

    They have crammed the courts with their, often unqualified, judges, so none of them is getting called out for anything..its like they control every link in the chain…and Martha Stewart did time for less.

    • Lara says:

      They will get called out on it from regulatory agencies within the government, and likely the DOJ. Judges don’t determine everything here – if they go to trial, it will be a jury trial, not a bench trial. It’s a matter of whether the media will stay interested enough in the story to follow through on their coverage, and whether the public will remember this event.

  20. mary says:

    Infuriating and unacceptable. This is not right no matter how you spin it, and I hope no one lets ip on this. Martha Stewart went to jail for the same thing.
    What really burns me is that they knew how bad it was, enough to financially arrange everything for themselves, but continued to push the Trump idea that Corona was no big deal. They knew!!! Those Senators and oublic servant knew, and made everything good for themselves, and lied to the public. Bad people.

  21. Lucy2 says:

    Possibly five, as Diane Feinstein also sold a bunch in that timeframe, although it looks like she dumped biotech stock, which would be odd at this point, but who knows.

    Hopefully there is an investigation, which will reveal communications between them and their financial advisors if they truly order to sell off. Meanwhile, I’ll just be over here crying that I didn’t sell off my measly shares of Tesla when I had the chance! but also counting myself lucky that I’m young enough to have time for things to rebound.

  22. Seraphina says:

    And history repeats itself.

  23. Courtney B says:

    Imhofe and Johnson voted against the Coronavirus bill too. Loeffler maybe, I can’t remember.

    • What. . .now? says:

      No, she was appointed by the Gov of Georgia and took office in January of this year. She wasn’t around in 2012. 🙂

  24. Veronica S. says:

    Between this and McConnell’s power games with the relief bill, I’m just beyond today. I literally cannot imagine for a moment the kind of insipid mental take it requires to continue voting for these garbage fires.

    • grabbyhands says:

      For their supporters it all still comes down to no matter what, they all still hate the same people (and you know, owning the libs!) and that is enough. There is no level these people can stoop to that there won’t be some rabid wingnut defending them with a bible in one hand and a flag in the other.

  25. B n A fn says:

    So, if all these senators knew we are in a crisis, sold their stocks to make a profit and yet said nothing to their constituents that we are in deep trouble, they should be jailed. Martha Stewart went to jail for inside training.

    Our lying liar just told us that “no one saw this coming”, sure looks like some senators knew. Btw, I’m positive the Con Man in Chief knew and if we ever saw his stock portfolio we would see all the millions he and his family made off all our health. I also believe Hannity and so early fox and filth knew what was up that’s why they kept saying it was a Hoax started by the Democrats. The level of corruption in this administration is at a level we have never seen.

    Saw someone on tv saying his neighbor is talking about selling his home because his stock was wiped out.

    I will remember in November ****vote blue

  26. Stelt says:

    I have been reading this site for years. I recognize and look forward to many of the commentators, but have never commented. I’m a Californian and a physician and this whole situation frightens me. I believe we are getting good information from the CDC (not Trump, obviously), but Fauci is OK. We are so woefully unprepared. Stories like this just highlight how the rich can use anything to increase their wealth. We deserve the same information that they have. Why does science have to be political?

  27. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I want to see them all arrested, red or blue, but I know it won’t happen. They’re untouchable.

  28. JRenee says:

    But Martha Stewart went to jail. This is absolutely criminal but atypical of this shameful Republican controlled Senate. Shameful as hell.

  29. ChillyWilly says:

    What kills me is that many, many people in our government knew months ago that this pandemic was inevitable and they did NOTHING to save lives. It’s despicable.

  30. Sillysail says:

    How is this any different than the 2008 crash…

    • Lara says:

      The 2008 crash didn’t lead to major crises in the airline, hospitality, tourism, retail industries, to name a few; it didn’t disrupt the global supply chain; it didn’t leave thousands of people jobless within a span of the first two weeks. The 2008 crash still allowed major publicly traded companies to make reasonable forecasts of their growth and earnings, while this crash has the same companies withdrawing all their reports because they simply do not know how things will look on the other side. 2008 made people fear for their livelihoods; this virus is making people fear for their lives.

      • B n A fn says:

        Most of us on this site warned everyone that the lying liar in chief was going to wreck the country. He wrecked all his businesses, 5 bankruptcies and so many other business failures.

        Here are a few I remember:
        Football team
        Rental properties- fined for discrimination
        Vodka maker …
        Feel free to add to list…
        **** I Will Remember In November —VOTE BLUE

        Anyone noticed that the Republicans always leave a reck economy for Dems to fix
        Clinton had to turn the economy around
        Obama had to fix the economy. Bush left a mess – Obama fixed it …now this

      • Allergy says:

        I’d like to add to the list his marriages, hair, tan, university. In his mind these are all “businesses.”

  31. dumbledork says:

    There’s going to be more politicians exposed, mark my word. Both sides. And know that whether or not you profit on the trade has no bearing on whether or not you traded inappropriately. Throw the book at all of them.

