Richard Kay: The Sussexes suck because they’re in Canada during the pandemic…?

09-03-2020   Commonwealth Day Celebrations  Westminster Abbey 2020...

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were the first members of the Windsor family to address the coronavirus pandemic on social media. Kensington Palace followed suit within hours, with a pulled-together video which looked like it was shot on an iPhone. Then a day later, the Queen finally issued a statement which, honestly, read as distant and somewhat cold. The Queen was also days too late in deciding to go to Windsor Castle, and her stubborn refusal to leave London likely put her own health at risk, and the health of many palace employees and all of the people coming and going from Buckingham Palace this week. The Queen’s glacial pace in the face of a fast-moving pandemic is not admirable, nor does it indicate a Stiff Upper Lip. It was just dangerous and stupid.

Now that Liz of House Petty has finally decamped to Windsor, Richard Kay at the Daily Mail has a flat-out angry, asinine and ridiculous piece of commentary about everything that’s gone down in the House of Windsor/Petty this week. As many hardcore royal followers know, during the Diana days, Kay was one of her favorites and she often gave him “Exclusives.” Nowadays, he has sources “deep” within both Clarence House and Kensington Palace. I tend to believe he, at times, operates as a mouthpiece for both Prince Charles and Prince William when they wanted a targeted hit job. William ran to Kay about the Rose Hanbury story, remember? That was almost one year ago exactly. So is it suspicious that Kay has written a piece about how the Queen is amazing and Harry and Meghan suck? I’m not going to post the lavish, sycophantic praise for the Queen for merely grumpily agreeing to move to Windsor days too late. Here’s the part about the Sussexes:

[The Queen] has cancelled all official entertaining, receptions and lunches. Investitures, too, have been postponed while essential audiences have been carried out by telephone. Around 20 members of the Royal Household staff, from grooms and footmen to maids, are understood to be self-isolating, but they are not thought to have the virus. Last night, it was claimed one servant had tested positive.

How different from the clichéd and frankly meaningless contribution from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their Sussex Royal website. There may be a time and place for facile and homespun messages, but their preachy post showed a fundamental misunderstanding of the mystique of the Royal Family. Harry and Meghan, remember, are not self-isolating at their luxury Canadian bolthole but, rather, choosing to be there in their own splendid isolation — a move they sought themselves in order to be as far away as they can from their old life as royals.

Little wonder that online mockery greeted the Instagram post. Their despatch, posted from the vastly expensive mansion that they cannot afford and which is provided by someone whose identity has been kept secret, could not contrast more with the thoughtful and dignified response of the Queen and other royals at home at this time of national crisis.

‘We need each other for truth, for support, and to feel less alone during a time that can honestly feel quite scary,’ they declared, adding that they will help us all ‘navigate the uncertainty’ by ‘posting accurate information and facts from trusted experts’. Are they seriously suggesting we have not been told the truth? And that we should trust them to know what is accurate and what is not? Rather than a period of silence that many at the palace feel is long overdue, the couple promised to post inspiring stories about coronavirus. Empathy and kindness, they said, will be their ‘guiding principle’.

Many will doubtless reflect that being 5,000 miles from our fight against the virus makes any contribution from the duke and duchess little more than empty words.

Now [the Queen] is safely reunited with her beloved Philip, it is time for others in the family to step up. Both Charles and William will have roles to play in the days ahead. One of their first tasks should be to remind Harry that he and his wife chose to step down from royal duty and to point out the vapid grandiosity of their media posts from a foreign hideaway.

[From The Daily Mail]

Imagine being mad at Harry and Meghan because they’re not suffering through “wartime conditions” (his words) in London… because they were pushed out and exiled? Again, for the a–holes in the back, Harry and Meghan would have loved to stay in Britain and work. They just wanted to do it without being lied about and racially abused on a daily basis. They even offered to work part-time for the Firm, which THE QUEEN rejected. The way these old men are completely rewriting the Sussexit narrative is really something. So… which royal had a hand in this, or was this Kay merely doing some anti-Sussex sh-t for the hell of it? I say Kay probably got a nod from The Willileaks Regency, right?

09-03-2020   Commonwealth Day Celebrations  Westminster Abbey 2020...


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  1. BlueSky says:

    Willileaks is mad because his work horses have escaped the stable and now he has to work.

    • Chica71 says:

      They really need to keep the narrative straight! I thought Katie Keen was saving the monarchy last week with her regal demeanor and years of preparation. House Petty makes bad calls..the half in half out would have been handy now.. but House Petty needed to be petty. They should buy an isolation cake to get over it!

      • BUBS says:

        Yeah, isolation cakes from Luminary Bakery…

      • Lily says:

        Chica71 you are so right. Lazy katie was the one singlehandedly saving the monarchy lol and that the sussexes werent needed and look now. Always late in working. Always waiting for a move from the sussex before they get to work.

      • PrincessK says:

        Very well said Chika!

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Willnot and his sour wife are pissed that they got beaten to the punch (again!) on Coronavirus messaging by the Sussexes. They were/are hoping the couple would disappear into obscurity, following their enforced step-down.

      Instead, the Sussexes remain one step ahead of this lazy, vicious, attention hungry, incredibly bitter couple.

      • Tessa says:

        THe two rushed to a Call Center in London to “see how things are done”while the virus continues to spread. This is foolish and makes them look desperate.

      • Nic919 says:

        That is insanely irresponsible. With all the press who also attended, this was needless and it’s a situation where a video would have been sufficient and the responsible thing to do. Kate already stupidly exposed her kids for a photo op at a grocery store. They better stay away from the Queen and Charles because they are now potentially spreading it.

      • Bren says:

        Today’s visit was nothing but self-serving. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the work of the call center was disrupted, even if only for a few minutes, in the midst of a health crisis just to appease Will and Kate’s need for a photo op.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        I couldn’t believe it when I saw that W&K had ventured out to visit that call center. They should be setting the example, not going out and potentially spreading this virus around.

    • Tessa says:

      He is really cozying up to the no longer Golden PRince now. Perhaps hoping for “honors”?

    • m@tairua says:

      Those two are patrionising sancsitimonous Grifters. The reset of the world shall show them for what they are. In 2021 they will be as obsolete as the Kardashians.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Are you speaking of William and Catherine?

      • lizzieb says:

        @m@tairua. Strange you should say that. I had just been thinking that they were making the Kardashians look good in comparison. The royals have been more thirsty, thrown family members under the bus to self promote, and engaged with the press via “friends”. They’ve been viscous, mean and cutthroat with their own. We won’t even get into how some of them (Andy) have behaved with non royals. And as Kaiser pointed out they have been petty and jealous. It’s a sad day when the Klan seem like models of mental and emotional health compared to the royal clan.

    • Tessa says:

      He’s waiting for the day perhaps he can cut his younger brother’s money. He really is getting above himself. Kate’s past is being re-spun in some circles that she “worked” when she was younger and SHE dropped William. So sad.

    • yinyang says:

      William hates when anyone takes away “his” “job”. He wants to be the only ONE posting updates and info about coronavirus, not Harry and Meghan and rest of the hundreds of thousands of people who use social media platforms to spread important message about it. Poor William he can’t find a place he fits in, he’s obsolete.

  2. AGreatDane says:

    Dude get a grip.

    • Olenna says:

      Seriously. WTF is wrong with the British tabloid reporters? The hate and resentment are so off the charts, like it’s personal for Richard Kay. What a scumbag.

      • Brit says:

        Y’all, there’s an actual poll on the express about whether Harry and Meghan should return to the U.K. 😂😂 We are in the middle of a pandemic and they’re now trying to pressure them into coming to the UK, so the press can get stories and clicks. That media is missing them and wants them to risk their life for foolishness.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Olenna

        I suspect Richard Kay is mostly acting as a conduit here…..the real hate is coming from the people behind him (royals), who requested he write this story, to “remind” the Sussexes that they’re now nobodies and their opinions are now no longer required. Especially when it overshadows the response of the grand, 100% royal, majestic, regal, all conquering, all saving Future, Future King Willnot.

        Yeah. Methinks this is straight from Will.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        @Brit: it was amazing to see how quickly the tabloids turned around to say that Harry and Meghan shouldn’t have left the UK. It never crossed their tiny little minds that they would have the balls to go. A lot of the reporters were actually saying that they would be back withing a year, well Harry anyway… after he ditched that actress hussy to marry a perfect English Rose.

        I just don’t know how much they really mean what they say or whether this is all a pantomime to sell papers. Like, can you really be this hateful to a couple who is harmless?

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Yes! Bitter Bettty Willie will have the crown, but Harry and Meghan will always be truly loved by the people of the world for who they are, and what is in their hearts.

