Did Britney get dumped and why is she wearing an engagement ring?

Britney with manager Larry Rudolph – not Jason – on 8/12/09. Note the ring. Credit: Fame Pictures

This week’s National Enquirer reports that not only is Britney not engaged, but she was sadly dumped by her boyfriend and agent Jason Trawick. Meanwhile Britney has been seen flaunting a ring on her left hand that looks suspiciously like an engagement ring. It’s worth noting that Jason hasn’t been photographed out with Britney in a while, over three weeks as far as I can find, and that could be saying more than the ring on her finger. Britney was spotted out with another engagement-like ring, a different one, in late June.

Britney believed she had found Mr. Right in Trawick. She was expecting him to move in with her after she returned from the European leg of her globe-trotting “Circus” tour.

But instead of moving in, Jason said he wanted out of the relationship.

“It was just too fast, too soon for Jason,” a close source told The Enquirer.

“Jason wasn’t ready to move in and be there 24/7 for Britney. He didn’t like the pressure Britney and her family were putting on him to put a ring on her finger.

Jason, 37, is a top agent with Hollywood’s William Morris Endeavor Entertainment. He has told Britney repeatedly that he would never marry, but Britney refused to believe him. She thought she could change his mind by having a baby with him.

But when the the singer told Jason of her family plans, he ended the relationship.

“Jason told Britney he needs time to chill away from her,” revealed the close source. “She’s heartbroken.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 24, 2009]

In my experience, when a guy says they’re never going to get married you should decide at that point if you’re willing to invest in the relationship, because it’s not like they’re going to change their mind after a few months or years. I’ve been there, and so have friends of mine and it’s better to walk away early than get your hopes up or think that it’s ok because he’ll surely want to marry you, even as he professes that he’s against marriage.

The Enquirer is also claiming that Britney tried to win Jason back by dying her hair blonde, and that she’s trying to keep her schedule open in case he wants to see her. If this is true, she’s only going to scare the guy away by wearing that engagement ring all over the place. I hope for Britney’s sake that the Enquirer has it wrong and that she really is engaged instead of just pretending. Maybe Jason is laying low for some reason. We’ll see. Britney hang in there, you deserve a man who’ll stand by you. If this one doesn’t, there are plenty who would love to take his place.

Britney is shown with the ring on 8/6, 8/9 and 8/11. Credit: Fame Pictures

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17 Responses to “Did Britney get dumped and why is she wearing an engagement ring?”

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  1. happymom says:

    How can someone with so much money, and stylists at her beck & call, always looks so trashy and cheap?

  2. Enonymous says:

    Britney should date her manager Larry Rudolph, I don’t know if he is married or not but he seems to be good for her.

  3. Beth says:

    I hope Britney is having another breakdown because that is the only excuse for her hair looking like a rat’s nest. She goes to a hair salon every other day but her hair always looks a mess.

  4. Persistent Cat says:

    When a guy tells you he doesn’t want to get married, it means he doesn’t want to marry you.

  5. Cinderella says:

    Who buys their own engagement ring? Is she going to propose to herself on his behalf?

    The railroad crossing arms are down which means the train is on its way.

  6. HEB says:

    Why can’t Larry Rudolph get her hair fixed?!??!?!

  7. boomchakaboom says:

    I really like that dress she’s wearing with the straw hat. Pretty fabric.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    to cinderella…

    didn’t she buy her engagement ring for her marriage with KFat?

  9. El Predicto says:

    Look for the Pink Wig…and shoeless wandering any moment now! C’mon we all love us some Crazy Britney!

  10. Cinderella says:

    Praise St. Angie- Oh yes, she sure did. How quickly I forget. She should have done a remount.

  11. LALA Land says:

    Her hair is awful!! For the money she has, she should have a hairdresser with her 24/7! I at least can brush my hair before I leave my house!!

  12. tasteT says:

    while the whole world is wearing funky looking rings on different fingers…Britney is still in high school mode and wearing a ring on her “married” finger…hoping..

    She needs to date someone for a long time before she EVER gets married again.

    Everyone but Justin, was rushed and she was in desperate mode, like she is in NOW..her parents did not teach her anything, nothing..

    crazy, I am pretty sure CRAZY runs in her family, starting with her mother..

    umm, I never see her around Brit..

    Guess she gets along better with the other daughter–the teen mother.

  13. Sudini says:

    Her hair is completely ridiculous, but so is her makeup! She literally looks like she just woke up and walked in the store, after having passed out with all of her makeup on a few hours before.

    I’ve seen homeless people look more put together.

  14. Ggirl says:

    At least the guy was decent enough to back out of her life and be honest with her. Compare him to the Feder-douche who pretended to love Britney and used her up. In fact, it does not seem as if there are really enough people in her life who are honest with her because they are to busy feeding at the trough of the Pop Star Gravy Train.
    Also, Britney always wants to jump in feet first without getting to know the situation or the guy. She seems to need her quick fix.

  15. 3 am says:

    come on ladies just google britney engagement ring and you’ll see she’s been wearing rings on that finger on and off for years. in fact the last picture of her and jason she’s wearing that ring and before that she was wearing a different cheap looking ring from claire’s. she just likes wearing rings on that finger.

    for predicto, get a life, and stop hoping some mentally unwell woman messes hers up so you can feel better about the state of your own. sicko.

  16. 3 am says:

    persistant cat, it seems this guy is afraid of commitment. he dated his previous gf for years and reportedly that ended because he wouldn’t put a ring on it. britney seems desperate and that will scare any man off.

  17. Magsy says:

    Why are her roots orange?