Cher is helping Chaz choose a sperm donor for fiancee

Chaz Bono, the once daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono, is transitioning from female to male and has chosen to go public with his decision. Gay and transgender rights advocates say that Chaz is about to become the most famous famous of the transgender community in the US. Chaz is engaged to his longterm girlfriend, Jennifer Elia, and the two are said to be planning for a baby. Chaz and Jennifer are looking for a sperm donor to help them start a family, and grandmother-in-training Cher, 63, is reportedly trying to get them to chose someone they know instead of using an anonymous donor. She’s even compiled a file of prospects. (I am trying so hard not to make a David Crosby joke, but I just couldn’t let this pass without at least mentioning him.)

Cher is looking for a baby daddy for her daughter-turned-son Chaz! That’s the latest twist in the unconventional world of the 63 year-old music legend and Chaz, formerly named Chastity. Chaz is having a sex change from female to male, and hopes to marry his female live-in lover and start a family.

The couple needs a sperm donor – and Cher is being supportive by helping them find the right man, says a family friend.

“After Chaz told his mother about getting married and planning for a baby, Cher offered to help,” a longtime family friend told The Enquirer.

Chaz intends to marry fiancee Jennifer Elia by the end of the year.

As the Enquirer has reported, 40-year-old Chaz is having stomach stapling surgery to knock off 75 pounds before the gender reassignment is completed.

Meanwhile, Cher has thrown herself into the donor screening process.

“Cher doesn’t care if the baby is a boy or a girl,” the source said. “But she’s insisting on a donor with intelligence, creativity and good looks.

“At first Chaz and Jennifer wanted an anonymous donor. They both thought it would be better not to know who the father was. But now they are open to someone they know.

“So Cher is putting together a file of prospects, and as you can imagine, they’re all handsome and brilliant. Chaz and Jen are sticking to strict criteria, but ultimately, all three of them want a healthy baby.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 24, 2009]

The article doesn’t outright state it, but it’s assumed that Jennifer will carry the baby. Congratulations to Chaz and Jennifer if this is true, and it sounds kind of sweet that Cher is taking over to find the right guy to be the biological father. I bet she’s hoping to plan their wedding too!

Chaz and Jennifer look so happy in photos and as JayBird once wrote, I also get the vibe that Chaz is a good person who is just trying to live authentically. By just being himself, he’s educating so many of us on what it means to be a transgender person.

Chaz is shown with Jennifer Elia at Outfest on 7/9/09. Credit:

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22 Responses to “Cher is helping Chaz choose a sperm donor for fiancee”

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  1. the truth says:

    way too fat chaz please loose some weight or you might not see you potential child grow up

  2. happymom says:

    Pretend for a moment that this is a normal couple with a non-celeb parent: do you really want your mother’s input in choosing a sperm donor? I’m going to go with NO.

  3. Green Is Good says:

    Chastity won’t be able to undergo surgery because she’s grossly overweight. No Doctor is going to risk having a patient who’s clearly unhealthy go under the knife.

  4. HEB says:

    David Crosby!

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I think it’s kind of nice…a parent that seems to be in full support of her child and what will make her child happy.

    Cher may be a little nutty, but I always liked her.

  6. Kayleigh says:

    Hormone pills probably make you gain a lot of weight. 🙁 Chaz needs to get on that for his health’s sake.

  7. Firestarter says:

    Before she worries about a sex change, she needs to lose some weight. I know the meds she is taking for the process have bulked her up a bit, but that is beyond what she should weigh.

  8. Cinderella says:

    Good luck to Chaz.

    I really hope Jennifer is sincere in this relationship.

  9. Liz says:

    I’m really happy to hear Cher is being so supportive this go around. It puts a smile on my face for sure.

  10. Donna says:

    To all of you who have commented about Chaz’s weight….did you not read the part in the story about the stomach stapling surgery to lose 75 lbs before the sex-assignment surgery???? I give him a LOT of credit. To have this all brought about in the public eye. I, too, hope that his girlfriend does not have ulterior motives.

  11. Firestarter says:

    @Donna- No, I skimmed the story and missed that. Thanks for pointing that out.

  12. susan says:

    Chax has been heavy since childhood-not to much of surprise growing up in a home where mom is so appearance obsessed, not to mention growing up in sexual and gender confusion. food’s a good friend when you have a difficult upbringing.

  13. Stephie says:

    Good for them, really.

    The transgender stuff just creeps me out though.

  14. dubdub2000 says:

    I dont know what part of this story freaks me out the most.

    The very public sex change business, the fact that before that is even done and stabilised (I can’t imagine that changing genders is all fun and games and that it does not take a while to sort yourself out) they are thinking of bringing a child into a situation that is clearly highly disfunctional. I don’t understand why it’s such a crucible to adopt a child, yet if you have money you can just get one to order no questions asked. It’s VERY disturbing.

  15. Ramona says:

    How in the hell did beautiful little Chasity Bono turn into the Goodyear Blimp…Also, what gives with everybody calling her a ‘He’,when she still has a great big vagina….am I missing something? I thought you were only called ‘He or She after you had the surgery…

  16. Rose says:

    Dial it down a notch Ramona, what the hell difference is it to you if Chaz identifies with being a male?

  17. mum says:

    chaz / chastity does not look very happy.

  18. Emily says:

    Ramona, trans people have a right to be referred to as whatever gender they identify as. Most people are lucky enough to have their gender (who they are inside) match their sex (what parts they have). Trans people do not, which is why they should be referred to by their GENDER, regardless of if they have/had/are going to have the full set of operations.

  19. Denise says:

    I’m sorry that Cher’s amazing genes won’t be passed down to her grandchild, but I’m happy for the family that they are turning an otherwise awkward and uncomfortable situation into a happy ending (with a marriage and children.)

    (ooh, can you imagine growning up knowing that your dad used to be a women? Will they celebrate Father’s day with Chaz?) Oh well, good luck to all of them!

  20. Magsy says:

    Is Chaz undergoing a wise guy transformation? He looks like someone off the Sopranos!

  21. Michele says:

    Maybe they should ask David Crosby.

  22. meepo says:

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