      • PrincessK says:

        Diana must be rolling in her grave. Richard Kaye was the person she trusted to get her story out. He must be getting on in years now, and what a pity he has allowed himself to be dragged down so low with the Fail. He is clearly writing these grubby little pieces to order. Richard Kaye has lost any respect he might have had and will never recover, he should be thoroughly ashamed of agreeing to join Morgan as one of the key principal hatchet men trying to destroy the Sussexes.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I think the “powers-that-be” at the Daily Fail told Richard Kay to write a story and included a negative bit about how awful the Sussexes are in order to generate massive clicks. I read this story in the Daily Fail and two pages of the 4.7k comments. I would estimate 95% percent of the comments were about the Sussexes and 5% of the comments were about concern for QEII and Prince Philip. Little to no mention of Charles, Camilla, Bill or Cathy.

      Richard Kay and Piers Morgan are paid very well by the Daily Fail. Neither hack wants to give the money back so they will write and slant their stories however they are told to do so.

      The Daily Fail cares about no one in particular; The Daily Fail only cares about click$ that generate revenue$.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ BayTampabay

        Why do you still visit the Daily Mail? (Honest question)

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Bella DuPont – To see what the enemy is saying. I visit the Daily Mail about once a week for the same reason I watch 15 minutes a week of FOX news; to see what the enemy is doing and haters are saying. Pretending The Daily Mail and FOX will just go away if ignored is not realistic. The Fail and Fox could disappear but their commentariat would still be around. These haters really do scare me.

      • yinyang says:

        Lol, sometimes the DM commenters enrage me so much I literally sign up just to refute the crazy stuff they put out.

    • Redgrl says:

      That article is absolutely insane

  3. girl_ninja says:

    Yawn. B*tchass Richard Kay and his irrelevant self.

  4. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Imagine there being a global pandemic and THIS is the $hit you write about. All of these RR are tone deaf disgusting sycophants

    • BlueSky says:

      I guess pandemics and people fighting for their lives and being afraid of where their next paycheck is coming from doesn’t move papers and get clicks like continuing to racially abuse and smear the Sussexes.
      I’m currently reading “Hood Feminism” and it really brings home the fact that the world treats WOC as not virtuous or worthy of protection.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      OMG yes. Perplevarr dying from a pandemic but let’s talk about M&H and slander them a bit more…disgusting

  5. aquarius64 says:

    Kay is an idiot. They can’t leave Canada now. This is Willieleaks . If there is a Regency William will show he is not ready for primetime. Willie needs the Sussexes to do the heavy lifting.

  6. carmen says:

    How different from the clichéd and frankly meaningless contribution from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their Sussex Royal website
    WTF????!!! Seriously Richard Kay, if you want examples of meaningless contributions, you are barking up the wrong tree. Look no further than your future King, Prince William. Great at directing others to do things, not so great at leading by example and actually “doing” himself. I include Kate in that too.

    • Amy Too says:

      I like how Richard Kay and the RF seem to think that the Sussexes are talking to only them specifically with their Instagram messages. “How dare you talk to the people in the U.K. when you’re in Canada!?” Um, they’re talking to their GLOBAL audience, right now. They’re addressing their fans all over the world when they post on Instagram. They’re not just addressing the U.K. and the fact that the royal reporters still don’t get the global reach the Sussexes have is part of the problem. The UK is not the only place in the world. They can completely sacrifice their work and relationships in the U.K. and still be completely fine. The Sussexes didn’t move to Canada so that they could still do all their work only and specifically for the U.K. They are international now. How small is your world when you assume that every post on Instagram is directed ONLY at the U.K? How up your own ass are you when you assume that they desperately are trying to get messages to you and your country, and only you and your country. You’re not that important anymore. They’re just not that into you.

      The Sussexes don’t treat their Instagram as a sneaky way to get messages out to other members of the RF and they don’t think they’re in direct competition with the RF for the ability to address people. They’re just living their lives, posting for the people who want to hear from them. I know that will and Kate and Charles and the queen take everything personally and treat every article, tweet, and post as some secret backhanded message from the Sussexes to them (because that’s how the remaining RF live—all posts and outings and charity work are performative and aren’t actually for the benefit of the people, but are instead way to one up each other and perform their family hierarchy), but the Sussexes and their fans aren’t living like that. If you’re mad that they’re “telling you what to do!” then don’t go to their Instagram. It’s not mandatory. They’re not addressing you.

      • C-Shell says:

        This ^^^^^ is perfection. 👍🏼👍🏼

      • So agree, Amy Too. And part of me still hopes the Sussexes rebrand on April 1 as SussexGlobal. (But, as the Sussexes always go high, I know they won’t!) It seems the royal family and the Rotten Rota not only want it both ways, they are doing everything they can to get it as far as the Sussexes are concerned. Nasty articles, rude public behavior, petty leaking —- it’s amazing. They all wanted Meghan gone and when Harry chose to go as well, they wanted him humiliated and punished. Now they want them back to live a life of public pilory. They’ve all lost the plot, because until 12:01 am April 1, the Sussexes are still senior royals as per the Queen. However, the trashing and lies are just as before only bolder. After the Cambridge behavior at the church, I no longer believe anything coming out of their mouths. William and Kate need to take a breath, look at the long arm of history, and do their job. And, their job is not to spend the majority of their energy trying to destroy the Sussexes. As far as all of them are concerned, no matter what choice — infinitesimal or large —- the Sussexes make about anything it will immediately be the wrong choice made to deliberately harm some member of the royal family or a citizen of Britain. HINT TO WILLIAM ET AL AND THE ROTTEN ROTA: We all have bigger concerns right now, maybe you should too!

      • carmen says:

        Bravo, AmyToo, Bravo!!!!

      • Sandy says:

        I love everything you’ve written SO MUCH.

      • Nic919 says:

        William in particular demonstrates the little England xenophobic attitude that might work for one segment of the Uk, but it won’t for the rest of the world.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        This times 1000! If you don’t like the Sussex blog don’t read it!

      • Flying fish says:


  7. line says:

    This article was nonsense, hateful and completely stupid.He criticizes the Sussexes for being in confinement in a luxury mansion in Canada. But aren’t the other members of the royal family they not in confinement in luxury castles and mansions who are financed by others people” the British contributors?”

    • Becks1 says:

      And at least at this point, William probably couldn’t afford Anmer hall out of his own money, and definitely couldn’t afford KP esp with the renovations – so that was not only a spiteful comment, but a weird one.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Becks1 – All Richard Kay was doing with that weird comment is echoing the commentariat of the Daily Fail.

        The majority of comments BTL in the Daily Fail are unhinged There are actually poster demanding to see rent receipts (so they know who is paying) for the house the Sussexes are occupying in Vancouver and demanding that the Sussex make immediate reimbursement for Frogmore Cottage so that the 2.4 million pounds can be used by the NHS. Many posters at The Fail really believe this shit.

        These hater-posters do not seem to understand that after 31 March 2020 the Sussexes will no longer be working Royals so how much rent they pay and who pays the rent is really none of their business.

      • Tessa says:

        I remember how all the angry DM posters demanded to see the “proof” that Daddy Tom paid all the University expenses. Daddy Tom and SIster Samantha were planning this huge expose.

    • Amy Too says:

      And the point about how they’re not sacrificing their work and relationships to “social distancing,” they’re just in hiding. Okay? “Yes it does look like the Sussexes are doing the exact same thing as the queen right now by following social distancing, but they’re not! The queen is doing it for regal, special, magical queen like reasons and the Sussexes are doing it with the worst, most evil and Machiavellian motivations, probably.”

    • PrincessK says:

      With Coronavirus and the huge economic impact, the finances of the Royals is going to come under greater scrutiny.

  8. Becks1 says:

    Wow, so they really do need to make everything about Harry and Meghan, don’t they?

    • Betsy says:

      They’re the only ones who move papers, I think.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Betsy – You are correct. The Sussexes generate more clicks and move more print papers than all the other royals combine.

        For years The Daily Fail and 3 to 5 nothing stories a day on Katie Price. When the Katie Price nothing stories failed to generate enough clicks, The Daily Fail quit writing nothing stories about her.

      • There is a podcast ad from an Australian company —- the juice —- click on Honest Government Ads, making the rounds. A good friend who is a pediatric infectious disease doctor forwarded it to me. It is a public service video about the virus that is surprisingly informative and deliciously bitchy and aimed at trying to help idiots like Trump understand a pandemic. Worth searching out. I bring it up, Betsy, because the last 30 seconds is all about the toilet paper shortage.

        The video reminds the viewer that Rupert Murdoch daily puts out an enormous amount of publications that are suitable for bog paper replacement. So, as long as Murdoch keeps publishing, toilet paper is plentiful. 💩

      • Trashaddict says:

        JA Lowcountry Lady – brilliant video, thanks for sharing the link!

  9. heygingersnaps says:

    So much projection in his statement. Does he think that covid-19 is only hitting the UK?! He needs to self isolate in a 4×4 square metre room without an internet connection.