  32. Allergy says:


  33. Guest with Cat says:

    I. Cannot. Even.

    I’ve seen so much corruption in both parties in my 5 decades on this planet. The first political scandal I recall clearly was Watergate. Lol, I saw a bumper sticker that said “Pardon Nixon” and when someone read it to me, my little preschooler self ran around yelling that slogan much to the horror of my parents. My dad is a lifelong Democrat and my mom became one as soon as she got her citizenship. I was a handful. Sigh, that era seems so innocent compared to all this.

    This just…

    I can’t…

    It’s so evil.

    • Christin says:

      Your user name provided a smile on this frustrating thread topic. Thank you!

      Sounds like we’ve been on the planet a similar amount of time, and yeah, seems like greed is the driving force of so much in politics.

      • Guest with Cat says:

        Hi Christin, yes I guess we’ve seen a lot. Let’s stay healthy and see a lot more, hopefully much better times ahead. Stay safe!

  34. ryan says:

    Most of us, aware that we are potentially facing financial distress or ruin, would choose to alleviate that risk if we could. Lots of investors saw this coming. Plenty of people saw the forest for the trees back when Covid 19 first broke in China, and they sold, too. Hell, I moved investment money around.

    It’s not the money, it’s the lies…

    • B n A fn says:

      But… but…but 45 told us there was nothing to worry about it was a Democrat HOAX to prevent him from winning the election. Next he said no one could have seen this coming. Funny, you and I saw it coming. Was he lying to us then or now, can’t have it both ways.

      Heard he just lost his mind on live tv. The lying is catching up to him….

      • Guest with Cat says:

        @Jaded, oh my goodness he’s absolutely unhinged! I’m very glad my state is led by a competent and proactive governor, albeit a Republican one. But there has been no coordination at the top from the Federal level and now it’s all becoming clear why.

        This should not shock me. But it did.

        Say for the sake of argument the reporter was being an ass hat, which of course he wasn’t, but let’s pretend for a moment. It is absolutely frightening that Trump can’t stop, pause, and put together an articulate response at all. He sounds 4 years old. “Mean reporter! Bad bad! No scoop for you!”

    • Lara says:

      I agree. Yes – we were due for a correction in the markets anyway, the situation in China was already incredibly unstable, companies reported quarterly earnings, etc. It doesn’t raise flags that people in general might move their money in response to market volatility and projected downturns. The red flags are in the details of the transactions – which securities bought and sold, when, by whom, based on what information, and all the communications surrounding it.
      Most of us are not privy to White House briefings on whether the country has enough ventilators at hospitals to handle a pandemic.

      • What. . .now? says:

        Again, your knowledge on this is much appreciated. It brings hope, clarity, and relief to know that good people such as yourself are working to keep this country afloat, despite the fact we seem to literally be under siege from top gov’t officials just looking to line their own pockets.

  35. Louise says:

    I hope that Loeffler bitch isn’t related to my favorite band😖I hope these bastards get what’s coming to them.

  36. adastraperaspera says:

    Confirmed my worst fears since this started–that Trump and the GOP were out to monetize the pandemic any way they could. Around the house, I kept saying “they’re trying to kill us all.” My partner (used to my rants) pretty much ignored me. But yesterday she said, “my god, you’re right.”

  37. SJR says:

    #1.. Fired!
    #2. Fine these crooks 70% of their net worths. (Their spouses and kids gotta get by)
    #3. Charge them with insider info/fraud.
    #4. Jail time 10-15 years Federal prison.
    #5. Bar them from making a profit from this crime, no books, no telling my side, etc.
    #6. Shun them.
    #7. Bar them for ever holding public office again.
    #8. No Gov’t. employment ever again.
    #9. Treason against the American Public. Using inside Gov’t info to line their pockets vs. doing their paid jobs as public servants to protect and ensure the safety of the citizens of USA.
    #10. Actually make an example of these crooks at once! Stop these vile creatures in their tracks.

  38. KAT says:

    Lol. Wow! Wonder what the dems are you to? Honestly forget this whole “Republicans did this, dems did that” is this contributing to the unity of where our country should go? You are part of the problem.

    • Allergy says:

      Well. It just seems there’s more assholian behavior in business from one political side nowadays. Why is that? Are these people born more self-centered? Or what is it?
      But don’t worry, everything will change now for everyone and soon we might not even have internet to have our little chats here about these things.

    • B n A fn says:

      Kat, I honestly believe if 45 stop acting like a child, stop the division, the country would do the same. Yesterday he was asked about the senators selling their stocks because they had inside information. #45 replied by only nailing senator Feinstein, mind you he knew their were four senators, he knew three were republicans but he stoked the fire. Calling Coronavirus/covid 19 the Chinese virus is stoking hate. I hope he will stop the hate, stop dividing the country. He is the president he should act like one.

      ****I will remember in November, vote blue****