  10. Me Again says:

    I went to the site (I know I shouldn’t give them the clicks but I couldn’t stop myself!) and posted this comment:

    What? Way to rewrite history, Kay. Who is pushing for this smear job?
    It has been about a year since the Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley story.
    Andrew is still not answering the French and American governments about his involvement in child pedophilia ring.
    Hmmm. Convenient timing all around.

    It’s weird- it disappeared moments later. Weird, right?

    • Quincytoo says:

      Almost all of my replies are removed
      They don’t want many replies showing Sussex support and calling DM on their racist bullying stories

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Same here. The *few* times I’ve gone there to see a pic, and have been riled up enough to write something of support after reading a headline, I’ve gotten emails from them saying my comment is “being removed due to numerous complaints”. HA! Suuuuure!

      • PrincessK says:

        Oh yes….the Fail has prevented me from posting comments which revealed the lies and manipulation propagated by the newspaper. I was very consistently revealing the untruths and brainwashing by the Fail. I used to post under ‘ Amoke’ and l was accused of being a member of the Sussex staff. I even got reprimanded for bringing attention to trolls who were using disgusting language and death threats against the Sussexes! I notice that many strong Sussex supporters mysteriously no longer post.

    • Pineapple says:

      The scary thing is that this is happening all over the place. I am Canadian and the bots, far right opinions are out in full force in my City paper. I have actually reported racist comments to the Editor.

      Control the message. It is terrible how some rig the system. My opinion is, if you have to rig the system to get your opinion across, you probably aren’t on the right side.

      Meg and Harry must be so happy now.

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    The RR’s have always been snivelling twats who only care about their access – this just reeks to desperation to stay in WilliLeaks and Unable’s good books to keep access and to ensure they leaks keep coming.

  12. Courtney B says:

    It wouldn’t even need to be a leak. Kay is just bonkers over the Sussexes and he was probably triggered by the Queen moving to Windsor.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      I think her going to Windsor is quite gutting for the RR to be honest. They were having a field day hyping up the Queen staying in London, doing her duty, keeping that Blitz spirit arrive. Her going off to castle in Windsor actually makes her look bad so they have to big her up.

      Especially the delay in her statement, after a lot of the other European royals had already given statements, and after the Sussexes too.

  13. Ohdear says:

    They said the Sussexes are not popular, nobody loves them… So why they are scared of Harry and Meghan IG posts? The posts on IG are for their followers not for Richard Kay or the daily fail readers. Harry offered to work for the queen but the press was outraged. Now they are asking Harry to come back and leave wife and son behind. In their minds his own son is less important than the queen or his brother and father. Are they serious? The audacity of these people… Please kaiser can you post about the offer of 70.000 to lie about Meghan by the UK press? Remember the allegedly porn star “ex” of Meghan story broken before the wedding. He is speaking the truth right now. Ty

  14. HMC says:

    1. It’s a pandemic. That means everywhere, not just Britian. Get this so called reporter a dictionary.
    2. Yes the Sussexes are self isolating in luxury. So are the rest of them! Isn’t the queen self isolating in a freaking castle?
    3. BoJo is just as bad as our unfortunate president so the truth being distributed from his government is just as questionable as any useless press conference Trump holds.

  15. OriginalLala says:

    umm most places are closed in Canada, many provinces have declared a state of emergency, it’s not exactly like they are gonna be partying it up in BC and escaping the pandemic..if anything, the measures our gov’t has enacted as much stricter than the UK’s…

    • Nic919 says:

      Stricter and they started here much sooner. The UK has been idiotic at responding and way more will die. They are on a tiny island with little space and hundreds of deaths so far.

      • OriginalLala says:

        work essentially closed as soon as the first case in our city was reported. Hubs and I havent left the house in 5 days. The cats are loving it.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      @OriginalLala: According to Sussex haters, there is no pandemic. Only Britain is suffering and the rest of the world is weak/ having a party. The Prime Minister went on a Morning Show a few weeks ago and said we should let the virus come through the country and ‘take it on the chin’. TAKE IT ON THE CHIN – those were his exact words. But we will win this fight because we were an Empire once and the Blitz spirit or something like that.

      I remember when some RR were bitching when they didn’t bring Archie to the UK with them. These people are so ignorant, they don’t even deadly viruses seriously.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        The RRs did not really care about seeing or not seeing Archie. It was just something to write about in order to bitch about the Sussexes and generate clicks.

        If they had brought Archie to the UK, the RRs would have bitched in writing about Meghan & Harry endangering the life of QEII’s great-grandson son and the story would have generated clicks.

        Every Daily Fail story about the Sussexes generates a minimum of a 1K click$.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        @BayTampaBay: It actually makes my stomach turn; the way they talk about that innocent baby. They literally use him as way of beating his parents. I am so, so, so glad they didn’t bring him. I really hope they all get their karma. It speaks volumes that they would rather keep him in Canada than bring him back to the UK.

      • Tessa says:

        I get annoyed when posters on the DM rant about how “bad” a Mother Meghan is and rant how she had the baby to “hang on” to Harry. Then Kate is praised to the skies as the most perfect mother ever. Really horrible.

      • Jumpingthesnark says:

        This just kills me. Boris and his cronies trying to Overwhelm and crash the NHS system so he can sell it off to the highest bidder. Likely US healthcare and insurance companies. As a USA celebitch, I shudder in horror for the brits. It is going to be terrible for them and especially for the older “little Englanders” who voted for him.

      • morrigan01 says:

        I’ve read that Boris was trying to do some “herd immunity” thing there about the virus. Basically have everyone purposely get infected because that would make everyone immune or some nonsense. Never mind that this is a NEW strain of the COVID virus and no one knows for sure that if you get it that you are immune and can’t get it again. And if the death rate percentage for it really is around 3%, your looking at at least one million dead (out of 66 million in the UK)!

        Even the *US* Federal Gov’t rejected the idea of a “herd immunity,” and given that we here in the US have mostly had to get leadership on this from our local and State Gov’t because Trump is a lying, incompetent moron, *that* is saying something. (My state, California, just went into full lockdown today, though I have personally been self isolating since last Friday).

        You can’t fight a virus like you do a terrorist. Some people keep talking about this like you can just go bomb COVID-19 into submission or something. The US is going to get hit bad, but with the way Boris is talking and the UK Gov’t has been acting, they might end up like Italy even quicker. And yeah, as @Jumpingthesnark said, the “little Englanders” who voted for these fools are likely going to be the ones who suffer the most.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        The rotten RR, British media and Sussex haters’ obsession with Archie Mountbatten-Windsor really really needs to STOP. It’s borderline pathological, and downright scary!

    • Miumiiiu says:

      BC Is one of the worst places to be in North America. They are across water from Vancouver so it could be worse. Toronto is also more dangerous than vancouver island. It makes sense they are there instead of Toronto or LA which I assume are both even more dangerous but despite BC not being ideal

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Why is BC one of the worst places to be in North America right now? Is the pandemic widespread in that region? Or is it the fact that it’s less populated or more isolated? I don’t understand what you are referencing.

  16. Harla says:

    This is so disgusting!! I was quite an admirer of the royal family, especially the Queen, for many years but the last year or so has completely changed my opinion of the entire family, especially the Queen, Charles and William. The continued abuse that the Sussex’s, especially Meghan, have endured without the slightest bit of support from the “family” has shown the world just how cruel, petty and useless the lot of them are.

    I don’t find it difficult to believe that Mr. Kay’s article has the support of William and/or Charles or that they both are behind many of the negative articles being written about the Sussex’s. I sincerely hope that once the Sussex’s lawsuits against the various tabloids goes to court that is will be proven that so many of the leaks and negative articles were handed to them by either KP or CH.

    • Aria says:

      One of the media person hired at good morning Britain that many leaks comes from the source who are in high place. He said I cant talk further beacuse of law suit. I wont be surprised if the Sussex lost their case against taboilds beacuse the tabloids mean SOURCES are from ch, BP and kp. They are current and future head of state and Windsor always protect the heir. If the noise tightened on the tabloids they will throw the Windsor source under the bus. That might the reason for them to lose the case. End of the day heir name wont be leaked and dragged in that process.

      • GuestWho says:

        Whether they win or lose the lawsuit, the dirt is going to come out anyway. That’s why they are using attornies that are not affiliated with the royal family…so that the royal family can’t scuttle the discovery process. They may, in fact, lose because of pressure from the family, but that won’t stop the truth coming out – that’s why there was so much pressure on H&M to drop the suit, and probably why the family keeps hitting them so hard in the papers. When this suit goes forward, I think we’re going to have many of our suspicions confirmed. That family is trash.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        @Aria: I saw that clip! He’s the editor of the Mirror. I took it as an indirect threat to the Windsors. If this goes through the courts, the papers are going to have to start naming their ‘palace sources’. He spoke in a completely different tone than he usually does when he bitches about the Sussexes. Usually, he just snipes at them, but this time he mentioned the court cases, which the RR hate to bring up because it shows that they have invested interest in bringing the Sussexes down. This guy is also a republican so he’s happy for the downfall for the whole monarchy. Piers Morgan was real quick to shut him up.

        Even if the Sussexes lose, so much dirt will come out that if the court case is publicised they’ll win. The tabloids will throw the Royals under the bus in one hot second. When Caroline Flack died, they tried to blame it on the Crown Prosecution Service!

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Celebrity Smack-Down Challenge: Piers Morgan vs. Richard Kay!

      • GuestWho says:


        Winner gets to take on Royal Dickie Arbiter!

  17. Aria says:

    This comes from willileaks beacuse everyone was laughing at his message because he made a joke about in Ireland which goes around in sm. So he is deflecting his anger towards Sussex as usual. This shows the Sussex made the right decision to step aside. In coming months the house of cambridge is going to be in trouble beacuse will made deal with Sussex leaks but now he cant for that he compensate with his kids and wife pap stroll beacuse of virus that cant be done. So how long William and rr will write crocodile tears stories about Sussex. They cant write any juicy anymore like they used to long rose bushes affair will come out to keep the media entertainment??

  18. BUBS says:

    My goodness, how can someone be this vile? What is wrong with this man?

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Richard Kay is not being vile just to be vile. Richard Kay is paid very good money by the Daily Fail and the Fail on Sunday to be that vile.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        At the request of the Future, Future King Willnot

      • A Guest says:

        In his case, he’d probably be that vile for free.

      • Babsorig says:

        meh, i have no idea why @ BTB, you keep going on and on about how “this is all about the clicks and nothing else, has nothing to do with racism against Meghan, its all about the clicks generated by negative Sussex articles, no this and that person is not mean or vile, they just looking for clicks to make money” blah blah blah. I really get heartburn reading these your excuses. Yes Richard Kay, Piss Morgan, William of Cambridge and his wife Kate of Cambridge, Dicky Arbiter, Chris Ship, Camilla Tominey, Rebecca English, Dan Wooten, and many more of all their ilk, they are vile people regardless of how you try to slice it. There, I’ve said it.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Babsorig, The point I am trying to make is that all the English tabloid reporters could and would do a 180 degree turn tomorrow if the people who are paying them instructed them to do as such.

  19. betsyh says:

    The Sussexes’ return to the UK must have really shaken up Richard Kay and the royals. The school kids’ reactions to Meghan, Harry and Meghan striking in red and the standing ovation at the Mountbatten Music Festival, and most of all them under the umbrella with droplets of rain that look like stardust (as one of the commenters here described it)–those images are magic and they are never going away Richard!

    • Brit says:

      They’re just angry that they’re money makers are gone and don’t want to deal with those reporters and papers. Their statement still got worldwide coverage without those royal gossipers and they’re being petty. Without pictures and their office being closed at Buckingham Palace, they have no more leaks and stories. That angers them because the media wants to control those two and they can’t. So they’re left with the most ridiculous criticism and IG posts.

  20. Brit says:

    These people are so bothered, lol. They will criticize them very virtually anything. People might as well get used to it because Harry and Meghan gave the finger to the BM and RR and they’re statement still got worldwide coverage including from them. They are angry and resentful that they lost their golden goose and will continue to be petty. Also, the Sussexes haven’t dropped the lawsuits either. Even an pandemic is being used against them,. It’s absolutely bonkers and thankfully besides some ridiculous trolls, they’re stupidity is no longer being spewed and repeated. The BM are so salty.

    • BUBS says:

      Yeah…NYTimes -a major publication- even wrote a glowing piece about the Sussexes IG message. I think it absolutely infuriates the RRs that M and H still command this level of attention on the world stage…hence they try to splash mud all the way from the UK!!!

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Can you provide a link to the ‘glowing’ NYTimes piece about the Sussexes’ IG message?

  21. Jane Doe says:

    While the Canadian pandemic response has not been as rapidly implemented and far reaching as it should be, it has been better than the UK response. They need to focus inward as a disaster is unfolding under Boris Johnson’s incompetent and cruel “leadership”. The royals reporters are narcissistic apaths displaying rage at the lack of tabloid fodder content for their meaningless jobs. Look up DARVO – Deny the abuse ever took place, then Attack the victim for attempting to hold the abuser accountable; then they will lie and claim that they, the abuser, are the real victim in the situation, thus Reversing the Victim and Offender.

    • Ali says:

      What are you talking about. The Canadian pandemic response has been great.

      Provinces have locked down and the Federal government has implemented several programs to help Canadians.

    • Jaded says:

      Canada has had one of the quickest and best pandemic responses in the world. The border is closing, our senior health officials are working 24/7 to get current stats out, businesses are shutting down, people are self-isolating and social distancing. Distilleries are making hand sanitizer and giving it out for free. All this while the orange anus faffs around saying everything’s fine and the beaches in Florida are filled with March break partiers.

    • Nic919 says:

      The Canadian response has been good, but not as good as South Korea. And they should have stopped leisure travel a few weeks ago. Many people still did their march break trip and they are coming back and spreading it.

      The UK response has been way too slow. Even the US has been better, although mostly through states like New York, washington state and California.

  22. Ali says:

    These royal reporters are out of touch with reality.

    • Brit says:

      Truly and they make the Royal Family look more ridiculous everytime they open their mouths or write their columns. After the 31st, they’re left with scraps and bores for royals and they are angry because Harry and Meghan won’t play the game.

      • HMC says:

        They’ll still be written about, expect a deluge of stories on how the royals, especially Fragile White Flower Kate is struggling to hold the monarchy together with her own hands because the Sussexes are selfish, that she is overworked because the Sussexes are selfish, that William doesn’t see his kids as much as he wants because the Sussexes are selfish, how George and Charlotte are crying over not seeing Archie and even Louis is depressed, the queen may die of a broken heart, etc. Rinse and repeat. Some of these “stories” have already been printed and reprinted.

  23. Lisa says:


    • PrincessK says:

      Of course and he is a stupid liar but his readers don’t understand because they are idiots. The Sussexes did not leave the RF, they were pushed out because of jealousy. The Coronavirus pandemic is not just in the U.K., it is worldwide and the Sussexes are addressing their huge number of supporters everywhere who are affected in these dreadful times.

  24. carmen says:

    When Diana was alive, wasn’t Kay one of the journalists who was sympathetic towards her and one that she would speak to, either directly or indirectly? If I’m correct, it’s hard to understand why he is so negative towards her son.

    • Brit says:

      He’s negative because Diana played with the media and gave exclusives etc. Harry and Meghan aren’t doing that. The media wanted or still wants full access to the Sussexes. That means one on one time, drinks with the reporters in exchange for positive coverage because the royals are scared of the press. That’s why they’re obsessed with the Sussexes because the royals have been bullied into playing or blackmailed into playing the game. Richard Kay and the press had a golden goose with the Sussex family and they’ve been shut out. They can’t handle it.

    • Lady D says:

      I wondered that too, carmen. I think @Brit is right, it’s lack of access.

  25. Lowrider says:

    I think this is a joint hit piece from BP and KP. I believe BP/KP never intended to release their thoughts on the pandemic and are pissed they were forced to because of Harry. The palaces want Harry to shut it!

  26. Jilly says:

    His column is so precise, so personal and so angry. I definatealy think this came from someone inside…like William. If anything we saw how discombobulated the two brothers were during Commonwealth Day. There was so much anger there. I’m shocked an article so scathing in personal nature didn’t come out right away. But then William and Kate have been stewing in their own juices since then, so this is the erruption finally. More to come!

  27. Jane Doe says:

    I’m not sure what there is to attack when people shelter in place as instructed. I guess you have to generate buzz however you can as a royal reporter. It seems near impossible to connect H & M to anything related to this awful pandemic, they are recirculating and following evidence based messages and practices.
    There are so many, both in Canada and the UK who are not taking this seriously enough, and measures to shelter the unhoused haven’t been implemented quickly enough, which will generate great harm. We need public health authorities to issue even more far-reaching measures, the curve is not being flattened quickly enough.

  28. Jessica says:

    So much hate in the extract you posted. Utterly vile. I won’t be reading the entire piece because the extract was quite enough. These appalling, embittered sycophants disgust me. I hope one outcome of this is that the British people reevaluate the efficacy of the Royal Family as an institution. It’s what they deserve. This symbol of racial, social and economic inequality should have finally worn out its welcome.

  29. AnnaKist says:

    Ah, yes, the boring and boorish Richard Kay. Still the whiney, impossible-to-please, BRF obsequious mouthpiece. The Sussexes extricated themselves from the toxicity of Kay’s beloved British tabloid press, not to mention the nastiness and subsequent indifference from “close”and senior members of the “family”, and chosen to live in relative exile. But, oh, no, this is not enough for RK. They deserve no more than to live in a squat, but most importantly, they need to shut the eff up, lest they make Gormless Bill and saint-in-waiting Cathy look lazy and uninterested, which they are. Geez, retire already, you old hack, and self-isolate. Permanently.

  30. Rae says:

    I’m going against the grain and think this is something off his own back. It is spiteful and petty, the exact combo that the press has been since they realised the Sussexes were not going to play their game.

    He is probably very good allies with CH and KP, but I don’t think this makes anyone look good because it is just so damned pathetic. I wouldn’t have given the nod for this, even if I was Willileaks or Charlie.

    As a Brit, I am fully ashamed of our press and I can not WAIT to leave this place in a couple of years, once I finish my degree.

    • Pop Up Camper says:

      Come to Texas! Plenty of room for social distancing here—but of course no one cares enough because, you know, Texans are tough and all that crap. Blitz mentality times 10. Thousand.

  31. C-Shell says:

    “… mystique of the Royal Family …”

    My. God. This is so OTT I just can’t speak.

  32. GuestWho says:

    “Now [the Queen] is safely reunited with her beloved Philip…”

    The guy she only sees every few months and who reportedly lives with his mistress? A love story for the ages.

  33. TheOriginalMia says:

    What exactly is the point of this rant? Everyone is isolating in place. Harry & Meghan live in North America now, not in England. That’s what William and the press pushed for with their abuse. They bounced. And I’m sure the Queen and BRF aren’t suffering or lacking anything in their mansions. They are fine.

  34. kyliegirl says:

    It is just amazing to me the amount of vitriol the opinion columnists are throwing at the Sussexes. They wanted them to leave the royal family, yet now they are condemning them for leaving. The Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, William and Kate are all still around. All the PR around the strength of the succession of the royal family at the beginning of the year has really fallen by the wayside, eh? I thought all they needed were the core players according to the RRs. Yet every single article about the royals comes back to Harry and Meghan. No one seems to care where the heck Charles, Camilla, Kate or William are. Not one word about them. Though you know that if it were Meghan shopping with Archie at the weekend the papers would be tearing Meghan apart for risking Archie’s health to pop by the shops since she is so materialistic and selfish.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      No matter what the Sussexes do it’ll be the wrong move. That’s just how the press is going to portray them. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  35. Lauren says:

    @Brit, 88% voted no, they shouldn’t return to the UK in that poll, so at least there’s that. What a stupid idea, no one should be traveling anywhere unless absolutely necessary, certainly not overseas.

  36. Awkward symphony says:

    Someone at the palace was clearly fuming that his last minute bland clip didn’t even make the evening news in his home turf!!🤦‍♀️

    “One of the media person hired at good morning Britain that many leaks comes from the source who are in high place. He said I cant talk further beacuse of law suit. I wont be surprised if the Sussex lost their case against taboilds beacuse the tabloids mean SOURCES are from ch, BP and kp. They are current and future head of state and Windsor always protect the heir. If the noise tightened on the tabloids they will throw the Windsor source under the bus. That might the reason for them to lose the case…”

    That may have happened in the dark ages but not now. Certainly not in Brexit Britain! Royals no longer have much power past control over personal wealth! Even that was being threatened by a proposed increase in tax in 2017 which was later abandoned.
    I think the exit of the Sussexs further proves how powerless they are. It’s all for show and they they are not billionaires like Elon musk or Zuckerberg despite coming from a historical institution. I mean the Queen’s worth only £350mil!!

    I predict the lawsuit will be a wake up call for people at the palace who underestimated the Sussexs especially Meghan but Harry’s case will be ICONIC because I could see him making a statement about how the sun/Murdoch media was responsible for the death of his mother.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      Oh, I think the Queen is worth much more than that. The royals have always been circumspect in discussing their actual wealth. Don’t be fooled. If by chance the monarchy is ever done away with, the major senior royals will NOT be suffering financially.

      Probably one of the main reasons why Charles and the Queen are concerned about the uproar in the media over the Sussexes’ departure is because it has brought increased scrutiny into royal finances, i.e., the wealth that resides in the Duchy of Cornwall and the Duchy of Lancaster. That’s a likely reason why Charles & the Queen are silent in the face of Willileaks to the British media. The negative, nasty made-up nonsense about Meghan & Harry serves to distract the British public from what is really going down in that dysfunctional mess of a family.

      No one is about to correct the vile criticisms and nonsense about taxpayers footing the bill to renovate Frogmore Cottage. That property was already being renovated as part of Crown Estate upgrades. The Queen gifted it as a primary residence to M&H in part for security purposes and because the renovation would be completed before Meghan gave birth. The Sussexes paid for their own furnishings and for any over-budget costs. They don’t owe British taxpayers anything. It would only be British citizens who pay small amounts of money into the Duchy of Lancaster who assist in part in helping pay a small portion toward renovations to all Crown Estate properties, not just Frogmore Cottage.

      But oh yes, it’s only Meghan & Harry who are the royal baddies living off taxpayers’ dimes. Only M&H who fly in private planes and show concern for the environment! At least they are the only ones the British media and RR care to over-scrutinize and lambaste. As someone already said earlier, no matter what the Sussexes do they will be examined with a microscope and unfairly criticized.

      Even leaving in order to make their own decisions and live off their own income while still doing work for British charities, isn’t enough because it’s really only about the British media wanting to control and have access to the Sussexes’ lives. Meanwhile, the jealousy by other members of the family over M&H’s popularity, stinks to high heaven. M&H are criticized for breathing and for existing. They were right to exit the Windsor gilded cage!

  37. Harper says:

    This vitriol is straight from Willileak’s own competitive mind. Rose is probably looking out for herself and her kids now and has probably social distanced herself from him. Will’s is most likely stuck inside with no public events and he’s getting more incandescent as the days drag on.

    • songbirds_thrive says:


      LOL! Poor ‘incandescent with rage’ Will/ Cain, who is unable to any longer ‘put his lousy arm around his brother.’ :rolleyes:

      Methinks neither Katie Keen, nor Rosebush want those weak, betraying arms around them either. Not that refusing to take anymore of Will’s shizz makes either of these manipulators martyrs. They are the bitter, dried-up, stoic, mean girl ‘English roses,’ who both married for money and status, and must deal with the soul-less price exacted by karma.

  38. Ruby_Woo says:

    Urgh, I try to avoid the Royal Reporters, but sometimes I can’t help myself and have a sneak peek and they were loving this story. I don’t even know how much of this obsession is actual hatred for Meghan and how much is just trying to sell papers (this is not any justification for their horrible racist reporting). I just really struggle to believe that these people are so narrow minded that they actually buy into the whole Monarchy / royal behaviour crap (or the fact that the Queen gives a shit) and aren’t just trying create outrage among their miserable readers to get clicks/ sell copies.


    *Tin Foil Tiara Moment*

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed already, so apologies if it already has, but… I think the Sun newspaper is blackmailing Willileaks into dishing dirt on the Sussexes.

    FACT – Dan Wootton, the executive editor of the Sun has been accused in actual court documents and real-life accounts of British celebrities, of blackmailing said celebrities into giving him exclusives (including Sophie Wessex, which Buckingham Palace gave into).

    FACT – Dan Wootton was the VERY FIRST reporter to break the Rose Hanbury story. Even though I don’t remember him mentioning William, it was a pretty bitchy article towards Kate and made her come across as a mean girl.

    FACT – It was only after the Sun’s story that the Daily Fail (written by Richard Kays, lol) did damage control and reported that everything was fine and William DEFINITLEY DID NOT CHEAT, but was going to sue any British papers that wrote any shit about it.

    I think given Dan’s and the Sun known history of blackmailing people on the regular and the suspicious story about Rose and the fact that they have blackmailed royals before, I think they blackmailed the Cambridges into giving them leaks about the Sussexes, because lets face it, the Sussexes are the only ones that sell any stories.

    • GuestWho says:

      I think you can remove your tin foil tiara and take a bow. Sadly, it makes perfect sense.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        I remember thinking how strange the Sun’s ‘exclusive’ about Rose Hanbury was at the time the story came out last year. The tabloids trashed Meghan so much that a bitchy article about Kate just didn’t make sense. It didn’t go along with their narrative and always bothered me. The recent accounts coming out of all the blackmailing just made everything connect.

        I wish I could invest this amount of time/ energy into actually constructive things… like becoming a millionaire or finding a cure for this virus!

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I still think to this day that Rose Hanbury herself leaked the story to Dan Wootton to get it into tabloid print in order to bitch-slap Cathy Cambridge and Ma Middleton.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        BTB, that *does* make sense. She probably tired of him, and wanted to “change partners”. The aristos sleep around and change bed partners the way we change shoes (yes, I’m generalizing, but it IS done in those circles, esp. once “the heir and the spare” for lands/titles/monies have been born. Then, it’s as long as they’re “discrete”).

        Didn’t APB ONLY care about Cam’s affair with Charles when it was made *broadly* public? Up until that point, he was fine with his wife sleeping with PoW…saw it as a source of pride, I read.

        Wouldn’t surprise me if she did it, unbeknownst to Willileaks, who thinks SO highly of himself and his wandering scepter.

    • Aria says:

      Agreed. I also think if the affair broke out it will paint William in good light and throw Kate under the bus. In that Dan wood article he butch about Kate beacuse as we know married in Windsor are disposal that’s why Kate and mama middleton in panic mode. If William ditch Kate during this it will not make a big deal as of Charles and diana because its first of heir to get divorce and no other big thing going on. But for William now with coronavirus, Brexit, pedo andy and trump his divorce might fade away. With Sussex departure means more work pressure from William and Kate and William cant see his rose often like this. That may change their dynamic for the future.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        I never thought about it that way! I always assumed that if the affair story came out, William would look bad. But maybe this article was a flex to show Kate that she needs to watch her step too. Also if Mama Middleton is involved, Kate wouldn’t dare to rock the boat as it would make her family look like social climbers *clutches pearls*

        I’m not sure that it would not being a big deal though. When Charles’ affair broke, the Queen was still relatively young and politically things were calmer.

        But now, with all the craziness going on, the whole Prince Andrew scandal, both Queen and Charles now quite old (so a good chance of William being on the throne soon-ish), all the embiggening of the Cambridges, especially Kate as the perfect english rose AND as most importantly, the fact that William cheated after seeing what his mum went through, I think it will show what a hollow sham of a mess this whole royal facade is and will turn a lot of people’s stomachs, even the most staunch royalists.

        I think that’s why the RR big William up so much. They have to keep reminding people he exists and is a ‘statesman’ cos after the Queen, most Brits REALLY will not care (most people don’t now to be fair).

      • PrincessK says:

        I doubt if William is continuing to sniff the Rosebush now that the secret is out….far too risky.

    • Becca R says:

      Dan is also very good pals with KP’s Communications director, Christian Jones. It’s very likely Kate and William use that link to get whatever story out. Like if one wanted to put your husband’s married lover on notice for overstepping and f*cking in your country home while one is stuck in London with three kids (one a newborn).

      Or set up photos of the new SIL having lunch with said Comms director to imply she was trying to poach him for their new foundation.

      Or if one wanted to undermine their brother by using The Sun to blackmail them 10 days prior ro the Sun chose to run the story.

    • Top grade use of tin foil, Ruby-Woo. Me likely. ➕💯. I also want to add that I don’t think Rose is now or ever has been the love of William’s life or that William and Rose are pining for each other. I think they had an affair, Kate got wind of it, decided to try and shit can Rose and Rose took her down. I think either Rose or a fellow Turnip Toff leaked the affair to let Kate know they (the aristos) can play harder ball then she can. Kate then turned her wrath successfully against William, by playing hard ball with the Queen. (As you say in your 2nd post, the clock is ticking on Queen and Charles so stability of monarchy is more important now than during the War of the Wales.). William may be ‘trimming other bushes’ now or in the future, but I don’t think Rose’s bush is available any longer. And that’s my tin foil 👑 theory for the day!

      • Aria says:

        I think still they are having affair beacuse or cambridge always in amber hall. Plus rose comes from blue blood and secret about affair. I think William and rose have more common than we think. I think why rose still was in their life beacuse of rose and her hubby outing with cambridges and queen. It’s very common in their circle of life. Kate might be one day queen but when it comes to power rose have more in that circle. It might be serious beacuse cambridges didnt take any out of country vacation other than last year where the affair broke where they need to show the public as happy family. Beacuse before rose thing cambridges often fly somewhere and it didnt happen that’s why it might be serious where will cant spend the night away from rose bushes other than offical that’s why he looks grumpy in those tours.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @JA Lowcountry Lady – I agree with you. I think the thing with Rose is over. I do not think it was ever a love affair. I think it was an ongoing fling between two consenting adults who happened to be friends and ran in the same set.

        However, I’m sure Bill Cambridge has other side pieces out-and-about waiting here and there.

      • Nic919 says:

        There were references to a lawyer in London that came up when the Rose situation surfaced. I don’t think they are still ongoing but he’s not going to limit himself. He never has b

    • ABritGuest says:

      @Ruby you may be onto something. He was involved in British TV presenter Philip Scholfield coming out where allegedly Wooten essentially said either work with the Sun or we will out you. He’s even quoted as saying celebs should work with him if he has a secret on them so they can ‘manage how story is presented’ so he’s definitely a blackmail journalist.

      I think the Sun had the line about platonic suppers in an article which was then erased. Could be libel lawyers or a warning shot.

      Certainly weird that he isn’t on the rota but has had exclusives like the move to Canada or William doing the BAFTA diversity speech. I may be wrong but also feel like the Sun broke the news about their move from KP to Frogmore

  39. Yoyo says:

    Sussex Royal Instagram reposted the Queen’s message, think someone from buck palace asked them to do it, the Sussexes usually added comments when they’re posting, but in this case it was just the message.
    Funny, k palace posted the same message, and Sussex Royal page is getting more visitors than KP, thanks Richard Kay for supporting the SR page.
    British Vogue and so many magazines covered the SR Instagram page, even faux news, William video message is not getting the attention that the Instagram post got.

    • MsIam says:

      I can hear William’s head exploding over here in the US, lol!!

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I wish someone could tell me what William really wants. He wanted Meghan & Harry to leave the UK and they left. Yet, he is still not happy????? What does this man want? Inquiring minds want to know!

      • HMC says:

        @BayTampaBay what he seems to have wanted was for them to not only leave but disappear never to be heard from or seen again.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @HMC – Do you really think that William thought the Sussexes would or could just disappear?

        Not everyone is a Sussex stan but Harry & Meghan are quite popular globally especially in North America (US, Canada and Mexico).

        Could Bill Cambridge really be THAT unaware?

      • GuestWho says:

        I think what Will ultimately wanted was to break up Harry and Meghan and send her and their mixed-race child packing. Failing that, he wanted to dim her light. Look at how differently she was dressed on this last visit – was she dimming her wardrobe down while she was a “working” royal? Sort of seems that way. He wanted her to shut up, get in line, let him use the profits from the cookbook (and any other money making project) as he saw fit; and for Harry and Meghan to do the hard work while he basked in his FFK role with his lazy wife.

        I don’t believe he thought Harry would leave too. They sort of did the same thing to Andrew. He didn’t want to divorce Fergie even with her scandals, but they probably threatened him with the loss of titles/money, etc. and it worked. Maybe they thought it would work again. Always underestimating Harry.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @GuestWho – Is it a common belief that William was mismanaging or misappropriating funds from a charity? I keep hearing this on gossip sites but have never read it in print (or online form of print) media?

      • GuestWho says:

        My recollection is, when they were splitting the foundation up, that it was an issue; and that the annual financials that were released about the same time showed that the cookbook was making money, that the cambridges’ charities were not and there were reports that Meghan had to “embargo” the funds (someone smarter than me is going to have to parse that for us) to ensure they went to the grenfell kitchen as intended. There was a lot of talk at the time that that was one of the major reasons behind splitting the foundation up. It was also around the time that Will was demonstrably shitty to Meghan publicly (whereas before he was at least pretending to be civil).

        Those reports, along with more than one reporter saying that there were things that happened that they couldn’t talk about for legal reasons, I think lead people to believe that the money is what started the whole mishegoss.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @GuestWho – What you say make total sense with no Tin Foil Tiara required. I can see this as being the reason for the breakdown between Bill & Harry more than I can see the problem being Bill telling Harry he is moving too fast with Meghan. Also, the misapplication of charity funds theory fits as a reason why Charles seems to not want to get with 100 feet of his sons disagreement.

        For me, the timeline of trouble never fit with the “Bill telling Harry he is moving too fast with Meghan” theory.

      • February Pisces says:

        I’m not sure want Willie wants, but I think he was aiming for them to divorce. If H+M divorce, it opens the divorce door for William to ditch Kate, but he knows it’s not that simple. By creating the illusion the harry and meghans marriage ‘was a disaster’ from the start it would make his own ‘failed marriage’ look better, thus harry looks worse than William. I don’t think he was banking on them leaving together. But by leaving, it kate that actually won, because William can’t ditch her now, because his ego won’t let him get a divorce whilst harry is still happily married. Also the monarchy needs kate more that ever to pretend they have a stable future.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @February Pisces – I could be wrong but I do not get the feeling that Bill wants to legally divorce Cathy. I have the feeling, for no justifiable reason, that Bill wants to remain married to her in name only but be free to wander all he wants. However, I could be wrong as this is just my gut instinct.

      • Yoyo says:

        Wherever Harry visited in Africa and the Caribbean, he was well received and love, not forgetting that Harry is one of the most loved members of the Royal family in the U.K.
        On William’s recent trip to Ireland a nine year old asked who William is, and was told he is Harry’s brother.

      • betsyh says:

        GuestWho and BayTampaBay: So agree that the protection (is the term “ringbarking”?) of the cookbook revenue was when William and Harry’s relationship began to deteriorate. Excellent deductive work you two.

    • Islandgirl says:

      So… this what the next few years will look like. The competition. The supporting reporters tearing into the Sussexes.

      Prince Charles…..this does not make the BRF look good. You need to bring this under control. It does not reflect badly on Harry and Meghan. It reflects badly on the family. It is very distasteful.

  40. Jaded says:

    This has William’s incandescent rage hands all over it. He and his hapless mannequin of a wife have done nothing but follow after and parrot everything Meghan and Harry have already done, but they still fail at it and when he doesn’t get the attention he thinks he deserves he throws a tantrum and runs to the tabloids. Neither of them are doing themselves any favours, they just continue looking worse and worse.

    • Kimber says:

      Exactly. Also corresponds with the invite from the queen to H/M for this summer. William wants them GONE for good. This along with his lukewarm reception to his IG posting….
      he’s steaming mad.

  41. Elizabeth says:

    That is so bizarrely hateful.

    How can this guy hate Meghan (who he probably has never met) so much? I will never get it… racism is a hell of a drug.

    “Harry and Meghan, remember, are not self-isolating at their luxury Canadian bolthole but, rather, choosing to be there in their own splendid isolation — a move they sought themselves in order to be as far away as they can from their old life as royals.”

    Wtf kind of hair splitting is this even?

    “… could not contrast more with the thoughtful and dignified response of the Queen and other royals at home at this time of national crisis.“

    This is literally how doing the exact same thing gets translated to “Meghan is evil/horrible” and “Kate is an angel/everywoman.”

  42. A Guest says:

    As someone mentioned upthread, the Sussex Royal IG post about the virus got a lot of positive press, so this is simply pushback. If you take a look at Richard Kay’s twitter feed (actually don’t), you will see that it is a cesspool of Meghan hate. He doesn’t delete these comments.

    So transparent.

    • L4frimaire says:

      So many international news outlets covered it, including NY Times. I wonder when the others They can never stop competing with each other and just pull together. Always jockeying to show who top in the hierarchy, instead of leading by good example. It seems like they’re busy stewing and each IG post by the Sussexes pisses them off more. Today’s post will really send them because Royals don’t talk about feelings. Don’t want to destroy the “mystique”. Can’t belief he actually said that, “ mystique “ lol 😂.

      • Thirtynine says:

        I think you’re right. This article is in response to the contrast between the way the Sussex post got positive coverage from respected media outlets all over the world, and the other one ……didn’t.

  43. Guest with Cat says:

    Quick question..
    I understand why it was significant for the royal family to remain in London during the war.

    But does it really matter at all, with all of the circumstances and isolation required of Covid-19, which damn palace the Queen chooses to park herself? It’s not as if the public is going to get to see her, right? Hell, if they decide to fly the flag at Buckingham and say that she’s there, how are we going to know she’s not actually somewhere else entirely?

    Man, it just occurred to me if I could be her for a day, I’d disguise myself as a maid, waddle off to find a walk-in-closet in a forgotten guest bedroom somewhere and read trashy novels and eat cookies and drink gin while everyone goes nuts looking for me.

    Honestly I got the idea from my cat, Gabby the Tabby. She once hid up inside a chair while we turned the house upside down looking for her. She was having a grand old time. When she didn’t come out even when I popped the lid on a can of cat food, I really sprouted some grey hairs.

    I can’t imagine going through so many decades of life being so well behaved and predictable and reliable. I would lose my damned mind.

    That’s what my own kid loves about me, I will just do the craziest things. Like buy giant stuffed dolphins from Ikea and take my then pre-schooler through the neighborhood with these things, re-enacting scenes from “The Great Dolphin Race” episode of The Backyardigans. If people look at you with one eyebrow raised, you’re on the right track. If you can get them to raise both eyebrows, you’re doing it right!

    I guess the Queen does cut loose by riding horses well past the age I would even get within kicking or biting distance of one. Not that I would ever kick or bite a horse, mind you.

    But damn, her life would make me insane. Margaret is more my speed, I guess. If I’d had a sister as wild and crazy as Margaret, I’d have done at least one day of Ab-Fabbing it with her, preferably at Ascot! The tabloids could have feasted on my one wild day for decades!

    • Hi Guest with Cat. Always enjoy your snarky, humorous comments. Love the idea of the Queen hiding out in really big closet, reading trashy novels. If you haven’t read it yet I HIGHLY recommend the novella: An UnCommon Reader, by Alan Bennett. It is a very funny take on the imagined life of the Queen. I found it laugh out loud funny and loved the ending. This is the Queen I would personally love to believe in but then that’s the AbFab and Monty Python addict side of me; always looking on the bright side of life. Cheers 🍾

      • Guest with Cat says:

        Oh thank you! I’m going to load up on some reading material to cozy up with after my spring cleaning and I appreciate this suggestion!

      • Feeshalori says:

        May l suggest “Mrs. Queen Takes the Train” by William Kuhn where she gets bored and escapes the palace for a day of fun, resulting in a lot of mayhem from the courtiers to find her. It’s entertaining and probably just what you’re looking for.

      • Thanks For the book recommendation Feeshalori. I just downloaded it for a free Kindle Unlimited Read. I see that I have read his “Reading Jackie” book, which I enjoyed. I tried to read the one he wrote about a factionalized Prince Harry but couldn’t get through it. However, I look forward to reading Mrs. Queen.

    • Pop Up Camper says:

      Backyardigans!! I miss my kids being little.

    • PrincessK says:

      Windsor Castle is a much more comfortable living space than Buckingham Palace, which the Royals regards more as the office. Windsor Castle is in the middle of a huge park and they can walk around and be more free. Buckingham Palace doesn’t have private parkland.

  44. L4frimaire says:

    It’s really pathetic that with a GLOBAL pandemic, affecting not just heath but the economy, this guy is upset because the Sussexes aren’t isolating royal enough for him. He thinks they got away with something and are just vacationing. The Sussexes could be under quarantine for all we know. They really miss having them there to take all the blame and anger. This is about the lack of control and info. With borders shut, they can’t fly over and stalk them. Also, everyone knows the other Royals were late to respond to this. They were too busy calling the Sussexes spiteful for leaving Archie at home. These people need to get a grip and stay home.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Did a member of the BRF actually call the Sussexes spiteful for leaving Archie in Canada?

      • GuestWho says:

        The “press” was ALL about how spiteful they were being to withhold the queen’s great grandson from her. Dicky Arbiter, for one, was all over it. Such weasels. I imagine the queen didn’t really care that he wasn’t there.

      • L4frimaire says:

        I’m referring to the press and echo chamber regarding the “ spiteful”. So many people were going on about it, like Roya Nikkah. Old Dickie was even bitching about the older royals having to isolate. These people know all the borders are closed yet still mad about the Sussexes being gone.Its really unhinged. Cambridge’s are out visiting NHS applying hand sanitizer, (who already have shortages and have said they will buckle under this), but they are upset the Sussexes are in Canada? Why dint they just ignore them if they can’t stand them?

  45. Rapunzel says:

    Also a headline on the fail this morning:
    “Meghan Markle ‘didn’t understand she would have to work hard’ and ‘believed she could drive around in a golden coach’ when she joined royal family, claims Princess Margaret’s confidante Lady Glenconner”

    What in actual gaslighting hell?

    • Harla says:

      Yeah, Meghan hasn’t done anything since joining the royal family. She definitely didn’t accomplish real and measurable success in raising funds for the Hubb Kitchen and she definitely didn’t help stock the Smart Works racks for another year or highlight women affecting real change in the world. Yep, she’s done nothing but “drive around in a golden coach”. How can anyone read/see this without asking WTF?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I think, but I could be wrong, that Lady Glenconner was referring to the bread-and-butter work of being Royal. The type of work Princess Anne specializes in doing and does very well but no other royals, except Sophie, are interested in undertaking.

      • L4frimaire says:

        @BTB, Is ribbon cutting and unveiling plaques the type of “ work” that is suitable for someone in their 30s who can do more active involved projects, that can actually produce results? No one expects them to pass legislation but they can actually do productive work, not just ceremonial things. That Princess Anne stuff is perfectly suitable for someone Princess Anne’s age, late 60s, retirement age, but underutilizes someone like Harry and Meghan, who are in prime working years, as they say. Remember, back in the day Anne was an Olympic equestrian; she was training and working on that goal, doing her horse stuff ( I have no knowledge of this area), not just ribbon cutting. Also, I’m sure the Sussexes offered to do more, but were stymied in those efforts. These people like Glenconner have never worked real jobs, and lived cosseted, somewhat dissipated lives. They’re not exactly products of a brain trust or meritocracy. I doubt they could handle a months worth of 400+ smear articles and being constantly undermined, while keeping up with their work, but sure keep piling on.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @L4frimaire – Please do not take offense at what I wrote about Lady Glenconner. I was just trying to figure out what Anne Coke Glenconner meant or was driving at because even Meghan haters grudgingly admit that Meghan and Harry like to work. Even British courtiers have accused them of doing or attempting to do too much work.

      • L4frimaire says:

        @BTB, noted.No offense taken. These people and friends of the old royals, all want to get in on the scrum.

    • MsIam says:

      Yes, that lazy Meghan Markle, riding around in her golden coach!! The nerve of her! I mean really, in between having a baby, organizing her charity projects, editing a magazine, moving to a new home, going on 3 tours, setting up a new foundation, etc. all in less than 2 years? Why she’s positively a loafer! Ha! These people are lunatics and they keep trotting out these ancients to speak ill of the Sussexes and look the other way at the lazy FFK and FFQC. What happened to all the articles about the Sussexes working too much?

      • Lizzie says:

        This pathetic old, old bag of gas is mad, or maybe incandescent with rage, that her connection to the RF is long gone. She will never again be in the outer edges of the dim glow of the spotlight. That spotlight is now white hot on Meghan.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Meghan and Harry both did some requisite plaque-unveiling and ribbon-cutting. But they always bring hands-on caring and advance research to everything they do, so that what they do has more meaning and resonance!

        Meghan unveiled a plaque at the nursing home she visited at the end of 2018. Plus, there were a number of other plaque unveilings and some ribbon cuttings. The Sussexes just never christened a ship. LOL Perhaps because British ships aren’t being made as much?

        The fact of the matter is that Meghan has done a huge amount of work, and she’s shown all the royals just how it’s done! The royals can’t deal with her excellence, her smarts, her glamour, and her hard work ethic!

        As the Sussex Squad podcast said, “Meghan is not new to this, she’s true to this!” i.e., that Meghan is not new to serving others and to caring about charitable causes.

        Take a gander at this commentary on what Britain will be losing:
        “Losing Meghan, Prince Harry and (Potentially) Billions of Pounds”

    • Jaded says:

      Lady Glenconner is is an irrelevant, addled old bat whose only claim to fame was being Princess Margaret’s toady and fart-catcher. She’s been riding this story for far too long. Time to be put out to pasture.

  46. Tashiro says:

    I suspect Harry talks to his family in UK more than ppl would think. This “article” is Kay finally being able, in his mind to vent and spew crap to his heart’s content. I don’t think it’s being leaked by anyone.

  47. S808 says:

    How dare they be at home (like everyone else who is able to be) and post a message of support?? Richard sounds crazier and crazier every time he writes about them. William needs to tell him to tone down the insanity.

  48. carmen says:

    The Sussexes clearly get the message on social distancing. Wish I could say the same for W&K who chose now, of all times to do a face to face visit at a call centre & speak face to face with health workers. If they fail to read & follow the news themselves, surely they have advisors to bring them up to speed on what’s appropriate and what’s not? SMH

    • line says:

      They do not care about others, they are made this visit in this help center without respecting the rules of social distancing because the Cambridges simply want a good press relation to be able to be worshiped by the british and world population.

      There are good reasons for which the all heads of state of the world (who are more important than the royal ones) entirely suspended all their visits which consist in meeting theirs citizens and they prefer to privilege the exchanges via the social networks and the media. So as not to disturb all medical personnel, large food stores and all those whose work is necessary during this period of confinement. But the Cambridges are too stupid and self-absorbed to understand this.

    • Bohemian Angel says:

      The Cambridges are disgusting using this pandemic for a photo op, they have been splashed all over the news today visiting that call centre, taking up valuable time and ignoring the advice to stay at home!
      When these two were made the devil was definitely involved!

      • I also understand they insisted on shaking hands. I would have refused and loudly stated that — especially in a call center helping people deal with situation, it was important to follow medical guidelines. Talk about tone deaf! William May think he’s immune, but an ER doc said that there are a lot of 30-40 year olds infected and seriously ill in NYC. So many they were beginning to rethink the “who’s especially vulnerable and who’s not” press reports.

  49. February Pisces says:

    Gawd I can’t even deal with this guy. Willieleaks is most certainly putting Richard Kay to work. They are so desperate for harry to dump his family and come home where he can start again with an ‘english Rose’ whose even more dull, boring and docile than Kate if such a woman exists.

  50. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Sounds like Wills is a wee bit angry. Poor thing.

  51. MJM says:

    The veil is lifted and the absurdity of the British Monarchy is painfully exposed. Nothing they do matters or is important. They might as well self isolate in their castles because they are completely irrelevant. RK is just plain nasty, mean spirited and unhinged like all of them are and I think the RR’s are afraid. They are desperately trying to prop up their bread and butter but the RF without the stars is poor. They also tried to bully Harry into playing their game and he dropped the mic and left. They lost big time.

  52. Charfromdarock says:

    Wow. Just wow us all I can say.

    H&M are living their best lives and still taking up so much space in all the bitter biddies heads.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      They really are. For two “nobodies” they sure are getting a lot of attention and folks’ anger.

  53. Abena Asantewaa says:

    The more Richard Kay spews hate about The Sussexes, the more I am thinking, Kay is angry and jealous that, The Sussexes were the first to post about The Pandemic, even though, they are some eight hrs behind UK. I did not finish reading through his shameful, sycophantic article. He is pissed off that The Sussexes are holed up in a luxurious mansion, according to him, they cannot afford, and is angry that the landlord’s name is unknown, well boo hoo! I suppose W&K are holed up in a shack! they can afhord! I am beginning to suspect that, half of the trolls on SR IG, are made up of RR, Kay included. William and Kate have emboldend Kay to do this, not CH. Kay’s hate is baffling.

  54. ABritGuest says:

    The royal reporters& experts are really unhinged. Their bile is VERY personal. The royal reporter for the so called respectable Telegraph posted this Kay piece and mentioned a troll comment on Sussexes’ Instagram. It must be embarrassing for the reporters that they seemingly don’t have an in& if they don’t have leaks, are forced to scroll their insta for content.

    I think frustration is boiling over because of potentially lost revenue for these royal reporters who probably thought Meghan as an actress would brief them more than Diana. I wonder how much they were banking on for access.

    Fact their blackmail for access game has been rebuffed when it has always worked with royals in the past might concern them if H&M are able to show they can get messaging out direct, making them obsolete. Probably angers even more that someone who they feel is beneath them hasn’t sought their patronage.

    Im guessing many in the press are also concerned about their dirty games being exposed in the lawsuits which might revive pleas for better UK press regulation again. I wonder if there will be a last minute intervention like the Queen did with Paul Burrell’s trial if there’s possibility of Royal staff etc being embroiled in it.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      They really are pissed at losing access to the Sussexes, while not realizing they did this to themselves. I hope the lawsuit brings out all the dirty laundry and we get to see these papers and their sources for who they really are.

  55. Nina says:

    Richard key’ is the biggest sycophant alive.
    I blame this on Charles William and their wives.
    Their jealousy is unmatched

  56. Flying fish says:

    Harry and Meghan stay where are with your son.

  57. Well-Wisher says:

    The Sussexes IG post about the pandemic was covered by major media outlets especially in the US, in contrast to Prince William’s appeal to the ÙK because he made an appearance for the UK.

    Now he is upset that the international community responded to an emphatic statement that is inclusive and heartening.

    So he get the general out to rally the #IhateMeghan fan club of the Daily Heil only to be overlooked by the news of the BTM’s lack of professionalism in news gathering.

    What does a Prince who craves attention has to do?

    Seriously , this constant leaking is a bad idea it exposes the shortcomings of the leaker and reinforces the concept that the Sussexes made the right decision to change their status.

    In leaking why is he enlightening the Queen? She is a proven leader unlike her grandson. Can it be that things are being said and done in her name without her permission? Just asking?

    Finally got the Autumn Phillips angle. Some one should inform Richard Kay and daily Fail that it is not 1922. He seems ignorant of what he speaks in terms of ….

    What is understood is not said.

  58. Sceptic says:

    I think it is commendable that Will and Kate made a visit instead of hiding in mansions.

    • toni says:

      Yeah, what people now really need is risking being infected by two parasites who use this cathastrophy to gain PR among their racist supporters

    • Bren says:

      You think it’s commendable that resources had to be pulled away to play show & tell with Will and Kate during this critical time? I work on a leadership team that manages a call center and it’s all hands on deck dealing with responding to an increase of calls while keeping the call center employees health and safety a priority. The idiots at KP probably called for the visit because no call center dealing with emergency calls would voluntarily offer an invite at this time.

    • Sid says:

      No it is not commendable. What part of social distancing do you not understand?